My mom wouldn't let my boyfriend and me be together, so I wrote this poem to tell my boyfriend how much I love him. It also is to tell him that we will be together again.

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We Will Be Together Again
Not holding you in my arms is tearing me apart.
Being away is something I never imagined from the start.
I never thought we'd fall in love, so mad.
I never realized life without you would be so bad.
The gentle reassurance in your hand
led me away to a make-believe land.
Now my heart can't resist, but to yearn for your warmly embraced kiss.
And being with you is something I miss.
The things I'd give to have you in my arms -
To just hold you close and protect you from harm.
They said it will never work because of our age;
To them my love for you was just a phase.
When they came in our world and tore it apart,
It soon became a broken-promise land of the heart.
They don't know what we've been through,
How much you love me and I love you.
This can't be over; we're still not through.
There's so much we haven't shared - so much we promised to do.
I don't know how to hide my love enough so it doesn't show.
I can't hold back and refuse to let go.
If they only knew how you made me feel,
With all the problems you helped me deal.
How you taught me I was much more than I had ever thought -
All of the Joy, Happiness, and Love to me you brought.
You showed me I was beautiful outside and in,
And showed me true love time and time again.
One day I will return to you all you have given me,
In some shape or form; soon you'll see.
Send a message to my heart; promise me we will never part.
One day we will be able to be together every day,
And we won't have to worry what they say.
So when the time comes, promise me you'll take my hand and be with me
forever as long as we can.

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  • cassi
    wow that was mad. loved it and can fully relate. it sucks wen theres a guy there thats older than u r much older and the first time u c him theres somethin there. i love a older guy and i no that my parents wouldnt agree but i love him and he makes me so happy and yea i can fully relate to ur poem.
  • fiqa128
    this poem made me cry. i'm going through the same thing right now. i'm hoping to solve my problem and i hope u will too. gd luck okaes? keep on writing poems. !
  • nadzirah
    ouhh gosh dis is soo sad. i love dis poem!
  • La'Neka
    hi i want to say. im going through the same situations and your poem spoke right to my heart. parents just dont understand teenagers can love to but they dont want to hear it but theres hope for us all. great job on the poem!
  • Sky
    An absolutely heart felt poem. I loved to read it
  • Amy
    this poem is beautiful. well its sad for u. and i no how that feels im going through the same thing at the mo. we love each other so much but my parents cant see it. been together for 2 years but it wont end like that. neither will yours if its true. and i hope everything works out for u and ur man.
  • Breanne
    omg! this poem is so awesome. Me and my boyfriend just broke up and Im crying and thinking why??? ur poem has liftd my spirits! Thank You
    I love this poem with ALL of my heart! This was my favorite!
  • caridad
    this poems reminds me and this boy i was going out wit. this poems showed me of all the things i been throug. well hope to here from u soon
  • kayla
    this poem reminds me about me and my ex. he was everything i ever wanted and he called me his angel. but our parents split us up and i moved to a new school, away from all of my friends that I had known since grade school. this poem reminds me of our feelings for one another and reminds me of all the wonderful hours of cuddling and argueing and making up that we had done. It's a wonderful poem. good job and thanks
  • jeniece
    I loved this poem. It really touched me because I am in the situation and the poet really put it down in a beautiful way.
  • stephanie
    I know exactly how you feel. im going through the same thing, my parents wont let me be with my boyfriend but we will be together again one day! i love your poem!
  • ashley
    I can totally relate!
  • elica
    aww wat a nice poem. i like it. beautiful
  • Paula
    i really love this poem it shows exactly what girls these days feel. it shows u really love him
  • Shawna
    My Best friend is going through the same thing. Her Boyfriend's dad has gone so far as to not let them even talk on the phone anymore! But I know they DO love eachother! I am going to show her the beautiful poem you wrote and I am sure she'll feel like she's not alone knowing you went through this too! Thanks
  • Jatasha
    i jus love ya poem dat da only thing i kan say
  • alicia
    i just loved that poem. it was so mush like me and my now ex boyfriend's relationship was when we were together. urs is my fav. it also made ne cry lol
  • Chrissie
    hey i loved your poem, i know how you feel. i hope you get what you want.
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