This poem tells how sometimes life gets me down, but I just have to pick myself up, and move on. And how I have messed up in the past, but it's no reason to just quit and run away. I might want to run away from my problems, but I can't. And nobody should. I just have to get over what I have done, and move on to better things, and make a better life.

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Sometimes I can see myself running.
But what am I running from?
I'm running from life.
It's impossible to get away.
Sometimes I wish I could just close my eyes,
And then things would be different.
I just want to be somebody.
I don't know if I can, but I'll try.
I've messed up in my life more then once.
But at least I'm still alive.
But do I want to be?
Yes . . . I do.
People mess up all the time.
It's no reason to just run away.
If you do, your problems will wait for you.
You just gotta move on.
You have to except what you've done.
Just can't sit and feel sorry for yourself.
Life's not that bad.
It's what you make it out to be.
There will be good and bad times.
Sometimes more bad then good.
Either way it's life.
I would never want to change my life.
Even though I've messed up in the past.
I think it made me a stronger person.
So instead of running,
I'll stay and take life as it is!

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  • Jenna
    I love your poem it really made me think, ive done things in my life i regreted so much i felt i wanted to end it all. But now i realise i do want to live. your poem really touched me and i stuck it on my wall so i read it every morning. p. s nice name!
    hey, yo poem is realy touching, well it touched me bt it has given me da courage to pick ma self up en start over. wish me luck
  • Tasha
    This poem shows how a lot of people feel, it was very well written
  • darnsia
    i think this poem was very nice
  • Linda
    great poem
  • ShaVania
  • anderia
    dis is a good poem and its true
  • Paul
    poem saved someones life and turned them around.
  • khersten
    Im 13 and a lot more mature then a lot of teens. I've had a hard childhood. living my life without a Mom there and rasing my little brother with my Dad. Now my Dad and I don't really get along. because I've made some bad choices and he don't know how to forget them. I try so hard to forget sometimes I wanna run from everything but I know I can't. Because running from ur mistakes don't make it better.
  • shondricka
    that was a very nice and true poem love it and keep up the good work.
  • Jessica
    that is so good i love that poem becasue i made so much mistakes befor and now i changed
  • samantha
    this is a great poem
  • annacelia
    your poem is soo true.
  • Sanacia
    Your poem touch me it even made me cry you are telling the truth, life is what it is and if you make mistackes you just have to go on with your life and know that you will make more mistackes in the future so can't just be stuck on all your mistackes you make in life. But I really just wanted to say that you have thought of a very nice poem.
  • maizoua
    i really like this poem.
  • Kim
    Me and my older brother are always getting into deep conversations about life and i think your poem is so very true. You just have to enjoy life and live it to the fullest you know? Good Job!
  • stephanie
    I love this poem. it totally realates to me
  • Kari
    Hey this poem is so cool I am having a bad day and i almost wanted to die. But this poem has changed what i think about life THanks for your beautiful and wise words
  • Brandy
    wow. I really love this poem. I've been going through alot lately so I've been down and wanting to run from everything. but you've totally made me look at it in a different way. thank you so much!
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