This poem is about my boyfriend and myself. I wrote it in hopes that it would spark his romantic side and give him some ideas.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Loving You Loving Me
As we walk along the moonlit beach
Watching and listening to the waves gently roll in
Underneath the vast, clear star- filled sky
We stop and stare into each other’s eyes,
You lean down, gently kissing me and take me into your arms.

We start to dance, slowly moving from side to side,
But all of a sudden we stop.
You carefully lift up my face from your broad chest,
Then you tell me how much you love me.
I reply by telling you that I love you as well and always will.

It’s just then that you kiss my forehead and take my hand,
We begin to walk again and find a place to sit.
As we sit, we talk for hours,
It seems like we’d only been there for minutes
Then we see the sun peeking over the horizon,
We watch the sun rise and then go out to breakfast
Thus starting another new, beautiful day together.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Adrianna
    I think that was a very nice poems. You should keep up all of the good work. Keep reaching for your goals!
  • D'Anna
    dude. i lov this poem. and wish this exact thing would happen with my boyfriend and i. i love him to death. this poem touched me.
  • Kaitlyn
    I love this peom
  • jennifer
    this poem is great only if i had a brain like that
  • Brittany
    WOW-Wee! Talk about romantic ideas. Beautiful.
  • Clara
    your poem was amazingly touching, it reminds me of my last love, absolutley perfect! loved reading it, thank you for brightening my day. . .
  • Ashley
    I absolutely love it. It reminds me so much of me and my boyfriend. It is so sweet, keep it up girl.
  • jasmine
    this poem's mad sweet. awwwww that lucky girl better be happy cause if she dont want him anymore ill take him.
  • Janna
    I loved this poem! It says everything that's real in a true relationship. Also, it seems as if you can picture yourself w/ that special someone while you read. It's a beautiful poem.
  • Jessica
    This poem was really beutiful, very touching.
  • stephanie
    your poem makes me thik orf my frist love and how we would tell each other how much we love each other so much your poem was one of the best one hae read this year and i hpe it stays that way
  • brittany
    tihs is a good poem. but there is a weird thing . a couple of months ago my EX-BOYFRIEND and I were on a date and he was telling me about this fantiseand it was the same exact thing only at the end we went into a log cabbin and thae only light was candle llight and rose pettals were flying ever whereand we just layed in bed with eac other and just enjoying the time we had to gether and i waish he actually meant it so it's really a relly good poem . i just wish we were still toghter some times.
  • bobby
    I love this poem. I am the one who would like to turn it into a song.
  • windoline
    It was a nice and cool
  • Jase
    Oh my od, I really wish my girlfriend would say something like that. But she doesn't even know what the world looks like after 10pm.
  • neelam
    that was a very good poem i really liked it alot
  • sheri
    I like this poem i think it wounderful. It reminded me when i first fell in love with a guy that i really liked
  • innoxius
    great poem. very poetic and expressive. :) good luck with this guy!
  • Lady
    eventhough most don't realize that the dept of teen love is sometimes the best and deepest it's evident in this poem. i loved it mostly because of the insite.
  • Laura
    I just wanted to tell you that this poem was very nice. I liked it so much, and it really reminded me of me and my boyfriend. The things you wrote is exactly the things that i want to share with him. So yea excellant job and keep up the good work.
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