I took a creative writing class this passed semester, the teacher asked us to write a poem telling someone with "higher power" how we feel about them.

So, I did.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

The desks line up
I drift away
Move into a corner
Books fall onto my desk
10, 15 of them.

All I can see above the mountain
Of books is your head.
5 more books pile
onto my desk.

I can imagine myself
Running through the forest.
When I stop, I see the words
"You are bad."
"You will always be alone."
"No one will like you."

I believed you for years.
I thought I was worthless
Because my mother told me,
"The teacher's always right."

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  • katrina
    thats a real good poem and thats pritty sad but if i was this person i wouldnt listen to people who put me down! even if its your mom. i understand what this person means. my mom does the same thing!
  • texan4ever
    hey this was really good! and it totally applies to life. maybe not to all people but alot of poeple who are consistantly having "athority figures" in thier face telling them how worthless they really are even though their opinion shouldnt matter it will always make a difference to someone. it has made a difference to me. keep writing this is the best poem i have read all day! ;-) 11 out of 10! lol
  • Jacob
    great poetry. i. understand. keep writing.
  • Sarah
    this poem brings out my inner child.
  • Kelly
    I just graduated from college. I start teaching high school in a few weeks. Some might think as a teacher I would take offense at the poem. But I love it. I take offense at the person who called themselves a teacher and did this. I've had that teacher too. And now I plan on doing a better job. Keep on writing.
  • Jonny
    WOW. This poem fully connects with my inner most passion. Keep writing.
  • serenity
    This poem means alot to those who sit down at an empty desk, everyday, and do nothing but wonder why they are even there,as the work continues to pile up, and their imagination takes them away, to the hurtful words that their teacher tells them, and the nothing that gets put into their heads. this poem is there to let them know that other people feel the same way too.
  • brittany
    this poem is all about how my life is
  • neasha
    I thought that your peom was very well written.
  • sabrina
  • Katara
    This poem rocked so hard! I REALLY liked the last line, "because my mother told me the teacher's always right. " Lanora, you will go so far.
  • Terrence
    Great poem. great. Keep writing.
  • ashley
    i totally understand what the person is saying and i love the way they put it into words it is so awsome and one of the best poems i have literally ever heard!
  • lisa
    this poem was so inspirational
  • Leah
    I've had many issues with an "authority figure" this year-if u want to consider him that- and I love this poem.
  • Cassy
    Great Poem. You r a very good poem writer. keep up the good work :-)
  • Janine
    thats how my teacher was he told us that we will never be anything and life is just fun and games and we will never amount to anything
  • Lacy
    this was good
  • Emily
    I loved this, it touched me because it's so true, and I love the way you claerly express the feelings. Good job.
  • Kate
    I reckon im one of the many who think you're good at expressing yuourself, i can relate.
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