Few would deny the inherent beauty of love. But love isn't always best described by starry eyes, red roses in Spring, and promises of forever. Sometimes, the best way to describe love is - not as a noun - but as a verb.

This poem was written to prove an erotic poem doesn't have to be pornographic.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

Lover's Dance
Glistening bodies entwined
in an ageless erotic dance,
seeking pleasures from each other,
seeking wonder and romance.

She touches his face with tenderness.
He draws her body near.
Aching, needing hunger
will make their destiny clear.

Their lips meet in soft kisses,
their tongues begin passion's war.
Forgotten now, the outside world.
All is here, behind this door.

He strokes her body tenderly,
she arches up for his caress.
He finds her silken portal
and her womanly wetness.

She moans in fiery desire
and pulls his hand away,
wishing to end this exquisite torture
and get on with passion's play.

She straddles his waiting body,
eases him into her feminine hollow.
She leads him on a rhythmic dance,
his thrusting hips must follow.

She rides him faster, even then,
to hear his wondrous sighs.
She shows him all the delights
she has between her womanly thighs.

They stare into each other's eyes
and gasp as ecstasy unreels,
and tangles them in a lover's knot
that every answer reveals.

Sated, they lie side by side,
spent but hungering still.
She touches him where their passion came
and tastes their lovers spill.

Their mouths meet in passionate need,
hungry animals once more.
This time he rises above her,
her body to explore.

Their ballet begins again,
as he thrusts his manhood in,
vowing not to end the dance
unless her cries he'll win.

Like beasts of old they become,
riding with desire,
only resting their throbbing bodies
when sated by their fire.
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  • Kristi
    Absolutely beautiful. Completely erotic and sensual. It completely caught my desire!
  • malissa
    this poem is powerful in every way, you can feel the passion in each word as you read it. it is a masterpiece indeed.
  • Sarah
    nice description
  • joanna806
    this poem tatch the heart and heat up the spirits of lovers and writers! thanx for sharing.
  • Laura
    beautifully spoken
  • maggie rose
    YES! This poem is superbly exquisite! I have read it over and over and the passion within the poet just keeps flowing. GREAT JOB!
  • Amber
    oh my gosh. it was wonderful, I loved it
  • Ann
    wonderfully explained!
  • Deborah
    This poem reminds meeh of someone I'm in love with.
  • naina
    Thats was so hotttt! my screen was on fire loved it
  • Aliyah
    what you wrote is not having sex but it is makeing love! reminds me of my first time, this is beautiful!
  • Jessica
    I've never read anything that put it in better words. The symbolism and wording are magnificent! Bravo!
  • Lea
    This poem inspired me to write more erotic poetry. I thank the master for the gift he shares with us.
  • Ashley
    Absolutely breathtaking!
  • Shonta
    I really LOVE this powm. it is really touching and reminds me of the first time me and my fiance did the do. I couldn't express the way I felt the first time but now I can. Wonderful Work!
  • lucyluv
    Poet deVine, This poem was very sensual. I reall touched me, both physically and mentally. It makes me very excited about the night that I am going to spend with my fiance on our wedding night. I can't wait for the two of us to join together as one! Keep up the good work.
  • nesh
    This poem is awesome! It makes me wanna get off work right now and go home with my husband!
  • Lauren
    I really loved this one, it's vivid but not dirty in any way, it was beautiful and passionate with a hint of class.
  • christina
  • Jamie
    This poem shows passion in a romantic way ! I give a 10 outta 10
  • d
    I feel as if I am embraced in the words of now. Remembering that first love and all it brang
  • Ashley
    This poem was so beautiful. It kind of remined me of my first time. But every one is made for someone and it seems like they have found the perfect one for each other that will fulfill each others fantasy.
  • alex
    this poem is very good indeed,the poet deVine. is gifted in describing a very intimate actions and expressing emmotions in a very classy way. to read this poem ,it makes you imagine the scene as you are watching a very intimate movie. it makes lives the situations and that is prove that the poet is gifted. great work.
  • Queenie
    I have always had a hard time trying to put together the words that descibes the raw, intense passion that I experience when I am making love with my fiance. This poem describes it as well as it can be described. I forwarded it to him and I know that it will immediately put him "in the moment " as it did me. We are hundreds of miles apart and await his arrival with even more anticipation when reminded of the extreme pleasure to come. Thank you for the beautiful expression!
  • rhiana
    that was great !
  • Rese
    dis poem is rely tite n sexi. sex is mor den sex. its love
  • elizabeth
    this poem is all too real. it was written very well.
  • Sue
    Excellent 10/10
  • christen
    i really enjoyed the poem i love to write poetry but i have not seen some one right a great poem like this one i loved it
  • Tiffany
    I Loved the poem! i write poetry too and that one really touched me! the thing about that poem is that i could actuall picture the words coming to life between my boyfriend and i! It was a Great poem!
  • Shawn
    Wow! Very sensual!
  • sharen
    this poem really hits home. i can say that this poem brings full circle how i feel about a certain gentlemen who i have known for many years and he holds my heart and soul
  • Kathleen
    I think this is one of the more expressive poems I have read. kudos to the author.
  • Kathleen
    Great poem
  • Lovely
    I like this poem a lot. Because it makes you think of you and your partner life together and how lucky you are.
  • Tasha
    the poem is tight
  • Cheryl
    Hey wuz up this poem was really great, the reason why i consider this poem so good was for the great words and, for it actually being so realand true. Hope to see more poems like those. LOL.
  • lakentra
  • TAM
  • Lynn
    Wonderfully expressed. I myself am a poet and you just blew me outta the water! Great work.
  • trish
    awesome. that's the only word to describe this poem!
  • Liz
    love it! Love It! LOVE IT!
  • bridget
    What an awesome poem! Everything you want to tell when you are making love!
  • Ann
    This poem was so exciting. The words were jumping off the page into my soul. Thank you to the author!
  • LadyLove
    Oh my God. This poem was so extroardinary. It made me feel as though I was the one in the poem actually feeling and doing the wild things that you so wonderfully described and worded. I became horny and fiesty as I read the poem. I know I should probably feel embaressed or something, but I'm not. It was just straight out wonderful and you know it Poet deVine. Keep writing!
  • annie
    i think that whom ever wrote that poem had a good heart to write and knew exactly what he or she was talking about and knew exactly what to write.
  • bradlyn
    i think that poem was great my boyfriend loved it too
  • marissa
    this poem is excellent. ilove it so much. ihope to see more of this person poems in the future.
  • Sharon
    She has come a long way since this lovely poem in her writing. To put it simply, this was beautifully done and with taste.
  • a.r
    WOW!my palms are sweating and my pulse racing. i had to resist d impulse of calling my man and just do it right there and then!WONDERFULLY EXPRESSED!
  • amber
  • Dimples
  • candy
    I love this poem it gives a real open mind to anyone who has not had that kind of passion in there life,and the boost to want that kind of heat when making to love to those who have someone.
  • Julz
    This poem really hits the spot!
  • marianne
    I loved your poem so very much. I am going to frame it and put it up on my bedroom wall. It brought me back to the summer past when my fiance and I spent five wonderful weeks in a village in Morocco. Your poem is so tasteful and so erotic and just so beautiful. It really touched me within. Reading this poem you feel that you are making love. What a great job you have done.
  • Linnea
    Excellent, excellent poem!
  • Krystal
    I got to give it to you. GREAT poem. Your very good with the way you words things. I really enjoyede reading this writting.
  • Sweety2102
    Wow. That was a Good one!
  • angelica
    this poem was wonderful! there is not anything that can describe this better than what u did man u were great!
  • Rossana
    oh my gosh, this is true poetry at it's best and describes the beauty of two people really enjoying one another. Thank you
  • Ri
    One word: DAYUM!
  • Melissa
    I think this poem is amazing,its a mix of passion and love. And its real. This poem rocks!
  • KaShawna
    This is a good poem, i like it very much
  • Dez
    It sent chills up my spine.
  • fAiTh
    HOLIE. thats iz the most descriptive poem i have ever read in my whole life its so poetic. Poetic Emontion
  • Bonni
    Oh Yeah !
  • Danielle
    This poem took my breathe away! It made for a very intresting night with my boyfriend.
  • Jack
    This is a decent love poem
  • cheri
    All I can say is dynamic, equisite, seductive, and oh so sexy. Excellent, superb job!
  • Jess
    The poem makes a very strong point. I is most definately very graphic and shouldn't be read alone.
  • Shay
    One Word: WOW
  • Melis
  • Sandy
  • Holly
    This poem makes me think of a special person. He means the world to me and always will. Other than that it is a really good poem.
  • Ken
    My lady loved this one. It had the desired effect.
  • Jennifer
    This poem gave me chills up and down my whole body!
  • Cindy
    True desire and fulfillment in print. Delightful!
  • talented
    *speechless* i just don't know what to say! All i know is that i hope to be as deep a poet as you are!
  • Ruth
    This is absolutely the best love poem I have read ! It totally describes the real passion of true love.
  • Angela
    This poem was so moving. I was so moved by it I had tears. It was exactly what I try to say but can't.
  • seanybo
  • Heather
    Loved the poem. The words were beautiful and very erotic.
  • Angelina
    one of the sexiest poems i've ever read. excellent!
  • Raechelle
    I had been searching all over for a poem that might be able to describe how I feel about my husband. I just never was able to write my own words or express how I felt, until I found this poem. Thank you!
  • Donna
    wow. what a poem! All my compliments to the author! believe me, it's a masterpiece!
  • Annie
    Beautiful poem right from the heart.
  • blue
    Thank you Thank you a poem to make me sit up and take notice. The emotions that we asleep in my heart were awakened by the racing of my heart while reading this Thank you!
  • Russ
    Fantastic,,, thank you for an expression of the act in a very steamy way
  • julie
    I feel in love with this poem as soon as I read it it's so beautiful
  • Destiny
    WOW! Im speechless!
  • Kat
    This poem is excellent and it descibes the art of making love to a T..At least to some of us.Keep it up.
  • oscar
    No comment needed ;)
  • Kathy
    Simply Wow is what I said in my personal email to the poet! I also said that I was sure the man I love would react as I did. Lord did he ever! Thank you for sharing your words with us
  • Joona
    Whoa.. This one makes the blood run in your veins.
  • Heather
    that was an awesome poem.
  • wet
    Im dripping with desire.
  • angel319
    I know DeVine..he is brilliant. the most romantic soul to roam the Earth. He captured my heart and resides deep within my soul. Iam a better person for knowing him.
  • Les
    One hot poem in a clean way. Better, much than any poem I'll ever read!
  • toya
  • Mica
    this poem is great. it made me sweat. it is hot. keep the poems coming.
  • Caroline
    It's the best poem that i ever read.. so emotional and sensual. It shows how sex must be!
  • Paula
    i soooooooo long for my man to make love to me like that, to bad it usually lasts as long as the poem did! lol
  • Becky
    Oh my! This poem is just what I've been looking for. So sensual and erotic. Perfect!
  • Erin
    incredible, moving
  • Holly
    Is it hot in here or is it just me? That was the most intense, beautifull, lifelike poem I have ever read.
  • Bambi
    You are amazing, i could feel every emotion within, the desire in me has been brought forth and will be shared because of your writing
  • Joe
    These are moments to treasure And these are moments too few But if these are only moments I think I like this brew That was an exquistie poem. True devotion of a night. Very sensual. Breathtaking in it's own way. Thank you for sharing this poem.
  • Jolene
    Words can't describe what an excellent poem that is. It is so beautiful just the right words.
  • Shirl
  • jody
  • Selena
    all i can say is WOW! best poem i've ever read & i must say i shared it with my boyfriend & he was speechless.
  • Laura
    Totally awesome poem! I loved it!
  • Jackie
    A very erotic poem, enjoy by both myself and my partner.
  • dennis
    Fantastic poem,one of the best i have ever read on the internet! so full of passion and love! so touching and sentuous.keep up the great writing.
  • Ino
    Wow.and wow some more.
  • KIKI
  • Thane
  • D
    Hey DeVine, I think you are a really, really great poet, I read every single one of your poems and thought they were all really great. I really liked this one especially, "Lover's Dance" that is the best love poem I have read. Well I think you'll get big girl,soon you'll have your own poetry book:)Well much props to ya.
  • Veronica
    I thought this poem has captured everything that there is to capture about the act between two people that brings them as one, i liked it.
  • Gary
    This sets the standard for sensual love poetry, tastefully written and beautiful.
  • Kari
    All I can say is that was passionate and mind blowing. I felt as if I was actually having sex while reading it.
  • winky
  • dap
  • Julie
    What beautiful words. I had such emotion reading this poem. Please write more.
  • Jamie
    I can feel this poem. this is very beautiful. I love it!
  • MsFire
    So erotic & sensual...I love it.
  • Kacey
    I loved this poem. It says it all!
  • ROSES22
    This poem is beyond great. it is phenominal in it's own passionate way...
  • Lawry
    I could not have said it better!
  • mysweetself
  • Debbie
    Absolutely the best poem i've read so far
  • Laura
  • noelia
    Wonderful, Great, Just Beautiful I have never read anything like it. You are just great.
  • Roxane
    Oh this is a most wonderful poem it has captured feelings of love passion,and desire.Thank You
  • Annie
    A beautiful poem from the heart Keep writing them
  • Sofie
    Only words needed for this poem are beautiful and passionately
  • nessa
    it a very beautiful poem! It so true!
  • Tassie
  • Cynia
    It's the best poem!
  • suzan
    very sexy and romantic
  • Martine
    Wow! I have the perfect person to mail that to.. Keep writing!
  • Don't know
    Ohhhhh ahhhhhhh
  • Candace
    This poem is so vivid, so alive. I shouldn't have read it alone, now I want my baby and he is at work! applause to the author. Keep up the unfeigned work. This is by far the best on the site!
  • Lori
    Simply beautiful. You have managed to put into words what is felt from the mind, body and soul. You are bless with a wonderful gift, and I for one, am grateful you are willing to share.
  • Susan
    I have shared this poem with my love.It is the most beautiful erotic and exciting poem i have ever read.
  • Tori
    Beautifully written.
  • Bob
    Softly erotic, but very passionate. I sent this to my wife. I'll let you know what she says (DOES)!
  • shawn
  • namrata
    it's an amazing poem which left me and my partner read it again and again . it still lingers on our minds..
  • Candace
    I read it and read it again. some parts are so true. the author of this is truly magnificent. I love it!
  • His
    OHHH GOD! This poem really took my breath away. It reminded me of the first time my true love made love to me.so erotic,so sensual,so completely he fulfilled me and my soul.INCREDIBLE..I sent it to him as distance keeps us apart for now but in my heart I know it wont be much longer till I feel those feelings again..truly brilliant.
  • Michelle
    One of the best poems I ever read
  • Claudia
    BEAUTIFUL poem. Wish I hadn't been alone when I read it.
  • Oyin
    His words describe everything i hope one day to feel with and from my future husband. I'll tell you how it worked out after we're married!
  • Fritz
    That was the sexiest thing i ever read please email me personal with ideas. WOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW
  • Billie
    I thought this poem was breath taking! I really liked it!
  • Renee
    I loved this poem ! it was so real.truly captured the love making of lovers in a very classy way. :-) i read it over and over. it the best one i've read so far!
  • Ara
    This poem was great. I loved it. I just had to pass it on.
  • Debi
    I loved the poem.Had to send it to a friend to remind him of old times.Really great work.
  • Pat
    When I read this poem my first thought was ohhh wow and a double wow , words can not say what I feel for this poem except it was awesome .. loved it.
  • Ricardo
    Exquisite description of passionate lovemaking between two souls.
  • Lindsay
    I loved this poem so much.It described in the detail my love for my husband in a mature way. A lot of poems on this site are not in such detail as this one is and that counts to some one like me.This poem is the best!
  • Charlotte
    this poem is so awesome. i can't believe that i read this. this is so intense.
  • Cathy
    Very hot and steamy. I love it!
  • Kim
    I'm speachless.
  • Patricia
    Without question, the best poem on this site! Highly sensual and erotic.. my boyfriend and I love it! Bravo.!
  • Cassandra
    I think this poem is great! I would love to submit some of my poetry, but I don't think mine can even come close to this!
  • Marcie
    If I could but a lover's dance, I would dance with these words. If I could but a story read, I would read these words.. No medication desired when this poem is around.
  • chantel
    Wonderful poem
  • evelyn
    this poem is great very graphic and leaps of the page at you it is really realistic
  • SxyLatina
    WOW! this has to be the best poem i have read in a very long time i must say u have talent thank you for sharing this poem with us.
  • Lauren
    Best poem I have read in a long time.
  • Christie
    I have never read so much passion in one poem,If there more people with this much passion no would be lonely.
  • Stacey
    I really like this poem. It described itself very nicely. Keep writing.
  • Acqulyn
    The poem was very filling to me . It really makes you think about what you have.
  • Bob
    Simply beautiful.
  • Peg
    One word.EXQUISITE.
  • Paul
    This is the best, It describes the passion of love , and it remind me of how Love making should be so magical.
  • Vina
    This is among one of the most interesting poem which i hope will decribe myself one day with the person who i give myself to with all my passion which has be bottle-up.You my dear poet have given me the feeling that I long to feel...... ;) Thanx you.
  • henny
    this poem is hot ;)
  • Jay
    One of the most erotic poems I have ever read! Beautiful!!!
  • amanda
    i loved this poem it speaks clearly of the beuty of making love and this poem is the best i have read so far - truly inspired
  • Bonnie
    The best love poem on the site!
  • CY
    Enjoyed the poem true to life. What lovers are.
  • Karen
    This poem was so totally realistic, and as i was reading it I could picture the setting. Hats off to the author.
  • shane
    all i got to say is it is good and my favorite of all the poems i have read
  • Amy
    I love this poem. I plan on sharing it, with the new man in my life. Keep writing, youre wonderful.
  • Jerred
    i think that was the best poem i have ever read i am not much on poetry but lovers dance definately caught my eye and i enjoyed it alot i sent it to my girlfriend and it really turned her on and she loved alot too keep up the good work
  • L.J.
    What a poem!!! deVine truly has a gift of words. This poem acutally brought tears to my eyes.
  • Leslie
    so beautiful and passoniate
  • chris
  • Vickie
    My most favorite poem, beautiful, sensuous, well written!
  • Jeffy
    Good God, this is sex in words!!
  • Tina
    Amazing...a beautiful expression of an embrace shared by two lovers...I sent this one to my online lover who I'll be meeting in just a few weeks...I can't wait for his response...keep up the wonderful writing!
  • rosa
    just excellent!!!! you have a great way to express your inner thoughts...keep writing!!
  • Brandy
    I thought it was an excellent poem. I would like to read alot more of your poetry.
  • Liz
    Never read this over the phone to someone who is alone! It will drive them crazy!
  • val
    True to the love two people feel BRILLIANT, CONGRATULATIONS
  • Nora
    All I can say is that this poem was by far the best that I have ever read. I am a big romance fan so this really kept me interested. It's just beautiful.
  • Manon
    Really good!
  • Charlotte
    the best poem i have heard in a while. This one really touched my heart.
  • Cheryl
    This poem is the most erotic poem I've read. Tells it like it is with taste and grace. Wonderful piece of art
  • Heather
    All I can say is....damn!! The author of this poem is so deep, connected, unbelievable. Keep writing, Poet, you sure are deVine!!
  • judymarie
    excellent poem, glad to see there are others in the world enjoying love at its finest!
  • Jim
  • Winston
    My girlfriend sent this to me in a card. I had to check it out. Whew! Almost need a cold shower! Very beautiful in a softly erotic way. She loved it and so do I. Thanks
  • Ellen
    Absolutely beautiful.....
  • Clint
    This is the best "erotic" poem I have ever read.
  • Anna
    Absolutely the most beautiful and incredibly romantice poem I have read. It was wonderful to share it with my soulmate!
  • jeannie
    Oh this poem was very delicious! It really excited my imagination, I could picture every part, and loved it! You are vary talented! Keep it up! :)
  • clarence
    This poem I feel captures the true essence of love. It set a feeling in me to my soul.
  • shalanda
    I enjoyed that poem, it made me wish that my husband was somewhere nearby instead of 3,000 miles away. Thank you for making me feel as if he was here and for giving me the chance to e-mail him with something that truly expresses how I feel instead of just the run of the mill.
  • Theresa
    I think this poem really captures the passion that two lovers feel for one another. It is so intense and emotional, you can almost feel the rapture the lovers express. I know that my heart rate really jumped when I read it...and I immediately sent it to my love! (He really enjoyed it!)
  • carmen
    This is such a beatiful poem. It is very erotic and described perfectly the way i feel when my husband and I enjoy each other. Great work!
  • Carrie
    this poem is awesome. Sexy without being vulgar.
  • Dee
    Wonderful use of erotic phrases
  • jess
  • Donnie
    Oh!!!!!!! My the words made me rise. But this is the true essence of man being with a women. This is what I want to feel sometime in my life with a women.
  • Brad
    This explains what making love to your true love feels like!!!!!! exactly
  • Nancy
    My my my my! The heart skipped beats, the palms became sweaty, with short breaths I began to wonder why I didn't head the warning and wait to be with my man before reading on... he is in trouble. :-)
  • Rebecca
    This is so beautiful. Never before have I read words that touched me so deeply.
  • Kristi
    This was an awesome poem! It was so life-like, but in words.
  • emily
    wow very emotional
  • Dynesha
    That poem is the bomb! Keep up the good work
  • Johnny
    WOOOOW, makes me just want to make love tonight
  • sandie
    brings back the memories
  • The
    This poem was exquisite, very passionate,and erotic. I really hope that everyone who reads this can feel the passion that i did.
  • luckyguy
    what a beautiful piece of art?really set my heart and passion on fire and increased my longing for my beloved ten fold.
  • Errica
    After i had red this I wished my man did not haft to work out of town. This was a Ecellent poem

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