I wrote this poem because I found a girl I really like, but she her parents have this thing about her having boyfriends. So I finally said we shouldn't have to sneak around to be together.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Next Time
I've thought it over and I know what I want,
I need the girl who made my heart stop,
Since first sight I thought I might fall in love,
My secret mistress and long time lover,
When will you be mine,
Lately the thought has been on my mind,
And I want you to be mine next time.

I remember our first kiss and think about our last,
I wonder will we be forever or a thing of the past,
I wonder if you'll be mine and will it last
but if not, we can try again next time.

My heart will be yours forever,
Because you've been there when no one else was,
And you're my star from the heavens above,
And if you can't be my only love,
I'm willing to wait until next time.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
    man this pome is so true i loved it caues my mom the same way but this pome is great.
  • wanda
    nice poem
  • melissa
    I loved your poem. It was so romanic and sweet. I hope you guys end up together. Best wishes to ya. (:
  • Marilee
    this poem was so touching!
  • Kayla
    This poem really touched me. It makes me think of a certain someone who I was with a while back.
  • Amanda
    this is an amazing poem good job kevin x0x0x0x0x Amanda =D
  • Mellysa
    I Love this poem not only does he show his by waiting for next time but also by the fact that he knew dat being kept as a secret Lover isnt right! like he said you shouldnt have to go out in secret if you kno your in love! i love this poem.
  • thla
    i really really like this poem. its just so amazing.
  • yanyse
    I loved it. You really touched me with the way you put things.
  • Zoe
    Kevin, I am a who is in a similar situation as your friend was. Your poem made me cry. If my special friend feels like you did when you wrote this poem, I think I'll keep him forever. You have touched me - I printed your poem and put it in my notebook.
  • steph
    it makes sense. it touches the heart and brings out the emotions. simple but sweet. after all,poems were meant to be.
  • jessica
    i really love this cus if this was to a boy it wound be like me and my boyfriend
  • maria
    this is a very beautiful poem that really relates to me in many ways even though it was meant to be for a girl it can relate for a guy as well.
  • Trey
    This poem touched me deeply. This related to me so well, that i had to tell my ex-girlfriend this poem because i wan it to be us "next time"
  • danna
    yes it touched me a lot i know its talking about a girl instead of a guy but mines with a guy that poem is so sweet it reminds me so much of me and my boyfriend which has been together for 2 years. thanks danna
  • aaron
    That was a smooth poem you
  • Mayam
    this poem is very nice i love it so much!
  • Megan
    I was with this boy 4 almost 7 months. I loved him so much. And when it came to the end of the school year he got involved in wrestling so we never got to see eachother a alot. So he tells me that if he is going to have a life outside of school we can not be together. But he promised that we would be friends if not more. We dont talk because he tells all of his friends that he hates me. I still and always will love him no matter what!
  • Bubzarina
    I really liked this poem! Its in a way like me and my first love. My dad was always against our relationship and it made it harder to see eachother. Though thats not the only reason we broke up! I still miss him and we had a next time, though he also had a girlfriend and I hope there will be another next time just we only have eachother not somebody else!
  • Jackie
    this was one of the best poems i have ever read i really liked it and you have a speacial talent! remember that your are very speacial
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