Basically this poem describes how I see "adults" viewing teens. It seems that no matter what it is that a teen does, it is rude, selfish, and wrong. I hate to be seen like that.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

Unfeeling Teens
The world doesn't understand
What's going wrong in me
Neither do they want to know
For fear they'll have to see
So many things useless in life
But all acceptable
Except a teen with lofty dreams
But balance by the bowl
So many times I've wondered why
Teens today are used
While as a child they sat alone
angry and confused
Crouching down upon the floor
To avoid viscous blows
Of words of hate and flying fists
And what else? Who knows
Creatures from deep inside their minds
That hollow dark abyss
Scream to them their life is lost
They lost it in a kiss
Unfeeling teens when will they learn
What's prominent and good
And damn it, when will they
Do as WE think they really should?

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Rosy
    These poems are really awsome!
  • michael
    this poem is realy deep
  • Niece
    that poem was outstanding. You deserve a medal or something. It made me feel like I need to work on my poems more, and i have won money, and prizes off of my poems. Good job!
  • Tara
    your poem was the best poem ive ever read. and i really think its true. i like to write poems myself. and this is similar to the one i write. i lovelovelove it. ttyl.
  • stephanie
    ur poem was realy nice
  • Robert
    that was nice!
  • sarah
    this is a good poem i truely see what you are saying cause i feel the same
  • Shelia
    This poem is beautitful, it's about what what most teens life is all about. Unfourtnately.
  • Tanaeya
    That was a really good poem because its true
  • diana
    i loved it!it made me cry!i've been through it!and i know its the truth!
  • cricket
    this poem was really good im leaving this comment to say i agree with evry word of this poem im gunna incourage you to write more ok love ya bye
  • Mel
    GREAT poem and a true point
  • Juliona
    It was a great poem
  • Gina
    This peom is really true to me and greatly expresses all of the feeling that so many of us have, thanks for putting it on paper.
  • tanginique
    I think this poem is an excellent poem. Who ever wrote this has great talent and unspeakable words.
  • annacelia
    you have written a really great poem i think its what alot of us really feel and want to say.
  • melody
    real poem thats all i gots to say
  • kasey
    the poem was really great,more people should read it,especially adults,it will give them an idea of how we(teenagers) feel. I give it a 10!
  • Quianna
    I love this poem! It is really good. It really got me thinking.
  • Marium
    This poem is great . It gose with what teens r and what thay feel about. I really liked it. I vote it a 8and a Have.
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