Do you care about your friend? Then tell them in one way or another.

I'm fifteen years old and live in Sweden.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

To You From Me
The hardest part of being a friend
is knowing when you need it a little
and when you need it a lot.

So just in case you're in need
of a friendly "hi" today,
I wanted to let you know I'm here still caring,
still thinking about you,
and still being your friend.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • shai
    hi my name is shai, i think that your poem wa great, it helped me understand why we have friends and how much they mean to us. I think that you should keep writing poems. thanks for making me understand a very important part of friendship
  • Kayla
    this poems reminds me of when my step grandpa he knew everything i was his favorite but when he died i lost everything he was not only my family but a friend and i loved him and still miss him dearly
  • aneela
    dis poem is really good it jus touched my heart
  • Cynthia
    I love your poem it makes me think of my life long friend ship between me and amanda that we have had since the first breath we have taken. You are a great poetry wreiter keep up the good work
  • Rayjaunda
    I really enjoyed this poem it really touched me alot.
  • ruchi
    I just loved the simple way the poem tells a friend about ur feelings
  • g-money
    this poem really had me in tears
  • shasaia
    nice poem it couldn't be better
  • Jessica
    Short and sweet. Meaningful poem.
  • Cassie
  • nisha
    Although. your poem is short and very simple but it is very meaningful and just so beautiful!
  • Kayla
    this is one of the bes t friendship poems i've ever read!
  • Michelle
    great poem, its short but says a lot!
  • dani
    i love this poem, it speaks clearly about what a true friendship is, it describes a friendship btw, me and a friend of mine. keep up the great work and keep writing.
  • Aishath
    this is a great beautiful poem its nice to give 4 a frend
  • Samantha
  • chocolate lady
  • yana
    nice one. !
  • olivia
    I really like this poem alot
  • tina
    hi my name is tina and your poetry is great and u should pursue it futher! it made me realize wot my friends mean to me and sometimes how badley i treat them but yr poetry has inspierd me because im not a soze 6 blonde who every1 loves and all my friends ever say to me is i love u as who u are and u wouldent be our lil baby if u changed and now ive realized that so thank u from the bottom of my heart xxx
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