This poem isn't written about one of my experiences but of one of my friends. She recently met a guy that she loved and he did nothing but lead her on! He deliberately built up her hopes and laughed as he watched them tumble down again when she found out he didn't like her.

I have nothing against guys, but I do have something against the heartless, gutless ones who are too chicken to say the truth and would rather watch someone else get hurt when the truth finally does come out.

Some people don't believe that teen love is really love, some don't even believe it is possible. But believe me, everyone knows when they have found the one that they love, and my friend really did love this guy! She did not brag on about him as an obsession, yet she did not forget about him and only think of him when he was near. She only spoke of him in ways that a lover is spoken of and everyone who heard her speak of him knew that, too.

So to anyone who reads this poem, guy or girl, think about it and ask yourself if you are hurting someone who doesn't deserve to be hurt. I know that my friend didn't deserve it and neither does anyone else.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Sent From Heaven's Sky
I thought you were my angel,
Sent from heaven's sky.
I thanked God for your presence,
But now I wonder why.
You took your bow and arrow,
And aimed it at my heart.
You let it rip right through my soul,
And left me torn apart.

I started to wonder what went wrong.
I love'd you without fail.
But above all else I figured out,
You're just a typical male.
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  • kristian
    this poem is true about most guys i loooooved it
  • candice
    this poem was realy good i thought it should of been loger its realt sweet thoe who ever wrote good job
  • codi
    i just wanted to say that not all guys are bad. not all guys want to get in their girlfriends pants. and i wanted to type on this because i was the only guy!;0)
  • JEN
    AMEN hunny AMEN! u start to think one is different and they are all the same. GREAT JOB
  • Justine
    I really love your poem it is really nice
  • tiffany
    I luv this poem! It expresses just how I feel about my past relationship with my ex. Every word goes perfect! Your a excellent writer so keep it up. ;)
  • Ariana
    nice poem gurlie! keep up da good work
  • mary
    i loved it because it reminds me of how me and my boyfriend used to be thanks
  • kealiela
    this poem is great i feel what your saying
  • kristina
    i know where you are coming from when you wrote this poem cause i've been there before but now i realize not all guys are the same, but most, but even though i've had my heart broking many times i think i've found mr. right
  • ashley
    that poem is so heart wariming it is so pretty see i write poems myself but this is the best that i have read sincerlay ashley
  • MaRLeNe
  • kacey
    i thought your poem was googd but not all guys are the same some are amamzing.
  • Trixie Ma Lou
    Honey the poem is really good and you are a good hearted person. But there are a few good men out there for us ladies. Just don't settle go for what you WANT.
  • Secoyah
    this poem is very undestandable and its very unique u would think u would say boy a man but u came out with gender is was good keep up the good work
  • Jessica
    i loved your poems i feel the same way you should write more poems
  • megan
    i like this poem it is very good !
  • holly
    hey this is a really good pome it remindes me of a kid named tony
  • Laura
    this is really true
  • Merrissa
    heyy i loved your poem it was the best poem i have ever seen. it is all ture too that funny
  • carmen
    this poem is very true but, all the things just doesnt happen to gurls it happens to guys also well N. E. wayz the poem really touchs my heart.
  • Tailynn
    I think that this was a great poem. There are good fish out there, but most of them ARE just typical males. Most are only out for one thing and the others are just jerks! I think that the poem explained a lot! Tailynn
  • JEM
    THIS POEM IS VERY DEEP. I LOVED it so much. im so glad that someone out there feels the same pain as me. i know how u feel and i hope that u grow to be a truly great poet. yours jemma XXX
  • april
    ok well i thought i was a gud poem but thats not fair say typical male yeah all chiks have been hurt but remeber we are tha 1s who a blind to whats happening we pretend we dont see him flurting with the gurl at tha check owt we pretend that tha gurl hes txting is really just a friend we pretend that smell ov purfum on his top is really from a department store we are just as to blame 4 what happens to us dont let guys make u blind look deeper than that and u will find the 1 that truly cares u just have to make sure ur eyes are wide anuf to see it thanx 4 tha poem but reamaba seak and you shall find lve aprilxxx
  • nicole
    I just wanted to tell u that i really like that poem. it reminded me of this guy named Sergio. He did the same thing to me. i felt like i was gonna die. It related to me in many ways. ~Love Alwayz Nicole~
  • Nikki
    This poem really touched me because its really true. Guys can hurt u even worse than that but i love this poem and i think that everyone should be able 2 read it and think about past relationships they've had!
  • lalala
    wow!i loved your poem it was amazing
  • Amy
    OMGOSH girl that is so good! Also very True! This poems means alot to me b/c that same thing just happen to me! Thanks for writing this! That is so great!
  • Caleigh
    Iu thought this poem was Wonderful! it had so much meaning to it
  • Stephanie
    hey girl sup i love ur poem i had a guy do the same his name was Robin he was my first one we dated for about 1year and half i love him soo much then about five day befor we were dated almost 2years he broke my heart for a nother girl it really broke my heart i cryed every nite but i relized a guy is not worth crying over,so be for cry tell ur self is he worth it well byb love ur poem xoxo
  • karr
    Thank you so much. coz i also send this to my crush in school last February which I now known that he geatly appreciated it. But still we did'nt became friend. For so many reasons, anyway I think I only do my part as his admirer. god bless. keep it up the good work.
  • Alicia
    I really love this poem because the boy that I was talking to had broke my heart one day he say we was boyfriend and girlfriend when we came back from over summer break he act like he didn't want me anymore. And I had really like him and he torn my heart apart.
  • Amie
    wow i really almost started to cry it reminded me and i did break his heart. i am so sorry and want him back but he deserves better and i ll let him know that
  • Jessica
    i think that was a really good poem. most guys are like that. they dont really take a girl for who she is and what she can be but for her looks. it was a good way in showing how some guys really are.
  • arabella
    i loved it iam also very sry about your friend i think that the poem was very good u could fell the amotion through the words
  • Stacia
    I love this poem because it reminds me of so many past relationships that i got hurt in; but above evrything, i love the line about being a typical male because i know that is exactly how it is and how males are.
  • samantha
    this was a very insperational poem. it touched my heart because i was hurt just recently by this guy that i dated for six months. he broke my heart. i thought i was in love with him but really it was just a crush. but by the way of this poem talks this is for all the males who hurt us females and expect us to be friends after they do this. forget those guys because they are just hurting inside and want to take it out on soem poor, defenceless gurl. but i got news for you guys, get a reality check because one day we will hurt your feelings like you hurt ours'.
  • tierra
    i loved your poem, its what i feel now i loved it keep writing
  • tayla
    who ever wrote this poem can i go out with them
  • manuel
    i like this poem keep it up
  • della
  • Lace'
    Great Job! Could be longer but hey your good
  • amanda
    I Love your poem!
  • Emilee
    i love this poem because it is so true. i never figured out why guys have to be such jerks and i don't even think they know. they don't know how they make us feel sometimes and i think that is so wrong. i've been hurt just like the poem said but you can't do nothing about it but keep writing gurl let your feelings out and this is the best way to do it.
  • angelica
    this pome touched my hart and thts all i have to say
  • Hannah
    Oh I love it! I can so relate to that poem. Thanx a lot, it means so much that another person feels so much like i do, and has gone through the same. Thanx so much!
  • Hayley
    SO TRUE! lol
  • Jessica
    Poem was wonderful, so true!
  • kandace
    i love this poem cause i can totally relate i started talking to this guy and he was acting like he was interested in me and then i told him i liked him and he said he likes someone else he lead me on
  • Brittany
    Loved it!
  • Darin
    Your poem was great. right up until the last line. If you truly believe that every male is like that, then maybe you've just been around the wrong guys!
  • Amy
    This is lovely it makes me sad but i enjoyed reading it i personally ahte love as it has destroyed me but this was a beutiful poem and i congratulate you Amyxx
  • shawna
    very good ilove it
  • Maggie
    I LOVE YOUR POEM! You have no clue how true that is. Just remember don't give away your heart to soon! Again I love your poem!
  • Joel
    That poem is a good one, great expression of words. The only thing I can say about it was, that poem is steriotyping guys. Not all guys are like that. I know some are, but I am not! I am capable of love, and I am greatly hurt by this poem
  • Lisa
    i liked it because it really brings out that people do fantasise when they fall in love and if that fantasy is disturbed then i could lead us to being broken hearted.
  • christie
    i thought your poem was really good and your right on it when it comes to guys i loved it good job
  • diadrah
    tIs PoEm WuZ gRaTe
  • Angel
    This poem really describe something that has happened in my life too. I really believe the person who wrote this really cares about their friend and it shows that they wrote this poem from the heart.
  • Krystal
    I love that poem! I just really connected with it right now. It fits what's going on with me and my life perfectly!
  • Matt
    Its a good poem and a great outlet for how you felt, but i think some people who read this will see it as a judgement of all guys. I agree with jayme, girls do it too, and guys get hurt just as bad as girls, only choose not to show it. either way, great poem.
  • anne
    i really love this poem it appreciate mine
  • Ashleigh
    I think you have talent. I hope you know that. I really liked your poem, and guys can be jerks sometimes, I wish they could feel how they treat us girls. I hope a guy will read this poem and I know that it might just change his mind on woman.
  • jessica
    Great Poem, but remember God makes no mistakes.
  • Amber
    You can bet your money that this is a highly thought of poem by girls!
  • Donna
    i like this poem beacause it is a very true poem and it gets write to the point about what it wants to say.
  • alondra
    Wow! i love this poem. i't is supper well done. my ex. us to call me his angel.
  • Ciarra
    This was a beautiful poem it really touched my heart because something happened to me just like that Im so hurt about my x boyfriend dumping me and leading me on and lieing but I still really love him and care for him it's been 5 months since I've haven't been with him but I hope sometime in the future I will find someone like him agian!. But to all femalws don't give in just because a guy tells you he really loves you make him really show how he loves you make him do crazy things for you anything just don't fall for it because everyone does just keep your heads up!. no matter what
  • Lizzy
    I loved this poem because it helped me and maybe even one of my friends with some of the opposite sex problems hat we've had, thank you for witing this for people like us. i hope that everyone else will read this and love it as much as i do.
  • april
    males dont care how hey break females hearts.
  • shane
    I liked it. It was good. but not all guuys are like that. I have a friend [girl] that thinks the same thing. Get to know the guy first. Thank for listening to my comint.
  • belen
    WOW this poem was awesome it started of really good then it especially hit me at the end when you said you were just a typical male
  • GINA
    this poem is really cute! i like reading it! ~gina~
  • ashley
    this poem was great it reminds me of what a guy did to me.
  • Bennie
    I really appreciate it.
  • Alana
    Reading this poem made me realize that im not the only one out there who has been hurt, thanks this poem really touched me
  • Monica
    I really like this poem! It makes me think of my ex boyfriend! And i really love the last part! GREAT JOB!
  • samantha
    i have been lead on before 2, so i connected a lot 2 your poem! i thought your poem was good and i'de like 2 see another poem of yours if you write another one.
  • Karlie
    I thought that this poem was totally true and just awesome! i feel bad for your friend because i too, know how it feels to be led on, and it sucks! well good job with this poem! keep it up!
  • Dezi
    that poems was funny!
  • Nick
    from a guys point of view i agree this poem is very good and yea ive seen it happen to alot of my friends (female and male) but i find this poem very touching
  • Brandi
    hey i really like this poem it jus goes to show that guys are ALL sooo typical!
  • Susan
    I can totally relate to your poem. It is really great!
  • Blair
    This poem was very touching . and it made me think of my first boyfriend. i give it 2 thumbs way up!
  • vivian
    its really cool
  • laura
    i like this poem because it was very deep and just told the truth about males that never fall for them because theyll always break your heart
  • tommy
    very good poem. i fell what you were felling at the time. but not all males are as such so don't stop tring for love. just give it time.
  • amanda
    i loved it. it makes me think of my family that had died. it is really true at some points but not all.
  • Amanda
    This poem is amazing.
  • avimarie
    honey, i just love that poem, i couldn't help laughing at the last part it was,here i thought it was another love poem, when Bang!in my face. still can't stop laughing.
  • Jayme
    You are a good writer, and for the most part that is true, but a lot of girls are just as bad. I have seen alot of guys get hurt also. JUST REMEMBER EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Keep up the good work at writing.
  • brittany
    hey to whoever gets this. i really like this poem. i love hoe it ends. with the typical male part . that is soo true. !
  • Shiloe
    this was the best poem ever.
  • daniel
    not all guyy r like that. i think u just need to watch what guys u date and get to know them befor dating them and another think the good ones r not all good looking
  • Chelsea
    WOW! This poem is gettin me goin! Givin me da hee-bee-jee-bees! Good work! Keep goin!
  • Lindsay
    i really liked your poem it was really true and honest and thats what makes a great poiet keep up your good work
  • maple
    This is a great poem and I can relate to the person who was hurt because this exact thing happened to me. I really liked this one certian guy and by the way he acted I knew for a fact he liked me back, he edven told his sister that he was probably going to ask me out on the most special day, VALENTINE'S DAY! I VOTE THIS THE BEST POEM
  • ennijay
    that was a beautiful poemi really enjoyed it that is so true
  • louise
    i think that was great but not all men are like that cause mine is sweet.
  • Michelle
    I love this poem, it was wonderful! especially the typically a male partD that was cool. a vote 1-10 I would give it a 9. if not a 10!
  • Vantrell
    i feel exactly this way right now. i thought my ex was someone special--i thought he was different---i was mistaken. thanks for putting my feelings into words!
  • jenny
    this poem is ther coolest u r a great poet
  • Calie
    OMG that poem decribes what just happened to me
  • Angel
    this poem was so touching all thru it and i loved the ending, its so true! keep it up girl-)
  • paula
    i think this poem is really good and really true. i think you had a lot of guts to write it and your honestly is great. you are right men are all the same,tarts! thanks for thinking it up,it made me smile. its going on my wall!
  • kortney
    wow. i think alot of gurls can relate to that! fantastic werk. Classic!
  • MeGaN
    i love this poem, it almost made me want to cry. i could relate to it cause some guys are so hurtful and i know how it feels to get burned like that.
  • christine
    i loved this poem! it reminded me of this guy that i know that i do love but he says that he loves me but just as a friend so it tore me apart! this guy zac just wants to be friends but its really hard to keep my emotions inside
  • Janaya
    I totally agree no budy should be played or hurt like that. I was inlove with a boy named Darin and he is a good actris cause he played along like he liked me but I found out the truth He was talking to his best guy friend and I herd him say I don't really like her I'm just trying to get her hopes up. Then I started to cry and he herd me and he started to laugh. so I kinda gave up on boys
  • Devina
    I love this poam its exactly the way it is with my ex i loved him and thought that he was my angel and then he turned into a demond and i realesed he is juat like all the other males
  • JeSsIcA
    Hey its a nice poems it really good
  • Rose
    I loved ur poem, what happened to your friend has just recently happened to me. A guy i thought i had fallen in love with was just leading me on,so this poem really relates to me too. tell ur friend to keep her head up and she will one day find a good guy!
  • Amanda
    i loved that poem that is so true it has happend to me guys are just pigs and have no heart and im sorry for what happend to your friend
  • Judy
  • donna
    I really love this poem because it explains what a typical male is like. I mean you hardly find a guy that is going to do you right. Every other guy either cheats on you or breaks your heart. Thanks for writing this poem.
  • Megan
    I think that this poem is great! It's happened to each and everyone of my friends and me. But eventually you have to know you'll survive your lost love and you'll find someone better.
  • Sarah
    This is a really good poem and this same thing that is happening to your friend is happening to my best friend and she dont even know it we all try to tell her but she wont belive us i think that she need to read this! THANKS!
  • kelly
    sad but true. very well said
  • baby girl
    THis poem i will have to say was pretty good. I really like poetry i just can't write it. you should write one about being more than a friend and then losing them because of relatives, and then them giving another try to love
  • Abi
    Its a great poem!
  • jennfier
    you poem was great. i loved it
  • Ren
    Whoa gurl, this poem is wonderful, i can totally relate cause right now i'm going throw the same thing. and well sometimes its just time to say good-bye and ditch him. 4 me that time is now. thanks a bunch
  • Adam
    Well most guys out there are like that but yet unlike me i know how the girls feel when you do get hurt for some guys it just seems like a game but when you start messing around with someones heart it becomes more than a game
  • Baby
    OMG! That poem is soooo how i feel! The guy i liked lead me on 2! Some guys stink but others are really sent from heaven! GREAT JOB!
  • Tristan
    I'm glad to see that there are girls out there who realise that there are some of us guys who aren't like that. I tell you, if a guy did that to one of my close female friends, I don't know where to start with what I'd do to him. I'd never do that to a girl, no honor can come from cruelty, and I place death before dishonor. So girls, remember: yes, the typical male is the majority, but there are also those who are the complete oposite.
  • Green
    Beautiful poem and well expresed. I think jut about every woman can relate to this!
  • rota
    i love u poem so much i even copied it out it remindz me of a guy i used 2 know
  • elita
    girl your poem is the bomb! i hella agree with you guys are jerks when they dont want to admit theyre own damn mistakes. your an amazing mind, keep it up. good luck
  • ben
    im not the typical guy and you really have a passion for writing keep it up you could go a long way and find the right one
  • kt
    this poem reninds me of my first love
  • Britt
    This poem made me reliaze what i was doing wrong,It's me that is leading a guy on that truly loves me, and its sad to walk away from him, but now 2night i think i finally have the courage 2 say i dont love him,it takes two to love and im not there, and he doesn't desreve to be lead on. i need to tell him the truth before it hurts him even more thanxx
  • kori
    great poem
  • Amity
    Although males can cause women alot of hurt. Females can give it back just as bad. Men wont show it, no matter how much it burns.
  • SARA
  • megan
    That was a good one. A Classic!:)
  • Edwin
  • Venus
    This is such a beautiful poem. it's so real and it touches my heart. Keep up the good work! :)
  • Geral
    This is sooooo true. I just want to say that this is one of my favorite poems. When i first read this poem i said to my self guys come and go. Excellent poem
  • Angel
    Ok first of all its a great poem. but hunni if you're gonna post a poem, post one that is your own! i have seen this poem heaps of times in different mags and websites.
  • KC
    Hey Yall! That was a great poem and yes he was jus acting like the typical male. I jus got out of a relationship where the guy was payed to date me for 2 weeks. I found out about the deal the weekend after he asked me out. The thing was i never would have known if he didn't actually get to know me as a person and actually start to really like me. He told me himself. He told me that he was going to break the deal off and ask me out after we got to know each other a little better. The funny thing is he bragged me up to the guy that made the deal, and now he likes me but i told him to grow up and get a life. The fact that he made the deal on me didn't hurt it's just that i liked this boy for as long as i could remember. so not everyones perfect and well all i can say is watch out. I LOVED UR POEM. i gave it to a guy that played me and he started to cry b/c i embarrassed him in front of his friends. so thx. i'm glad i'm not the only one out there.
  • Adam
    I like this poem alot, it expresses the feelings of your friends loss really well. Very well written. But I have to defend my own sex, girls often choose shallow guys as partners, and guys often choose shallow girls as partners, both end up getting hurt very commonly. So I don't think that all of the blame should be put on men.
  • G
    hey there! just wanted to say i really liked your poem and i can relate to that. you're darn right he's "just a typical male"
  • Cassi
    This is A great poem, i love it!
  • Kriss
    this a really good poem. the sad thing is that it's kinda true. because guys dont know how they hurt us so much.
  • Val
    Thank you so much for puttin this on this site. it's an excellent poem! Even though all guys aren't like this, it reminds me of my bestfriend (xboyfriend) that just broke up with me a couple of days ago. I love it! Keep up the good work!
  • linsay
    i thought your poem was hot!its so true what some guys will do to you.
  • cryst
    i love your work it has a nice flow and i like the ending rap up.
  • Lacie
    ok this is all i have to say this poem is vary cute , short and sweet. BUT!all guys ain't that way it's when you hook up with the wrong one you have to study the guy i mean i dont no alot bout guys BUT i do no this that not all guys are "typical males!" BUT anyway that was a good poem!
  • Nadia
    I love your poem it is amazingly real and you could not have said it better.
  • candi
    gerat poem it was worth my time i love it theirs no words for it
  • Ed
    i like the poem, exept for the last line. i know what happend to ur friend, but not all guys r like that. its sad that some people have set up this rep for the rest of us. love is such an great experience
  • corri
    I'm 31 years old and i loved your poem. I must say you hit the nail right on the head.
  • Dani
    This is a great poem!~ I think it tells alot about the male race, no i dont hate them, just their actions.
  • Rach
    "excellent" what more can i say!
  • KC
    This is the best poem! I just had the same thing happen to me! We are friends a little but I still love him and I can't figure out why! He broke my heart and stomped on it but one day it will happen to him when I am happy with someone else!
  • Ambar
    This poem is so true and it relates to many girls out there like me.
  • B
    So true, su=o true. Guys come and gone, each time leaving with a piece of your heart. Excellent.
  • Shatae
    I have been in the same situation but now I've learned how to read through the cheap charm
  • sarah
    I've just split with my boyfriend, and you poem seem to help me realise what men do. Thank you
  • Stacie-K
    Hiya, I love ya poem but it is true to most guys but not all.
  • Andrea
  • Brandon
    OK This comment is for all the guys that took offense to this. Hey if you aren't like that, then you aren't the typical guy.
  • Josh
    well katherine that was a really great poem, best i've ever read.
  • Melissa
    This poem is amazing! It is so real!
  • Lindsey
    Don't you hate it when that happens
  • Jennifer
    Hey I really love this poem.It is exactly what I went throuh a few months ago.My boyfriend didn't even tell me he was going to leave and one day he called me and said that he was in Houston wasn't coming back.I didn't think I was ever going to get over him, but finally I realized, hey theirs other guys out there. Go get 'em!
  • Keleko
    I dont think that that is a good representation of a "typical" male But it is a touching poem.
  • Mandy
    Iam sorry if this happened to you, but otherwise its an awesome poem.
  • Alli
    This poem reminds me of my frist love. We loved each other so much that i hated him and in the end i got hurt when he cheated on me and i haven't been able to love or i pick guys that treat me like i'm nothing to anyone since that time
  • Alyssa
    you poem touched my heart it is so true my only (love)boyfriend i had ever had dumped me and it was the worse thing that ever happened to me.
  • Shanda
    This is a very true poem, and i love it dearly.
  • Kleo
    *ugh* MEN :P lol i loved the ending ;) well done!
  • Jenny
    I so luv this poem now i know whta to say when i break up with my boyfriend! We have almost been going out 8 months. Sometimes i feel i'm not right for him or i'm not good enough for him and i don't think that he truely loves me i mean he says he does but is it true i don't know! But i luv ur poetry
  • brittany
    i love this poem love hurts i've been through something like that but i got pressured to have sex with him and he said i love you brittany but 2 days later my heart was broken thanks to a boy nice poem
  • Chantel
    This poem is true. I've been in that situation before and I know how it feels. I write poems too and I thought yours was excelent. Keep it up!
  • holly
    this is the poem of the millenium! Awesome ending! beautiful! you go girl! hehe i'm a dork
  • Danielle
    this poem is soooooo great.I absolutly love it! And I can totally relate to all of it.this one really touched me.
  • angel
    I never knew u can put so much feelings in one short poem ! It realli made me think that some guys are r jus being typical males and they arent worth a broken heart! Thanx !
  • Jennarena
    this is such a funny poem, just recently this happend to me. A stupid guy played with my feeling, and ended up breaking my heart in two, gosh- why are they all such jerks. anyways- reading your poem was fun, and encouraging. i know i'll find the right guy one of these day :) thanks- and keep on writing
  • Manny
    I liked this poem but the only thing I hated about it is that the writer is saying that all men are the same. Im a guy I have 4 sisters and I know what other guys put them through so thats why im not like every guy and you women can not say that all guys r the same.
  • Jade
    dat's a tye-a** poem! and not onlee iz it dat, but it's so daym tru!
  • Tina
    This peom was the best peom i have read out of all of them on here, that i have read, the hole thing was so true, and at the end that was the funiest of all. I thought it was great!.
  • donnamarie
    this poem was very humered in the sense that everyone goes through this in a relationship.
  • big
    this is a nice poem but i kinda take offense to this, i am not liek that and not all guys are a typical male, i think a typical male cares for the person he loves, and your saying basically that the complete of that, though your feelings may not be like that, just know that all males arent a complete ass to girls
  • Hilary
    I really like this poem because I could relate to how your friend felt with that boy. I went out with this boy for a while and we were so happy together. But, being the typical male that he is, he broke my heart and I still think about him. The poem is beautiful. Thank You.
  • Brittney
    Good Poem, it really discribes a male
  • Cece
    go girl, just a typical guy, your right all the way, e-mail me some time
  • danielle
    awesome poem.
  • SHAY
    i loved the poem.
  • kaylie
    i think this is a very true poem and i can really relate to it ! It should be in the top ten
  • Child
    hmm...nice poem, but do you really know what love means...i will tell you. To love is to be hurt, no matter what words you use to describe it, that is it's true meaning.....
  • Christina
    I really liked this poem because I can relate to this type of situation, recently my ex-boyfriend did the same to me and I was really hurt by not but now I have this amazing guy who will do everything for me. So keep up hope and don't give up looking for that special one.
  • Sara
    Hi katherine I'd like to thank you for that poem, it's so true! You are a very good writer, i hope you know that Well i don't have much to write, except keep up the good writing-it'll make up for it!!! Thanks again-do u like this poem (i did n't write it) your love is not a token your love is not a toy but if you want it broken just give it to a boy He'll wrap his arms around you and say his love is true Until he sees another girl and says 'off with you'! Hope you like it! >From Sara!!!
  • Lisa
    this is a true poem very unique and it really caught my soul
  • something
    i thought this poem was really good
  • christina
    i think the peom was nice it was smooth. i hope one day i will write one soon. Thank you for letting me write my comment.
  • Linda
    I thought the meaning behind this poem was great. Your friend is lucky to have you by the sounds of it. The poem it self was short but sweet.
  • Catherine
    your poem was beautiful and helped me to sort out a situation that I was in- thankyou
  • danae
    awesome poem
  • Joy
    Katherine, this poem is awesome. every word is perfect, and so clear as to how someone would feel if they wasted their love on a typical male.
  • Angelina
    i really liked this poem. The last line was the best! I think the same way.

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