This poem was inspired by the true story of a friend going through a divorce after four years. I could not help but feel her pain every time I spoke with her, and this is my attempt to ease her pain. If only just a little.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

She Walks
She walks along this lonely street
no one to dry her tears
massage her tired feet
or calm ever present fears

Seeing life through tainted heart
making everything gray
Alone, her life, anew to start
Always searching for a way

But life goes on no matter what
That fact she cannot quell
Memories ne'er to be forgot
Within her heart they dwell

So she keeps walking this lonely street
Keeps searching to find her way
Every night she lies down to sleep
And prays tomorrow's a better day

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • ibrahim
    this poem is sume1 close 2 my heart, its jus like and bout her, and its nice, and sad and makes me wanna cry as wel
  • felicia
    This is very good I love it its also very deep and I under stand it oh so well!
  • Nadi
    This poem is so nice. It reminds me of me. My favorite part was:But life goes on no matter what That fact she cannot quell Memories ne'er to be forgot Within her heart they dwell People should make more poems like this one!
  • lynn
    I have been reading some poems because i am kinda been confused lately bouts me n my boy friend and out of all the poems ive read so far i like this one even though ts not what im looking for it might mean alot to someone else.
  • Kayla
    This poem makes me think of my self over my good friend from grade school who pass away all most a year ago . I miss her so much .
  • Katy
    This is a great poem. short and heartfelt. It was touching, for I myself have been in that position.
  • FJ
    Pretty good! Caught me off guard! Thank you for sharing!
  • maggi
    hey i love this poem i hope you read it and see how funny it is. Its awesome but it sounds to me like a true poem. Well anyway i got to go ttyl bye take care hope you win all the best maggi/ katrin
  • ali
  • Reem
    this poem touched me so much couse am divorced and i got those felling and every night before sleeping i wish that tomorrow ll be better than today i really like it so much thanks
  • Rachel
    This poem reminds me of myself. I fell lost in this world and fall asleep at night only hope-ing the next day will be a bit easy-er on me.
  • Sameer
    Good one . keep it up
  • Earl
    five star
  • victoria
    this poem is really pretty it is awsome cuz its so real
  • Amanda
    I am going through a divorce, and i am the one who caused this divorce, but do not want it, I love my husband and want to live the rest of my life with him. This poem reflects my life and it truly touched me Thanks Amanda
  • Michelle
    ok who ever wrote this poem it realli tuched me in ways that i never new i could be tuched i never new that a poem that i dindt write sound like i wrote it. this poem relates a great deal to my life
  • d
    I feel as if you are truly speaking of me. Thank you for now I dont feel so alone.
  • jose
    Im agree or vote in poem: Because they're talking about how do you feel about the love in the most important. thankyou
  • maria
    i like ur poem that u wrote cuz' that happened 2 me lots of time and my fiends!
  • Maags
    Beautiful, unrequited love sucks. I love your poem ~
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