This Poem was written my Freshman year of high school, it describes some of the new challenges I have faced as I realize that I am finally growing up, and learn what the world is actually like not the fairy tale I have always dreamed of)!

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

What I've Learned
I've learned a lot these past few years
Through my fake smiles and unseen tears
That friends sometimes aren't forever
that true love doesn't always last
And happy memories stay with you
but those happy moments go by fast

Words can cut deeper than any sword
Leaving you with something
That no man could replace or ever afford
Sometimes things happen,
Sometimes your heart will break
Though to feel real happiness this is what's at stake
In order to have the comfort of heaven
and your story to live to tell
You must also experience the hate-filled life of hell

Remember . . . There will always be someone there
Someone that honestly does care
A person can leave your life
Leave you alone with your worries and strife
But like pain, the love you once felt cannot from your body depart
but only may enter your heart

Don't worry someday it will all get better
Your mornings will grow joyful with someone to love
And you'll have the kind of life you thought you could only dream of

I've been there before with my head in my hands
Believing there's no way anyone could ever understand
But they do . . . trying everything they can to help you
Still you sit there unknowing and blind
To what soon you'll be glad to find.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • amy
    Your Poem has A point, because I hated my freshman year but looking back everything must have happened for a reason, I just haven't firgured that reason out yet. Great poem!
  • Sammie
    Wow, you have quite a tallent. Your poetry sounds so true, and from your heart. I think this was a steller poem. You should continue writing poems, they are amazing. 10 out of 10. I also like the fact that you know what your talking about, you dont just ramble on about what it would be like. you know how it feels to move on in live and all. Great job
  • Sharika
    i like how i can relate to them
  • Mia
    Amazing . inspired me and gave me hope that dreams can come true . than u
  • Latosha
    This poem is great. I have been searching for something to give to my 15-year old sister to read. This poem is it! She is confused, rebellious, and disrespectful and she thinks that we don't care, but we do. Thanks
  • Sandra
    I loved it two thumbs up!
  • Karena
    i really loved our poem it reminded me of what I'm going through in my life. I liked the way you made me think twice when i feel upset about my life and no one understands me. You really should write some more you are a very great writer.
  • kay
    i love this poem it really is about life if been there once i think i still am
  • Mallory
    This is great poem. I've been looking for one like this to help me decirbe what I have learned because I can not write poems and as soon as I read this it just hit that all that is what I have learned. You knew just what to say and exactally how to say it. good job and keep writing, from what I've seen your a great writer.
  • Kassandra
    Awesome poem! i so can relate to that chicka! I give that poems two gnarly thumbs up! Right on!
  • amy
    i loved this poem its so true to my life and ways i feel keep up the good work
  • Rico
    This is a great poem its good that you put it in someone elses perspective and thats a true vision of a poet e-mail me i think you got sum potential cause im startin up this poems of personalities group and if ur interested give me a call
  • Lyndsey
    I thought that your poem was very realistic. It was really great!
  • Vanessa
    this poem is so awesome. it discribes mi life so well! keep writin! ur work it soo awesome
  • amber
    This was a great poem! I loved it. it said alot to me.
  • Maggie
    Amy, I really liked your poem I think it really hits home with what we face in every day life. You should be proud your a gifted writer
  • Nicole
    I really like this poem. I can really relate to it. One of the best poems I have ever read.
  • Kim
    Absolutely wonderful poem! I just graduated high school. and somehow this poem just fits my roller coaster of emotions right now just perfectly. Beautifully written, and a marvelous job all the way around!
  • Melissa
    This has to be the best poem that i have ever read! (and i have ready hundreds of poems mind u!lol) All the poem speaks of is the truths of growing up and i love it! :) keep up the good work!
  • Angie
    Brought me to tears. Absolutely brilliant. Very touching! WOW, I'm speechless, can't think of anything to say. Just thank you and WOW!
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