I wrote this poem to a guy that I was in love with and he had to move out of state. I will never forget him.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Juliet's First Love
Everything was perfect
Like a relationship should be
Time spent together
Honesty trust till

I never knew how much one day could mean to me
I guess I was blind
Not willing to see

My love of my life had to leave
Face to Face he slowly, patiently
Explained everything to me

Full of pain, shock
Not wanting him to leave
Was the hardest part that I did not want to believe

Silence, grieving
My heart could not take
I wanted to fall in a deep sleep and never awake

For the last time I look deep in his big blue eyes
And all I could see
Was a heart broken lover
Because of me

My Romeo has gone
But maybe he will return
To behold me his Juliet
Without saying one word

I need to move on
That is what I tried to remind myself
But it's hard for I could never love
anyone else.

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  • Ashley
    this makes me sooo sad because my boyfriend just moved about 5 months ago. and i am so in love i cant stop thinking about him. he lives 8 hours away! there is a chance that he could move back and if he does then we are meant to be. GREAT POEM!
  • Samantha
    its a poem about something real and not fake
  • Lauren
    I really can't tell you that i know how you feel because i'm in a two year relationship to this day but i know it's really tough on you to lose someone so important to you. i know if i lost my boyfriend i'd probably go crazy. not only is he my boyfriend but he is my best friend too!
  • Caitlin
    Very excellent poem! It has such depth and desire. I really felt the feelings that the author put into it. It made me feel an urge of love and happiness but, yet sadness all at once. I really enjoyed it and I wanted to say thanks to the person who created it!
  • alexa
    I like your poem. It touched my heart. I did experience something similar but fortunately me boyfriend came back 2 wks later. So hey, maybe he will come back you nerver know. If not move on but don't 4get him.
  • tasha
    this poem had really touched me when i read it cause this is how my boyfriend did i love him so much i cry over him all the time can i ask you something what does it mean when u think about some one does that mean thier thinking about u to
  • Shureka
    This is a very good poem it makes me think of my ex-boyfriend .
  • caridad
    this poems really touch me. it reaaly nice so some one u like or love very much hope to here more from u
  • robin
    this pome is good
  • raihana
    this is a good poem. great job
  • Crista
    this poem reminds me of the boy i was in love with that had to move away. he even had blue eyes. i loved him so much and i was so sad when he moved. it was a great poem
  • Jacqy
    All I can really say is that I cryed when I read your poem. It is so amazing how somebody could have so much passion and Love for another person, and the way you brought your feelings into words. it is such a beautiful thing. Great Job!
  • Brittany
    Hi my name is Brittany Im 15 I know Im young but Im in love. In love with the guy who left me to go into the navy. Now hes in Washington and is not coming home for 4 years.
  • Keenan
    This was one of the best powms I have ever read and it was very touching
  • Kim
    I loved this poem, it reminded me of my x-boy friend,and what I had to go throw and thill do go throw.
  • stephanie
    i love this poem it touched me so so ill leave in such a way ill just say keep writing poems till the end
  • Lauren
    * i know how u feel in a sense, my boyfriend of over a year might be moving miles and miles away from me, its not for certain yet but i dont see how i could go on, ive never found ne one like him, hes everything to me, i know its hard for you, and ur poem was really good.
  • Patience
    this was a really great poem that has happened to me before it was either he moved away or i moved away it was great
  • Jackie
    I know how you feel. My feeling might be a little different though because im the one who has to move. i feel guilty because i know he really likes me and i really like him. Ihope 1 day i will move back so we can be together and i really hope he feels the same way then about me.
  • Desiree
    hey omg its so weird but thursday was my boyfriends lasy day of school cause he is moving to new york so i had to break up with him but thsi poem is exactly hwo i feel
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