Angela and I were friends of long standing. Best friends. In some ways, more than friends.

This poem talks about that friendship. It talks about what a very dear person meant to me and my life, and how knowing her forever changed me. And, yes, it also talks about the pain and fear and hope that are inevitable when friendship crosses that invisible line into love.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

When Best Friends Love
You entered my life like a gentle sigh,
like a quiet breeze blowing softly through the leaves.
You were a stranger first, one who laughed freely and easily,
who spoke of minor intimacies and common grounds,
who made me feel strangely liked and valued.
You became my friend, no longer a stranger,
trusting me with secrets hidden,
confiding what you liked and hated.
We talked and laughed and, as time passed by,
I grew more and more dependent upon your smile.

From strangers to friends was just a baby step,
a step a thousand others take every day.
Without your trust and trusting ways,
without your smiles and encouraging gaze,
I would never have taken the step beyond.
But the gentle breeze blowing through the leaves
is relentless and never ending.
We became closer friends, and closer still,
until much of my life was centered around the times
we spent together.

We traveled far along the path of friendship,
avoiding the bumps somehow, never stumbling,
always in step with one another.
You were my guide, my eyes and ears,
the unfailing light that lit the road before us.
Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder,
you brought me along our course,
to a destination I had never seen before.
You became my best friend along that journey,
the anchor in my life where none had ever been.

You did a good job of guiding our steps,
a job no other could ever do,
and it wasn't your fault, really, when I stumbled.
Somewhere along our path,
perhaps where the heights were making me dizzy with joy,
I simply lost my balance and fell.
By the grace of God, I fell not to either side, nor to the rear,
but fell instead forward, along the path we'd tread.
My plunge forward was unguided, and my steps were steps you never intended.
I fell in love with you.

From strangers, to friends, to close friends, to best friends.
And beyond.
I've never been sorry for any step we've taken together,
no, not even for the fall I took alone.
I never knew, before knowing you, how empty my life had been.
I thought I was happy. I thought I was successful.
I thought I had known love and all that love can bring.
But the gentle breeze, blowing softly through the leaves,
carries the smell of wild flowers and still wilder beasts,
and what you brought into my life can never be assessed.

We are so very different, you and I. And yet so much the same.
And our differences merge with our similarities,
giving rise to something special and unique.
We talk.
Of all the things I value about this thing that is us,
and there are so many I often lose count,
I value most the way we talk about any thing any time any where.
And each time I listen to you, each time I ponder what you've said,
I learn something new. About you. About me. About the world.
I've learned to trust in your instincts.

I love the vitality and zest that is so much a part of you.
I never would have believed the breeze, blowing softly through the leaves,
could be so filled with life.
I treasure that spark of spirit in you,
that flashing flare of fire that animates all that you do.
It's easy to see how much you love life,
even when life is sometimes less than lovable,
and that love is always mirrored in your eyes and smile.
You are never more beautiful than when that spark ignites
and your vitality blazes in your happy face.

And, yes, I love your beauty, shallow as that may sound.
I love the way your eyes change from blue to blue-green,
the way the morning sun catches afire in your hair,
the way your nostrils move when you breathe deep breaths,
the way your tongue slips out of its safe harbor when you think deep thoughts.
I love the curve of your cheek,
that soft milky canvas for the faint scar you won't talk about.
I love your tiny eyelashes, the small gaps in your teeth,
the way your earlobes hang lower than mine.
Your beauty truly takes my breath away.

I love the way you trust in me, never quite whole hearted,
but always just enough.
That trust started as a small seed, I think,
a tentative whisper of unearned confidence,
often shrouded by a cloak of hesitation and unsurety.
I could always tell when you faltered,
when the steps we took were uncertain and questioned.
And yet still you trusted me,
with your secrets, with your feelings, with yourself.
You'll never know how much that trust has meant to me.

I love the way you understand me too well.
It's uncanny sometimes how well you know my thoughts, my feelings, my moods,
frightening at times how closely our lives have become interlinked.
You know so much of me, secrets I've never told,
thoughts I've never shared, parts of me I've never seen myself.
You've discovered a window into my being,
a window I didn't know was there,
a window no one else has ever found.
It's almost as if our two souls have merged into one,
almost as if the hand of God has repaired that which once was broken.

I love the way we have fun doing the strangest things,
or the way we can enjoy each other doing nothing at all.
We shop and walk, eat and talk,
playing games apart and united.
We study and drill, work and play,
listening to music and singing the words together.
We have fun with each other,
frolicking in our shared pleasures,
you enjoying the thrill of life,
me just enjoying you.

I'm not blinded by my love, though, and know you are not perfect.
You are impatient and easy to anger,
too intolerant when you should tolerate,
too forgiving when you shouldn't forgive.
You allow the stresses of life to mold your day,
allow the commitments of life to shape your way.
I know your imperfections as well as your perfections,
know your faults as well as your assets.
And I find I love you not in spite of those,
but as much because of them as anything else.

Your life has touched mine.
My friendship with you, my love for you,
all that you are and aren't,
have changed my life in ways you cannot fathom,
in ways I could never describe in depth.
The gentle breeze, blowing softly through the leaves,
has worked her wondrous magic,
transforming the one she touched.
I'm not the same man I was a year ago.
I will never be that man again.

The communication we've shared has taught me to value our honest openness,
and I know I'll never be satisfied again with less.
Your trust in me has taught me to trust in you,
knowing you will never intentionally cause me pain.
Your spark of vitality has transformed the way I see life,
giving me reason again to live and cause to celebrate.
Your beauty, both inner and outer, has renewed the wonder
with which I see the world, and has restored my sense of awe.
Even the fun we share, that senseless sense of joy,
has changed the way I live and think.

As much as you've altered my present, though,
the effect you've had on my future is just as great.
I once thought I knew what love meant to me,
once thought I had experienced all that life had to offer.
I lived and I loved, and I hurt and I grew,
and I believed I could never love again,
could never willingly face the pain of caring.
Love was a myth, I thought, and true love, lasting love,
was just a lie told by poets.
But I was wrong.

In learning to love you, I discovered I've never loved before.
Not truly. Not entirely. Not eternally.
I've spent much of my life in love with love,
searching for the fulfillment of a concept,
caring more for caring than caring for another person.
I confused lust with love, intimacy with affection.
And when those feelings waned, when the relationships died,
I wondered why I felt so empty. So hurt.
You changed that, as you've changed so much else.
You taught me how to love.

I wish you knew the me of before,
as you know so well the me of today,
so you could see the difference knowing you has made.
You've changed my life in so many ways,
in ways small and ways important,
in ways you'll never know nor understand.
The impact you've had on me,
on the way I feel and think and act,
will endure forever. Until the end of time.
Like a quiet breeze blowing softly through the leaves.
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  • Trent
    Well very good poem i HAVE to say but i've loved my friend for ever, and when i say this. before i remeber i like meet her when i was a week old. She is my everything. But she doesn't know shes obivous to my existance and with that fatal blow theres no way to show that i love her without scaring her but one day i will and she'll see what she means to me
  • Draciolus
    Wow. just read the poem, and realized how close it is to what just happened to me this very day. I both regret letting my friend know my feelings, and I rejoice, knowing how she feels towards me, even if she does not feel anywhere near the same. To her we are just friends, to me, wishing it were much more. Beautiful peom though. Too true to so many of us.
  • wendy
  • Spieges
    This poem was wonderful! I don't evenknow what to say! My boyfriend is wonderful! He saw me and wanted to meet me and at first I had just planned on us being friends, but I fell in love with him and a lot of your peom made me think of him. I don't know what I would do without him. he has helped em so many times and i don't think he will truly ever know how much he means to me, and when i read poems like this it is encouraging and i realize how much more he means to me every day. we have been together a year and a half now and am excited to see what life brings, but especially with him walking by my side. keep up the good writing!
  • Michele
    This poem could be a movie. It is so deep and touches to the core of ones soul. Very moving!
  • Zara
  • Trace
    Incredible. My most sincere congratulations on articulating so much better what I have attempted to describe. Emotions and feelings are more easily endured than expressed. And now I know I am not the only person to live that miracle, for better or for worse. Fantastic work. Please send more.
  • jewel
    very touching and honest. deeply moving. totally awesome
  • marco
    hey man i gotta hand it to ya this is one of the best poems that i've seen in a really long time it really touched me
  • madison
    You're poem was great! It kinda reminded me about my friend. Anyways, i'm happy that you have found a really true friend. Once again, the poem was awesome!
  • patrick
    WOW. ! Just an amazing poem.
  • Alice
    this is such a beautiful poem, it reminds me so much of the relationship i have with my boyfriend and i can relate it to him and myself, its a poem that really makes you think and the poem has so much emotion in it. This poet must truely understand alot of emotions to write such a beautiful poem! :)
  • Alicia
    This poem was just so omgosh i dnt no even how to explain it some poeple express themselves through music nd some poeple through poetry but ur poem was like poetry to music it was really inspriration and the greatest thing abt it was that it seemed like whem you wrote it the words just flowed- i dunno if it did but thats the way it felt when i read it. I hope you never lose the feeling you felt when you wrote this poem.
  • Tina
    i luv diz poem alot! it'z rly rly rly good! i wud dedicate diz poem 2 every1 in da whole wide world!
  • VnL
    Dude you are great. it was beautiful. I met this girl who has become an excellent friend and I think I am in love with her and she has to see this.
  • tong
    nice poem. a person can not ever reach the end of the line without the other half.
  • Bre
    I love this poem! I swear, it is every thought that I have about my best friend, whom I am in love with. It's almost like I wrote it about the way that I feel about him. I am absolutely breath taken by it. I do plan to share it with my best friend too, he knows how I feel and I think this poem will prove it to him. Thank you so much for sharing this poem!
  • Joeie
    I loved your poem. It helped me out alot too.
  • Margaret
    I do love this poem, it vividly shows how my real life love relationship is and am just amazed on how well it fits my description of my love. Ron Carnell, that is a well job done. Congratulation!
  • wendy
    Fantastic moving heartfelt incredible emotional beautiful poem . thank you
  • Jennifer
    This poem is absolutely beautiful. It has brought tears to my eyes. Ron, you do a beautiful job expressing yourself. Thank you for making such a great piece of literature available. Sincerely, Jennifer
  • Alexa
    My gosh! That has got to be THE BEST poem I've ever read! It made me cry
  • Alex
    it was just plain beautiful. I am that type of person that thought they had loved. but that isn't true, i have found love, true love. and. it was a friend. Its amazing when the feeling takes you over. this poem describes alot of people. and very well it does. i hope you keep writing. i would like to see more.
  • mizpeh
    it happened to me. my bestfriend and i and i fell inlove.
  • Lisa Anne
    I thought I was the only one on the planet who has experienced this, I thought it was only Rumi and me. There is The Friend, I call him, who I am on my knees with love for. Thank you for thid poem.
  • Bobby
    WOW! that's all I can say
  • Felicia Vanessa
    good job
  • Ryan
    WONDERFUL POEM. It's as if you took the words and feelings right from my heart and mind. KUDOS to you. I look forward to more.
  • Jessica
    First, This poem describes the beginning to the end of what a special man in my life means to me , because we were friends and became a couple. I screwed up because of fear to love and today we're only best of friends and yet i love him dearly. this was a total connection of what i feel and i couldn't said it better if i had wrote it myself. AWESOME!
  • Missy
    I loved this poet a lot alot. It was very personal and it is my story. I became friends with a boy in 3rd grade. We have always been friends. We became best friends, and this past year we turned that into a love. We're in high school now and we love each other to death. It's awesome how this friendship transformed. One of the best things that has happened to me.
  • Britaney
    Oh my gosh! I'm pretty sure that this is the best poem i have ever read. not only was it beautiful, but it was like all my thoughts and feelings about my best friend were put into a long poem. everything the poem said is exactly how i feel! wow
  • Jenny
    omg long poem! but good =p
  • brinda
    Wonderful Wonderful Poem. To a lover that is also a friend your words are so true. You didn't take the little things for granted. I'm grateful to have a person with whom I could share this poem with. Thank You for your inspiration.
  • Lisa
    Awesome! A++++++++++++++++
  • michelle
    i really loved this Poem because it tell you that you can become lover after a long term friendship
  • Charlie
    I love that poem, thats how i fell about this one girl named serena please make another poem about your best friend if you read this, thank you.
  • Dendra
    This poem seems to be about me and my best friend. Its amazing how this man can say all these things that I am feeling about my best friend! If I didnt know better I'd say that my friend wrote this. I love how this poem seems to speaks to me!
  • Andrew
    Wow. I was looking everywhere for a poem that described how i felt. This one was perfect, I can't believe that it fit so well. Thanks Ron
  • tish
    I just wanted to say that that poem was sooooo pretty! It made me cry because it really touched my heart! Good job!
  • Jessica
    I absolutely think that this is the most amazing poem i've ever read off of the internet! It was a little long, but never did he repeat himself. This poem definitely touched my heart in many ways. The concept of the leaf blowing in the wind. that was never used when it shouldn't have been. If this guy is not famous for his work, he's nuts!
  • ki
    it's a really nice poem :D
  • kay-cee
    exellent! a worth reading masterpiece .
  • Jessica
    I loved it
  • Taylor
    I've always thought my exspectation of a guy was high, but after reading this I wonder. The girl who this is writtin about must feel very lucky! I know I would! I just send this out to you Ron! What a wonderful poem! It lets me know that there really are guys out there that care about girls in that way! God Bless You!
  • Reagan
    I found this poem three years ago, and I have never forgotten it. It is very well written and the story it tells is so beautiful. This is a very touching poem, and will always hold a top spot on my list of favorite poems.
  • sherry
    BEAUTIFUL! leaving me speechless. that is by far the most beautiful poem i've ever read. its amazing how you can put so much emotion into words. encore! encore! lol, like everyone else has said, that is a very lucky lady, and obviously a very special one! i wish you the best! and again, beautiful! beautiful!
  • kaye
  • Miranda
    Wow,you said it all!
  • Marylis
    I really loved this poem because by reading it reminded me of the relationship I have now with my boyfriend. I feel exactly the same way about him that says in the poem. He did change my life, I been through so much I never really taught I would ever tried dating again, untill I met the real him. We been friends for a year and now we're more than friends, and it all happend the same way as in the poem. I just wish I could tell him exactly how I feel about him. Even though he knows I really care about him. I loved it!
  • Scott
    thank you thank you thank you. The true love of my life has been in the shadow of my life for so long without me realising it. I feel better knowing that what I have done has been in the name of true love and that is all a human being can be asked of. We face an uncertain future now that our love for each is so strong. I can only pray that she takes the next step and be with her soul mate with whom she truely loves.
  • Karen
    Simple truth is all I can say
  • Sonja
    While reading your poem, with its arrangement of words expressing the true meaning of love, my heart remembered it's own desires. Thank you and may you always walk in love.
  • Allison
    Just beautiful - captures the essence of friends and lovers and why emotional connection is the most important link we can make to one another - in spite of all the hurt and pain.
  • jaimee
    this poem is one of the best poems i have ever read
  • Tiffani
    this poem was sent to me by my best friend josh. it touched me in such a way that i had never known before. the poem is truly beautifuland warming to the human heart.
  • Amanda
    This poem expresses exactly how I feel about this guy. I cried after reading it. It touched me. This poem is just incredible.
  • Bryn
    I usually dont comment on poems. but this one touched me more than words can describe. this poem is perfect for the situation i am now being faced with. Thank you for sharing that poem with me and everyone else. That poem is very very good!
  • Lori
    That was a great poem. awesome poem
  • Jenna
    This poem touched me - because it sounds just like what my best friend (a man) would say about me. and it reminds me so much of him.
  • Red
    A gentle, intimate, passionate, honest poem. Personal, but describing the feelings so many of us have for and about the one we fell in love with. Thank you for such a beautiful poem.
  • Rachel
    The poem was excellent. It sounds like what I am going through right now! The girl was very lucky for a having such a wonderful guy! Wonderful!
  • Theresa
    What a beautiful poem. Incredible
  • Maya
    hey. this poem is so touching. something like my life. but i didnt take the one more tiny step forward. after reading this poem, i realized how nice life could be with love. so yesterday. i took that step. and i found my love. writer, thank you SOOOO very much for what i have gotten now. blessed be
  • christine
    ohh god it was soo long but well worth reading great job it totally relys to a guy i once new
  • emily
    wow. this was an amazing poem. the girl it was written for is really really lucky. probably more than she knows. i truley hope that someone will feel this deeply about me someday. thanks for letting me know that it is possiblefor a guy to feel that way. ill set my expectations a little hihger now
  • Michael
    A lovely poem of pure love, thanks for sharing this has indeed touched me in a way no one can explain. Thanks once again Ron, God bless you.
  • Lorri
    I just feel for a friend of mine rescently. but I am married. this in so many ways tells the side of me I can't tell anyone else about. My story may not end as wonderful as yours did. but it touched my heart in a very big way. Good Job. more should be like you!
  • Mary
    This is AMAZING!
  • Leandra
    My boyfriend and I love this poem! I came across it and HAD to share it with him. As he put it, it is uncanny how well this poem describes our relationship! I wish the best of luck to you and your lady!
  • Tiffany
    This poem is so true of how I feel for my boyfriend. He has changed me in so many ways. I just want to thank the writer for writing this. I couldn't believe someone knew this feeling.
  • Gabbiejo
    What a wonderful read Mr Carnell. I must commend you on a job well done. You placed such deep thoughts out in ink for the whole world to read. Like a hand reaching out for a soft cheek. The rewards are so many. The smiles are never ending.
  • Becky
    Ron, this a beautiful piece of work. Made me feel once again, what lies beneath the surface of love.
  • Amy
    Gosh I don't know where to start. This poem touch my heart and it scares me because it reminds me of my best friend Shaun. Realizing that I truely love him. In the poem it resembles so much between Shaun and I. My heart is beating so fast and I'm glad I was able to put this out in the open. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem with me.
  • Lucky
  • Judy
    Ron, The depth of your poem is so severe, it has truly touched my heart and soul. Your honesty in expressing your core feelings for someone who is so precious and vital, likened to life's breath, itself, is a marvel. Thank you for sharing what so many others are experiencing and yet can not pen into the eloquence that becomes your art. You create from your heart--the very epicenter of Love. I admire it's severe beauty.
  • Lindsay
    WOW this poem is so beautiful, i like it good job who eva wrote dis poem
  • Erik
    I have never had any thing touch my heart like this poem. for me this hits almost exactly with what i feel for my best friend. this poem has deffinetly opened my eyes to how much i really love her. thank you
  • Kelli
    This reads as a true testament to a friendship! It's beautiful. and she's a lucky woman!
  • Maria
    This poem is exactly how I feel for a friend that I've been in love with since we were 10, now in our 20's, this poem reminds me why I love him.
  • mar
    Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say all that's in your heart. This poem found them and they fit so well. Thank you for putting words to my thoughts.
  • John
    This was a very deep and well thought out poem that touched me deeply. This is a keeper
  • josef
    This is, GREAT! I've seen and create poems myself but this poem directly hit my heart. I've been findings words of different kinds just to express my feelings for my bestfriend, but everything seems not to be working. well,I hope you keep up your good work! God Bless and thanks a lot! You are the best "Pare" (filipino word)
  • Mary
    That was the best poem I have ever read in my entire life. It melted my heart. I have never felt anything like this after reading any poem before. It was greatly expressed and so much in detail that made it so wonderful.
  • Sean
    Even though I am way younger then you I connected to this poem. It is exactly how I feel for my best friend Jessica. I hope your life goes well. You have a great soul, having expressed your feelings, the way you did, with words.
  • joey
    your such a good writer,saludo ko sa iyo!
  • Sammy
    I have feelings for my best friend but I don't know if he feels the same way. In my mind in my fantasy world this is how he feels about me, you write beautifully please continue to write more as well as this.
  • saab
    excellent. portrays what real love in a real friendhip is. takes u thru the emotions as well as the reality. i give th author A+
  • Cysal
    This is a wonderful poem. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same way about a friend of mine that I've fallen in love with. I only wish he could read this poem and know how I feel. Anywho. I want to congragulate you on a great poem and tell you I love your work.
  • dunk
    absolutely incredible, nothing can be said other than perfection, thanks for this great poem
  • Ange
    This poem is incredible. I have never read such a pure description of passion and love. I sent your poem to my best friend Jason, I had been in love with for him for months. It wasn't long after that we started dating. I think your poem touched him greatly. Thanks!
  • Bill
    Well, it's all been said in the other comments.I feel like you have an insight into my life. I'm going to send it to my "friend". I've been searching for some time for the perfect expressions and this is it! THANX!
  • Nemesis
    This is THE best poem I have ever read. I see myself and my friend which I'm falling in love with completely in it. Absolutely gorgeus!
  • Wanda
    I feel like the author open up my heart and saw what was inside and wrote about it. Tears are running down my cheeks as I write this. This poem expresses my love for my best friend. Thank you so much for this sharing this poem with us.
  • Therese
    This is the most beautiful poem I have ever read in my life. I have been trying so very hard to look for a poem to fit my exact feelings this is the one I have been searching for. Believe it or not this poem has touched my heart in a way that I can't describe. I do love my very best friend and now I know I can love him forever! Thank you!
  • Bridget
    I think this is the best poem I have ever read. This poem is said to be the exact feelings I feel for the person that I love in this world. It was hard for me at first to express the feelings that I felt in me, but now reading this poem I know there is a way to express what love is to a person. This poem is truly a poem that describes what real love is all about, and how you become to love someone. This is a great poem and truly and inspirational one.
  • Jim
    as I read this poem, I saw so much of my relationship with my best friend,I love her so, but she holds back. Thanks
  • Brian
    WOW! I am new to poetry, was enlightened by the woman in that this poem represents to me. I have dificulty finding the right words. Thank you for finding them for me! WOW
  • Amma
    This poem describes my exact feelings right now. I actually let my best friend read this, in hopes that he would see that I felt this very same way. Only later did he realize how much I love him. To realize that a solid friendship has crossed the line into true love is a scary step, and yet one of the most natural things in the world. When this kind of love is not reciprocated, however, that's when the true tragedy takes place. This poem is flawless, keep up the amazing work!
  • Ebabe
    Thank you for saying exactly what I've been trying to say for months.
  • Kim
    Your words and expressions from the intimate depths of your soul, are incredibly moving. A friend, a soulmate,a person I have loved in ways I only dreamed possible, sent me your poem. I cried so deeply because I realized that eventhough we have to be apart...a part of us will forever remain entwined as one and the feelings you expressed are all those that will light within us always. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.
  • Nichole
    I think that the poem When Best Friends Love is actually quite beautifully said because I have a best friend that I dearly love as well and that is what this poem reminds me of.
  • lija
    only blind person cant see she love(s/d) you as much as you love(d) her
  • Aimee
  • T
    This is the most wonderful, descriptive poem I have ever read.
  • Brandy
    This poem is beautiful. It sounds so much like my boyfriend and I. I really love this poem. Keep up the wonderful job writing because you have talent.
  • Faried
    Absolutely perfect.Describes how I feel about my Darling Angel. The poem says it all.
  • Chris
    This Is how i feel for this girl Right NOW.. And Knowing that Brigns A tear. One that I can Share.. Thanks RON. You sumed It up Nicley
  • LaTanya
    Absolutely Beautiful!
  • Jason
    This poem is perfect, I have a friend that I have been with for almost two years, a few months ago we decided to become more than friends, and so far, it has been the best two months of my life. and I am only 16, but I feel like she is my only love, and she says that she loves me. I would stick by her through thick and thin. this poem is so perfect.. good job!
  • Rick
    This is without a doubt, the most beautiful sonnet I have ever read.
  • Kayla
    I really liked your poem. It is hard to believe that a guy would of written that. i think you did a really good job and i think your poem is really sweet. You seem like a guy who can really express his feelings.
  • Moon
    so sweet..
  • kristin
    absolutly amazing!
  • pete
    one word "wow" i cant get over how much this is true. it looks like its fairly common well im in love for sure but now were parting shes going to a diffrent collage i dont know wat to
  • Scott
    When I showed this to my best friend, who I am deeply in love with, she asked me if I wrote it because it was so accurate on how we both felt for each other. I cried and I still do each time I read it. Thank you.
  • pinksmurf
    It hurts to read this literary work When it chronicles exactly my feelings I can't deny, i'm in love with him, Him who will always love another We're close, so close, yet so far We're best friends, he says I've tried to tell him, really i did Got burnt twice, cuz things never change He'll always love her, who will never love him While i hold his hand and wipe his tears Silently loving him. So, when i read again this work of art, I pray that one day, he'll realise i'm here He'll know my hurt and fears And then someday, maybe Best friends can love.
  • Darleen
  • Michelle
    This poem touched my soul. It was such a strong symbolism of a relationship I am in at the present moment. I thank you Ron for writing the words I was not able to express, myself. You have a great gift as does the woman whom you wrote this to.
  • Cynthia
    This was so beautiful. It had lot of meaning. I am in love with my best friend and it has opened my eyes and allowed wm to realize how much I trully love him.
  • Jen
    This poem is just beautiful.. I have never read anything that touched me the way that your words did.. I honestly sat here and cried..
  • steven
    i love your poem
  • trecy
    Your words were so beautiful. They carried me to a new world.The meanings behind each line were excellent!
  • Serendipity
    Thank you for your gift. I'm praying my friend will awaken to all the special feelings you have described so beautifully.
  • Jess
    stunning. you have a gift, a gift found only in people few and far apart . perhaps one of the most difficult things in love is putting that love into words, and you have achieved it smoothly and flawlessly. never have i been more touched. thank you
  • Jared
    You da man
  • Bryan
    Very good. I fell in love with a good friend although not best of my own. It was like looking into a slighty misangled mirror.
  • Smokey
    This poem is exquisite. It describes my situation, like so many others', perfectly. I am now in college, and after my parents disowned me, I had nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. One of my recently made friends was there, understanding and caring, and is now helping me to get through everything. I have fallen for her just like you, and she has changed my life completely, for the better. Thank you Ron, for saying what is in so many people's hearts and minds in such a lovely way.
  • sasha
    That was very relistic i like it!
  • black_howling
    a beautiful poem made especially for the people who are so deeply in love with their closest friends.congrats!
  • Rosemarie
    I think you are awesome. You write so well and I am sure you are expressing the way many people feel but are unsure on how to put their thoughts in words..You have a great gift. :)
  • Kitt
    Wow. yep. I fell totally head over heals with my bestest friend. course now he's engaged to sumone else n I'm still in love. never felt anything so painful.
  • teo
  • Lone
    Ron, I dont know if you'll ever read this but I know exactly how you feel. To tell you the truth that email adress is made up. I really don't have one, but I had to release the feeling that I have bottled up inside. I've fallen in love with my best friend and now that she is leaving its ripping me apart. We both know that we love each other but maybe just a little too much. Sometimes to truly show some one that you love them, you have to let them go.
  • Bonnie
    Your poem says the words I feel in my heart, but can never speak.
  • christie
    This poem is great. It is so deep. It explains everything felt in this friendship. I can truly relate to this because it is saying things that I need to express but just don't know how.
  • A.S
    It's amazing how words can express your innermost feelings and this poem said a lot.
  • cathy
  • Carre
    This poem absolutely made me weep, it was so beautiful.
  • lizlyn
    GREAT!!! its one in a million!...alluringly beautiful! of the best poems i've ever read. keep it up dear!
  • Janine
    This poem fits my situation perfectly, it is almost uncanny that all these things apply to myself and my bestfriend. It is the best poem I have ever encountered. It is beautiful and well written.
  • Ryan
    Truly amazing reflection of ones deep love of someone. The words captured his emotions perfectly and drew me in completely. May you forever feel this way Ron and never look back, for you to find this true love gives us all hope.
  • peggie
    Your poem made me is so beautiful!
  • Christin
    This poem is the most amazing one I've ever read. It fits perfectly for my love for my best friend. I am the person in this poem. I love my best friend exactly as the author so beutifully has described in this wonderful poem.
  • marwa
    OH!!! Best Poem ever about freinds between freinds. U have said it all in one sweet poem. U have just read through me.Thanx for inspiring m soul the way u did.
  • Jennifer
    I think that this poem expressed a love that no one can touch. It had inside meaning and thoughts that could only be expressed through beautiful words such as these.
  • John
    Very stimulating poem hitting all the right buttons saying exactly what I feel about a very special person
  • Elaine
    Absolutely Beautiful...Loved It..
  • Lawry
    I haven't used your essay and I doubt that I shall but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying what you have written. I hope that it will. someday, reflect my feelings for the woman I love. Thank you for the peek into your heart.
  • Peter
    After reading this poem, I checked my address book to find Ron Carnell, to make sure that I knew him. He's name was of course not there, but his work here is very nearly modelled after my own feelings that I have been unable so far to put into words. There are many, many, poems here that are like that for me, but this one is as though Ron wrote it with me and my friend in mind, and is without question the most passionate declaration of love I have ever read! Thank you!
  • Salzman
    I can relate so well to what Ron was writting about, for I too have gone through a similiar incident. Mr. Carnell's poem touched me so much and it has made me charish the one that I love so much more. Thank You.
  • steph
    This was a beautiful poem.Some parts remind me of what i'm going thru with a friend now.
  • nicole
    this is a beautiful poem, and i relate to my best friend that way. i will always love him, but he only wants to be my friend. but i will lopve him just the same, and this poem captures those feelings exactly.
  • Paul
    Damn, thats justs what I wanna say to my soon to be wife. Becuse thats the same way I fell in love with her! Your a damn good poet, so please keep it man!
  • Mike
    This looks like something Natalia wrote to me and makes me wonder....hmmmmm
  • Dina
    Perfect for my best friend and lover
  • Amber
    This poem is awesome. I went through something exactly like this once with my best guy friend. This poem expresses everything I felt at the time! I love this poem! It's sooo great!
  • Kris
    What an absolutely beautiful poem! I really enjoyed reading the work of someone who notices all of the little things about their loved one that no one else in the world would notice, and loves that person for those very things, whether good or bad. To me, that is the greatest love. Great job on making all of that come alive!!
  • Derilynn
    This is a wonderful poem. The author should be proud. He has captured and expressed his love an graciously wrote it for all to beable to read an enjoy. Thankyou
  • Gail
    "When Best Friends Love"....My best friend, my love, my everything, My T. *glt*
  • Jazzy
    one of the best poem that I have ever read amazing
  • Amanda
    It was a really great peom. I have a best friend, and we go to and fro on the subject of our loving eachother. I enjoyed reading it.
  • Stebbi
    it brought tears to my eyes. It is so beautiful
  • Eric
    Were I to spend hours exercising my vast literary resources, I could not possible hope to provide comment enough to do this piece justice.
  • Alicia
    This is the most inspiring poem I have ever read. It hits so close to home that it brings tears to my eyes. I absolutely love it!!
  • Leann
    This is such a beautiful poem. It describes such deep feelings so perfectly.
  • Kate
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. I love poetry that actually expresses the REAL person inside.
  • Mark
    I am a fairly jaded person, so it takes alot to get to me. This poem touched me and reminded me of the special love I have in my life.
  • Liz
    No words can express the beauty of your poem.
  • April
    This poem was magical. I gave it to my boyfriend for our 9 month anniversary. It brought tears to my eyes. I could not believe that one poem could touch so many lives!
  • christy
    when i read this poem it reminded me of a friend and i this poem brought back a lot of memories that were almost forgotten
  • jeana
    This poem is the most moving poem I have ever read. It's as if you dove into my heart and pulled out exactly what I was feeling. You put words to my song. Thank you.
  • Bethwyn
    This parallels my own experience so closely, but in words that I would never be able to find. Thank you!
  • Ron
    Truly the best poem I've read that deals with friendship and love. Almost every word and topic related to mine situation - it's as if the author knew me intimately!
  • Mindy
    This peom is what I am feeling right now. It explained everything I have been through with my best friend and now boyfriend. He is the best thing that has happened to me. It was scary how much this poem related to my situation.
  • Bonnie
    This poem was one of the most heartfelt I have read in so long! You really poured your heart out and that makes it more special. Sometimes we forget how to openly express how we feel and that special someone slips away before there is even a chance for it to start.truly a wonderful show of emotions and raw feelings.keep up the good work
  • Trev
    Thank you, Ron. Your poem has made me smile. Having just 'fallen alone' myself, I was taken for a journey by your writing. Beautiful.
  • Vashti
    I love this poem. It reminds me of someone I once knew who tryed to say all that this poem did but he couldn't get it out. I understand him better now.
  • Jennifer
    I thought this poem was the most touching thing I have ever read because recently I realized how deeply in love I am and have been with my best friend. One day I am going to give it to him because this poem puts into perfect words what I wish I could say.
  • jan
    Excellent expression of feelings (especially from a man) Sorry, it is just very unusual that a guy can say flowery-sweet things and it not come out sounding feminine. Good job Ron, I've been there, and it's easy to see you have too.
  • Matt
    Stunningly Amazing! I too have a best friend, whose name is Angela (the reason I started reading this poem in the first place). And Ron, you captured my thoughts and feelings for her so perfectly, I will have to show it to her.
  • Mill
    I adore this poem so much. i have never read a poem this long that was worth reading as much as this one. it left me breathless. Great Job!
  • suzy
  • Sven
    sensitive and excellent
  • Yvette
    This poem touched me because it's so true. I to can relate to the fear it speaks about, the only difference is I crossed that line.
  • Heather
    wow, the only word that can describe that is "intense"
  • Linsey
    I love this poem so much! It is exactly what I am going through right now with by best friend! It almost made me cry! THANK YOU!
  • Cynthia
    This poem has to be the most beautiful I have ever read..The author speaks with such sincerity and love..There is passion in his words..He has spoken the words that alot of us feel in our hearts but can't put into words.
  • Smiley
    I have never before read a poem that has touched my heart and my soul so deeply. It's almost as if the writer read my mind. It is just beautiful, I am speechless.
  • bob
    thatis an incredible poem
  • LH
    what a wonderful poem! it absolutely brought me to tears- thank you for sharing such a wonderful treasure!
  • laura
    Thankyou for being able to convey your feelings through words in such an outstanding way. You are a talented poet.
  • Trish
    MY GOD ! This poem has got to be the most awesome poem I've ever read. I felt as though I was seeing these two people. I was crying by the end of it. This peom has got to be published. This peom made me think about my own life. Made me believe in what could be and also what I could be. Obviously from the heart.
  • angie
    it was really good
  • Drew
    Written from the heart and went straight to mine - I cried
  • Spacecake
    I cry every time i read this poem, don't ask me why. Thankyou for writing such a beautiful piece of poetry.
  • rapture
    this poem is one that i can totally relate too
  • Joanna
    This poem was really pretty. I really liked it. Very cool!
  • kellmac320
    I thought this poem was very true,I have had a similar experience and thought this was a wonderful poem ..
    the way you wrote this poem is just like you were talking on my behalf. All the best in your poem writing.
  • Erin
    This poem is so right for my love and I.
  • Raj
    This is the best of the poems I have ever read. I have never read a poem that stirred my heart so deeply. I, who is love with my best friend, for sure know now how true the poem is.
  • Agata
    If there were ever words to describe my love for him, yours are those words. As a poet myself,I have often wondered why I cannot write a beautiful poem about him or our love.I realised it is because I only write in emotional extremes.He is my balance in life.I cannot write about our relationship because he has made me happy, and with him I have no emotional highs nor lows.But if I could write about him, my love for him and our relationship, your words are 110% true.I'm going to send this poem to him, so that he can also read it and feel the same way. Thank you.
  • Jessica
    Excellent. Never heard a better written poem in my life.
  • christina
    this was a really long poem. it had a lot of emotions. i loved it . please send me some more of your poems cause i would really like to read them. thank you
  • wilmer
    this is an awesome poem i like it it is perfect for me and what i'm going trhu. outstanding
  • Getto
  • Sean
  • Jean
    A great poem! Probably one of the best i've ever read. Very deep and touchin. Ron, u got skills!
  • Jennifer
    This poem reminds me so much of me and my best friend. I have never known how to tell him exactlly how I feel, and when I read this poem I said to myself I have to send this to him. It is a wonderfull poem.
  • Shani
    I'm speechless. This is too beautiful!
  • jason
    To summarize this poem.I can only This poem is so beautiful. I also am very much in love with my best friend but I never knew what I should say to her. Now I know what should be said because this poem showed me more about how deep my love is for her. I can to this poem very well. Thanks for inspiring me with your love for your best friend.
  • insomniac90
    One of the best poems I've ever read!
  • tbear
    Stunningly Perfect
  • Katie
    Wow, this poem is beautifully writen, every emotion compltely expressed with such imagery it will capture anyone regardless of their relation to the subject.
  • Lisa
    All I can say right now is, "Wow." That was an excellent work of art. Hope I can work on expressing my poetry as well.
  • Venkata
    Sir, You have simply touched my heart with this wonderful poem of yours. It is an absolute beauty. I could relate each and every aspect of this poem with my life, as my love story is based on the same grounds. The poem is marvellous. I am at a loss to find the right words to praise you, but i could definately assure you that no amount of literary appreciation would suffise the applaud you deserve for writing such a beautiful poem. I have become a fan of your poetry from today. Please send me a email if you update your poems in the future.
  • Tara
    Wow.This poem made me cry. The images were so powerful and emotional. It is beautiful when someone is stirred so much by the simple act of loving someone else that they can make a stranger cry.
  • Mark
  • Majik
    WOW!!! This poem has literally taken my breath away and made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time. It was beautifully written, pure heart and soul. This poet is definately very gifted and has proven that once glimps of love can bring out your whole world in words. I definately say this has been a #1.
  • Krista
    This poem is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. Absolutely beautiful! I have not found the right man for my life yet, but this poem gives me hope that there are men out there who still treat women with respect and accept them for what they are. Who really do know how to love and be loved. Thank-you for writing this beautiful poem.
  • Ken
    For me and the woman I love this poem has captured the words I have searched for to make her understand what is in my heart and soul. Sadley she still fells a need to end our relationship...
  • TIM
  • michelle
    This is by far one of the best poems i have ever read. It describes so many feelings that so many of us feel when the true love is found
  • Lindsey
    this poem was such like my own situation that it in fact scared me!that someone else could be thinking the same exact thoughts as i do!it gives me chills!
  • Theresa
    I know it's very difficult for someone to share their inner most thoughts and feelings about someone very dear to them but I thank you for sharing your heartfelt experience. You encapture what most of us have felt.
  • Angela
    your poem was so beautiful. I myself have found that me amd my bestfriend have done the sam in the past. Your poem helped me realize that crossing the line is all part of life. I'm with my bestfriend, who is my boyfriend, and he has changed me. Which is good. Your poem is really good. Thank you for yoour loving words.
  • Lisa
    Of all of the poems that I've ever read, your poem was definitely the sweetest. With no limitations, you have expressed yourself in an amazingly heartfelt way. Thanks for sharing your feelings because I've realized that such dreams do exist.
  • Jackie
    This poem truly touched my heart. When I saw it I was like WOW this is really long...but I never once put it down cause it was to beautiful of a poem. I have to say you were truly given a gift from God to touch all of us with your wonderful poems. Thank you.
  • Bianca're simply Awesome. My Best wishes to the both of you. You're devotion is irreplaceable. Publish Some Work!!
  • Lynette
    i red this and bawled. how could it possibly be that someone else is living my life?
  • Jenn
    this poem is one of the touchest i ever read, so i say its the best of this section
  • Keila
    I think that this poem is very lovely.It showes how just one person is able to change anothers life and how this new person in your life can open up new doors for you.This girl made the author think about things he had never thought of before and made him feel thing he had thought.With all this, the poem shows what true love is and still he says that he has mistaken love for lust ,which happens to many people, after all his mistakes he know he loves this person.I think this poem is indearing.=)
  • John
    have you crawled inside me, Ron, to express my thots so could you have known...and then knowing, have the courage to share!
  • Troy
    this poem is one of the best I've is what I'm experiencing now with one of my close friends
  • Tyler
    This poem really did something special for me. It was exactly how I felt, and written more beautifully than I ever could have. I've been touched by this poem, thank you very much.
  • jeannie
    wow! that poem was wonderful! everyone should be so lucky as you to find someone to whom they could be so close to! It really made me envious, but so happy for you at the same time! your poem really moved me! you are very gifted!
  • Gunn
    I just really love this poem! And it is so completely right. It reached the bottom of my heart!
  • Summerlea
    This was the most inspiring poem i've read. I love the way he expresses his feeling and says it all and not just a little. I would like to read more of his poems. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed this poem.
  • Dana
    Breathtaking. I am truly speechless.
  • Monica
    Beautiful! I am going to use it when I get married myself!
  • Kelly
    I think you have looked into my soul...
  • Sham
    I just found this site and now I can't help but read and reread all the beautiful poem. This one however is the best one I've read so far. I am voting for this poem because I think it is the #1 best....good job Ron:)
  • Leanne
    I felt like you were speaking for me. I too fell in love with my best friend. I felt like "I simply lost my balance and fell". Most of all, I thought I had ruined our friendship, the one thing that meant everything to me. I almost did, but... My best friend is now my husband and we have been married for 4 1/2 years and have two beautiful children. Sometimes we have to fall and lose our balance in order to make things right. Thank you for sharing your love.
  • Amber
    I thought that this poem was very artistic and very moving. i can relate so much to this poem, but yet in a different way. the way two friends love each other, and how they trust each other in every way.
  • Carrie
    I think this poem is absolutely beautiful. I can relate to the feelings portrayed in this poem, and it touches me to know that in a world so filled with hate, it is still possible to love so completely.
  • Daniel
    This is the most beautiful poem I have read yet because I am the person in this poem. I have a best friend I love very much and I feel the same things this author has beautifully written.
  • Tracy
    This poem blew me away. It was wonderfully written. I would never be able to put into words the meaning of this poem. It took my breath away.
  • Whitch
    exactly my feelings
  • Amber
    For a class assignment, we had to read one of our favorite poems. I choose this one. Everyone fell in love with the poem. They all knew what it was like to fall in love and then fall back out. Thanks Ron for creating such a GRRRRREAT poem.
  • Josephine
    This poem is the most beautiful poem that I have ever read. I really like it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words with us
  • philip
    i have to say when i was reading that poem there were things that just poooped up that were so true, so i thank you for writing that poem.
  • ryan
    This poem is so close to being exactly the story of me and the woman I am involved with. This is an excelent piece of work.
  • Krista
    Truly amazing
  • Andrew
    This by far more than any other poem reflects the whole essense of finding true love in that someone that maybe you hadn't realized for some time because of a step taken from pure frienship into a world of deep intimate emotion. It is by far the most touching poem I have ever read. Probably because it describes what I am going through now in my life.
  • nemesis480
    I think its a great poem yhat shows a lot of emotoinal feelings
  • Levi
    Very good, honest and true. I'm sending this to the one I love who is also a very good friend.
  • Jess
    *TeAR* i cant believe how beautiful that was. Ron, are you single? =)
  • Rebecca
    This is the best poem I have ever read. My husband and I have it framed on our wall. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
  • shreyas
    This poem is so good and it touch my heart also.
  • Alberto
    When I read this poem, I thought that he read my mind. This is the most sincere poem I ever read and I feel the same way.
  • Grace
    I've read some of the other people's responces and I agree with them. You have a way with words. I was crying when I read the part about how you love her beauty even though you know it's shallow to do so. The fact that you can go into such small but intricate detail says more than almost anything else could. I love the poem and I appreciate you sharing it with everyone
  • Andrew
    The heart felt inner soul and thoughts that have gone into this poem wrench so deep into me. Thankyou Ron and on a private note if she ever visits - Denise, 2 days, 2 months, 2 years, til the end of time.I miss you my friend.
  • Peter
    Scary. I have written -with less eloquence- a poem with the same feelings for my best womanfriend. TODAY. I will let her read it in two days and know it will chance our relationship forever, but I cannot NOT do it. Drama upon drama, she is my best friend's fiancee - due to circumstances - and she's unhappy with him. Yet I know she will not leave him. It will hurt. Someone, everyone. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one, although maybe the only fool to act on it.

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