This poem is short, but says it all. It is about the confusion in a relationship and giving more than you're getting out of it

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

why do you pretend like
I don't matter to you
when you're all that
matters to me?

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  • Reannen
    Right when i read this poem i broke down. So little words yet it means so much. Beautiful.
  • Samuel
    i love u
  • meghan
    My boyfriend is like that he doesnt care! jsts fakes it!
  • nadja
    i cried just after reading your poem. thank you it's just. i had the chance of my life. i missed it and i'm still loving him, he just doesn't care. you're right
  • Shreela
    I love this. I'm feeling restless, & I couldn't express myself better than this poet. I'm not in extreme pain, but my partner is. His Dad is very ill, cancer has metatasised all over his bones. & every few months, for the last 3 yrs, my boyfriend has to hear the doctors prognose only another 3 months for his Dad. Meanwhile, he locks me out of his world. He won't dicuss his grief, his fears, his plans. My own world is turning increasingly empty
  • Cherish
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I loved that poem it inspired me alot cause i can really relate to it you did your thing!
  • Tiffany
    This poem explains it all. my boyfriend hasnt been the same lately and i feel like im giving our relationship my all and he isnt doing anything
  • Jeremy
    even though this poem is short it gets right to the point, something about it makes me want to remember it, even tho im not exactly into poetry. its so dark and sad and yet it says exactly how i feel
  • rhonda
  • amisha
    When I sent this poem to my husband after a hot argument, things settled down. This poem touched our hearts SO MUCH that I cannot express it in words.
  • katie
    such a small poem but so much meaning behind it. ( can relate
  • Patricia
    i like this poem it is sweet and i've been thinking that same thing!
  • aisha
    i love this poem.
  • kirsty
    So true!
  • vicki
    Sweetie what a nice job loved it.
  • tanya
    This explains how my who life is at the moment. 17 words is all it takes sometimes
  • Barbara
    It was short and straight to the point.
  • Katy
    I love this poem it really speaks to me because this is exactly how I feel about my crush THANK YOU!
  • Khoase
    dam thats good!short and to the piont!the reason y i love this poem its beacause i feel this way at the moment. i need answeres!1
  • hayley
    this is a poem that describes me in every way it is exactly what I feel when i think of my x i loved that poem
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