This poem is about how people tend to take pity on me because of my asthma. I just want people to treat me like anyone else because I'm a normal person who just has a breathing problem.

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It's Life, I've Dealt, You Should Too
You work so hard to deal with this thing,
The fact that you have it and the problems it brings.

So when you finally get control of this flaw,
Everyone around you seems to watch you in awe.

You never learn why itís happened to you,
And you must work that much harder to make dreams come true.

But whatís happened has happened, and itís now part of life
So why give up in yourself, why live with such strife.

The best you can do is fight back twice as hard,
Just be careful, make right choices and play the right cards.

As they say what doesnít kill you can only make you stronger,
Itís been here for awhile, itíll be here for a while longer.

So why canít people see past this technicality,
Having problems with my breathing is now my specialty.

I should have a masterís degree in what to do,
So please donít treat me any different, Iím just the same as you.

When people have pity it just makes me feel sad,
Do you think it makes me feel better, well it makes me so mad.

I canít stand the fact that people look at me and stare,
What you donít think I can see you, oh I know youíre there.

I know what I can, and cannot do,
So why try to stop me, itís not up to you.

If I want to work my ass off until death,
Let it be that way, let me use my last breath.

Iíd rather go through life living, even if it is in pain,
Rather then sitting all day, slowly going insane.

So now that you know just how it has to be,
Are you going to treat me right, or like a baby.

I donít care what you think is the best thing to do,
If you canít support me and my choices, then the heck with you.

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  • Lex
    This poem is so cool. I loved it because mainly its about your athsma. My best friend has athsma, and during the sports carnival this year, her athsma was the reason she didnt fufill her dream of coming first in the long distance race. i admire your courage!
  • Sammy
    I like the poem and it says alot about people that I know and it says that if people can't support u they shuldn't be around you
  • mackso
    This one is one of the one that touch;s me alot.
  • tyerika
  • gina
  • helenhime
    Your poem really touched me because i know what its like to be treated bifferently because you have problems. I have a learning bisability that is called a cagnitive bisability and it affects the way i process information. Meaning it takes me alot longer to learn things and memorize things than other people. Well because of that people have always treated me bifferent and think they know what i can and can't do. Plus sometimes once people find out about it they start avoiding me ane it really hurts. Well anyway it was a really good poem and i hope you keep on writing.
  • christine
    When i was 14 i had a stroke. Since then no one treats me the same. I am 17and back playing basketball and softball. I am because i didnt care if i run different and talk different. Your poem is exactly how i feel!
  • angel
    it's great to ha have a member with this amazing soul angel kiss
  • Nina
    Iloved this i have that problem to so i know excatly how you feel thanks for writting it down for the rest of us!
  • Beatrice
    best poem yet, it's nice to know someone feels the way i do.
  • Jamie
    ur a great. u r not afraid of anything.
  • ajak
    yes that poem i really the same why like if i dress this why people will say this about it and i work so hard and people think that i a baby some poeple i think that they use me. Today my friends had a secret they told each other but they didn't tell me or aspen friends right?
  • myrna
    this poem is very good and it toches my heart and ryhmes as well i will luv to here more
  • me.
    This poem really touched me because I have heart problems and I just found out that I may have a brain tumor too. And to go along with all that I just got mono and everyone seems to treat me differently because of the problems I have but I just want to live my life to the fullest and be treated the same as everyone else.
  • Terra
    I really liked this poem because I can truly relate this to my life!
  • Sherice
    This poem really touch me becaue it down to earth
  • monica
    this was a bad azz poem hit touched me in a lot of places i kinda know where she is coming from so keep yo head up high lil momma
    YOU Have cracked the code at such a early age which is rise above stubborn minds. This happens so much in your teens and twentie. Exellent poem mate perfect keep writing ok Im aiting for your book an so are many others!
  • anonymous
    I really like how you don't care what other people think. You should do whatever you want regardless of what other people say, except if it is a doctor saying it. I think it is a very good and touching poem. Thanks for sharing it.
  • Cheyanne
    I really loved your poem. Before I read your comment on the overview of it, it made me think of my own problems. I have asthma too and my whole life people have told me that I will never get better and that I can't do this and that. I have proved all of them wrong every time. I will never fully "grow out" of it, as people say, but I have learned to control it better. If you believe you can do it you can and I hope you can get control of yours too. Thanks for letting people know how it is.
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