When situations happen that affect our relationships, we are left to think and think until we have become sick from thinking about it and trying to work it out.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

This Guy
There is this guy I thought I knew.
I really felt a dream come true,
With soft brown hair,
And sparkling eyes,
A caring stare,
And taller than me - what a surprise.
When we talk,
In his eyes I could get lost,
But there's also something in his walk,
And his personality I'd take at any cost.
He makes me feel perfect,
Laughing and alive;
Though getting in touch is quite hectic.
Why I keep going could never be described,
Your loving arms around me,
The taste of your sweet kiss,
So whole when I am with thee -
Apart from you I can't help but miss,
But now I feel different.
I heard of another girl you haven't let go,
And I sit here and lament.
What is going on - could you please let me know?
I cannot begin to understand,
You seem to like me so much,
And now you've got me in the palm of your hand,
In your grasp and free to touch.
These past days I have hoped with all my heart
That she is with you I prayed not.
I'm not fond of such a part,
But the reason I care is because I like you a lot.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Amy
    i love it it reminds me about my boyfriend
  • kirty
    i flippin love this poem yo! dis same damn thing happen to me fo real. dat is wack
  • nikki
    wow yer poem is off the chain! i loved it! its weird b'cuz the way you describe this guy is the exact same way this guy that hurt me way bad looks like! well if you have any more poems that u dont have on here please email them to me i love yer work! KEEP IT UP!X!X!
  • April
    I really love ur poem! This reminds me of this guy i like, Josh, he loves his x. But he can't get it through his skull. Keep up the good poems.
  • Kayla
    this poem really touched me it reminded me so much of my boyfriend b 4 we got together this girl is very talented. brava. keep writing great poems like this very touching.
  • kari
    AWWW ! That poem sounded just like my boyfriend and I. i loved it , it really touched a spot in me! who ever wrote this did a GREAT job~!~!~
  • silvia
    i loved this poem cuz its exactly wahat is happening 2 me
  • evonna
    this' really good!
  • pink baby
    I LOVE IT!. its truley touching. its happening to me at this very moment!.
  • sARAH
  • summer
    This poem is exacly what is going on in my life with my boyfriend.
  • Dana
    this is a wonderful poem when i read this poem it made me wanna cry because i have just meet this woderful guy and he is still in love with his ex girlfriend but dont wanna be with her but this poem reminds me of all of this
  • Jenele
    This poem is really sweet. it's a poem that could touch anyones heart. i know it touched mine!
  • sameeha
    I loved this poem mainly because it reminds me of the guy i like. the description is exactly what he looks like but he broke up with me last thursdayand i was devastated and the worst was that he didn't even say why. so I really love this poem! Its great.
  • Brittany
    That was . I cant put it in words. All I can say is that I feel the same way. Thanx for speakin it!
  • amanda
    this poem really reminds me of mi true luv Alex!
  • nicole
    I LOVED THIS! Wow!
  • tara
    ure poem is sooooo sweet, it reminds me of this guy i like but he has a gf. i wish that ure poem related to me
  • Yelena
    I love this poem, because its almost about my boyfriend, he have brown hair and sparkling eyes. But there is one thin, he is short he is 5 and 10 feet tall, and i am 6 feet tall. But there is no problem for me he is my dream and my soul. I leave with him and we have so much in common.
  • lamia
    i really liked this poem that she wrote she really told this guy how she really felt about him and there is nothing wrong with her bein in love with someone that already has another girl before that he didnt even tell her about that other girl and he was even kissing her so its not her felt it is all his
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