It's a poem about love and the pain caused by that love. I wrote it when I realized that I was in love, but that we'll never be together.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

You'll Never Know
You'll never know
How much I loved you,
How much I cared.

You'll never know
About my pain,
About my broken heart.

You'll never know
How much I cried,
Just lying on my bed
And thinking of you . . .
kissing her.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • leena
    1-10 i give it a 11 it is a touching poem truthfully i almosed cryed
  • Chantel
    This poem really means alot to me, the pain and suffering i have been through showed alot in this poem and i can relate to it fully, its excellent oxoxo
  • mandy
    even though i'm not to the point where i'll see his face kissing her, i know there will be that day:(
  • KK
    This poem is great. The hardest thing to do is watch someone you love, love smeone else. I really appreciate your poem because it touched me very deep. I am going through this right now
  • Lost in love
    Your poem is great but I looked at it in another light. I'm in love with a guy that will never know I love him. He has a girlfriend and he will never know how I feel and it still hurts thinking about him with her
  • Katie
    I LOVE THIS POEM! This happened to me just today and it made me cry to actually see someone write what i feel. GREAT JOB!
  • Kevin
    I would like to send this poem to my ex with a brown and withered rose. I can so relate
  • donald
    your not alone. it happens all the time. don
  • Jordan
    Oh man i truely loved this poem. I can relate to you so much. This is a poem of my life right now!
  • anjuli
    I love this poem how many times have women had to think about what the man they love is doing with the tramp they left us for. very meaningful and elegantly wrote.
  • cyara
    WOW. this poem is exactly how i feel about this one boy. i think about him doing things with her that he did with me and things he said to me that he is saying to her. you did a good job on this poem keep writting and hopefully you will have great success.
  • Haley
    I have done that. And it still hurts after 2 years.
  • Juliona
    I really like this poem it has great meaning
  • Halibug
    This was a very good poem it takes time to heal. It may take years and years but you will move on some day!
  • alena
    i love this poem that u wrote its so good!and i feel tha same way.
  • yamileth
    This is the real me. he will never know how much i cried for him. while him being with the other girl. This poem is the reality.
  • Michael
    I loved this poem. It shows how a girl feels and everything when a guy cheats on his girl. Especially when he's foolish enough to think she doesn't know. Great job, I'd give it an 8.
  • Eli
    this is how i feel sumtimes. when i think about the person i love, being with another girl and the worst part y i feel like this is because theyre getting married.
  • anahi
    hey it goes right with my life i love it thank you
  • minnie
    Your poem really touch my heart because that is how i feel it almost made me cry.
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