I am a 13 year old teen. I wrote this poem when I was upset after a fight with one of my best friends. I was confused and stayed in my room crying. I decided to put how I felt into words, so I did. This poem tells a story of how wanting a friendship back, helps you make a choice on what to do.

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Seasons Of Changes
Why am I so different?
What did I ever do?
To deserve the kind of treatment
that I receive from you.

You were my friend
when times were blue.
You stood by my side,
through and through.

But now you have changed,
you are acting quite different,
I want your old self,
to come out from inside.

I want our friendship back
I want you to change.
Is it asking too much
for you to be my friend once again?

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  • 8th grade grad
    I loved this poem. This year my best freind and I got into fights, alot of them. We've become friends again but it still isn't the same as it used to be. I know exactly what it feels like to be hurt and I have also used poems to express my sadness. Thanx for your wonderful poem! I can really relate to it! :)
  • heather
    I like it, you sound desperate, but i REALLY LIE IT A WHOLE LOT!
  • Brittany
  • lora1
    this was a really great poem i really liked it because i reminds me alot of friendship like my own
  • kel
    I like this poem because im having the same problem with my best mate she as now started to stay with my sister and when i go down to my sisters to see them my best friend talk to me nasty and actsd differnt but my sister is turning just like her too so this poem made me feel as thou im not the only person who is having this problem and i totally understand what she's going through and i hope you and your friend sort it out because im going to try and get my old best friend out of her because i really miss my old best friend so much well take care x
  • Deano
    This poem touched me deep inside, in more ways than one. i love my girlfriend so so so much. my little kimmy kat.
  • Nicole
    this is very good! keep up the good work! the reason is beacause i know how it can be for your friend to do that to you
  • Jena
    well my friend and i are having like the biggest fight we've ever had and this is just perfect.
  • tricia
    this peom is exactly how i feel about my friend crystal
  • jenni
    i loved this poem im a teenager myself and i no how it feels to be betrayed and hurt by ur best friend. reading this poems makes me feel like im nt alone every teenager should express there self though poetry it rili helps no1 should keep it locked up. once again a gr8 poem xx
  • Kayla
    i liked this poem alot cuz it reminded me bout me nd this girl that has been my friend for 9 years going on ten! we used2 b da best off rieands nd we used 2 tell each other everything nd we still do but sometimes wat we say 2 each other ends up gettin us in trouble! also now this year in da highscool everything has changes b4 we barely ever fought now were fighting at least once a month nd mostly itz cuz we hear wat other ppl say! i hate it so uch i wish we lived in a perfect world sometimes but unfortunetly we dnt! well datz all ima say 4 noe ok buh bye ~kayla~
  • ashley
    this poem was cool . i liked it
  • Torey
    I wanna tell you something it is hard to become friends with someone that you got in a fight with because they are ot the same. I got into a fight with this girl and i told her EVERYTHING i mean EVERYTHING and then after i told her she told me we werent friends. I cant forget or forgive her for what she did and It is hard for them to change. I thought you would like to hear about this.
  • Sarrah
    umm. i really like ur poem. its nice and just amazing. i amryt nw in thesame situation and with ur poem i got courage to be friends with that person again. i ung up ur poem in my room and i alwys red it over and over again. i hope u will write some other poems like this one too
  • dragon
    I love this poem it touched me!
  • April
    This is such a good poem. ur a VERY good poem writer. ive got some friends like this. keep it up.
  • Tiffany
    This poem touched me as it is really reality. These types of things happen each and everyday to differnt people firndship.
  • miteche
    the poem is just amazing its something when it happens hurts a lot i mean if your best friend breaks up with you its very hard to get over and if they have changed then its so sad
  • nicole
    i really like this poem! it touched me in every way! im going thru exactly wat it says in the poem so its a poem that really touched me! i nearly cried reading this poem as it is so true as most friendships go through this! well done for making such a brilliant poem! i loved it
  • Jenna
    the only reason why this touched me was because I have a friend like that too whoo is acting the same way good luck with your friend
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