Effective September 2021

With our site founder Ron Carnell's passing, we had to relocate and recreate his websites. In the case of 100-poems.com, this process is complete.

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The best poems are the ones that speak directly to you as an individual. The best poems are those that reflect your life, both in terms of content and style. The best poems are - and should always be - different for every single reader of poetry. And that, of course, means there's really no such thing as a best poem.

But there are and always have been favorite poems.

The poems you'll find within these pages have proven themselves to be favorites. Over 179 million people have said so. They have cast their votes, written their comments and kudos, and emailed these poems again and again and again to the people they love. Out of many thousand Internet poems, more than 179 million surfers have repeatedly said that these are their favorite poems.

We think they'll be your favorite poems, too.