I wrote this poem because it is exactly how I feel about growing up. You have to grow up fast these days. It's like you go from a child to a teen in less then a year. The reason I wrote it is because I wish to warn others that the hardest part is being accepted by your peers. Don't let people make you afraid to be who you want to be.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

Teen Years
Everyone tells you,
they're the best years of your life.
The thing they don't tell you,
is they are all full of strife.

From a child to a teen,
in less then a year.
It's a lot to deal with,
you have to grow up fast.

As a child you're free,
as a teen you feel locked up.
A child has no worries,
A teen has a lot.

You learn the meaning of love,
you discover broken hearts.
The worries of being accepted,
are the hardest part of all.

What's the "best"
about these years.
When as a teen,
you live in fear.

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  • sonya
    i like your poem for a simple fact it reminds me of how my friends treat me they say their my friends one minute then the next their talking about me behinde my back i think if they have anything to say they should at least tell the person to their face.
  • lena
    dat poem is soo true!i reallie likd it alot! . . .
  • jah
    i totally agree! i'm basically asking the same questions now because as of right now i can't see these "BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE" so thank you for writing this oem it let's me know that i'm not alone.
  • kt
    this poem is fantastic, and absoloutley true! how can they be the best years of our life? there just full of misery, confusion, backstabbing and heartache! like you say: whats 'the best' about that?
  • jen
    wow thats so true. i hate it when everyone tells you to stop complaining that teen years are the best.
  • laura
    wow this poem is exactly rite for me i mean i fit in and everyone likes me but sometimes i feel like i dont i just feel like i wish i was a child so i woukdnt have to deal with things such as having freinds who talk about u and boys this poem is one of the best poems that describes a teen that i've evr read before.
  • elba
    This is a great poem.
  • Heather
    that is a really nice poem. i can relate to it alot. thanx for submitting this poem, so that people can actually understand bout us teenagers
  • linda
    that is every true
  • bonks
    hey this poem is nice really nice but y ppl tell u teen life is nice n the best coz u learn the most for ur further life u learn so much u just dont realize u learn everythig wat u need to wat abt the time when u fall in love tat love is going to b diff from the love u luv some 1 ur 30 or even 23 that is when the difference comes tats y teen life is the best guess wat im also a teen jus 16
    I really love this poem it talks abount the everyday teen life
  • shelby
    i feel so much like this poem thank you for having a poem like this that i could read i may be a poet like you some day. you should more poems like this one. thank you again for having this poem posted for me to see. thank you, shelby
  • Jannah
    its a very nice poem and i absolutely agree with it!
  • joey
    I do love this poem a lots!
  • beth
    OH MY GOSH! I totally understand this poem! I can so relate! thanks for creating this poem and telling people that a teen life isnt that wonderful as it would seem! AWESOME JOB TAMMY!
  • brandie
    i love this poem it is so cute and absolutely the truth i really son't believe these are the best years of our life just the hardest one to live with
  • Mari
    my little sister went through that a couple of weeks ago. her first heart broken and havin a hard time gettin accepted. i love this poem
  • amanda
    wow this poem touched mee ya i don understand wuts so great bout teen yrs ether i jus became a teen n ive already had to much to deal with.
  • Esther
    i love this poem! it's perfect for my journal! my teacher is makin us find poems and write bout it! she's so obessed with it! i guess it helps to express ur feelings. it sure did expressed mine! thnx a whole lot!
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