I wrote this poem about my boyfriend who I love dearly. He means the world and more to me, but it seriously hurt when other people expressed the way they felt about the love that we share. You see, he's black and I'm white and my parents do not approve of our relationship at all. They look down on it so the support that I get is very little. I wanted to reassure him that I didn't care what other people thought of us and that no matter what I would always love him for him, not because of his color, so I expressed my feelings through this poem...

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

More Ways Than One
When I look into your eyes
I see the beauty that lies...
Deep within your heart

You dream what I dream
You feel what I feel
Baby, don't listen when they say
That what we have isn't real

The sound of your voice
The sight of your face
when I'm with you
There's no better place

You say that I'm an angel
But you gave me my wings
You treat me like a princess
And the best of all things

You've given me love
And all of my pride
You've showered your beauty
On this little heart of mine

So many nights
I've cried over you
Trying to find the wrong in this
But what I'm feeling is true

Never once
Did I think this would happen to me
That a piece of heaven would fall
And set my heart free

Free of the dark
Free of the lies
Free of the loneliness
Free of the lies

Sometimes it's hard
To say what's on my mind
And breaking through the hesitance
That I'm leaving behind

I wish that we could be together
just how we want
Just me and you
No hiding no lies
But for now this will have to do

I pray for the blessings of the Lord that
we can stay strong
And that this hopeless devotion
could seem right for the poor souls who
feel that it's wrong

When it's cold and dark I can feel the
the warmth of the sun
Baby please believe me when I say
"I love you forever
In more ways than one"

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  • Timiesha
    girl you really poored your heart out on this poem maybe love can help me out on this the love that i have for one person it cant be because im in love with him but he aint in love with me what can u say to help me with this problem
  • stacy
    i lik dis poem b-cuz im goin through the same thang. im black and so is he. his ppl dont thank im the right 1 for him. no matter wat i do they still thank im not the right 1. but ive learned that i cant care wat they thank about us. because im here til the end. and ima always remain his baby bo. all i hav 2 do is jus show actions b-cuz dey do speak louder den words.
  • Celeste
    Whoever you wrote this to must be important to you i can feel yo luv in this poem keep it up
  • lupita
    i really like this poem it makes me feel like it relates to me in so many ways
  • Brittany
    i liked this poem it helped me relize the love i have for somebody
  • Tina
    this is really deep to me . i luv this poem . thanks for writing this ;]
  • Cheamon
    Your Poem really touched my heart from the monent i reafd it all the way to the end.
  • Ja'Nae
    That poem was really touching and beautiful.
  • megan
    im sorry that you have to deal with this i loved your poem and i think if you love him then tell him everyday so that he will never go away!
  • Danielle
    wow! i can really say that when i read this i did cry. there are so many girl's out there right now going through what you are going through. lik me. i am a white girl wanting to love a black man. this is really really good. hope you will come out with more poems like this to help out me and other girls or guyz with there feeling for the other race. i give me respect to you! bye, dee
  • amber
    I completely agree, if you dont get support from n e one eles, just know that I got your back.
  • Shevonne
    Dat poem woz big in da game she needs 2 give me sum lessons dis grl has got serious talent out of 10 i give her 20 u go grl
  • Kesley
    I absolutely loved this poem. It helped me alot. Believe it or not i'm in the same situation and I was acually told today by my grandparents that they would dis-own me if I countinued to date this guy and it is killing me inside. Thanx so much and thanks for that poem it helped!
  • L'Oreal
    the poem is very toching and i think itsl great.
  • Jameka
    I am so sorry that people think yhay of you and you should not worry about how people feel about your relationship the only thing that counts in your relationship is you and your boyfriend feelings and nobody else's so they shouldn't speak on someone else relationship people need to stay in their on business including your parents the should be the last people to judge you because they are your parents they should be by your side oone hundred percent.
  • Kristi
    I really like Amanda's poem. I have been in sorta the same sitution for years. My mom doesnt want me to be with a black man, because she disapproves of it and the way the world is. But even though i dont know Amanda, if ses happy with him, then thats all that matters. he could be pink, or blue. shes happy with him then let her be. And like my Aunts always told me "I'd rather see you happy with a good black man then with a bad white man. "
  • tang
    hey, girlfriend i think that what you do is right my boifriend left me because of that too well anyway good luck with your boi'f and you ok and i like your pomes alot so keep writing k bye bye bye bye.
  • mikesha
    whats up girl look i loved you poen i knoe sometimes people will try to make your relation ship go bad but you just haft to keep your head up. your poem was (tight). It remindes me of what i am filling for my baby dexter he is the love of my lif. Your poem was so inspiring to me.
  • Jase
    Whoa. I would cry if I was born with operable tear ducts. That was beautiful. I hope my girl can think of me as most of this poem said. I do call her an Angel, and I try to have her feel like I'm a great guy. My history just doesn't back it up. Great job!
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