This poem is about me and my ex best friend. He was everything a person could ask for in a friend and more. I fell in love with him in no time. I think he always had an idea how I felt about him.

Then one day we started fooling around. I stopped it though because I was scared and because it was the first time I had done anything with a guy. He told me that since we were such good friends that I could trust him and that it would be ok. He told me he loved me. He promised me things would never change between us. So I went home and thought about it and decided that I loved him and this was my chance to be with him the way I had wanted to be for so long. I told him I was ready and how much it meant to me and all.

So we fooled around twice but never had sex. Then after the second time he started being mean to me. Finally he just stopped talking to me all together. I have no idea what went wrong with us. I have no idea what made him change his mind. What I do know is that I lost my best friend and I blame myself for not using my head. I also know that I will always love him even though he hurt me more then anyone has ever hurt me before. So I guess this is what the poem is about . . . how everything changed after just one night.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

After That Night
He said things would never change
He promised things would always be the same
He told me he loved me
He swore all this on our friendship

But after that night we had no friendship nor any love
After that night he said good- bye
After that night he said it never mattered
After that night he ignored me
After that night he left for good

It wasn't all my fault
It wasn't me who made all the mistakes
It wasn't me who turned away and left him standing
For I still loved him, It was he who made the choice
To leave me and all we shared after that night

He left me standing there, full of sadness and shame
He left me believing all his lies,
He left me to love him still after that night

Nothing was ever the same nor will it be
Because after that night not one bit of my love could make things right
I lost my best friend and my first love after that night.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • ana
    I think this poem has a nice message for people.
  • shanae
    hey i just want to say that i love this poem i love this one it is cute i give this to my exboyfriend i miss him keep in touch
  • shiketa
    i like this poem alot it shows you really did/do care 4 him no matter how bad your hurt
  • jessica
    Omg! This was such a good poem!
  • evonna
    this' so sad =[
  • Shawna
    Wow. What a sad poem. It was wonderful though. I'm sorry. I'm sorry he did that to you. But at least some good came out of what he did. you created a beautiful poem. :) Good job!
  • tashay
    i thought that was really cute
  • myeshaundra
    your poem was very good i would like to see more of your work so post more poems
  • lalala
    wow! i really liked it its bad when dudes do something like dat and take wat they wont then leave you and give you all these fake promises
  • Kristen
    omg hey this is like the best poem ever because i relate so much to it!. but i dont want to get in to details. you are a very talented person and please keep writing ur awesome!much love. Kristen
  • Courtney
    Wow. that was so real.
  • Alexis
    Dis is a sad poem about luv. And it happen to me too, wit me and my bf. And i was vary, very, very, sad. Dats wat dis poem reminded me about.
  • Cyndi
    the same thing happened to me. except one thing was different. we did have sex. and i fell pregnant. 3mths later, after he'd moved away- he introduced me to his girlfriend. great work. awesome poem.
  • maria
    i really liked this poem
  • Jessica
    this is a really good poem and i cam so relate to this. at this minute im going through that pain. Sorry if you went through it. PEACE
  • Angell
    This poem was very touching. It took me back 4years ago when i made a big mistake with my best friend (1st love). It ruined our friendship and made matters worse. at the time i was in love and I was willing to give it all to him but in the meantime we both paid the price crossing a thin line in our friendship and it broke. Im telling you all please be careful and dont make the same mistake i did. Make sure it's within ur heart and soul to give ur bestfriend/b. f/g. f/ a special part of u that u cant get back.
  • SC
    I love ur poem it's so real. I'm glad you made the right choice. Stay smart. I know it may hurt, but time heals all wounds. Holla!
  • Maygan
    I really loved this poem. I went through the same thing and I think many girls do. This poem may help girls who feel dirty and used to remember that it wasn't just their fault and you shouldn't always believe someone when they say there in love!
  • henry
    Your poem was well done and explained as you went through it how you felt
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