My poem is about someone I loved very much and lost in a car wreck. Saying good- bye to someone can be the hardest thing to do. A loved ones death is the hardest to cope with, especially a boyfriend. I know that he is in a much better place now.

Dedicated to Larry

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Saying Good-bye
Sitting here thinking about you,
I here you call my name,
Laura, Laura, Laura

As I turn to see who's calling me
I see no one, only hear your voice.

I glance across the room,
To see if anyone else hears it too.

But no one seems to notice the look on my face.

I miss you so much,
I keep telling you,
But you don't seem to hear me.

Still you're calling out my name, only louder,
As the tears rolled down my face,
I glance around the room,
And see you amongst my family, and friends
The look upon your face says you're peaceful now.

I realized it was time to let you go.
Although I will always love and miss you.

I turn my head to see if anyone notices you.
Then I turn back, and you're gone.

I hear you, so very gently say,
"I love you", "Good- Bye!"
"Bye", I said . . .

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  • grace
    Really make me sad read the poem. Because i did lost someone in my life that make me half crazy in 1 year until now. Actually,i lost my very beloved boyfriend. I really love him and i never ever know that i will lost him for the rest of my life. Yeah,maybe god love him. every night,i close my eyes,he always in my dream and sometime when i look at his picture,i cry never stop and sometime,i feel like i want to follow him. If life is so short,well it all depend on time. May he rest in peace. amen. well,the poem is very good. i like it and it make me remember about him.
  • leehoa
    omgoodness. aww, thats so sad. awww. yoh must have been through so much, & the pain is so much to even say. awww. goodness, dnt wrry things happen for a reason. maybe this one will make yoh stronger & stronger as yoh go on. but always remember that person is always with yoh. he hasnt left yoh & never will, he lifes in yur memorys & yur heart ! yur strong grl! hahas. well now mend yur heart & look forward to the future now! goodluck! always have faith & hope. we need both of them to live! okeii yoh will always have ppl around yoh that cares! even though im a stranger, i care! okeii byes! i wish yoh great luck! Love, TheLeehoaLe
  • Harmany
    this one reminded me of when i lost my boyfriend last year. i want to hear him call my name. i want to hear his voice agin.
  • beth
    This poem described just how I felt when my boyfriend of would of been 10yrs this august7,2007 he had a heart attache at the age of 31 its been only 5 months and I still remember it like it was yesterday I was there when it happend. He lived a week in a comma then passed away Dec. 2006 It hurts.
  • laura
    When i read this poem, the tears started rolling down my face. I had a dream exactly like the poem about my dead boyfriend, and my name is Laura, how weird is that? Reading it is almost like reading something I wrote myself.
  • Natasha
    Hiiyah,I was crying my heart out with this poem because not long ago,i nearly lost 1 of my best mates to a car accident!I had to stay off school for a couple of daiis because i was so devastated!I'm so glad i got her back because aboot a year ago i lost my beastest mate!I had to staii off school for 2 weeks because i wouldnt stop crying. Sometimes if im on my own i can hear my name being called out when i turn around there is no 1 there. I know it is my mate calling me telling me to relax. If i could go to heaven a vist her for just 1 day i would if i could go to heaven for 2 minutes to look at her then i would!I really miss yooh Lauren! Tasha
  • Tegan
    As I sit here in tears, all I can say is thank you. My Aunt and Cousin were murdered July 9, 2006. They were shot in the head. Over a stupid $10 ring. Your poem means the world to me. Thank you Sweetie117. I am so glad I read this.
  • susan
    This poem is so beautifully touching, it could be read for anyone. I lost my dad this January and have just read this poem and thought my God this is me!
  • sharon
    This poem made me cry, and cry hard. I actually felt I was 'Laura' while reading it. Very special.
  • mary
  • prami
    Hi Sweety. losing a frnd is very sad . No one else can fillup tht place. be strong. ur frnd wll always love to see u be happy where ever she/he is. Let the soul live in peace . my prayers. Prami
  • Laura
    This really touched my life and my heart. My brother past some 2 years ago and I was looking for something to send my mom to ease her pain. I seen this and realized that I miss him to and have my own pain. Thank you for touching my heart.
  • patty
    this poem mad me cry so much,i lost my partner and miss him so much
  • Mrs Lois
    I lost my Husband dec 4th 2006 this was beautiful and made me cry GOD BLESS you
  • pilar ann
    thank you. for sharing this to us.
  • Maude
    i like this poem cuz i lost my uncle in a car wreck and that was 8 years ago but it is still hard to get over and i still cry over it but hey i guess that is what happens when u r close to him
  • becki
    the poem really caught me as my brother martin only died last week from a servere ashtma attack which you may of seen in the papers, it really upset me because it was just like me and martin thanx xx
  • Tylee
    I have recently lost a good friend oof mine. he got into a car accident it really touched me.
  • Dorothea
    I lost my youngest sister 2 days ago. I keep seeing her face, hearing her voice, and smelling her cologne. I can't stop crying, the pain is unbearable. Yet, I also realized it was time to let her go. I made the decision to make her a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). I told her that I didn't want her to die, that I loved her so much and was going to miss her more than even I could imagine. She smiled and told me she was going to be OK. Then she kissed me, said me she loved me, closed her eyes and died shortly thereafter. This poem so perfectly expresses what I am going through. It reminds me that I am not the only person to have ever felt this way, that saying Good-Bye to a loved one is hard, but that I, too, will be OK. [Good-Bye Lori, I will always love you. You will forever be in my heart. ]
  • rebecca
    i can feel your pain because i lost my mum and dad and its hurts to say good bey i lost my dad when i was 7 and lost my mum when i was 15 ita sad most time still to this day i love them and miss them so you are not on your own
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