My poem was written about how I feel that I am stuck in a relationship without love and how bad I want to feel that love for him and to receive it from him.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

to be held,
to be loved,
to feel warmth,
to feel your beating heart.
Wanting to be sheltered from the cold,
heartless winds.
Falling into invisible arms;
into an abyss of love.
that my desires will be filled;
my desires of loving warmth.
Wanting to be held,
Dreaming of passionate embraces,
of tender kisses,
loving words,
romantic nights.
Waiting for undying love.

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  • sherry
    This is a very touching poem. It all seems so familiar to me right now. Great Job.
  • alex
    i love it. keep up the good work
  • keedrdshj
    this iz a nice poem when u single and u really want somebody. also u can't live without them
  • Richard
    i'm sory idont know how that fells becuz i'm in a loveing relasionship but i love how u describ ur emosions brovo!
  • tiffany
    Your poems is nice and touch my heart I like to write poems to It really makes people relax and calm down to
  • Shannon
    Thank you so very much. Your poem touched me very deeply. When I started looking for just the right poem to match the way I felt I read yours and knew that I'd found the right one. Thanks again.
  • Cassie
    I really like this poem and like evry1 else i can understand i used to wait but i no longer do. so all you waiters go and find another love and if u dont then ur love 4 him is real and shud be waited for, they will find their way back 2 u.
  • Amanda
    HEY I LOVED this one it is a good one. you should put more on this web site.
  • katey
    i luv this poem cuz i want to but i just give up i cant take it anymore
  • Shelia
    This poem is what alot of what girls' life is about. Sadly.
  • autumn
    i've been through in this kind of love till now i do. the saddest part is to reach out for the love but it wont be happenend. At least this poem shows this kind of love do exist.
  • Andrea
    Hey. I relli like this pome it made my eyes fill up with tears. Its a really toching pome to me.
  • sonia
    I love your poem, it was written for my relationship. keep Writing those wonderful.
  • maria
    so many hearts left to be broken to bad it has to happen to everyone some more painfull than others but every tear every lonely night makes you appreciate love even more when you find it
  • caffeine
    it says all that is in my heart. feelings and emotions i cannot put a name to about a man i am so unconditionally in love with and yet mos of the time, seemingly so unmoved by it. and so i suppose i must say thank you, for having given me a glimpse of what is going on inside of me.
  • Bobbie
    This poem touched me b/c it's what I'm going through right now. The man I was going to marry is questioning his feelings and all I want is for him to hold me again like he did before. Thank you for writing this.
  • Isabelle
    I think this poem was really good and I also think that alot of people can relate to the feelings your trying to portray. I cn really understand how you feel because I to was once in a relationship where I felt the same exaxt way but now I'm in a relationship where I feel that I am conditionally loved and I think that you will also find someone who will make you feel loved.
  • Love
  • tracey
    it moved me because this is how i feel about my boyfriend and i. he away for 5 months and already he is changing and were drifting apart. this poem explained how i am feeling
  • bill
    i know what you mean i was just married now feel the same way
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