I wrote this when I was in a deep depression about all of my friends leaving off to college the next year. It was my own way of describing my feelings to myself, and my own way of telling myself that my time will come.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

Open your arms to change, but please donít lose yourself
You are what makes you who you are in sickness and in health
A friendly atmosphere has made you who you are to be
Your character is in charge and will control your destiny

Youíll go someplace youíve never gone, youíll make your mark again,
You will reset your standards, and sure will make new friends
As soon as today is yesterday your heart will always give
I hope you wonít regret today, cause your future longs to live

If our paths donít cross again, I wonít forget this day
Cause Iím afraid of change, Iím scared to shift my ways
My eyes will see things theyíve never seen, but Iíve always been here
The time that counts your moments gone will teach me not to fear.

Youíll look upon your life and see familiar grounds
Youíll hear the call of memories and recognize the sound
All the lives you change will make stars disappear
And as youíre settled down, youíll realize youíve never left here.

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  • Faye
    I really admired your poem, and we all go through having to leave people behind or seeing someone walk away from us. Everyone hates it. I think this really sums it up. I am very into poetry and writing. And i would definitely read more of your writing. Thank you for inspiring me :D
  • Satya
    This poem was beautiful and inspirational.
  • paula
    i lOve this pOem because my best mate stefano is leaving to italy and i use to realy like him but now ita just a frindship a strong one and ill never forget him. lOve paula. =]
  • Manda
    That's exactly how i;m feeling right now.
  • latu
    this poem is a touching. even though i havn't lost my friends,i know that one day i won't have those friends no more. that is why i'm making use of time with my friends in school while i can before i finish school and never see them ever agian.
  • Danielle
    umm i realli love this poem becuse well i just found out that one of ma best friends is leaving and will neva see him agin and i think i realli like him and he knows it and we went out and all but umm ur poem made me cry sooo hard jst thinking coz its soooo ture thnx xxoo
  • amelia
    this is a very good poem please make more it was great please try and send me some on my email thatnk you from amelia bubi x
  • dana
  • av
    thanks it is my situation that im in now and it helps me realies what is realy going on around me. thanks to whoever wrote this
  • Hayley
    We just left school yesterday and I found this poem online it really oved me when I was trying to find something to read out and I know it will have moved others too. Thank you.
  • Amelia
    This poem rely touched me my friend is moving to Australier in 5 weeks and i just felt so like this poem.
  • Katrina
    I like it, it explains how even though your friend is gone in person because their going to a different school than you, all you have to do is just remember the good times that you two had together.
  • maitha
    hey thats the frist time to loge inthe sit and i realy started to like it from the poems thank
  • Connie
    wonderful, true, and honest. my friend hannah is leaving at the end of the easter term, and i am going to dearly miss her. this poem describes the feelings of how every person leaving or the person witnessing someone leaving must feel. x 10/10 !
  • pooja
    i like because its about leaving friend. leaving a friend is just like going to hell or loosing a precious thing which cannot be gained again
  • rebecca
    i like this poem
  • Nina
    "amazing poem I've ever heard"
  • Carly
    This poem means a lot to me, because one of my best friends is going to a new school, and is leaving so much behind her. We had to write a note, and I hope it was okay, but this one touched me so much that I just had to write it to her. Thank you so much for creating this poem, I think my friend will like it just as much as I do!
  • Bobby
    I am moving from the high school I have been at for 3 years. This will help me get through the experience. Thank You.
  • Jessica
    Beautiful, touching and excellent.
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