My biological father ran out on my mother before I was born. When I was given an assignment to write a poem about a dream my yearning for a father came out on a piece of paper.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

Daddy's Little Girl
Once upon a time
Far far away
Once upon a time in a dream
Once upon a time I was Daddy's little girl
Once upon a time that was me

In my dream I was Daddy's little girl
In my dream he loved me
In my dream we did things together
Like ran races
Jumped rope
I can still feel the cold metal chains of the swing in my hands
But that's not real
It was once upon a time that
Once upon a dream
Far far away
That was me

In my dreams I was Daddy's little girl
In my dream he loved me
He took me places
Like ice cream shoppes and baseball games
I can still hear the crack of the bat
He took me places like roller skating and Broadway plays
What do you think of that?
But it's not real
It's once upon a time
Once upon a dream
Far far away that was me

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  • barbara
    this touched my heart because, once upon a time, my little grandaughter was her daddy's little girl. until prison took him away, and now she no longer has him to hold.
  • Amanda
    I'm 15 yrs old and I had a Dad it just wasnt a dream, but him never being there it minds well be a dream. He wlked out on my mama, when I was 7. never really knew him that well he always ran and hid but I always DREAMED of being Daddy's Lil Girl
  • Lisa
    I loved you poem. It remind me of my family. excellent poem. keep writting them
  • Carissa
    Please write more!
  • christy
    This poem has thousands of meaning in it.
  • Steve
    I just loved it so very much. It means so much to me. And if your Amanda Lynn White that wrote this poem(and your mother's name is Barbara. then I'm your dad. not your biological dad. but your daddy. God I hope your the one.
  • hannah
    i am 15 yrs old and i have a similar situation this poem touched me very much it made me cry because my daddy left me and my brother and moved to england when i wus seven. my brother wus 4 he didnt understand. then my mum formed a really bad drinking problem and blamed me for my daddy leaving but now she has met a new man and has another baby girl she just turned 2. Dad used to ring and last year he came over for my birthday and my brothers birthday he even stayed at our house at x-mas him and my mum's new man got on really well i wus so happy bu this year he didnt even ring me on x-mas day or my birthday11 i wus so unhappy :(! i just wished dat he loved me but he doesnt!
  • Karina
  • Omara
    I love your poems because i can relate to it, ever since my daddy went to jail. I give you 10 pints if it was the highest.
  • Keisha
    I thought that was a very good poem.
  • Charlotte
    I loved this poem I always had a dream to have a dad that would do things with me like this but that never happen my dad looked me in the eyes one day when i was a little girl and said i wasnt his now im 31 my dad passed away when i was 25 i just wished that he knew how much i loved him so for the dads out here love your kids and never do anything to hurt them love them like u have never loved anyone before thanks
  • Dinah
    i know what you mean when i was seven my mom just left me and my little brother to fend for ourselves she messed up my whole life and i haven't seen ar spoke to her or my little brother in like 8 years now people tell me it's better that way but inside i know that i really love her and it hurts you know not tohave anyone there for me to help me. so i know how you all feel just in a different way. thanks.
  • Missy
    yea i use to know wat it felt like to be daddy's little girl, but he left me and my family when i was only 3, and now im 17. i really wish, that i was still my daddys little girl. i really liked your poem . it brought tears to my eyes. keep doing wat ur doing . ur relly good at it
  • Sora
    That was a very good poem. I've always dreamed that my father would take me places just to have fun, but yeah. Only in dreams. Good write nonetheless! ^_^
  • Sarah
    i really love your poem. i can relate to it so much because my dad and i were so close but he passed away when i was 10 and i still cant get over the fact that hes gone and now im 14. thank u and keep up the good work.
  • Katrina
    I loved this poem, it describes the way I feel about my father. He left before I was born and decided whenever I was 13 he wanted to come back into my life. I am 20 years old now and the anger I felt toward him is still there but even with all the hate and anger built up I still wish that I could have been Daddy's Little Girl. No one will ever understand what it was like until they have been put in that situation.
  • Austin
    I loved this poem because I can relate to it. My parents are divorced and so I never get to see my dad so all I have are the memories of when I was little.
  • xanthe
    I liked your poem. what you wrote is sort of what happen to me but me perants got devorsed and I havent seen my dad sins 3 years
  • beatrice
    it was a 10 in my book, because i dreamed those dreams. For so many years,and iam 56 years old.
  • Candice
    I can relate to it 2 because my dad had passed away when i was 9 when i read this poem i loved it very much keep up ur good work u can do better poems than me. Great Job
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