This poem is about being with the person you love and never wanting to let go of her. I just want everyone to see how special love really is.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

I like holding her hand,
Holding her in my arms
Never wanting to let go
Never saying goodbye,
Wishing the kiss lasted forever.

Her smile brightens my day
And her presence is even greater
For then I know I will always Love her
And with every Hug and Kiss
Our relationship grows stronger.

I feel sad when she cries,
Wanting to make things better,
But all I can do is tell her
That I will always be there.
And I just want her to know
that I will always Love her.

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  • Anastasia
    hey i read your poem and i love it. you get this alot but it got to me after readin it and i was almost cryin. i hope u keep writin more also. and send some to me plz. my b. f already told me he loved me. keep up your great work there, and try to send some my way if its alright. catch ya later u GREAT POET.
  • joon
    . i just wish i were HER.
  • Bradley
    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that this is one of the most true, and most meaningful poems I have ever read. 'Her', by William Johnson is truly one of the best poems about love. William Johnson, you should feel very proud of yourself. You wrote such an amazing poem, that you got a 200 pound, highschool football player to like it. Thank you very much for writing this poem.
  • dana
    iwsh i had som one who wold love me and car for me but i dow not know wheni fall in love again
  • Dustin
    william this is a great poem and whomever you wrote this about, i know exactly how you feel. I too have someome just like this to me
  • Daniel
    Dude, it's not everyday that a guy has the guts to express their feelings in such an open way. It's good to know now that I'm not alone, but to the poem. all I can say is wow. I'm glad I came on here and read this. because that is just about what I would write, it's exactly how I feel about my love! It gets a 10 out of 10 from me.
  • Tom
    This poem is just how i feel
  • Christopher
    Man thank you so so much, i've been looking around for a poem that fits how much i love me girlfriend and i found it! Thanks a mill!
  • angeleen dreamer
  • Ian
    Wow, you are amazing. I've never heard anything like that before. I've been trying every night to write something like that to show her how i feel and you just took the words right out of my mouth.
  • Jessica
    This poem made me cry. and i showed it to my booyfriend and he said that is how he feels. we both love the poem alot. keep writing
  • diane
    love YOU!
  • Kevin
    Hey thanks man i am glad that there are two our us in the same boat, may we both find happiness
  • neil
    yo man this poem is off the chain i luv it ive been wanting to tell mah gurl dat n jus the other day i did n i truly luv her thanxz 4 the poem it was awsome
  • Nick
    i give u a zillion if possible i felt so great when i read ur poem i would like if you wrote some more and sent them to me
  • michael
    your poem really makes good sense man andi really thinks you should write some more. It really sums me and my girlfriend up. Thankx!
  • D.J.
    I cannot express how true that is with me I wish I could spend eternity with my girlfriend. I wish that kiss would last forever. I will always be there for her. Keep writing
  • BornFataL
    dude, that poem nearly brought me to tears. it was absolutley awesome. i feel the same way about this girl, and when i read it, i couldve sworn i had written it, but for your las name. the thing that makes me feel the worst, i feel like that every day im around her, but she has a BF, and could never feel like that about me. i just wish she could, and would. but for now im content just loving her. thanks for the inspiration man, and treat your GF how it sounds like you would. youre the best, dude.
  • Tanya
    This is a great poem.
  • Lacey
    I really like this poem. I wish my boyfriend was as sweet has you.
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