When asked to compose and recite a poem for an upcoming wedding for a loved one, I honestly did not know where to begin.

What eventually flowed, was this poem written from the bride and groom's perspective. It was penned to encompass appreciation for the past, confirmation of the present, and anticipation for the future.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

Wedding Poem - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
Cherished are the memories that
Brought us to this day,
For yesterday, was just a dream ...
A wish to contemplate.

A fantasy where in my mind,
A fleeting glimpse I'd see ...
A vision of the true desires
I longed for endlessly.

And when I dreamed, I did not know
The love I'd feel today;
The height of my true feelings,
And the depths they would portray.

And if I had one wish today,
A simple wish t'would be ...
Is that the love we feel this moment,
Lasts eternally.

Reality has merged now
As you stand here by my side;
And as I join your hand in mine,
My heart does fill with pride.

For as I pledge my love to you,
I see in many ways,
Reflections of my love for you
Are mirrored in your gaze.

And by our presence here today,
And for the love we share,
I thank you for our yesterdays
That brought us to be here.

But more than this, I vow to you,
My wishes yet to come ...
Tomorrow's dreams and fantasies,
This day that we are one.

Tomorrow's an adventure
That we'll share together now;
Our future's intertwined forever,
Through this holy vow.

I promise to remember
In the future years and days,
The love I feel for you this moment ...
... Dreams fulfilled today.

For in the coming years as we
Move on, and reminisce,
Back to the day I stood with you
And promised with a kiss ...

That blessed are the days that
I have looked into your eyes,
And felt the warmth and love reflect,
The essence of our lives.


Yesterday we dreamed of what might be;
Today we validate our love;
And tomorrow we will cherish the life we have shared as one.
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  • Priscilla
    This Poem is really good!
  • alexis
    great poem. really inspiring. my parents are getting married and im going to show them this poem and i hope they use it.
  • bonny
    omg this poem really touch me i just emailed it to my hubby
  • shonnece
    I love this poem!
  • ntebaleng
    this poem gave me courage and i gonna use it on my wedding day,And again keep well on the good job.
  • s
    this is such a beautiful poem and made me want to cry, it is the perfect gift for my darling fiance on our wedding day, thankyou
  • gisela
    a poem that speaks the real essence of a lasting love and the real essence of commitment
  • Erica
    That was a beautiful poem. It perfectly describes my husband Kevin and I. I am printing it out and putting it in our wedding scrapbook. I wish I would have found it before we got married and I would have had it read.
  • Karen
    A beautiful poem
  • Noemi
    I admire the work that you have done; The words are just so beautiful that it made me realize how much In love i am with my husband. Thank you!
  • Marisol
    This poem touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I only wish that I had read this before I got married a week ago. It reflects everything that I feel for my husband. Thank you this poem was very well written.
  • Mouna
    i just got married on the 15 of june 2006 what i was waiting for the night b4 (yesterday) to happend on june 15 (today)and have finally be as one on next day (tomorrow)and have the wonderful moments cherished for the rest of my life it was a beautiful poem keep writting u rock
  • melissa
    your poem really touched me in so many ways. you know I made the same vows and I some how broke them by cheating and we spilt up for awhile but we are now trying to work things out and he has already been with someone else what should I do
  • arianna
    i lovede this poem in each and everyway possible. i may not b old enough to get married but this is soooo inspiring,,, i am sooo happy for u and for all the newly weds out there i hope ur lives are filled with happiness,,,:] GREAT POEM. BEAUTIFUL!
  • Neil
    I'm marrying my Fiancee next weekend and she is very keen to have a poem read at the reception. The poem reflects the feelings that I feel and I couldn't write them better than they are portrayed here. A recital seems much more common during a marriage ceremony or reception now.
  • Faith
    This poem is so how I feel about my boyfriend and I! I love this poem!
  • Dawnita
    This touched my heart in so many ways. This is how I feel when I'm around my soon to be husband. I just couldn't express it on paper like that one I will have the right words. This was a beautiful poem keep up the good work.
  • Hilary
    I hope to use this poem at my civil partnership ceremony as it seems very appropriate
  • karrol
    I am getting married in a couple of months and we have decided to write our own vows and it took me four and a half months to finally figure out what I wanted to write to him and you have summed it all up in your poem. Your poem has everything that I wanted to say to him, it was a very touching poem and I think that you are very gifted, and you can go a long ways if you keep on writing poem like that.
  • grace
    i feel this poem is really beautiful coz it really touched my heart. all the best
  • Stephanie
    I just got married so the poem is special to me it connects with me and my husband
  • Gaye-Ann
    A poem like this is to be post on every internet web site to be veiw by every user of the net. As i read this poem i could just picture what the write was describing in just simple and self explanatory words well put together. i love this poem!
  • Rebecca
    This is a Beautiful Poem I just Love it.
  • lushandra
    this poem is so beautiful and precious it touched my heart deeply and i only hope that someday i will be able to give myself so fully to someone that i may recite your words to them
  • Mary-Ann
    Absolutely beautiful!
  • TARA
  • Jessica
    This was a very touching poem, beautifully written.
  • Georgina
    This is very nice poem
  • DeeAnna
    wow, this poem is absolutely amazing. it makes me think so much of my fiance Josh. beautiful. i loved it!
  • Karin
    This one is beautiful!
  • David
    We are older couple one widowed, one devorced. Very much in love . I sent acopy of this poem to my love,and she wrote back how much the poem touch her and she would marry me.
  • Leveda
    wowwwwwwwwwwwww! this jus touched the heart. im gettin married in oct of 2006. an i tell u this!. there isnt any better words that could match what me an my fiancee fell for each other. this awsome poem.
  • Christopher
    I thought it was done really well and showed exactly what the wedding should mean.
  • Thava
    Absalutely wonderful
  • Kaylen
    it really touched me bc im getting married in a matter of weeks now and it touched me alot thank you.
  • Edith
    this poem is perfet you can dedicate it to your loved one or even you can recite it at your wedding it BEAUTIFUL
  • Elisabeth
    I like this poem so much. It really touched my heart.
  • nomusa
    this is something out of the ordinary
  • ashley
    This is a VERY good poem and i really liked it alot. I hope that one day I shall feel the same way . this poem really touched my heart . ashley :)
  • Teresita
    This is beyond beautiful and perfect! Truly made me cry.
  • Cynthia
    This is exactly what I was looking for. I could never have said it quite as eloquent.
  • Alaba
    This is indeed a wonderful write up! its so captivating and it left me with no choice but to send this to my husband. Weldone!
  • Nichole
    I felt the exact same way on my wedding day! I just got married on November 22, 2005. It wasn't that long ago, but I still remember everything and every little detail. I wrote a poem almost exactly like this one. I am glad I can relate with someone else in this world
  • Lisa
    I found this poem so much about love and always have someone in your life of having this poem at our wedding Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. When I read it made me cry of you love someone with all of your heart and the way we share it as one.
  • Tasha
    I love this poem!
  • heather
    this poem is beautiful, it is very true, i just got married in september
  • Redd
    Beautiful! I was looking for the perfect poem and I've found it now.
  • Dura
    I feel that somehow my love towards my sweetie is much more stronger and that i would want to cherished the times we had together, no matter how,when and how. for it's yesterday,today and tomorrow.
  • vanessa
    i really like your poem because i am getting married and it really touched me and i red it to my soon to be husband and he like it to.
  • ed
    Sometimes a hug or kiss can share a feeling, satisfying yes. But, a word well spoken can touch us deeply and last a lifetime, this poem I must say, does exactly that. What a wonderful poem.
  • Natalie
    OMG i might not b old enough 2 get married, but when i do, im having someone read it and thank u! it was flippin awesome!
  • Tara Nicole
    I found the poem to be very moving. I almost burst into tears because it reminded me of the way I feel for my husband to be. After reading it I remembered all the wonderful moments we have shared and all the moments we will share. I would love to use your poem as my wedding vows.
  • shima
    inspirational. it inspires me
  • tasha
    touching and insparing
  • Edna
    very beautiful words it has a lot of feelings into it and is very touching
  • kerry
    quite touching wish my fiance would or could write something so heart warmingly.
  • Julie
    I just e-mailed the writter of this very "Beautiful" poem. It was "Fabulous"! I don't know how I'm supposed to vote but if there is a score I would give it the HIGHEST score PLUS! Would love to read more of this wonderful talent! Very "TALENTED"!
  • Shante`
    Your poem really touched my heart because I feel that's the way a marriage should be, and that's exactly how any marriage couple love should be for one another. This poem didn't only touch my heart but it also tought me how I can make my marriage work, if I was ever to decide to get married in the furture.
  • Maria
    This poem is absoloutely beautiful and really sweet, i absoloutely loved it!
  • Melissa
    perfect wedding vow's
  • P-J
    Fantastic poem. Tears came to my eyes, and I would love to read this poem to my girlfriend and future wife, as we stand to take our eternal vows. Thank you Kit
  • Tiffany
    I wish I would have seen this poem when it was time for me to get married. Because it say's everything that I wanted to say. This poem took the words right out of my mouth. I had to print it and put it in my wedding book right next to my wedding vows. Because I was looking for a nice poem to really describe our love for one another and this poem fits to the tee. Thanks for finishing my wedding book.
  • destiny
    This poem was so sweet. when i read its like i was talking to the man i love. It really touched me
  • Kween
    I liked the profoundness of the poem. It was really deep and I liked how you worded it.
  • Narelle
    This poem is so heartfelt, it touched me, it is one of the best wedding poems I have read.
  • thanisha
    this is a wonderful poem,its everything i wanted to say to my husband on our wedding day. continue this great work.
  • Cierra
    I really love this poem. It makes me wanna get married! (i'm only 18) Even though I'm not a heterosexual I still think these exact words could be used towards my mate! If it was up to me this would be voted best poem EVER keep up the good work you just inspired someone to want to continue with such creativity! I love it!I love it!
  • Amy
    Beautiful poem!
  • marlene
    Beautiful! My husband & I have our 45th. anniv. in Aug/05. This poem reminded me very much of our wedding day & how good life has been to us. We continue to wish for more time together. All the best with your career.
  • medallion
    It was nice and romantic
  • cath
    i loved this poem. good on you for turning those feelings into words. i feel those emotions and i wish i could express them as well as you did. i will keep this poem until the day i marry the love of my life. tears of love rolling down my face. my boyfriend. i love you babe
  • noma
    I loved the poem. I am just blown away. It was great. Lots of good points to the poem. I felt like it came from the heart. A great poem for someone that is getting married. A poem to live by afterward.
  • angela
    this poem deserves a ten out of ten. it really moved me and i can't wait to see my future husbands reaction when i read it to him.
  • Jase
    Oh my God, This was the best wedding poem I've ever read. If I don't write my own, would you mind if I used this for my marriage? Hey, I'll even invite you!
  • Dawn
    I loved this poem. It realy touched not only my heart, but soul. This poem is reality of how a man and woman about to be joined in marriage should feel. I will be getting married in a few months myself and would love to use this poem. 2 thumbs up. Great job!
  • Naomi
    I was really touched by this poem. It is beautiful
  • tamara
    it was buitafull
  • ForeverYours
    By reading from your heart within, I know your love mate is God given. Your blessing for this one is from none other then a Soul Mate. A truly match made in heaven. God Bless You Both!
  • Desirae
    This was a vey good poem and it touched me deeply i hope to feel the same way on my wedding day.
  • Lindsay
    This was a great poem, especially for my upcoming wedding! Thank you!
  • Lisa
    I like the purity of the poem, simple yet very touching:)
  • Marcelina
    this poem was really great. it actually made me cry.
  • Raylene
    Wow! What a wonderful poem. I cried while reading imagining myself repeating the poem at the alter. Thank you for your beautiful words.
  • reginna
    this poem is the one that means the world to alot of people. cause with this a person can tell thir loved one how they really feel without saying a word
  • Jolene
    I fell that this poem touched my heart in so many ways. I am going to take the steps down the asile myself and this really hit home!
  • Nancy
    Your poem is absolutely touching and seems to talk to every couple preparing for their wedding. Absolutely touching!
  • MARY
  • Bridget
    You can't always write what your heart needs to say but, this poet found a way. I can't wait to read more of your poems.
  • chanda
    I love it! I love it! I love it!
  • Sherry
    A touching poem
  • Danielle
    WOW! this poem, where do I start? It was very true. your wedding day is the most important day of anyone's life and its filled with today's. tomorrow's, and yesterday's. it is very beautiful!
  • Miranda
    Well Kit, Personally I think this poem is GREAT!
  • Jeremiah
    This poem was so great that I chose it to be acontribution to my big brothers wedding. I believe that whoever wrote this poem is a true artists in literature.
  • dorry
    (trying to wipe the tears) i just visited your site to pick out a poem for my husband for our 7th wedding anniversary on feb 14th. were having finacial problems and will be celabrating it at home this year. this poem made me cry, it touched my heart. on my wedding day, i cryed just as i did today . i would give this poem 10 stars! there isnt a poem, that could have touched my heart more. thank you for making my wedding anniversary special this year.
  • Andrea
    This poem brought tears to my eyes. It said exactly what I had been trying to say to him for so long. Thank you.
  • Princess
    This is outstanding, heartfull and meaningfull.
  • Mary
    Well, i think that this poem is fantastic i love it! Great job!
  • Danielle
    This poem truly captures the feelings of that wonderful wedding day.
  • Sara
    OMG. That was the best poem I have EVER read. that was so sweet. keEp writing! =)
  • Melissa
    I really like ur poem it's really, really good keep writing I love it
    I really liked this poem alot!
  • Teri
    This is a Beautiful poem. I have visited several poetry sites to try and get an idea of what kind of poems are out there for weddings,(my daughter is getting married in a few weeks) and I must say that this is the most beautifully written and expressed wedding poem I have ever seen. Well done and keep up th excellent work!
  • Gail
    I love this poem - Fantastic from a fellow poet.
  • Teresa
    Beautiful poem
  • Jen
    I really enjoyed this wedding poem. Keep up the good work!
  • nichole
    I loved this poem because it reminded me of the day that I got married and of "today" with the man I love still.
  • Christina
    Me and jes are alike because this is the only poem that brought tears to my eyes too. Whoever wrote this is a true poet
  • Danni
    i really loved this poem. it really was a opener. it really opened up my heart to my true feelings about a certeain significant someone in my life. thankyou for opening up my heart and good luck writing more poetry in the future. thanks again
  • Elizabeth
    The Wedding Poem is absolutely romantic, easy to read and understand and you can feel the intentions of the author
  • sUz
    that was so so beautifull
  • Shalene
    It was the best poem I have read for a wedding. I got married 1 year and a half ago, and it was exactly what I felt on my wedding day. Your a great poet!
  • Marlecia
    This was an outstanding poem about marriage to me
  • M
    Just loved the poem. I'm getting married in August and this sums up all my feelings and what I want to say.
  • Stephiegrrl
    hey kit. This poem has inspired me in every way possible. I have a man in my life in which we are both planning out our future togerther. I have so much to tell him but sometimes find it hard to say. im not really the type to have wayz with words unlike my man who also write's poetry. Thank you for allowing others to see the way you write. That poem was very beautiful and touching and im sure that the two who married with that poem read on that special day will always cherish it forever and a day.
  • S
    This is poem is truly beautiful
  • Hanna
    Oh my god. I love this poem! It really made my heart melt. I'm getting married and I just thought that was so beautiful! You really done great putting the words and feeling together. It's probably coming from experience.
  • mon
    This poem was great! It was just perfect for what I am feeling.
  • Jonai
    This is truely beautiful! Perfect.
  • jdc
    this poem is very pretty and i really do like it. It reminds me of me and my finace.
  • Jes
    I have never read a poem that brought tears to my eys. This poem is beautiful and it made me think of my wedding day.
  • Shaz
    After reading this poem I realise that my life is so empty without love.
  • Nikki
    I loved how you showed so much passion in this poem
  • rayza
    this poem was so romantic and showed that he cared about his loved one.
  • JOAN
  • cathe
    Excellent. Thank you. I'll most likely use this at our upcoming wedding. I've searched many poetry books looking for something like this, and now I've found it.
  • Roni
    Kit, This is the most moving beautiful poem just perfect for a wedding. I live with my boyfriend we have plans of marriage in the future. I'm going to hold on to this poem as I would like to read it to my man on the day we get married. Thank you so much for writing this poem and allowing people such as my self the opportunity to use your words to say what we feel inside to our love one on our wedding day. Thank you.
  • Christina
    I am getting married May 2003 and this describes how I feel every day about him.
  • brandy
    I am speechless. This is the most beautiful love poem I have ever read.
  • Chrysty
    I am getting married next may, and this poem dipicted my feelings perfect
  • rachel
    that was very nice. and that i say this at my wedding.
  • natalie
    This poem will remind everyone how they felt on their wedding day. Kit, you have done such a great job with this poem and I feel that you will find success if you continue writing poetry. This is truely a special poem to everyone who is married, hopes to be married one day or for those of us who will be getting married during the summer. Congradulations.
  • Cheryl
    This poem describes how I and my future husband feel about one another and our future. We will keep it as a testiment to our marriage and love.
  • GENO
  • Eneida
    I was really touched by this poem. The words are very beautiful
  • Stephanie
    Oh my GOODNESS.I absolutely loved it !
  • brijesh
    thought this was an excellent poem that just shows the true meaning of love in a way others never can accomplish.
  • Jenna
    I am fixing to get married in 5 weeks.. when i saw this poem.. it was everything i was feeling! the way you wrote this was outstanding! i wish i had it in me to write how i see things but you already did! Thank you, cause i will be using something like this in my wedding!
  • Robyn
    So awesome. I will be married in 11 months and this poem makes me forget all the fights and remember the love almost pushed aside by chores and life. Thank you for sharing.
  • stacie
    I like this one because it fets with me and my boyfriend we are getting married Sept 2002
  • Mone
    Untill this day I have not found or read a more beautiful poem than this. The author is truly blessed with the gift of expressing herself in poetry.
  • Mary
    This is the most beautiful wedding poem I have read. I'll be married very soon and it's so hard to put something into such beautiful meaningful words.I've tried and can only draw a blank. Everything seems so trivial compared to the love and bond marriage contains. This is exactly how I feel. You're way of capturing something so pure and holy so completely amazes me.
  • amy
    You are truly the best at putting heartfelt words into beautiful poetry! A+
  • Jeremy
    this poem is one of the best poemes I've evevr read. And I think it was inspirational for me to read it. It makes me want to start writting poems.
  • PAT
  • B.J.
    It was very nice (Teary Eyes)
  • Dottie
    What an awesome poem. I am marrying the love of my life on September 22, 2001.I look forward to sharing these words with him.
  • Niecy
    I love this poem. I have been trying to find a poem that captures the love, anticipation, hopes and dreams that stand with you at the altar. I believe this captures the moment and the hopes for the future in this beautifully written poem.
  • Cheryl
    This poem captivated my heart. It brought tears of joy and happiness. I LOVE THIS POEM!
  • joshua
    This poem reminds me of my girlfriend and I. If I get married I would love to have this poem at my wedding.
  • BOB
    This pome explains just how i felt when i got married 25 years ago & how i still feal today
  • tawanna
    this poem was really sweet and i cry when i first read it you really put heart into this poem i wish you all the good luck and more
  • christal
    i am getting married soon and i plan to read this letter in my wedding--A++++
  • Cassie
    This was an awesome poem! It really sounds like something that you would use in the actual wedding..awesome work! Keep it up!
  • Mary
    wow..this poem is really moving and really tru! It brings out the feelings inside that i've been wanting to express! it's wonderful!
  • Mary
    This poem was truly a beautiful one.It really touched me
  • tonia
    I really liked you poem wedding Poem-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It was very good.
  • nicole
    this is a beautiful poem that really captures the essence of love eternal. she is definitely capable of goiing far with her words
  • Beth
    I absolutely love this poem. My friend is getting married and I knew that this poem was just perfect for them. One day, when I get married, I would be honored to have this poem read at my wedding. You have such a wonderful gift. God bless you.
  • Tiffany
    I read your poem the other day and i thought it was great. It was a really good poem.Keep up the good work.The poem was great
  • Dorothy
    What a beautiful poem, it brought back memories of my wedding day 40 years ago this September, if more people took these words to heart there would be more togetherness.
  • Letitia
    beautiful and well written You would really enjoy and appreciate my new release In the Attic of My Mind
  • Samantha
    This poem explores all the feelings that can be shared between two individuals on the day they unite to form one. Love is the hardest to put into words but this poem does it justice.
  • Valerie
    I love the poem and I read it to my true love and out of all the ones I have read we both agreed this is the BEST
  • Shanta
    I really liked your poem. I can relate to the poem, and I also sent a copy of it to a couple of my friends.
  • Shannon
    Beautiful poem!
  • sabreen
    this is a beautiful poems...keep up the good work!! :-)
  • Kristen
    This poem was wonderful! whoever wrote it is a great poet and needs to keep it up!
  • rhonda
  • Russ
    This is my type of poem. Really great! My anniversary is coming up real soon and this brings back many memories for me. Thanks for the wonderful poem!
  • Brian
    I thought this was an excellent poem that just shows the true meaning of love in a way others never can accomplish.
  • Seleinia
    This poem is great. I just got married on October 4th and my husband is in the military. Right now he is away. And this poem was great for me to send him.
  • Terri
    This is beautiful! Conrats to the author...it made me want to fall in love all over again!
  • sunita
    sinply apt and wonderful1
  • Heather
    This is one for the best poems I have read about two people validating their love in such a long time. I too relate to what is said in this poem
  • kirstie
    you have a wonderful talent I was looking for a poem for my own wedding, this is perfect GOD BLESS
  • rebecca
    if everyone would believe in the love of this poem their would be more happiness and less divorce.
  • Heather
    Great poem. Thats exactly how I felt on my wedding day 3 months ago.
  • natalia
    IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
  • Susan
    stunningly beautiful...thank you for sharing...
  • julie
  • Becky
    this poem was great, it brought tears to my eyes. because I'm getting married soon
  • Mary
    very touching
  • Ramona
    This is such a beautiful poem filled with not only love but sincerity
  • Helen
    I was looking for a poem to give to my husband as part of a belated anniversary gift. This poem brought tears to my eyes as it pulled on my heart. Well done Kit
  • Carole
    This poem has an amazing message, and conveys this message so vividly and beautifully. It is truly an inspirational thought, and a wonderful message for marrried couples.
  • stephanie
    this poem is one of the sweet poem I read in a long time.
  • holly
    It was beautiful! I am using it for my wedding vows..
  • Lisa
    I recently just got married and wanted to let you know that your poem touched me. I think it was very beautiful.
    this poem really touched me as im about to get married
  • Absar
    very very good.
  • Ashley
    I really loved, it's a great wedding vow!
  • Juliana
    Any one who has truly married the person they love could relate to this beautiful, well-written poem.
  • kristy
    this is a very pretty poem and i enjoyed readint it thx.
  • pebbles
    This is the most beautiful thing i've ever read. It is so passionate and heartwelming.
  • Twinkle
    You have such talent in poetry. Beautiful. This was so pretty.
  • Caryn
    This poem touched my heart, as I am about to be married to the man of my dreams.
  • Jayavalli
    Its great.

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