This poem was written at a point in my life that I despise, but would go through time and time again because it only changed me for the better. Every thing in my life was changing. A very close friend of two years had decided that because I could not make it to her birthday party, that I was no longer a worthy friend. This hurt the both of us as much as it made us angry. After three weeks of not speaking to each other I received a letter from her. It was a poem. Those two short verses hurt me more than ever at that point in my life. That very day I wrote her a poem in response to hers. She has yet to receive it, though she has read it many times. This is the poem that helps me get through my "rocky roads of life. "

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

Faith, Hope, And Heart
I was once told only in dreams
Do dreams come true.
But I'm to tell, here and now,
Your dreams are up to you.
Like "The Rose",
we may pass through life
"Not Understood".
And maybe we won't
make all the friends we should.
But always treasure what you have
and in the mirror what you see,
Then strive to get all you can
and be all that you may be.
On the rocky roads of life,
you must be strong to fall apart.
But, I tell you from my soul to keep
Faith, Hope, and Heart.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • lyndsay
    this poem is very touching and inspirational and helped me!
  • Julie
    This is a beautiful poem that I will send to my grandaughter who is going through some troubled teen years right now.
  • chelsea
    Amazing,i cried reading this poem.
  • Alixx
    I really like the ending of this poem, i found the begining a bit confusing but i love the message of this poem!
  • Paul
    Beautiful poem. wonderful flow. lifts my spirit. inspires. calming. imaginative. beautiful.
  • corky
    ahhh its alright! No is GREAT!
  • Tawana
    Loved the poem. Thanks for sending a message of hope to all of those in need. It's amazing how the composition of such plain words can create give an inspirational message with profound meaning. Please keep writing. Keep hope alive. Spread it around the world. And always get up and try again. Thanks.
  • Amber
    I love your poem. I was looking for a poem amd I camr to your poem and I find it very inspiring. thank you for this poem and I lwould love for you to e-mail me any other ones that you come up with. Thank You
  • Jessica
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. The title really caught my attention. I like how you state that you dont need to be perfect in order to have confidnece and keep going. Also how the dreams you dream are up to you if they come true or not. Speaks to the heart.
  • Jordan
    This poems made me cry! It reminded me of me and my boyfriend. Even though we are dating, he is probably my best friend! When I read this poems to him he got tears in his eyes and he was speakless. he just held me and cried in happiness.
  • krystle
    this is a very inspirational poem it is really whole hearted and well put together
  • la-la
    Ilove it.
  • Jammy
    God is that perfect
  • kellie
    its the Bomb ona scale 1 to 10 its a 10 u go girl
  • Jasmine
    I think that this was a great poem and it gives me hope with all that I have been through.
  • Carolyn
    Hi Nicci, I am a graduate student and I'm writing a paper on an concept analysis of hope. I'm inspired by your poem. Carolyn
  • kenyate
    Your peom touch my heart
  • Dickenson
    i love this poem. this is such an inspiration for everybody. it also made me appreciate more the things that i have now in mylife.
  • Angel
    i loved ur poem keep up the good work! lv angel
  • Stefanie
    Nicci, your poem was great! With confidence and faith we can get through any obstacle that life throws our way! Keep up the great work!
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