This poem is about two people breaking up but one still has feelings for the other and what the words "I love you" mean.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

You said the words I love you,
But it is obvious things have changed.
I said the words I love you,
And my feelings are still the same.
You said I'll love you forever,
But forever wasn't long enough.
I said I'll love you always,
And I'll mean it forever.
But I can not imply to you
What that means,
'Cause your version of Forever
Isn't what it seems,
And my version of Always
Seems like an unrealistic dream.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Jenna
    It was a great poem
  • Mike
    My girlfriend just broke up with me, and we had made the promises mentioned in the poem. I told her I'd love her forever and I meant it, but obviously she didn't. Your poem puts into words a lot of what I am feeling, and that's why I like it.
  • JeNy
    I Luv da meanin 2 dis poem!=]
  • pamela
    i LOVE this poem! it says evrything i feel bout a person but yea i really really like this poem!
  • jisela
    i loved the poem cause i could relate and i remember feeling that way at some point
  • evone
    i love it
  • m
    this is so true i wish my x could read it and understand it. it ofcourse would make things much easier for us girls! 10 out of 10
  • shakiyla
    I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and i feel the same way.
  • Tonks
    This is a VERY good poem! I love it! Keep writing!
  • john
    Beautiful poem, brilliant use of words.
  • natalie
    i love this poem it is just about me man it was awsome my whole friend's loved ti just means alot to us well love it
  • Maretha
    I think that this poem is so true and it can really relate to many of us females who have gone through the same situation it lets us know that we are not alone and thats a really good feeling to know
  • Becca
    This poam really touched me bcause my boyfriend just broke up with me and this poam was are realationship.
  • Bethany
    i loved this poem soo much. it described my life perfectly.
  • Emily
    This poem meet a lot because that is what my boyfriend said and now we are apart
  • amanda
    i like this poem alot i can relate
  • Candy
    I love this poem it is so beautiful it kinda brings tearss 2 my heart because my baby and i r kind of on a break and i don't know if this is the end.
  • yvonne
    i loved this poem it is exactly how i feel
  • Kaitlin
    everything to girls that boys say are just a dream but if the girl says something to the boy he thinks its true and either get discussded or very happy i think LOVE is a strong word and sometimes very powerful this poem is so true that it makes me cry everytime i read it
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