After my boyfriend died I always seem to have bad days. I wrote this poem on one of those days when it hurt so much I didn't want to do anything but think about him.

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This Morning
This morning I didn't want to lift my head,
I didn't even want to get out of bed.

This morning I didn't want to take a shower,
all I could do was listen to the clock tick another hour.

This morning I didn't want to sing a song,
I just hoped the morning wouldn't go on.

This morning I didn't want to see the sun shine,
to see it meant I wasn't fine.

This morning I didn't want to eat,
I didn't even want for my bed to look neat.

This morning I didn't want to go to school,
this just wasn't the day for me to act cool.

This morning I didn't want to talk to anyone,
I just didn't want to have any fun.

This morning I didn't want to hear the truth,
I didn't want to front or act couth.

This morning I hated what I saw.
This morning I just couldn't go on.
This morning for me was just all wrong.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Jess
    so touching made me cry beautiful xxxxxx
    i really liked youre poem cuz there is some mornings like that & it truly sucks. keep it on youre relly good
  • nick
    was great
  • Mia
    This poem is great, becase, many can relate to it. Especialy me. And it makes people feel like thet're not alone.
  • chelsey
    this is an amazing poem it describes my morning in every way you are amazing!
  • Toya
    hello i just wanna say thats how i feel when i dont wanna do anything and that poem was bout me all of it if someone died or if i was just having a bad day or i just didnt feel like being mess with and when i read that poem it remind me of my boyfriend today when he makes me upset well thanks for that poem it makes me feel very special inside and how i was feeling.
  • dee
    oh my goodness. i know you hear this a million times but. i'm so sorry to hear that about your boyfriend. great poem. stay strong.
  • Kacey
    first of all i want to say that i am sorry to hear the reason why you wrote this but secondly I can truly relate to that, i lost my boyfriend my sophmore year to a drunk driver. some mornings turned into the whole days though. and i thought my life was ending. Never feel alone cause he is always right there with you. good luck in the future and keep your head up!
  • Carmina
    i knoe how u feel my boyfriend died recently. It really hard ur poem touched me it even made me cry.
  • Kayte
    I love this poem. I really do know how you feel. My boyfriend died almost two years ago and we were promised to each other. It took me a long time to finally live a little again. Although I am over it and accept it now, I still have mornings like this.
  • Amber
    I witnessed my fiance kill himself 8/21/2005 and this poem touches my heart because it is how I feel almost daily. I also write poetry and it's ironic that I have one that is very similar. It doesn't make me happier, but I don't feel as alone. Thank you.
  • rochelle
    this poem was really touchin b/c most people can really related to an emotional lost thats similar. its as if i felt wat u were goin through as i read the poem, when a person is hurtin inside the best way to release their pain is by a pen and pad. at that moment u had YOUR pen and pad with his memory.
  • Chelsea
    Very good poem brought tears to my eyes. Chelsea
  • esther
    damn true! almost every morning when i wake up i felt this way--sucks. but somehow life juz need to move on. i know what it sounds like--yucks!
  • Tiffany
    Hey, your poem really grabs the reader! You make the reader feel what your going through. It was really touching and you had tears run down my face. I hope you keep writing and its good to express your feelings in a poem. I wish i could im not good at writing. Keep it up!
  • Ashlee
    I was very touched by this poem. In my four years of high school 13 people died from my school. Every situtaion was different but had an impact on my life in some way. My junior year my best friend Todd passed away. Ever since then I haven't been the same. He wasn't my boyfriend but he meant everything to me. There are just days that I don't want to do anything except cry. Keep your head up though, he wouldn't want to see you like that.
  • Anu
    This poem really creeped into my heart. i realised that once people are gone, they can never come back. thanks u rock. keep on writting
  • ERIK
    your poems was nice i like it i hope u fine some one else so u can not be sad no more .
  • Britt
    Hey I really loved your poem. I feel like that sometimes and although I feel this way for an entirely different reason, it still feels good to know that I am not alone in feeling horrible. You can really capture feelings with words and that is great!
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