There are times in life when your big mouth can get you into a lot of trouble. This poem was written after one of those times. I made a smart comment in front of a group of friends and one gave me a really bad guilt trip so I started feeling low and asked for them to forgive me.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

Adrift in a sea of sadness
lost in my thoughts
Jokes can be taken so harsh
when meant to be taken lightly

A slip of the tongue is all it takes
and suddenly you're alone
boxed in a world of fears
a world of tears

Cruelty is it's game
life it's name
ever changing, rapidly sweeping you along
like a roller coaster you can't stop
and as you spin wildly spin
out of control
scenes from earlier on this ride of life
flash through your mind

The walls are closing in
The room begins to spin
you fall to your knees and
beg for it to stop
you beg and plead for
forgiveness knowing
that you were wrong

You've been to bossy,
said too much,
you say it will never happen
again and you know
that you'll do anything
in your power to keep it
from happening again
you love these people
and can't fight
like this with them
so you plead for forgiveness.

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  • fadwa
    what i like in this poem is that it touched the heart, & i feel as if it's me who were talking, & m sure everybody who will read it will feel the same, coz we r humans, we passed the same experiences of begging forgiveness. thx ashley
  • Carissa and Eryka
    Man I really hope you guys are right because we made two people mad and we want them to forgive us.
  • juanita
    fantastic i can relate to it well u've done great i love it! keep it up
  • Jessica
    BOMB. This poem's a total BOMB. Great job! It's sooooo wonderful and it guides my thinking.
  • steph
    omg i found this poem and it really connected with me as my friend will not talk to me or one of my other friends and wont even give either of us an explination as to why she refuses to talk to us forgiveness is our key to a better world
  • Antoinette
    This is exactly how I feel. I hurt a friend of mine, one who means the world to me. I have apologised, and I truly am sorry, but he's not ready to forgive me and I'm afraid things will never be the same again. Thanks for the poem. Its beautiful.
  • Ashley
    to ashley dickerson ur poem touched me in all different ways one is that it is me n the other is its happening to me, i tihink that ur poem has helped em see that i have to chagned, i want to changed :) thank u sooooooooooo much, i hope u write sum more poems to help me n people like me! thx u again, n also I LOVE UR first NAME!
  • april
    You're poem really touched me because the words fall so close to home. This poem is beautiful. thank you for touching my heart and putting the words together so well.
  • brandi
    great job!
  • nikki
    wow! very good! im suprised i like alot of these but this is one of my top tens! maybe even top fives. well send me a messege sometime. ~nikki~
  • Kristi
    My boyfriend got himself into a similar situation a few days ago. He said something that he shouldn't have and unfortunately, it was overheard and repeated. As a result, many of his friends are now angry with him. I searched for a poem about forgiveness because I would really like for his friends to be able to forgive him. I came across this poem and I loved it!
  • Danielle
    I'm in NJROTC in fl high schools and i really am looking forward to fight for my freedom and everybody else and try to give them the peace that they need to protect them,their families,childern,and their friends as well. this poem is a great example for my goal that i can reach in life so that i can be able to become a solider and, u did an awsome job.
  • christelle
    good work
  • Laila
    i think this poem is excellent it has real meaning and has touched my mind. It also made think about what i say as a person
  • lauren
    AWESOME! your totally right!
  • Laura
    I really loved your poem because I relate to it in so many aspects. I might have said some hurtful words to my best friend and now I regret them. I love him alot and I just wan thim to forgive me.
  • Elena
    that was i really good quote i give it a 10 i feel exactly like that!
  • Brandy
    This poem is so nice. it relates to me soo well!
  • AYo
    This poem is lovely and realy nice. , thanx to the writer.
  • Amber
    i can relate to this poem
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