This is about a girl that thought she found love, but after she gave up her virginity, the guy left her. Lost love....

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

The First Time
When I saw you, my heart fluttered with butterflies
When I was near you, my life was full of sunshine
When our hands met, my whole body shivered like on a windy day
When we held each other close, I felt as if my heart would explode with emotions
When we kissed, our lips met and I tasted pure heaven
When I laid my head down upon your chest I could hear your heart pounding

When we made love, all I could picture was you and I together always
When you looked at me, my eyes twinkled like shooting stars
When I looked at you, your gleaming eyes burned like flames upon a candle
When you left, I searched the world for you, near and far
I would've gone to the deepest ocean to drown in all my love
I would've climbed the highest mountain to seek for all of yours

When I could not find you, my soul was as empty as a water dried well
All my sorrows gathered deep within me until I was ready to explode in tears
This love is special because it sent a thousand daggers through my heart
Blood flowed down from my eyes and created a dark red puddle beneath my feet

When I was no longer able to feel pain and sorrow, I felt anger
So much that it tore me from others surrounding me trying to comfort
thinking of you for what seemed like an eternity put hatred in my heart
I gave you my love, my soul, my all, but all I got was a meaningless letter
When I read how you effortlessly tried to express how you were sorry
The thousands of daggers dripped with but more blood and my body grew stiff

How could you hurt me so, sending my heart shattering towards the ground
For many days, months, and years that has passed by, I still could never forget
The sweet smell of red and white rose pedals which lays dormant across my bed
Reminds me of how my childish ways lend me to swirls of confusion in my mind
Never again would I submit myself to such pain that causes death upon my soul

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Anita
    I really love your poem poem its really touching. Sorry about gettiing hurt
  • Tina
    this is deep and meaningful! i luv it! keep up the wonderful work! ;]
  • kirsty
    this touched me deeply as this is exactly what happend to me, it is so true, and it brought tears to my eyes as it made me remember how much i thought i had loved him n how i had given him everything and in return all i got was a letter about how he was sorry that he just didnt love me anymore, it was an amazing poem and im sure it will touch many more peoples hearts just as it has touched mine take care kirsty xxx
  • ashley
    very good
  • adelle
    da exact same fing append 2 me it makes ya feel lyk a twat let along realli hurt ya .
  • fallenangel
    Your poem touched me soo much. about having sex and everything! becoz i lost my virginity to this guy and now i regret what i've done! i did everything for him n i got nothing in return.
  • nessa
    i love it it was really nice!
  • tara
    it made me cry cuz this happen to mei loved it
  • shauntika
    hey my name is shauntika i like your poem because the same thing happen to me wen i gave it up to this boy that i throught loved me and now i have learn my lesson and every sence then i havent gave it. keep writing your poems i like it
  • Karen
    your pome was so deep i felt what you was feeling.
  • Brandi
    I Loved This Poem It Touched Me.
  • Tykeia
    that's was so good i love it
  • Jameka
    I am really sorry to hear that but yo poem touched me deep down inside i will always remember that i will keep that right in my heart.
  • tang
    hey, i think that this pomes is the best pomes becaues i feel the same as you and i just brok up with my boifriend too so keep writing ok and good luck with all your pomes bye bye bye bye.
  • Sarah
    i love this poem it reminds me so much of my first time.
  • Jasmine
    That poem was great. I feel you on that.
  • Michelle
    This is such a great poem that it touch me deeply. That a tear fell from my eye.
  • Bianca
    it really touched me because it reminded me of the time someone hurt me! the poem was wonderful and beautiful!
  • Amber
    This was an awesome poem i give it two thumbs up! It really does express the pain a teen feels when they lose their virginity and a guy leaves them, which happens alot now adays! i dont think i could have been written any better!
  • Chels
    I Just had my heart broken not to long ago. I lost my virginity to a LOSER, and thats all he wanted he told me how much he really liked me bla bla bla, and its been hard trying to get over it, and move on, so I need to do some research at work and see what could cheer me up and just the fact that u are brave enough to say ur feelings and let everyone read them is incredible. The Guy who took my Virginity was in jail half of the time and now that he's out he's trying to get back with me and I dont know how to egnore him, its hard. But Ur poem really helped me alot, feels like u are here with me trying to get through this. Thanks
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