The following poem was written to help me work through the difficulties faced when I realized we would soon have to make the unfathomable decision that it was time to put to rest, our beloved 12 year old German Shepherd, Misty. The tears seemed never-ending ... she was my only "child."

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

When Is It Time?
When is it time to say goodbye,
To all the love I've known,
When is it time to end your pain,
And leave me all alone?

I've watched you on your good days when
I feel your strength renewed;
But shortly after little ups,
The down days then ensue.

We ride this roller-coaster of
Emotions as we try,
To make it through another day,
And yet, I can't deny ...

That as I look into your face
On days that have been bad,
I see a look that beckons me
It's tired, and hurt, and sad.

The little spark I used to see
Behind those loving eyes,
Is growing ever clouded
By life's cruel inhumane side.

I try to see beyond the pain
You feel with every step;
And softly whisper to myself
This may get better yet.

If I can bear to watch you
Just another day or two;
I justify my reasons to
Ensure I cling to you.

For letting go is harder for
The person left behind;
It means that if I let you go,
I cannot turn back time.

Back to the days I long for now,
When you were full of life;
And every day held promise,
And our futures, clear and bright.

But now the lights are darkening ...
We take it daily now;
I cannot see our futures clear
Or think beyond this cloud.

I think the hardest part in this
Is never knowing why,
I have to be courageous
And I have to say goodbye.

For if I let myself admit
It's time to let you go;
I'd have to face reality
Without you ... but I know ...

That soon I have to face the
Final outcome that I dread,
And holding on will only serve
To hurt you in the end.

You've given such unselfish love
For all our time in life,
But if I hold too tightly,
You'll not move t'ward the light ...

On to a better life, where you
Can once again be free,
Of all the pain and discomfort
That holds you here to me.

So if I find the courage just to say
This last farewell,
I hope you will forgive me for
The time it took me; still ...

I'll hold with me, the memories
That in my heart remain,
Pray one day, down the road a'ways
... They'll lesson my own pain.

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  • james
    i love this poem it brought tears to my eyes
  • Lacy Jo
    very good. i guess that i just think that it is so good because it applies to the last relationship that i had with a person. i don't really know why it made me feel so sad, but it did a good job of it.
  • kris
  • sherry
    It made me cry. but its great!. Awesome job!
  • g
  • Miranda
    wow. I was amazed by this poem because it reminded me of my relationship w/ a friend I have
  • crystal
    this is so good
  • jamie
    this is the best peom i have read in years
  • Angie
    I really luved ur poem! My feelings exactly.
  • giselle
    The poem is really beautiful. It had touched my heart. Keep it up.
  • kiamesha
    hi , i loved this poem . and when my dog angel was going to be put down not to long ago i felt sad , like this poem . so thats why i loved this poem
  • courtney
    your poem truly got me i hope your ok. i know how it is to lose a loved one a close one at that too. Just keep your head up high she is with you in your heart, I know you can not see her but someday you will be with her again. Letting go was the smart thing to do
  • asr
    wow this is really good i think this is how eveyone feels it was so good it almost made me cry.
  • jennifer
    I read this poem and thought that all the feeling put into it made it beautiful. I would love to read more poetry by this person that has so much emotion behind his writing.
  • Mop
    Wow, this poem really touched me, I know how you feel, i had to put down my poodle, he was with me since i was a baby, i never thought about it until i had to do it, I still cry thinkng of him. you really have a talent, keep up the good work : )
  • MARY
  • Shanelle
    This was AMAZING! i lost my german shepard kelly this janurary. and the last thing i did was tell her i love her. looked her in her eyes and said goodnight. And i miss all the times that ive had with her. amazing poem
  • ieshya
    very good poem i really loved it you a good poem writter
  • Richard
    that was nice
  • c
    This morning I googled the question "when is it time?" because my mother and I are faced with this question each day lately reagarding her loving dog Gracie who is about 16 years old. There are lots of Q and A pages out there, but I found the most comfort and truth is this poem; it seems that the answers that come from a place of love always speak to the heart. I'm sitting here in tears and know the time is soon. It's painful but hearing another voice looking for the strength helps. It's a beautiful poem. Thanks C
  • Leeanne
    i was very touched by this poem i noe how u feel i had my cat blackie since i came home from the hospital for the very first time and he was my bestfriend and he was getting realy sick and i had him for the past 18years and i just had to put him down and it was the hardest thing i have ever done and i miss him more and more everyday
  • monica
    hey this is Monica Fff i love this poem becase it sad and more to ever one i am goin to go know love ya
  • sarah
    This was a goog poem and i think you should write more. :-)
  • Allison
    i really liked this poem it reminded me of my germen sheperd that we had to put down so it just made me think of him and it made me cry
  • Crystal
    I really love this poem even though it made me cry. it made me realize what i will go through with my dog.
  • maree
    i voted becouse i love animals and when i see animal die i cry and when read the poem i was crying
  • Ariel
    This poem is amazing i have never read anything that touched me so much this author should really try and publish a book.
  • andrea
    i loved this poem
  • sydney
    this is good it mad me cry so bad I now she did good ,and your great. love sydney
  • Holland
    this is truly a wonderful poem and one of my favorites
  • georgia
    I love this poem, it made me cry, i know how it feels to lose a pet,this is the most heart braking poem I have read.
  • Ashleigh
    this is a fantastic poem. wll done to the person that wrote it. i lost my baby rabbit millie. i have had a lot of pets. including rabbits in my life. but millie out of all of them touvhed my heart the most. and this poem touched my heart like she did and reminded me so deeply of my girl. i will always miss her. thankyou for writing something so spectacular. xoxox
  • Amber
    i loved your poem too gosh all the poems on this website are good but i think yours is the best i understand were your coming from i had a dog once that had cancer and i held on to him because i didn't want to give him up. but in the end i relized that it was just hurting him more than it hurt me! well anyway good job!
  • Heather
    Hey! I really liked your poem. it was really pretty and deep. it broght tears to my eyes. keep writing
  • junice jenlyn
    it touch my heart and my life.
  • ED
    I Loved this poem, recently i lost my "BEST FRIEND" T-BONE. he was a 10yr. old boxer, and we had to make that trip to the vet. That was one of the hardest things we had to do!
  • abhishek
    marvellous. just dont have words to praise the depth the poem has reached.
  • heather
    I loved it! i dont now who you are but you have a gift im only 15 and sound like a old lady the way i said that but it was so meaningfull!
  • chelsi
    this is a really good poem it reminds me of me and brett when we were dating i sooooo couldn't get over him. & i'm still not over him yet andi have another boyfriend
  • jhosselyn
    you r a great poem wrighter I LUUUUV ANIMALS OF ANY KIND i Cant bear to c anyone hurt them. I lost my first dog I hardly got through the pain losing my second i coulnt bare again. You have a way with poetry keep reaching out.
  • sara
    I was about to cry i loved it . thanks for leting me know im not alone.
  • Brooke
    i love your poem it just made me really stay awake. but it was really touching to my heart
  • caridad
    i really like your poem i think that it really great hope to c more nice poems 4rm u again
  • Loretta
    I understand your loss and pain! This is a beautiful poem and tribute to your dog's life. I am sorry for your loss and believe all dogs go to heaven.
  • Ashley
    I really like this poem. It's really sad, but that's what makes it true. I know how this feels.
  • Araceli
    I love this poem because it talks abaut the way I feel. I lost my dog a week ago and it is hard to let go but I know that he is in a better place. his name was SHADOW.
  • Dale Ann
    So hard to read but really covered how I am feeling. We never really know when the time is right to let your best friend go. They trust you, in my head I know it was the right thing to do but my heart is breaking.
  • carolyn
    all i have to say is i cried ! i love it keep up the good work.
  • rosa
    this poem is good
  • Mika
    Oh mi god. this was the best poem ever. It made me remember of when we had to put the family cat of nearly 18 years down. Although i am only 15, shiroki was there when i was born, mum got her when she was just a little kitten long before i was around. The thought of having to put her down really made me sad. I couldn't even go to the vet with mum, dad and my sister, and i know thats terrible but i just didn't want to take her in there. and then come out without her. Anyway, great poem. Toodles Love Mika xx
  • Vicki
    I can relate to this poem so much. These words touched my heart and soul tremendously. Thank You! Just a short story about my baby. At Easter this year (2006) I had to have my dog uthanized. Her name was Emily. She was a Chow mix(red hair)and was 13 years old. She was my second child. It all began so slowly, over time. I could look in her eyes and see a difference almost everyday. Gradually, she became weaker and she started losing weight. She would eat, drink and the normal things dogs do at that age. She would even bark some. I would look at her everyday and come up with a reason not to have her uthanized. I would say "I will give it until the weekend or just a few more days". When that was up, I would start again. I COULD NOT LET GO. Then a marked change started happening. She was having trouble walking, her muscles were almost gone, her eating habits were diminshing. Sometimes I would have to pick her up so she would eat but then she would start leaning and have to lay down. My little four legged child was slowly dying. My heart hurt so bad. I did not want her to suffer. Even though she did not act like she was in any pain, I could imagine what it was doing inside of her. The day came and we went to the vet. I stayed with Emily until she took her last breath. I had her cremated because I just could not imagine her going any where else.
  • Chasity
    I really like your poem because I can really relate to it. It was amazing; really heart felt. I loved it, keep doing what your doing.
  • dana
    it is so hard.
  • janice
    me too
  • abhinav
    i just loved the way the pain has been shown towards the loss of a beloved pet.
  • steph
    i am 15 and had my dog precious for 10 years since i was in pre-k and since she was a puppy! she was the only thing i cared for the one thing i new i could rely on and the one thing i lived for!she died this past year and left a great hole in my heart. she is burried in my back yard its hard for me to go back there! after reading this poem i put my fear aside and went out to visit her i left her some flowers and her favorite dog treart on top of her buriel! i miss her greatly and find it hard to try and replace her with another pet but maybe one day i will adopt and save one not to replace her but to carry on her legacy of love and who knows maybe a new dog could resemble her and be her long lost twin? who knows? i loved her and still do i miss her greatly!
  • Pink
    This poem touched me deeply. Although it may be long it is full of emotion and it drew tears to my eyes
  • Michele
    Excellent poem, so intrinsically true. I recently had to send my Gator to "Rainbow Bridge". Reading the poem made me realize that there was someone out there that REALLY understood my feelings. Also she was able to capture the struggle of that "loving, selfless decision"! May God Bless Her and all that are sad in their heart. Michele
  • rosalie
    this peom touched me i have had a dog that has died and i miss her so much so thank u for writing this for everyone
  • William
    I really like this poem a lot it really ment alot to me considering i had to put my dog asleep about 2 weeks ago of 13 yrs.
  • anonymous
    this was a very touching poem. my family felt the same way when we had to put down a family members german shepard DeeJ. I love this poem.
  • Brandie
    This poem is great. I know the pain that you felt, and you shared it well. Keep up the good work.
  • cristal
    i really love pets and if i see one in pain i start crieing and just seeing what i can do to help it! if you would only understand the pain i fell when i see them in pain! i dont think you can! i get mad at who ever did it and may send them to jail! if they hit them or abuse them at all! i say that because i'm a vet! who ever wrote this you are one of the best poem writers ever! and plese try to help everyone that hits there animals and stuff that pets are just like us but with more fur! so kit i loved this story! keep touching other peoples hart! ( not litarly! )
  • janea
    when i read this poem it was really truthful and great it made me cry alot. janea, in loving memories ;of jinm
  • Melis
    This poem is awsome. How I feel with Mark.
  • Khalida
    this poem is so good and long i like writing im going to one of your poems on my myspace
  • shannon
    it was a beautiful poem that i could relate to
  • rocks
    wow, you do have a gift. and i do have to admit i cried pretty bad cause it hit home to me. i had a dog named blue and had to make the descion of putting him to sleep as well. and it put a mental picture in my head and i hope you will soon say to yourself that you did what was right. thank you so much for this poem. : )
  • kim
    that is a good poem and it is very comforting to hear it it is really well written.
  • Valentine
    This poem is so amazingly touching. I fear that I will soon have to make this desicion for my 14 year old German Shepard, and even though I know it's for the best, I can barely stand to think about it. It will never get easier, but it's good to know I'm not alone.
  • tiger-lilly
    Loved your poem! it re-minds me of charlie my nans cat he got hit by a car and his bowl stoped working and my nan had to decide in keeping him with a bag for bowl and on drugs ( pain killers) for the rest of his life or to let him go she chose to let him go! you should of seen his eyes when we said good bye i even saw a tear! i miss him so much as my grandpa left him for us when he died and it was like letting apart of him go too! Thank you!
  • gemma
    A few days ago i was feeling down and didnt know what to do, i read this poem and all of a sudden it all came back to me. Its a very good poem and deep.
  • Sophie
    your poem was really good, when i was reading it i started to cry, i no it sucks when your pet dies. realy sucks. but its a good poem, i have to do this thing for school with like poems and i was going to use yours, but we have to present them *sigh* and i dont plan to tell everyone about loseing my pet, bet sasha would laught. but awsome poem!
  • Ashley
    I like this poem because it had alot abou twhat i was going thourgh when i read it. Also it shows alot of details and to me that is what a poem needs to have.
  • Amanda
    This poem was amazing. i kno exactly what the author was saying! I've been there many times in my life. Amazing job!
  • Banshee
    Hard to say goodbye.
  • Ebony
    That poem really touched me, I cried it's so true you don't want to but you know you have to, I just loved it
  • monica
    This poem is so touching! I cried as I read it. It is the best poem I have ever read!
  • Jackie
    I love this poem. It just wants to make you wonder about letting go someone.
  • Carlton
    This poem really touched my heart. I am going through the same ordeal with losing my "baby". He was an 18 year old cock-a-pooh that I loved with all my heart. I lost him two days before Christmas and I am having a very difficult time with this lose. He was just like my little kid and I miss him every day. It is just so difficult not having him with me. He was my best friend and we were always there for each other. I miss him so much. How do I learn to cope better with my lose and when will I be able to move forward and get over this hurt, or rather learn how to better deal with this pain? I loved your poem, but I can not re-read it at the time. (I have class later and I have to have myself together for that). Thank you for reading this
  • Kayla
    This poem really touched me because it reminds me of a time in my life. I also think that it's well written.
  • kassie
    this was tight u should keep doin wat ur doin. this is a sad poem didn't seem like it was about ur dog though but it was a really good.
  • mavis
    i loved this poem but it may me cry because my german sheperd is 13 yrs young and i know i must say good bye to him he is my truest friend it is my decision so this poem is brill mavis watson
  • kerissa
    this is areally good one. i write good poems like that too.
  • Amanda
    that is a very good poem. i am a poet myself and i could never write anything like that so good jobbb.
  • Tom
    I feel as though I can relate to this poem, as I am 16, and within my lifetime I have had experiences with such emotion. For example, I have lost grandparents. Also, few years ago, I had an Uncle Killed at work. And just a mere few weeks ago, I lost yet another Uncle! I have wrote poems now for many years, yet I have recently been writing poems with stronger connotations, and much more emotion. During which time, I have been researching such poems for inspiration. I have read many poems, and may I just say, yours is fantastic! The way that you avoid the words death, and the way you express how you feel about having to let go, without wanting to, gives me inspiration beyond belief! I congratulate you!
  • Addisyn
    Oh my god! I love this poem. It is so sad. I love dogs and when i read this it really touched me. It is an awesome poem. Great job!
  • teonna
    i like your pome its so good i like it so good thanks teonna
  • Vanessa
    That's such a tuching poem I really loved it. Keep up the good work
  • Victoria
    i love it my dog died in december and didnt make it to christmas and she was with me for like ever. u realy helped me remember even though it was sad and u kno that kind of moment. im glad i saw it. =)
  • Tyler
    I thought it was a very good poem and u should put it on the front page of a poetry magazine.
  • toni
    i found this very moving and can relate . i loved the wording and the amount of expresion used! well done i thought that it was fantastic!
  • Kristan
    This poem touched me in a way that, no one understand but me and only me.
  • judy
    I couldn't have expressed my feelings any better, this poem really touched me after I had to put my 11 year old lab down.
  • jacqueline
    this poem is so sad. it made me cry i had ta put down my parakeet Polly. it wuz so sad. he had cancer.
  • Lei
    This is just beauitiful. It made me cry. and i'm sorry bout' misty. i have a dog too. he is going through the same thing. except he's still alive. again, i'm sorry.
  • Leanne
    im 15 years old and i have just read your poem! tonight 17th march 2006 i had to make the decision about weather to put my 14 year old boxer dog to sleep! he was not only my best friend but my soul mate! i made the decison to put him to sleep and its happening tomorrow 18th march 2006! i cant bear thinking of what it will be like when he is not here! your poem really put me at ease, i wasnt sure if it was the right decision! now i know that it is! i feel like my heart has been ripped in two but yet i know it will be better for him! i just wanted to say that this poem really mobed me and it really ment something to me! even though i am only 15 years old! thank you!
  • marie
    this poem is amazing and is really well written, I am 14 and the 1st death I everexperieced was my dog and i loved her like mad and for years i blamed my parents for 'killing her' but now im a bit older i realise that 16 is a good age for a dog and it was the right thing to do. but this poem is so good i could sit and read it all day over and over
  • katy
    i recently had too put down my best freind. his name was whiskey and he was the nicest cat you would ever of met. we had too put him down because of anti freeze poisoning and it is very hard because i was there the moment he was born. he was only a year and a half. he was my best freind in the whole world and whenever i read this poem i burst into tears. write more because i will be there too read them.
  • Tori
    All I have to say is; wow. This has to be one of the best poems I've ever read. Not many people write about pets and lost things that maybe aren't people. But you did and in my eyes that is absoulutley amazing. This poem helps so much. My dog is suffering from tumours in her stomach right now and, let me tell you, it's hard stuff. But this poem showed me that the day will come when i wake up and she isn't there. GREAT JOB!
  • brenda
    I found this very touching, as I have lost 2 dogs in the past, but will be sending it to both my sister,s, one who lost her dog about 4 months ago, and the other who has a German Shepard and is in the same situation as to when to let go. Thank You
  • brittany
    I loved your poem it insipered me when i read it,it reminded me of my ex-boyfriend you are a vey talented i love all your poems keep it up
  • silly goose
    so very sad and true
  • mikka
    I loved this poem cause right now Im going throw this and the word are hard to say but think you for helping me out.
  • brittany
    This poem can really compare how I felt with my best friend who was a Rottweiler had died when I was 12 and I thought that she wouldn't die at least till I turned 14. While I was reading this poem I nearly cried cause I just thought of my best friend who I had for 12 years so I grew up with her. I thought that the pain of losing my best friend would never end. Great poem!
  • chantelle
    i thought the poem was really good it touched my heart i was 3 wen i got my dog and he grew beside me each step of the way and when it had come for him 2 pass on after being ill i couldnt let him go imept thinking he would get better but deep inside i knew he wouldnt and this poem had me in tears i am 12 and this poem touched my heart
  • Nikki
    im not the kind to cry but this poem brought tears to my eyes. i no how it feels to lose a pet that u luv. i new my dog all my life and when she died i thought i would to. thx for writing this poem and keep writing all that u can cuz i luv ur poem.
  • Pinka
    the title is what attracted me to read ur poem, and i just thought 'what does it mean?' so i read it and was like 'wish i can express myself like that'. Takecare and goodluck
  • moriah
    I lost a dog that i cant seem to get over. and when i read this poem it just made me cry because it all is true. I am very please with this poem.
  • jesika
    This poem was very deep i loved it
  • dilshana
    i love the poems because it thinks of my past with my ex.
  • christina
    I truley loved your poem becuase just recently i lost my one child. His name was duke and he was a ridge back i am now 13 years of age but when he died i was only 12. I never wanted to say goodbye because i've had him ever since i was 3. The day i heard he was going to die, i put my arms around his neck and only let go to go to the bathroom. He slept with me ever night until the day he died. I even missed school for about 2 or 3 weeks. And when the doctor told me this was his last day to live i just cried my eyes out. The doctor said it was best if we put him to sleep or else his death would be very painful. And let me tell you the doctors dont realy like little girls and the room were the put the dogs to sleep. But i said i would not let them have him if i hadto leave so they gave me a mask and i held him for a very long time. Omg i'm cryng right now i really loved him. And i gave him the best dog funeral ever. OMG i am crying so hard. So wut i am basicly saying is plese keep writing you are an esxtremely goog person and role model to al of those you have lost a beloved animal or human.
  • Natalee
    wow was a great poem that truly touch my heart. its bring back a feeling to my life. I know sometime it hard to say good bye to a love one beacause I lose so many familys and friend in my lifetime. So this poem is sad and also lovely just to know ho you really care and appreciate being around that person and now its comin to say goodbye. well done Author.
  • Chrissy
    Wow, that poem just hit so close to home. My partner and I have an 18 year old Siamese cat that is going through a hard time. This cat came into my life 5 years ago when my partners mother passed away. Benny is his name. We did not think Benny would be with us long after my partners mother passed away as he was her mothers cat. 5 years later, we are facing the most difficult choice we have ever had to make. We know our time with Benny is nearing the end. In the past 3 weeks, he has lost 2 pounds, can barely walk and only eats a few bites a few times a day. We find ourselves struggling with the question, when is it time? Your poem has has helped me tremendously. I know when we make that decision, we will be setting him free. Thank-you. Chrissy
  • debbie
  • nat
    Wow, this poem made me cry. It's jsut how im feeling right now as my rabbit clover is dying of a brain tumor. I have decied on wednesday whether to put her down and the decision is tearing me apart.
  • cheri
    my friend is having a time with her 17 year old dog, so i found this for her to help. thank you
  • Felicia
  • InĂªs (Agnes)
    God. This is just. beautiful. from one to ten. i give twenty! congrats ! kisses from Portugal*
  • Lee
    This poem is so touching and real. I'm sure it can comfort many people who must make a decision to let a loved one, human or animal, go on. This must be one of the hardest decisions and actions to be made. "When Is It Time" will be so helpful and comforting to people. It looks at the current pain and discomfort of those at the end of life.
  • Cindy
    I am having my 16 year old llasa apso put down tomorrow. This poem helped me cope with that. I am being selfish keeping her here.
  • kay
    This poem hit home for me. I read it as I was trying to be strong enough to put my beloved dog of 11 years to sleep. He passed away before I was able to put him down and I've lived with the guilt that I made him suffer longer than I should have. WHen I read this poem I saw that someone else had struggled with this decision also and I wasn't alone.
  • kelly
    i think this poem will touch the heart of all pet or animal lovers this poem is my favorite poem out of them all.
  • Judy
    Your Poem touched me deeply. My husband and I had to say good-bye to our beloved kitty, Brio a year ago last July, after 15 years of unconditional love, and we still grieve for her. It was one of the most difficult things we've ever had to do. Your poem expresses all that we have felt. Thank you for expressing so eloquently what these beautiful creatures mean to each of us who have been fortunate enough to have had them in our families for all too short a time. We miss you Brio Kitty.
  • stacy
    this is a truly wonderful and heartbreaking poem. being only 17 years of age myself and having my beloved dog put down that i have had since the age of 6 i know how it feels, and to me it was the only sense of real love and sense of having to care for someone i have ever felt at my age. thank you for such a lovely poem. x
  • ilona
    gud poem n sry bout yer pet . it must be hard i hope u get though ur rough times
  • christine
    your peotry is rocking man or women loved it
  • Leslie
    Thank you for this poem. I had to have my dog, Bear, euthanized (inoperable cancer)in 1997. He was 13. I miss him so much still, and always will.
  • yahm
    iTz. reaLLy gOOD. weLL written. nyc one. ilove it. mwuahh!.
  • claire
    it was beautiful, so full of emotion. was written extremely well and paints the situation and pain you are going through. well done.
  • Amanda
    Omg i love this poem and i cry everytime i read this. I don't know what i would do without my dog. i have gone through this once before with my other dog who also had to be put down because she was very old. I miss her so much. now i don't want this to happen again to my dog shadow. he means alot to me and i think this poem helps me alot to remember all the good and bad times. Thank you so much and i would also like to say that this is my all time favorite poem!
  • raechel
    That poem touched me so much! I started crying becuase i was thinking of my old dog that died and what I would do without the one I have now. That was one of the best poems I have ever read.
  • sakina
    hey that was really touching from a one to a ten i'd give you a ten because that really touched me. i kinda know how you feel i had someone like that. that i didn't wanna let go but i had to your a really good writer and i bet after me raeding this poem that you wrote it will aslso touch a lot of people you have a gift and also a really good talent so keep writing i look forward to reading more of your poems so good luck
  • susan
    This is a poem that will touch the heart of any dog lover. It's a decision we've all had to face and the burden never gets easier.
  • Kelly
    This poem is the most beautiful & heart felt poem i have ever had the pleasure to read,It touched on points that i felt when i lost my little soulmate Brock. Thank you!
  • tallie
    this is the best poem that anyone can write for a pet.
  • Demishea
    hello i just wanna start by saying even though this poem was written about you i seriously feel your pain. but i vote your poem one of the best poems ive read. you have alot of heart bye.
  • Tanja
    This is one of the most beautifful poems i've ever read!
  • Michelle
    This poem touched my heart because I lost a pet that was like family to me & I miss him very much. When I read this poem it brought me to tears because it made me think of him. It is truely a wonderful poem. GREAT JOB!
  • Drago H.
    This poem almost made me cry, but I stifled myself. I can relate to this poem a lot.
  • rosario
  • Denise
    Absolutely wonderful poem. Perfectly sums up exactly what my heart is feeling after having to make this choice ten hours ago. Thanks for the lovely, healing words. Bless all the loving pets and dearest friends.
  • Tashae
    This is a really great poem. I can relate to it in so many ways!
  • Kriselda Mae
    I love the poem!
  • Tunisia
    I love this poem, i was ten when i lost my pet bunny. I felt the same way it was the day of my graducation. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
  • Brittany
    I really really loved this poems it is so good that it made me cry because my grandpa past away about a week and a half ago and i didn't want him to go.
  • Lindsey
    oo my god! This poem touched me soo much. Each time i read it i cry a little bit more than the 1st. I have a kitty rigfht now that is so about to die so i was thinking of him the whole time and at that point i broke down. Who ever wrote this should keep expressing your fellings like this cause i think it will touch a lot of peoples hearts!
  • Amanda
    I loved this poem and it touches me because i think of letting go of my dog who i love very much and i cry everytime i read this poem. this is about me 3rd time reading it.
  • Eva
    hey that is a good thing to do well got to go!
  • Nancy
    Your Kindness in writing these words is overwhelming and every word of this poem echoes in my heart! Today I am making this decision about my beloved little OSCAR, he has been my little love for 19 years, loving me with such unconditional love. how do I let him go???? Your words have helped me and I thank you so very much. Thank you.
  • rebecca
    It`s so sad that i`m crying because in my life i`ve lost 13 pets
  • Vanessa
    I love your poem. I'm in position exactly like that with my boyfriend. It's really hard to let go of something, especially if you don't if its the right thing to do. You have really inspired me.
  • Diana
    this poem relly relly touched me. i adore your poems
  • Justine
    I loved your poem and I can understand where you are coming from. It just feels like your heart being torn out but you rather you feel like that for a little while then to end up being hurt over and over again.
  • Chantelle
    I have lost my pet, and every other pet there after. That is why this poem touches me. P. S My pup died from parvo.
  • marissa
    this poem is a really really great one!congratulations to the author for they are very talented and they know what they are doing when they write there poems! please keep writing poems so that i can read them! thank you
  • contact
    Oh, my gosh. How does anyone have words enough to say how awesomely written and felt this poem is. Girl, if you're not published, you should be. :o)
  • tina
    a very moving poem thanks for writing it we,ve just been through this very feeling
  • Nicole
    This was a beautiful poem. I love animals. I have 4 dogs and one day when they leave this world, i will look back on this poem to help me through.
  • Christi
    My friend sent me this poem because I had to put my dog down on July 3, 2004. My dog had been suffering from bone cancer for a few months and then the cancer started to take over. She had a bad day, so I asked her if she wanted to stay here with me. With the loving eyes just looked at me. The I asked her if she wanted to go to heaven. She would not not stop licking my face. I lost it for the next few days trying to get the courage to send my best friend to heaven. I wanted to wait until Monday but she had another bad day and nose bleeds had started up again. The tumaor had invaded her nasal cavity. I asked her one more time if she wanted to today instead of Monday and she ran up to me licking my face again. We did it that day went for a long car ride, had popcycles and anything and everything she wanted. My dog is in heaven now chasing squirrels which potentially is squirrel hell. I miss her but she is helping God watch over me and her sisters left here.
  • Crystal
    that poem almost made me cry it was beautiful you are a very talented poet and i wish u the best of luck and if u ever write abook peotry let me kno cuz i will be the first to buy it
  • Brittany
    I lost my cockerspanial this year. I've had her since I was born. She was my birthday present. She went everywhere with me. When I read this poem I remember how she had to go through being blind, deaf, and hardly being able to walk. I had the choice to put her down but I couldn't bare to let her go. She was 15 when she died she was my best-friend. This poem helps me remember that.
  • Paula
    I've read alot of poems since losing my dog on 7/2/03 and found a few that touched home. This is one of them that did reached home because the last year of Kellys life was so much like this poem. I highly recommend this poem to anyone who had lost a pet especially to old age.
  • Elaine
    I like this it was sad but it was also good i like it alot.
  • anna
    keep writing you poems are gonna one day inspire people
  • Jessica
    I thought the poem was good and I really liked the feelings the poet discribed
  • Flo
    I liked your poem very much. It is worded so nicely and could apply to anyone who has lost their own beloved pet. Today friends of mine had to have their lovely dog put to sleep through poor health, she was 13 years old, and needless to say my friends are devastated. I have a little sheltie of my own, she is just 4 years old and means the world to me. I know how I would feel if I lost her.
  • Tasha
    I vote your poem excellent. I have never had very much luck with my pets. I just recently lost a cat and I had him for a while, after $600 in tests and examinations he finally passed away but to this day I wouldn't change a thing, If I had to I would pay that much again for one more day with him. Your poem touched me and it tells it like it is. Good Job. Age 16
  • MARY
    a good poet always makes a person cry
  • Trenea
    This poem was very realistic,It made me think back to the day when my father had passed away i was 3 yrs. old and i didn't know him very well but i knew i was a daddy's girl and your poem "When is it Time" made me actually relize and think i understand this very well because i once had to go through it myself, i had to deal with the pain till i was used to him not being around but i liked your poem soo much and it brang back memories so i wrote it down and hung it on my wall beside my father because it made me think of how it was when he passed away.
  • shauna
    this poem was so breathtakingly beautiful. it amazed me. my dog died exactly two years ago from tomorrow. this poem perfectly describes how i felt when it happened, the author truly captured the emotion that comes with death.
  • samantha
    when i read this poem icouldnt help but cry because i have a dog who is very ill and isgoing through alot of pain and she is going to have to getput down we have spent thousands of dollars to make her betterbut nothing will work and in this poem u have said every thing thatis going onwith me and my dog ilove this poem and will be sure to post it on to my friends thank you
  • KAT
    wonderful story of love and sadness it has touched my heart.
  • hanna
    this poem was grade A. i had also just lost a pet very dear to me. and the words you used were very well put. I feel the same way.
  • Kathleen
    This poem gave me comfort in knowing I did the right thing by putting by best friend out of his pain at the Vet's today. So many people think it's silly to grieve over a pet, but I loved him more than some of my own family for he loved me for who I am. I will always remember him and although I cried while reading this, it did make me feel better. Thank you for such a lovely poem!
  • Jamie
    I lost my dog Lucky, on December 12,2003 of a kidney failure. I had to put him to sleep just like you did with your dog. I love animals very much , but he was the first one I had ever seen. He was truly special to me. And i promised him we would always be together and he would always be my best friend. And that I would never let anything happen to him ,but I did and I feel like i let him down. Bu7t you made me realize I did it for the better not the worse. But people have been making fun of me. Coming up to me and saying " Hey Jamie where is your best friend Lucky?" "Oh woops he died didnt he?" Your poem really helped me and I htink it deserves a big award. I am very sorry to hear about your dog, but i owuld just like to let you know your not alone. I know how it feels to lose your best friend -Jamie
  • Jen
    I really enjoyed the poem, It hit me hard. It made me cry just reading it. I loved it.
  • Daniel
    i vote this poem exellent as i to have just lost a pet and i also feel the same way and what better way to explain than the words this woman has used (AGE13)
  • Jody
    My dog of 10 years just passed away suddenly a couple months ago. Your poem made me feel as if you somehow knew exactly how I felt. I miss him terribly and think about him constantly. I just have to be positive for him and know that he's as happy as can be now. Thank you for helping me to realize that
  • Racheal
    Although your poem was written for your beloved dog, i must admit it makes me think of my dearest friend in the world jeremy. He has been battling AIDS since we first met at 7, we're now 19 and his time is coming to an end, your poem pulled at my heart for jeremy has asked me to let him stop his treatment, to let him die. your poem expresses all that i feel right now as i consider his request. Thank-you for our courage and for posting your poem
  • Renee
    This poem was so realistic. My dad one day had to take my dog away to get him put down I was only seven years old and it hurt so much to lose my best friend and I did not understand why he had to go. This poem brought back a lot of memories but in the end I know that I had to let go. I think the best poets are those who can write a poem that everyone can relate to in a way you accomplished that with this poem. Well done.
  • Alicia
    Beautiful poem. Too true and i believe this will help me through many hard times when i have to let my beloved pets move on. Losing a pet is very tough, i sometimes wonder how i made it through. it seems like all the joy has gone from your life when you realize all you had taken for granted. I thank you for writing this touching poem.
  • Kelli
    My dog Girl is dying from renal failure. She's been my best friend since I was 17, I don't know what I am going to do without her. I've had her on an IV for the past few days hoping some miracle would happen. I know I can't keep her forever, but I love her and can't let her go. Thank you for saying what I feel and helping me make the right decision. I will keep this poem close to my heart.
  • Maggie
    I lost my beloved Shih Zhu on Christmas Day 2002. He was 17 years old. He had a wonderful life and he gave me everything he had. I didn't want to let him go but I felt he deserved to die in dignity after all that he had given me. He was the "best boy"! Thank you for such a touching poem, it explains everything I was feeling at the time.
  • nadia
    this poem is really really good, parts of it remind me of what is going on now to this very second. please keep doin what you are doing. fab
  • katie
    this poem is beautiful and i feel like i can relate to it in some sense. the pain is so true and so deep that even just reading it makes me want to weep. brings bak memories
  • indira
    Nothing compares to the loss of a pet. The mourning period never seems to end,as even years later,those memories still make you fall to pieces. Fabulous poem.
  • Candice
    an excellent poem. I can relate to it. Being an animal lover myself. And the proud owner of 10 dogs. This is a loss that I have had to suffer too many times in the past.
  • Tasha
    IT WAS SO SWEET I COULDN'T Baer 2 read it again cause that poem breaks my heart . It's not the pets that makes me sad ,its the poem it self that. ( It reminds me of my grandpa that died.) THAT WAS A WONDERFUL POEM
  • Stacey
    This poem made me cry. I nearly lost my horse a little while ago and a few years ago i lost my dog that i grew up with. we got her as a puppy when i was a couple of years old. we had to have her put down at the age of 18 and even tho she had lived a great life and it was better for her not to have to suffer, it was still a really hard decision because i had grown up with her. thankyou so much for riting this poem even tho it has been a few years since she was put down, i still cry at nights and this poem has helped sooo much.
  • Majin Dan
    This poem is so sad but true. It reminds me of a girl I fell in love with and still do, but must say goodbye to because she might get hurt.
  • Kimmie
    I think it's really sad. and you do have to say goodbye sooner or later, or maybe not. cus whats the good in goodbye, just say bye like c'ya, there will always be another day down the road. where you will see them again.
  • Paul
    the most beautiful thing i read in a longest time.
  • Ash
    i read this poem like 5 times and i cried every time it reminds me soo much of when i lost my puppy tyler he was sick all his life but he didn't suffer until the end and we had to put him down it was the worst things to go through! but this poem helped me becuz it just said what i was feeling! Thanks! R. I. P TYLER 3-18-99 TO 10-3-02
  • Kym
    I loved this poem. it made me really cry because my dog just died 2 days ago and i am still wounded from his lost. i regreted the times i used to yell at him and not show him love. i cried and cried afetr reading this poem. but its a good thing because i let it all out. thankyou. i know my doggie Taz which was a red nose pittbull is in a better place. thanx. and maybe i will not cry anymore because this strenghtened me.
  • Susyn
    I think this poem is beautiful. It took alot of heart to write what the poet wrote. I would refer anyone who lost a pet to read this. It's sad in a way but gives alot of comfort also. GREAT JOB to the poet!
  • Barbi
    Very well said!
  • Liz
    Omg thank you soo much for writing this poem! I feel like my dog is my only child and she is dying of lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) She only has a couple months and is only 5 years old. This helped me get through it. Thank you so much.
  • Lita
    Hello I love your poem, its lovely, It made me cry though, well reading I was thinking about my little kitten *Shorty* who died at only the age of 1 years old.
  • Scoob
  • Jenni
    I loved this poem it reminds me of loseing some one dear to me and reading it reminds me that I am not the only person who has lost some one that they love.
  • Krystle
    That was great and very true. I have had my dog for a long time since I was little and I just can't imagine when we didn't have her. Everytime i think of losing her, i always have to cry. This poem caught the feelings really well.
  • mandy
    i thought this poem was really great. its really sad and now i feel like i have to let go of somethign i really dont want to as much as i should
  • Tina
    i lost my dog 3 months ago. he was nine years old, Pancho. I miss seeing him everyday but i know he's always by my side.
  • Hildy
    Very touching. I had to have my cat put to sleep two years ago after 13 years of unconditional love. My feelings at the time were very similar but I couln't have put it in words as beautifully as the author of this poem did.
  • C.C
    Hi Kit this poem is soooooooooo good and sad at the same time. i can relate 2 u i just recntly lost my pet guinea pig. she was 2 years olds the good thing was she died in her sleep. it still makes me cringe and cry when i think of her. but now atleast i no im not alone *_* keep up the good work !
  • Hugs!
    This poem sincerely touched me! I love my Beagle dog Sheila so much you'll never know how close we truly are!I don't know what i'll ever do without her and when i read this poem just knowing how much i cared about my dog made me cry tears for you because i'm so sorry that you had to go through losing your doggy. and i understand it probley feels like ya lost your best friend but just know that your dog's lookin down on ya always and is forever protected! don't cry!
  • Jewel
    this is great i can relate to it it reminds me of a guy i know it made me cry but in a good way i just love it
  • Tina
    i think this poem was really good. i lost my dog Pancho of 9 years one month ago, and i miss him everyday, but this really helps.
  • Dale
    Kit, I was so touched by your poetery. I have been without my bestfriend since Oct. 12, 2002. His name was Odie Joe D. O. G. He was my compainion in everything, and loved going places with me. My baby was an irish setter/cocker spaniel. beautiful guy! His hair was rusty red, his eyes knowing and beleive it or not. he knew how to spell! Well, maybe not spell, but over the years if my husband and I were going to go somewhere and Joe could't go with us. we would spell out the words "go" "walk" "ride" "come" etc. and he would know what was up and act accordingly. He was such a wonderful true friend I will miss him always and I know that somewhere out there he is waiting for me so we can be together again! Its good to know that others can relate to one another on the subject of our 4 legged children. God bless you.
  • PAT
  • claire
    this poem is my favourite made me cry as my dog was recently sick but recovered and is well again and i was the same as you.i love your poem
  • Louise
    I lost my beloved pet, "Buddy" (an 8 yr old Pomeranian) on Nov. 30th, 2001. He was born with a collapsed trachea, and made his breathing very labored and it finally took it's toll on him. My husband and I put him to final peace and sleep a few months ago. It was one of the hardest things to do. Your poem put into words how I felt at that time. Now, I am sending a copy of your poem to my brother in Connecticut who just had his cat put down after 16 beautiful years with "SAM". He loved his cat as I loved my Buddy. Thanks for a great poem and thanks for sharing it with everyone.
  • nicola
    i had to have my cat put down over 6 months ago still havent got over it but its comforting to know others feel the same way about the pets they love so much
  • Danielle
    This poem is absolutly wonderful. My cat is 8 years old and she will be gone soon. I love my cat so dearly. This poem made tears come to my eyes.
  • Lynda
    Brilliant work, so many of us can relate to your feelings. God Bless you, may another little animal find its way to your house and heart it is sure to be cared for.
  • Russell
    I guess I was sort of looking for something like this poem that I could connect it to my life. I have found and lost the most meaningful person in my life, in all of what seems so short. I have to let go of the girl I love, but of course will always have my memories.
  • katina
    This is such a wonderful poem.It has touch my heart and im sure many others,good job!:)
  • Nancy
    Very touching and true to life poem brought back sad memories of when I had to make that decision, not once but twice. I wish I had this to read long ago, I will pass this onto my sister who now faces that same decision for her beloved dog of 10 yrs has cancer.
  • shang
    These are the feelings that I am feeling this momment as my relationship is about to end.
  • Melissa
    Incredible!! You have made many people feel so much better about one of the hardest decissions they've had to make. Thank you!
  • Becky
    WOW!? It was such a sad poem.but yet it was very well written.
  • Jenny
    This poem had left me speechless. I am left here with tears in my eyes but somehow they just wont run down my face. SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE THE AUTHOR A BIG HUG FOR ME!
  • Pocahontas
    I really loved your poem because I felt the same way when my pet died.
  • Gwen
    Beautiful poem. My 12 year old siamese, Winston, has just been diagnosed with Fibrous Sarcoma, & only has a few more months before he will go to the bridge.I have another siamese there, who was 18 years old.
  • Becky
    Thank you! Yesterday I had to put my best friend to sleep after 14 years. This poem helped me to know that I did the right thing.
  • Alexis
    My beloved one year old rottweiler, Toby, is very ill and will be put to sleep on April 9th, 2001. I'm very upset by it, and your poem has comforted me greatly. Although I want him to be here with me, I also do not want him to suffer any longer. Thank you for writing such a wonderful poem.
  • Jennifer
    This was a very sad poem, but I know how it is too lose a pet. About 4 years ago, we had to put our 13 year old bassethound to sleep, I grew up with that dog actually my brother and two sisters did to, so I understand how all you people feel who has lost a pet.
  • dori
    how nice...letting go...of your pet that is & has been always there for you..i need to do the same, but can't
  • Sheila
    Your poem just touched my heart! I have had so much of dreadful moments that seemed like eternity when my cats died..until now, when i think of them, it hurts me deep down inside.
  • Stevie
    We become so attached to are beloved pets, they are always so happy to see and Greet us, when they go to heaven, a part of us goes with them.
  • Yvonne
    Fantastic,true feelings.
  • ashley
    this was a very strong poem
  • Carol
    This poem was great and it tells how I also felt about letting go of my baby who I loved so much my german sheperd. It gove words to my pain.
  • Anna
    very good...touched my dog that i had for 13 yrs died last week and this poem went straight to my heart.....
  • heather
    I have a siamese cat thats almost 20 and this poem really hit me. I cherish all the time were together.
  • klair
    WOW.....what a tear jerker....I can't quite crying. The author touches a place in my heart that, I'm sure anyone who has ever had the joy of an animals can feel.
  • Sonja
    Amazing poem...
  • Irene
    I know how you feel.I had to make a decision to put my dog Baby only a year old to sleep due to kidney failure. The poem hit home,it made me see things a little different.Baby's not dead,she lives in her two pups . thank you!
  • Anne
    very sad poem, I often felt the same way...
  • Frances
    This was so touching to me.I have a pet to that Is twelve and getting worse.But I Want her here as long as I can have her.But one day I will have to take that final step. Thanks for sharing your poem with us.

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