Sometimes love just has to say goodbye. And maybe it can be found again someday. If not, then we move on.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Tasting The Raindrops
Looking in your eyes
I feel myself falling in love with you
You said I love you
And I said it too

We went to our very own special spot
For no real reason at all
We sat and talked and looked at one another
And then the rain began to fall

We could have left just as quick as we came
But no, you wanted to stay in the rain
You asked me a question Iíll never forget
Have you ever tasted the raindrops?

I looked at you funny and you gave me a sigh
The cutest look, as I wondered, why?
Why, did you ask me to taste the rain?
Well, what did have to loose or gain?

I watched you with a careful eye
And did the same as you
You were looking up at the cloudy sky
But my eyes were stuck on you like glue

I lifted my head to look at the sky
And closed my eyes really tight
Just as I thought Iíd caught a raindrop
You suddenly held me tight

I opened my eyes with slight alarm
As you kissed me soft and sweet
I remember that kiss like it was yesterday
I still feel those raindrops on my cheek

I tasted the raindrops like I never had before
It was worth every second of bliss
Every time I think of that moment
I think of my raindrop kiss

We sat close together on that one special rock
And we held each other tight
Then almost as suddenly as it came
The sun came out from beneath the rain

The most beautiful colors Iíve ever seen
Came out on the western sky
The sun was setting and the moment was perfect
More than any money could buy

As the sun slowly set and the sky lit up
You began carving our names in our special rock
I told you I would never forget this moment
In my heart this memory is locked

As our names were finished and permanently engraved
We watched the sun finish its day
We slowly got up to leave this place
Which was a year ago this May

I havenít been to that spot in a year
Where did all the time go?
I will visit this place alone this time
And I will finally have to let go

This memory will be in my heart forever
But you will not remain in my mind
I donít know if that love, will be seen again
For that love I cannot find

I will go to this spot as we promised we would
But you will not be there this time
Why is it that you canít keep your promise?
I know that Iím keeping mine

Never again will I taste the raindrops
The way I did with you
And when I go to this spot again
I will say goodbye to you.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • michelle
    this reminds me so much of a time i had with my boyfriend hes no longer alive but this poem took me back to that exact day amazing job
  • sally
    I wish I could have been the one to have written this poem. Me and my ex had a special rock high on a mountain and that's where he first told me he loved me. And we carved our initials into this rock. The place will always be special to me also. The place was called Buzzard Rock on top of The Whitetop Mountain in Virginia. So thank you for expressing this memory so beautifully. Wonderful Poem.
  • adriana aka P-dub Girl
    hey i love this poem it's really kool it remaind me of my boyfriend will yeh um bye
  • Arleth
    This poem was really, really deep and nice. it really touched my heart lolz.
  • Lucy
    that poem was sooooo BOOTIFUL! it made me cry, coz my ex bf n i were in that same situation n it felt like that poem was made 4 us! that was sooo touching! THANK YOU 4 WRITTING THIS! xXx
  • fiona
    this poem was amazing, i loved it, it actually made me cry thinking about an ex, who had the same type of thing the same place and the same rain and the same ending, tomorow would have been our year anniversary, and this has really actually made me quite sad, but in a good way like it aint just me who feels this alone, and wanting someone else back. Thank you for this poem.
  • Tina
    im like . dannnngggg! this is really sweet at the beggining! i love the whole poem! i`ve been liking rain so when i saw the title, i'm like . hmmmm okay . i'll read this, and i didnt kno that it would turn out this great and touching! i love it sooooooo much! THANKS FOR WRITING THIS
  • Cheryl
    This poem touched my heart it made me cry and a poem hasnt made me cry in a long time. Only my own poems i loev it that you can write so pashiontaly its amazing . n if this was a true story im goin though the same right now.
  • arianna
    your poem was amazing. i hope one day i can taste the rain drops like you did just to have the memory like you. im sorry he didnt keep his promise.
  • Zaqueo
    This poem was really good. it touched me deepley in my heart. I am in love with a girl right now, and i myself have never tasted the raindrops. I am a poet my self, published two times and only 17. again this was really good
  • Aubrey
    this was a great, heartfilling poem.
  • Alisha
    This poem is really good my boyfriend just broke up with me this past Saturday and i'm trying to say good-bye and this poem opened my eyes a lot Thank You
  • Joey
    oh my god when i read your poem i thought it was talking about a moment in my life it was a beautiful moment i love your poem its awsome
  • animlfrk
    I really liked that i could connect to it. I dated a guy for 2 years which happened to be my first love. A petty fight broke us up for good and although it was a while ago and I have since gotten married, I still have pictures and often think of memories when things happen in my life today. I often go back to that spot by myself. Makes me feel better to know i am not crazy or overly sensitive.
  • Ryan
    I think its amazing the way you put your heart into your poem. The way you conveyed all your feelings was incredible.
  • michelle
    i thought that this was a really sweet poem. :)
  • michaela
    some poems i dont even like reading because they arent very good but this poem touched me keep it up
  • Danielle
    that was excellent!
  • ryan
    Awesome poem. I think every great love has had a special spot and time that theve spent there. I myself have lost a great love and whenever i visit that special spot i think of her. But it is never the same.
  • Danielle
    This poem was AMAZING! I have read many poems on this site and this one is my favorite! It is soo realistic. You can relate to the author. You feel his joy and happiness and then his loneliness and sadness. I wish i knew who the author was because he is incredibly talented and should be commended on his amazing ability to express human emotions.
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