This was written in memory of my cousin, Bobby. He was in a wheel chair most of his life and couldn't move anything on his body except his fingers. His strength to go on touched everyone he ever met.

Without any symptoms, he got sick very fast. His death affected the whole family in a lot of ways. This is my attempt to express my love for him and my family.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

My Cousin
People never knew just how much he meant to me and you
They knew him by name, but it's still not the same

His eyes so bright, his smile so wide
We always let him know we were right there by his side

Now he's gone from me and you
Now we have no reason to be blue

We loved him, he loved us
And we have to try not to fuss

He said goodbye and gave you a kiss
Now all we can do is reminis

Why does God take the best to love
Up to that great big world up above?

His memory will never leave
His kind and gentle smile will always be seen

Never forget him, never let him leave your mind
Tell him you love him, just one more time.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • dick j
    so nice of you
  • Tanel
    My cousin passed away 1 day ago. Your poem gave me a since of hope in my time of despair. I couldn't find the words for what I was feeling but your poem said it all for me. Thank you.
  • daisy
    this poem really got to me it remind me of my cousin!
  • samantha
    I loved what you wrote to me it felt like you were writing that poem for me and my coudin carlos and I know for a fact that he is smiling because poets like you help people like me not to greif as much I was before I read your poem so thanks for understanding what losing a loved one is really like so thanks again.
  • jackie
    this is really good poem i thin it is well
  • Cody-Lee
    This reminds me of my cousin, she died three years ago, over time this loss has turned into a storm of rage and it has been hurting me ever since the accident. The devil or a demon one is attacking my heart and trying to bring me down but i keep fighting in my dark endless night.
  • brittany
    i love this poem
  • lupe
    I like this poem because it just gives me a nice feeling. It remindes me so much of the little brother like cousin i lost.
  • louise
    i thought your poem was very emotional as i lost my little cousin she was 7 and caled hope x x x x x x
  • marika
    i have so many cusions and i don't know what i would do without one of them. Thanks for this poem it showed me how grateful i am to have cusions that love and care for me.
  • stacey
    I have just lost my cousin at the age of 19 by meningitus and i thought this poem was really good. its exactly how i am feeling. x stacey x
  • Valerie
    I loved your poem so much it describes my little 12 year old cousin that died on december 28,2006! Thank you so much for writing this poem if you have anymore poems like this please e-mail me!
  • alex
    this is the way me and my sister felt and stil feel after my cousin had just under three years ago
  • aaliyah
    that poem touched me in evry single way keep it up dont stop the good work
  • danelle
    I love this poem of yours it made me almost cry it reminded me so much of my cousin(Alan Webb) he passed not to long ago and I still ain't over it but this poem it amazing to me.
  • andrea
    10 out of 10 i love it and it reminds me sooooo much of my cousin who recently passed away.
  • katy
    this was a awsome poem. my cousin was my best freind before he died and i miss him everyday even if it was years ago. i am 15 and i lost him when i was 6 but i still remember him. beautiful poem.
  • eyonna
    I Really Like this Poem. It's Like Me And My Cousin My uncle Died We Loved Him And When He Left He Argued And Cryed I Cryed 4 Days Today 10/27/06 right Know I'm Cryin Because This Poem Is Remindin Me Of Him i Printed some Out. Who Ever Wrote this Poems Good! Job
  • Lorraine
    I related to this poem because I too lost my dear cousin who was more like a sister to me than a just a cousin. So young, Manic Depression led her to take her own life. I miss her so much and loved her dearly.
  • Sherry
    This poem is beautiful. I think many families are affected by the loss of a cousin or someone that they loved enough to be considered one.
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