The pain of loosing someone can easily come at a young age

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

As I walked into the high school,
People were watching us.
But I didn't notice now.

I walked over to you,
I touched your sweet face.
I tried not to cry, but the tears
they were always there.

I tasted the tears of anger and sorrowness,
I tried to tell myself it was all a bad dream -
But then I realized that dreams
aren't supposed to hurt you.

As I leaned over,
I whispered into your ear,
I love you.

Then I put the flowers on the casket,
And I quietly walked out saying,

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Eva
    This poem touched me and it made me cry i felt like if it had happend to me. I like this one the most. Its great.
  • Victoria
    It made me cry. Great Job
  • jess
    this touched my heart as 2 weeks before me and my bestfriend were meant to start high school she and her family died in a terrible car accident. its exactly how i felt. peace to you.
  • Antonia
    Hey My Names Antonia, And On Christmas Eve 2006 i Lost My Best Mate, No words can describe how i am feeling at the moment, but it is good to know that i am not alone in the way i am feeling. I just want to be able to get through this and by reading some of these poems it is helping ease the pain.
  • Jessica
    i love this poem it is so sad and i am soor that happen that happend to me too sorry
  • juju
    i liked this poem cause i know how you really fell because i have been in that kind of problem. it made me cry.
  • liz
    I really like this poem. it is very chilling
  • Luke
    this is a very touching poem.
  • aubrey
    this is a verry touching poem. it has alot of feeling and i think is great.
  • Godslilgurl
    This is a good poem it made me think of someone I didn't get to say good bye to which hurts me the most God bless keep writing
  • ingmar
    sigh. life is delicate indeed
  • Kayla
    It touched me, because I once tried to commit suicid once. It shows that you taking your life hurts the ones that love you. I quite understand that befor tis poem makes me understand it better.
  • Eli
    Hey Jessica, well i was just on diz website cuz im suppose 2 look 4 a poem i really like and present it to my class, and i read yours and it made me cry! Might as well choose this one.
  • sabrina
    wow!i loved your poem. i lost my best friend on september 11 due to a forwheeler accident. we spent everyday together unless one of us was sick then we stll gave each other get well cards or something to that matter. when i read this it made me think of her right away. and all the laughs and great memories we got to share for thirteen years. your poem really touched me. its wonderful!
  • cheree
    I'm 14 and I just recently lost my really good friend in a car wreck. I can really relate to this poem because I went through the same things.
  • amy
    it was insarational,sad and true. although it is difficult to express sadness,in a poem it just shows so much character.
  • Brandy
    this poem is awesome. I just lostone of my close friends she was in a car accident so i really know where your comin from. thanks
  • brittany
    i love you poem it is sweet and i like it i give it a 20
  • Tears
    it is painful to lose some one but no matter what as long as we don't forget them then they are never lose in some way as we can alway find them in our heart.
  • andrea
    that was a sad poem i almost died from suicide
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