The 100 Poems web site officially opened its virtual doors on February 1, 2000. Our goals are simple ones.

First and foremost, we exist to offer you, our visitors, the best poetry on the Internet. Not by our standards, but rather by your own. These poetry selections have been compiled based on the voice of the millions of visitors to the Passions in Poetry web site, selected from thousands of other poems. These are the best poems on the Internet - as determined by you.

The 100 Poems are pulled from just about every possible category of poetry and represent a wide range of interests. Much like our lives. There are five main categories of poetry, each of which is further divided into numerous subcategories. See the Poetry Map below for a complete list. Each of the 100 poems, though listed by votes, will also indicate the category and subcategory from which it was drawn.

As with all things in life, the "best poetry" is not a static thing.

In the time it took you to read these words, seven new votes have been cast - a small drop in a very large sea, but a drop that will eventually build into a tidal wave that will soon bring us a new list of 100 favorite poems.

Check back often.

Still, some may ask ...