I'm 13 years old and have been writing poetry for 3 years. This poem is about stepping out and standing up for your self, and in the face of hardship you can be strong.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

I Am
I am love in the face of hate
I am kindness in the face of ridicule
I am strength in the face of diversity
I am patience in the face of the mule
I will not run away from fear, I will not run and hide
I am bravery, I am pride
I will make a difference in this world, big or small
That is my promise to me , my promise to all

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  • Alyssa Renee
    This poem says what I feel about myself but I've never had the couage to say, because I feel that it may make me look conceded. So thanks for not being afrid to say how you feel. It gives me strength to voice my opinion.
  • Charity
  • Arkeem
    That was a very great poem
  • Shaquel
    That poem says a lot about me. It touched me so deep it almost made me cry. Keep writing poems, i think you are really good at what you do. :)
  • Calie
    i like this poem a lot, in short words it says so much
  • Lucas
    Your peom really maid me see the other side of things, the brighter side. Thanks!
  • george
    i think this is a great poem they gave it such a great ending and th author keeps you wanting to know what will happen next.
  • Kasey
    This was a great poem it really caught my atenchion.
  • Diana
    Hats off for a 13 year old child
  • brittney
    that was a very interseting poem i like it alot .
  • yoselyn
    The poem was great because it makes you think about who you are and i think thats the best thing to say about one self. Congratulations and keep up the work.
  • Janice
    I believe your poem was awesome! It touched me because you put so much passion into it. I can tell you've been through hard times, but you were strong enough to get over it by writing how you felt. That's awesome. Keep writing poems.
  • Berni
  • Hayley
    that ia a real kool poem its an uplifting sort of a poem its kinda inspirational its kool
  • Cristina
    I started searching for poems on myself for an english project I had to do. Little by little I stared searching found this website thought it was great. When I read the poem, it made me fell great. Knowing and I could be remember in so many ways. Thanks
  • Mercedes
    i like it
  • Ashley
    I was reading this poem and at the end he writes" I WILL make a difference in this world, big or small. That is my promise to me, my promise to all". James, you have already made a difference in this world by writing that poem. For 13 years old, you are a very smart young man! I also like how you promised yourself first, BEFORE anyone else. Hopefully other people who read this will realize that they need to put themselves first before anyone.
  • mj
    short but sweet. great job!
  • Andrea
    It is hard for the younger generation to understand these types of things and for adults to remember and what we hve to press upon or children even more so for me because I am 28 and loosing my path and you just gave me faith to keep on pushing. Thanks James
  • laur
    thats a good poem i can relate to it easily nice jobb
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