It saddens me, that every day, children around the world suffer abuse from drunken parents, and at Christmas, a special time for children, parents use it as an excuse to get smashed and then take it out on their children.

This poem was written especially for the children.

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Unhappy Christmas
What did you get for Christmas?
Was it something nice?
I'm sitting here in Casualty,
My face is packed with ice.

I dread it every Christmas,
They never give me toys,
Daddy will get drunk again,
His nights out with the boys.

I know he doesn't mean it,
He's far to drunk to know,
He hits me hard for nothing,
And bruises always show.

A Christmas to remember,
The policemen had to call,
They took my Dad away this time,
He said I'd had a fall.

He's really done it this time,
An ambulance had to come,
That's why I'm sitting here in Casualty,
Waiting with me Mum.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Ella
    IF you that problem. Im in the same boat. Its good.
  • Prue
    Wow! This poem is really heart it just shows you what some children go through with druken parents. As im a child myself its good to take a momment to look what is happening in the world to your peers.
  • Ben
    Your Poem is tuching on a level in which saddness eminates from it.
  • Manda
    This Poem Have Touched Me. It Is A Very Sad Poem, But Beautifull Too, Full Marks For This, Its Amazing, Very Nicee But Also Very Sad X
  • sabrina
    this is a really good poem. it's very touching but it really happens to some people.
  • trudy
    I am 45 yrs old and I was that child not only christmas but any birthdays or the start of the school holidays. any excuse for a drink and months in advance. "we have to celebrate". I don't drink at all.
  • Jade
    I can relate because my father was abusive as well but, WOW! what a touching poem!
  • Chaltu
    This poem was amazingly touching. It was good too. I really liked it. It was really sad. keep up the good peoms
  • kristine.
    really touching poem ,,,
  • jamie
    it is a very touching poem. it made me feel for the poet.
  • elizabeth
    it is sad but a good poem
  • nikki
    i think this poem makes people stop and think what really goes on in the word and makes it real and i think thats what we need to get across to people that this does really happen to children and its not something hat can be ignored!
  • lexi
    well reading your poem really helped me. but it brang back so many memoeies. im so happy you got out befor you really got hert. i think ill do the same.
  • kaitlyn
    i liked this poem a lot. it was very sad . but i still like it
  • crystal
    i really like this poem becouse it is a bout something that i know alot a bout but it was not my dad that hits me it ues to be one of my exboyfriends.
  • Sharon
    terribly sad, yet a true part of life for some unfortunate children.
  • patricia
    this was very good it touched me
  • laurie
    i don't know if you wrote this cause it was like that for you or cause you know someone, but i lived through this every christmas from 4yrs to 13yrs when my dad killed himself so i know exactly the pain and suffering you/they went through. Remember that eventually, someone, somewhere will make your christmas special. You just have to wait. x
  • hannah
    it was very touching. i have never been in this position and hope to never be. this person is filled with courage and i wish them well
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