It's a scary thought, when you think of how in four little years you're going to be forced to say good bye to your closest friends, the one you've known since you were 4, the one you told everything to, and the one you fell in love with, the one who shared your hopes of making a movie with, the one you wished you could be more like, and the one you ran and cried to.

To: Patrick, Marc, Jessica, Traci, Su'ann, Eric, Andy, Tino, and Steven.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

It's Not Long Now
To hold you all close is one of the
few times I feel at ease. To look at your
faces and know you'll forget me in time
makes my eyes water.

When I'm an adult I'll see your faces
in my child's eyes, and hear your voices
echoing in their laughter.

When I'm old I'll sit on my front porch
and sip freshly made lemonade, while
watching my grandchildren frolic in my
front yard, under the sweet smelling
Willow. Tears will fall from my green
eyes, and softly hit my faded dress, as I
think of all the times we were
together. I'll smile.

When I die I'll think of my children
and grandchildren. I'll know how lucky
I've been to have such love and joy in
my life. I'll wonder which of my dearest
friends are awaiting my arrival, or if
I'm the first. And just as I take my
last breath I'll see us as we were when
we were teenagers, our golden skin, our
eyes wide with hope, our hearts full of
love, and our minds full of larger than
life dreams - it's not long now.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • rana
    i really liked this poem
  • Jessica
    Best poem I've ever came across. It has everything- Perfection, emotions, everything. It brought me to tears and it was so touching. Awesome, fantastic, incredibly wonderful.
  • jorden
    I really enjoyed this poem, when I read it i cried because of how much the poem represent me and my friends. Whoever wrote this poem may God bless you and keep up the good work.
  • britt
    this poem is great it really deals with what every one has to go through in life.
  • cassi
    omgosh this poems is sooo sweet it actually makes you think of things like that and it made me almost cry i think this poem rocks!
  • Thomas
    i have to say that i honestly cried after i heard this poem. its beautiful. great job
  • Eden
    this was a fantastic poem and and makes u think about if that will realy happen 10/10
  • timmy
    i relly liked this poem and i think a lot of the ppl that read this poem will like it to.
  • Jaimie
    Your poem is really touching. It makes me realize how much i love all my friends. i'm going to print out a bunch of copies for all my friends.
  • Monica
    This was the best poem i've ever read. I really understand what your saying. It really makes me want to run to my friends and tell them how much they mean to me! Recently my friends told me that they don't want to be close anymore. and the 3 people i always would run to when I was upset, turned their backs on me. I'm going to miss them and i just wish they knew how i felt. But i guess things happen in life and we just have to be happy for the times we had. I was actually thinking about how mad i was at them, so thank you for making me remember how much they truely ment to me and always will.
  • Adara
    Omg this was the best poem i have read it is so true and ithink that eryone can relate to it! Keep writing! I practically started to cry!
  • Siobhan
    i think it a great poem
  • Kelsey
    i loveed ur peom it was very good! its a good inspiration to young poem writers!1
  • amanda
    me and my best friend just read ur poem and we loved it it brought tears to our eyes we are sitting here right now all teary eyed it made the both of want to run up to our group of friends and hug them all and tell them we love them all even the ones we are mad at right now
  • Loc
    Hey nice poem Jen its sad but true where we are now is quite possibly the nicest place in our lives with friends we told everything to and just thinking soon they will just be a faded memory in the world of problems and grown ups and bills and all that but ur poem really touched me so much because thats where I am right now and I reallize that in 3 short years its gonna end
  • sara
    i luv ur poem! it made me cry the first tym that i read it bacause i waz thinkin about the tyms that i had with my best friends~the laughs n the tears the hopes n the fears~. now i have a great poem to send to them wen we graduate high school. thank u sooo much n keep writing~u r great!:)
  • Michele
    I have never read a poem that has made me cry, never read one that has touched me in away that words can't describe.
  • Katrina
    Your poem is one of the best I've read and for once poem that made me cry because it relates so well with my life now.
  • Jessica
    jen great work. this really made me cry! i love this peom and i think it is beautiful! i rally do love it and it was very heart touching!
  • paul
    man that poem is totally true when i read it it maid me realize that life goes by very fast.
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