This poem is one of my first. It's basically about how I was feeling when me and my boyfriend was going through bad times. It tells how our relationship just isn't the same after what all happened, happened.

I am 15 and in the 10th grade. I got interested in poetry from reading Maya Angelo. I will admit that most of my poems so far is kind of sorry but by reading some of you guys poetry I have learned some things and got some ideas.

(Austine'a may need to learn more poetic technique, but she could teach us all a thing or two about Truth and insight - Ron)

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

The feelings I feel inside
I can't explain
It's like I still love you
but it don't feel the same.

The memories we had
stays on my mind
How can I forget
I think about them all the time.

I wish we could go back
to how we was before
But it feels like the love we had before
just isn't there anymore.

So many thoughts run through my head
like what kind of future we have ahead
I hope all our problems go away
so we can live happier together forever, everyday

And if by chance our love do end
I hope to God that we can still be friends.

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  • kristen
    i really like that poems its nice to have young poets that are in our generation i dont really have those problems yet but if i do maybe i could read this to him and maybe we would be friends if we ever had this problems we have been together for 1 year and 4 mths.
  • joshua
    hey this is a really great poem i enjoyed it very much
  • Angels of Love
    I loved this poem. it related almost exacly to my life. i thought it was amazing and i think that this poet should keep writing poetry!
  • Timiesha
    thats great do you
  • nancy
    thank you for the kind comments, n. versheck
  • amelia
    girl that was so sweet c i wright poems 2 an c im 16 an i fell the sames way about my bf josh ,keep it up girl u make something out of ur self with poems like that! i mean that im gonna send it 2 my bf 2! Ill give u a TEN!
  • LeAnna
  • brenda
    I enjoyed the poem, I thinks it;s quite erotic, and fun.
  • Tina
    awwww i like it :]
  • nancy
    HI, omg! it has been ageses since I have revisited this site. I please would like to leave a comment. I am so very touched by the nice compliments I ha recieved, I am seriously disturbed to find that some people have posted them on their sites without asking. I was quite young when I wrote this poem, and it is my favorite. please respect the rights of the authors and contact them. my name N. Versheck you can write to me at the email here. yes I have continued to write, just not post, for now. thank you all. a. k. a as barb ortiz
  • Niah
    Yo ya poems was hot!I can relate all the way. Cause I'm going through the same thing right now. Hope everything turned out alright with your situation.
  • Ashley
    This poem touched me because i didnt no what love was and my friend kept telling me that he loved me and i couldn't say it back because i didn't no ehat love was.
  • pauline
    i really like this poem. we have the same experience. GOOD JOB! tc!
  • sasha
    its awesome and it reminds me of a past relationship
  • ivory
    Thats was very good. that seem like a good break up poem. That was very good I LOVED IT!
  • Jill
    Great poem. Very touching!
  • Amber
    This is a good poem i really enjoyed reading it.
  • Edellen Jean
    I really like your poem. I've broken up with my boyfriend and when my mom meet him, my heart telling me that i should go back to him. But, it's too late, when my x doesn't like it anymore, all he wants is just a friend. That makes me feel really sad! Keep up the good work
  • Fany
    I like your poem it actually made me cry and this is how I feel I really felt happy. I would like to be this good at writting poems just as good as you
  • mandi
    This poem is grat!i inspire this poet to keep writeing poems!
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