I wrote this for my friend I met in 6th grade. As soon as I met her, I realized that she was the person I wanted to grow up with. The person I wanted to share my dorm with, the person I wanted to share all my secrets with, the person I wanted to remember forever. She was everything.

She was honest, nice, funny, cheerful, and best of all, sweet. In 7th grade we started talking a little more, and then it turned into going and doing things together. But, then at the end of 7th grade, as our friendship was getting better and better, my aunt decided to put me in a different school the following year.

Well, I think Rachel and I would have become best friends if I'd stayed at the school I was at. But I guess I'll never know!

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

I'll always remember her,
in good times and in bad.
I'll always remember,
the good friend that I had.

Next year we'll be at different schools.
We'll have new teachers, new friends,
and al new rules.

I'll always remember,
the good times that we had.
And with her in my heart,
I'll never feel bad!

Every time I saw her,
She made me feel better.
I liked her more then anything,
the day that I met her.

I wish we could've been best friends.
That way I'd know she'd remember me,
till the very end!

As our school year comes to an end,
I'll always remember her,
as my "wanna be" best friend.

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  • shurooq
    ok so i loved it because it rymres i lov e rhyming songs maybe enext time you can do a sad poem and ryming one of you cant deside beetween 2 bestfriends because thats what happened to me and i wold lik eto print it for them
  • Noor
    I really liked this poem. i actually had a bestfriend named danielle, and she moved away and i really miss her. I like this one alot. its touching.
  • Katie
    Hi! This is really nice, but me and my best friend (also called Rachel!) have not been at the same school since we were ten, we are nearly 17 now. Being at different schools we are better friends than we have ever been. We have other friends but she is my absolute best. Try to keep in touch with Rachel, it sounds like you have a lot in common so don't throw that away. Well done.
  • Nina
    "the coolest"
  • mania
    OMG this poem was soo KEWL. It like express's how sad it would be for me to leave my best friend that hopefully remembers me, as i will always remember her
  • rachel
    This iis a great poem it really tuch me and my name is rachel and it remines me of my friends
  • Jessica
    Sweet, sad and wonderful. Incredible work.
  • Chelse
    This poem is is nice i am in the 6th grade also this poem really got to me.
  • jaquelyn
    oh may that was a very great peom its so true with any people and also with a lot of friends that feel that way and this peom says it all i loved it.
  • Emilee
    Hey, My name is Emilee and my situation is a little like yours but also a little different. Well you poem was really touching
  • flakita
    this is a really nice poem i dont have a friend named rachell but i do have a niece that i love very much shes only 10, 6 years younger but i love her very much and were kind of best friends but more than that famaly well keep posting them good poems
  • Courtney
    This is a very sad poem because next year I will have to leave my Best Friend.
  • ryan
    there is a girl that i real like i met her in the 6th grade it is the 9th now i hope i will "tuch" me as it "tuched" her and i hope that it will all work out and thank you for the lovely poem (that was i bit corney because i am a guy. but hey a guy gots to do what a guy gots to do)
  • Cynthia
    This poem touched me especially since I have begun looking for my junior high friend, Rachel Pando. We lost contact after I moved to Pennsylvania from Arlington, Virginia. Cynthia
  • Deanna
    OMG i loved this poem so much! me and my BFF are both going to a different school next year and it made me think on how much i know i will never forget her! thank you so much to whoever wrote this cuz it really made my day!
  • yeo
    quite touching
  • josh
    I like this poem alot because i have a friend named Rachel that i like alot and want her to remmber me because we both are going to diferant hight schools next year.
  • Rachel
    that was sooooooooo sweet i wish some one wrote that about me
  • jessica
    gap, this is such a great poem! my bffe-or so i thought-is moving at the end of 7th grade also. i loved your poem-it really touched me-keep ^ the good work
  • Rachel
    this poem is soo aaw some. and this poem really touched me to the bottom of my darkened soul well hope ull write more
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