This poem was written for someone very special to me. We began as friends, and are now working our way towards something more. I have started to fall in love with this special person, and as I am not good at expressing my feelings verbally, I put the pen to the paper, so to speak. The poem may be classified as a love poem or as a poem about love and friendship. It describes something we have all felt at one time or another.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

I Love
I love to see you smile
And I love knowing that I caused that smile
I love to see you happy
And I love knowing that I caused that happiness

I love to look into your beautiful eyes
And I love the way I fall into them
I love it when you hold my hand
And I love having the courage to grab and hold yours

I love to tease and torment you
And I love it when you tease and torment me
I love it when you touch me
And I love to touch you

I love rediscovering how beautiful you are each time I see you
And I love realizing how attractive you make me feel
I love wanting so badly to kiss you
And I love the way you want to take things slow

I love the fact that you still want to be my friend
And I love that I want to be yours
I love so many things about you
But the most important thing is:
I Love you!
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  • Krunal
    Hye melissa this is the best poem which I read in my life. It makes me feel so good and its my pleasure that I am sending htis poem to my girlfriend. thanks
  • Gary
    This poem exactly expressed what i fell about someone
    i like it. it make the journey of love look smmoth to both parties involved.
  • Amber
    This is the best peom that i ahve ever read and it describes how i feel about my boyfriend right now.
  • Anrelina
    I know is filles how to love someone thats your friend you think they love you too but your not for sure so for now i just be friends until the end of the year until that day come i have to wait until i know he loves me.
  • Mari
    I really like this poem
  • yuley
    i loved ur poem its the BEST!
  • joseline
    this poem is so cool.
  • Dunia
    i love this poem. i understand everything you are saying. i feel the same way. yup yup. love it!
  • amber
    this poem is such a awesome poem! i love it so much it represents my boyfriend and i in a way!
  • amanda
    this poem could really make someone tell there love how much they love them!
  • ann
    this poems is the best !
  • Mingala
    I love this poem, this is the way i feel about my boyfriend. He is the greatest person anyone could ever have. It was truly the best poem i have read.
  • sky
    i really liked that poem! it reminds me a lot of my b/f! :)
  • solaiman
    awesome peom i sent it to my girl hope she like it. 10/10
  • Siyabonga
    Ilove this poem because it tells the way I feel right now as I have told my friend that I love her. I mean everything but worse and worse the last stanza.
  • Necey
    Omg, i love that poem. i really could relate myself to her. i feel as Im reading it that Im saying it to him.
  • Elizabeth
    this poem is very discriptive i love the way you added details,keep me updated to your poetry! great job
  • NaTasha
    Omce again I can relate to this because this is how I feel towards somebody.
  • Chelsea
    I luved this poem. It reminds me of how i feel about the dude i luv. i luv luving him n thats what ur poem reminds me of
  • kern
    wonderfully expressed.
  • sherri
    I loved the poem so much I sent it to the one I liked and it scared him away but its still beautiful
  • courtney
    i really liked this poem simply because it reminds me of my boyfrind and i
  • Geri
    This poem is exactly how I feel about a guy that I am the best of friends with. You wrote a awesome poem. Thank You and looking forward to reading more of them.
  • Felix
    I voted for this poem because it makes my heart melt.
  • Lashauna
    this poem makes me think of my boyfriend i love him i do.
  • Amanda
    I loved this poem while reading it i could feel the conection between you and the person you were writing it to.
  • Isamar
    that poem remember of my boyfriend that like discraveing him he my every thing i lve him so much that my husband and god bless him amen
  • angela
    The poem was wonderful. It said everything exactly as I wanted it to say. It didn't sound fake, it hit right at the point.
  • Ashly
    I love this poem so much it makes me want to go up to my special friend and just tell him that I love him and that we don't need to take it slow.
  • Francis
    This is a good poem. I like it straight forwards style. I like it full of feelings. I like it because I known it from my loved one.
  • magaly
    dis is so sweet and i can really realte to it so much it touched me
  • lucy
    this poem was great it really made me realize how wonderful love is
  • Anthony
    This poem is exactly how i feel for my girlfirend and i love her so much and i cannot wait to see the beautiful smile she make when i read this to her
  • Atiq ul
    well, I read some poems on netpoets and this is the best poem I have come across. simple but strong. keep it up Melissa ! and thanks for sharing
  • stevie
    This Poem is so amazing. Im an Australian who also love writing love poem to although I'm only 15 I think this poem rocks! P. S. My boyfriend loves this poem to cya
  • Rakia
    This is a very touching poem. It really open me up to tell my best friend i care about him.
  • lakshay
    excilent. brilliant. fantastic.
  • Merit
    I love this poem! that happens to me too
  • alexa
    I loved the poem it hit the spot on how i feel on my girlfriend i just hope she likes it cause i know i did thank you for putting the poem to share with everyone
  • Kayla
    This poem rocks, I have wrote poems about love but i truely think that this is the best type of poetry that i will look up to when i need help writing on my own!
  • shalibhadr
    nice poem
  • MeLiSsA
    This poem is sooooo great! ;) its really awesome! keep doin' what you've been doin'! (lol) love always. ! (you did great!)
  • melanie
  • Natalie
    I love this poem recently 1 of my best friends jus told me that he really cared about me and i told him i felt the same this poem jus reminded me of how we are now its jus all in all a really great poem!
  • tanya
    that is a realy graet poem
  • Victoria
    I love this poem. it says exactly what I feel about my best friend
  • Mark
    To me, "I Love", is a beautiful thing. I think that the author "felt" this poem. I think she may have lived it.
  • alyn
    This was a wonderful poem
  • Corey
    This poem is extremely touching. I gave read it to my girlfriend for christmas and she loved it.
  • summer
    wow i love this poem and i wish my boyfriend would realize how much ilove him.
  • Sandeep
    its good
  • Lilian
    this poem is going directly to my boyfriend e-mail.
  • Angela
    Wonderful poem
  • Amber
    I love this poem. It describes perfectly what I feel when I am thinking or being with my boyfriend. I wanted some way to tell him what he has done to me, and I think I just found it. It is the perfect way to tell him. Thanks to you and your poem I can finally tell him how desperately in love I am with him.
  • Jasmin
    This poem really touched me it is soo beautiful!
  • Arely
    I really love this poem because it say what i feel right now with the person that i love very much. That as open tell me open my heart again.
  • shawna-kay
    this poem is one of the best i have read sending it to my boyfriend now jus letting him know i love him.
  • melissa
    I love someone now and the poem is so good that i think you should keep on writing its exactley how i feel now so keep up the good work. YOU ROCK GIRL!
  • Marina
    I'm in that situation and I really like this poem very much. It's touching.
  • Forence
    i really love the poem it really touched me and for this is one of the best poem ever keep it up cause you've got talents.
  • Amber
    I love. dis poem, I sent it to my friend, I don't kno how he just yet but I'll keep u posted, thanx bye!;0)
  • louise
    i thought this was a beautiful poem, i loved it very much and would love to hear more by melissa neiding
  • Nini
    I would vote for Mellissa because her poams are beutiful!
  • alexis
    I fell in Love with your poem because it reminds me of someone I really care about but,he still wants to be a player it sucks cuz I really love him.
  • Donna
    Wow, I feel the same way, it sucks when you read poems that have nothing to do with your life. Good Job
  • Cory
    This is exactly how I feel about a friend of mine thats slowly going up and well anyways good job and keep it up
  • Felicia
    I loved this poem. It was very sweet. It was like me and my bestfriend. We tried the dating thing, it didnt work out well, but we still are bestfriends.
  • Kasie
    Yes this poem will be good I read it and had gave it to my boyfriend. He loved it
  • Kaylyn
    i love this poem cuz everything i look forward to my last hour in school cuz i like a guy in my class and this poem reminds me of him!
  • Brittany
    This poem means a lot to people who are or were going through this. It deserves two thumbs up!
  • jaclyn
    this was a really cute,personal poem that i love! it really touched me!
  • Stephen
    Very good!
  • maya
    its a wonderfull poem! i just love it it reminds me of me and my boyfriend. keep up the good work!
  • Chris
    This poem expresses just how I feel about the most important person in my life - my partner. Thank you.
  • Eubanks
    I love this poem. it reminded me of my x~boy friend! He was the sweetest guy ever, he would open doors for me and basically do anything for me. After the two months we were toghter, he cheated on me with a girl named Regina. She isn't that pretty either, and he said he has no feelings for her. They are still around each other all the time. He has been doing many things that arn't good for him since we have been broke up. He thinks I don't care about him anymore! I do care about him very much. I want the best for, too. But that was a beautiful poem!
  • Kelly
    I'm in this situation and it just touched me hearing it put into words.
  • Nic
    I relaly like this poem! it reminds me a lot of the situation that im in. i am gong to show the person this poem, but of coarse giving credit to Melissa Neiding. thank you Melissa! you opened my eyes!
  • crystal
    this poem really touched me and you did an excellent job. keep it up. this poems hella koo.
  • Lakesha
    I really love this poem. This poem has so much to it. Your poem really got to me and my bot friend. If you can write alot of poem like this I'm happy to say you should write a book. I will be the first to get it.
  • mary
    i really liked your poem it is a very good poem thanks love always mary n edgar
  • Ashlea
    ***GREAT POEM***
  • rahul
    Its such a simple and clearly worded poem. It really delivers what you want to put through. It has so many true feelings which go thru ones heart when he/she r in love. A well written poem !
  • david
    Very Nice! It brought a tear to my eye for someone whom I Love very much. Thanks, Melissa.
  • Funky
    This poem is amazing! It's really well-written and I wish I was the one who wrote it. I showed it to the guy I like, and then he told me he liked me back! Thankyou so so so so so so so much!
  • Rebecca
    this poet really knows how to put a persons exact thoughts into a poeam. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more of your work.
  • Leyla
    This poem was GREAT! when i read it i thought about my husband and how much i love him. I love him just as much now as when i first met him. I really really loved this poem!
  • clayton
    i really like your poetry because its so sweet,because it comes from your heart i guess one of the real resons is i really like it becuase i feel like its the same relationship me and my girl have. thank you for making me and my girl have a stronger relationship!
  • Julie
    Helloo Milissa. I was having a gander over the web. I deceided to have a boo at some poetry. I loved your poem because I can relate to it,as I feel the same way about this bloke,I haven't told him how I really feel,I'm sure that he has an idea. And at our age ( were both in our mid 40's )we know what we want and don't want. Thank you some for your poem Milissa If a vote is on a scale of one to ten and ten being the Top mark I would give you a 10 . Thanks again Julie
  • crystal
    The Poem is very good and it truely comes from the heart that so many people can relate to it.
  • Marty
    It was like BANG. And there were my feeling written on a page. Thank you for expressing them because I have never found the words to.
  • kensey
    i can relate to this i turly loved this boy but it didnt work. i really liked this .
  • Jennifer
    I really love your poem. It really describes the same way I really feel about my best friend,Dana. Dana & I have been best friends for four years now and these past few months I have been falling in love with him.
  • stevi
    i really loved this poem cuz it makes me think of my ex-boyfriend that i miss and love so dearly. i rate this poem a 10!
  • Jennie
    that sounds exactly like my boyfriend and i! it was an amazing poem. One of the best!
  • Star
    I loved it! It touched me. BEAUTIFUL!
  • Claire
    it made me cry it reminds me of someone so much. if only he knew i felt that way about him.
  • stephen
    it just hit me and can relate to it
  • Stephanie
    Wonderful poem Michelle! You captured deep emotions with simple words. I can relate.
  • Missy
    Wow that was a wonderful poem. it really touched me keep up the good work!
  • chris
  • Mighty
    wow amazing peom expresses my feelings exactly
  • Justine
    I like read them and i can read them all day
  • Britt
    Wow, did that poem ever explain soooo much about the way I feel about a certain someone! It totally explained everything I was feeling and more!
  • Nadxhielly
    It'S aN eXcElLeNt PoEm!
  • Aaron
    I really love this poem, it says almost everything i want to say, i tried so hard to make a poem that says these things but i always made them too complicated, this poem is so simpe its so direct, it makes it so beautiful and straight from the heart, pure and exactly what i feel. i love it.
  • Lauren
    This poem is on point (very good, describing exactly everything that is going on with me). It describes exactly how I feel. I'm not good at expressing my feelings verbally either.
  • angel
  • brittany
    This poem is great! I gave it to my man and he loves it. I also love this site. thankz
  • Lucero
    i love the poem ! it relates to me in many ways and would like to know what it was that inspired you. i love it and i got several copies to give out to friends.
  • Pamela
    Hey,Ilove this poem. It just prefect. Its the same i feel bout my friend with benifits. And now i think im in LOVE wit him. Thank! Its the PREFECT! poem
  • Stacey
    I love the peom so far it's my favorite
  • Joanne
    I would love to use this peom in our wedding cermoinies (civil service) this peom is just my ptnr & I are! Just love it!
  • Toni
    I love how you tell how you are feeling. it is a wonderful poem.
  • Leah
    i love your poem so much that is how i feel about my boyfriend especally the tease and torment part ;)
  • Elizabeth
    your poem is the perfect description of a women being in love, great job!
  • Kapil
    I like to thank the author for this peom. There's lots of reasons to Love my intimate one. Few of them have described in you peom which I really liked. I have sent the peom with "I Love You" title to show my express and care to her. It's really great -- I kiss your hand for this beatiful peom that you wrote for the love one
  • river
    melissa i really enjoyed this poem . because i have this friend that i love in a different way and he doesnt feel the same though . and this poem says exactly the way i feel about him. keep writing poems like this it brought tears to my eyes.
  • Chelsea
    Omg! I absolutely LOVE this poem. Once I read the first line I knew I'd end up sending it to my boyfriend. I'm 17 and when I go to college I'm thinking about taking a course about writing. When I read your poem I was just so inspired! I think Melissa is a wonderful writer and I want to be just like her!
  • Angel
    Hey girl! This is the most beautiful poem that I've ever read. I just started talking to this guy here recently and I was trying to find a poem to give to him that described exactly how I felt about him and I. This is the best one that I could find. You did an EXCELLENT job. keep writing.
  • Nick
    I have known a lovely lady for 15 years and this poem fits EXACTLY! It really fels good that I have found another outlet for my feelings towards her, Thanks!
  • adam
    it was a great poem and the reason it was so great is it shows your feelings for that person
  • Ashley
    I realy loved your pome that descibe almost about my friend i hope you keep up with the good work and you could make a good writer.
  • Dee
    I LOVE your poem! I feel the exact same way about my boyfriend, except right now, were having a long distance relationship, becuse he had to move, but were still together and love each other very much, and I miss everything that your poem said, and so much more about him. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem.
  • Sabrina
    Ilove this peom and I would never be able to come up with a poem like this.
  • sophie
    your poem is so beutiful it made me feel so happy inside and so greatful that i have a boyfriend and how much respect i should have for him.
  • Teresa
    This poem is beautiful! It says to person the words I couldn't find. I searched for those words, and I have found them in this poem. THANK YOU!
  • deni
    This poem rocks. I love it and it relates to what i am going through.
  • Diana
    i love this poam. it makes me think of this boy i like named Remi
    YOUR POEM ROCKS! This is not like the fairy tale. You brought it to reality and it's not easy to do that. WAY TO GO! KEEP WRITING!
  • Shell
    I love this poem because it describes exactly how I feel toward that special guy. Melissa has captured how I feel in words.
  • Samantha
    OMG I love this poem! I cried when I read it! I can totally relate to you gurl! Keep writting you're doing great!
  • Kim
    I have been reading these poems for an hour now and this one is my favorite. Great Job.
  • keri
    I loved your style on this poem, it was very cute and straight forward. Awesome job!
  • Kylie
    For about a month now i have been looking for the perfect poem to give to my boyfriend for his 21st, to tell him exactly how i feel and out of the many poems i have read this is the best one for me to give him as it is exactly how i feel. Thank you for sharing this special poem with me and the many other people that can relate to it.
  • LYNE
  • Jesse
    It remines me of me and my friend logan
  • Angie
    it's beautiful
  • Ariel
    I absolutly LOVE this pome! This is exactly how I felt when I met my boyfriend. Thanks Melissa for such a great pome!
  • Tanya
    You go Melissa. I'm saying this because I'm sort of caught up in the same situation. And this is perhaps one of the most open poem I've ever read, that actually pinpoints something that's so true.
  • Jeff
    This is a great poem! It says exactly how I am feeling about my best friend!
  • Jen
    I only came to this site to goof around at one in the morning. After reading this poem I began to think of a VERY dear person to my heart and soul. The only person that I would die for in my life. Sometimes its difficult to say just the right words and many people think in order to compose a proper poem it has to be complex and consists of about 4987234 words that flow in consistant rhyme, however in reality of it all sometimes only one word or sentence can sum everything up just as clear as a novel! good poem!
  • samantha
    This one poem made me think about all the love ones in my life all i know is this poem is great.
  • jacky
    I can relate to your poem as of now at this time in my life i am experiencing the same thing it relates so much to your poem and you were right.
  • Aina
    This is a very lovely poem, i like it so much. its very touching n heartwarmth. keep it up.
  • Heidi
    Melissa, I was searching for a poem for my "friend" turned boyfriend and I came across your poem! And I wanted one just right to send him, I though yours was great! and explained just how I felt about him in so many ways! He was and still is my best friend! So keep writing and I hope to see more of your works on here! Good Luck!
  • micha
    I also am friends with a beautifull ( In my eyes) Lady. Who I hope to one day become, a permanent part of her life. She makes words and love flow so freely from within my soul.
  • ellen
    Congratulations on writing such a recognisable poem. I have just started a relationship with my best friend, and I totally agree with all the things you describe. I couldn't have said them better myself. You have a real talent for writing emotional poems, and I suggest you keep on writing. I know I will look foreward to your next poem.
  • jenny
    This was a good poem, I could not have put it any better, both me and a friend were reading it and we were like WOW we both know what it feels to cross the line and loose a friend, Or the best part of the friendship. I hope you don't mind if i print it out and show it to the guy I crossed the line with hopefully it can help us become the friends we use to be. I do miss him alot.
  • Ciera
    ireally like this poem i know how u feel i once fell in love with my friend but was to scared to try it so we remain friends good luck
  • Amy
    I really enjoyed this poem .
  • josh
    I noticed how all the votes are from women, and the poem writen for a man, but there is nothing closer to how I feel for the girl I love.
  • Melinda
    This is one of the first poems in a long time that actually stated the way I feel toward one of my own special friends.
  • Shirley
    I think that everyone can relate to this poem in someway. Everyone has had a friend that turned into a loving relationship that most likley changed there life.
  • Tiffany
    This is my favorite love poem of all time. I have been looking through many, many books and sites and this one does it perfectly. Some are really complex, some are 'flat,' some are far too eloquent, and others don't say enough. Yours puts it thouroughly and simply- thanks for writing it. I Love it, Melissa!
  • Dee
    The same thing happened to me! I had a good friend and then we started to get more serious.I know exactly what you are saying. Great poem!
  • Jules
    I really love your poem. That's exactely how I feel right now. Keep up the good work.
  • Leona
    I Love this poem!
  • robin
    I love this poem. Sometimes you can feel something, but not know how to say it. This poem says it all!Thanks
  • Alex
    Hats off to ya!'s just Amazing !
  • JENN
    It was great and Its soo true for me. It just makes me feel like you wrote it for me. nothing will change between me and him but I love feeling like that. good luck with him. xoxo.
  • Ashley
    I loved your poem so much it was exactly how i feel about my boyfriend. I must have gone through like 50 poems and none of them were as close to how i feel as yours. Thanks for the help.
  • vanny
    i really loved this poem. it shows exactly what i have been feeeling since the day i got with my boyfriend.
  • jeanie
    omg i totally relate to this,, today i told my best friend how i really felt.. and he felt the same. this poem is so true and real
  • Blindsided
    This poem describes, exactly, my feelings for a lady whom I love VERY much. Due to the pain which she has endured at the hands of another, I cannot express my true feelings to at this point in time(though she does know). Thank you for this poem.
  • cencen
    wow this is very lovely poem i really like it.
  • Jennifer
    Its a very great and understanding poem.It expains alot of how you did a great job on thinking of such a great poem.
    this is a very meaningfull peom it seams your gonna have a bright future i too am poet but i lost it a couple years ago!
  • PhoEbe!!!
    i feel ya girl!
  • larky
    how i wish i could say the same words to my friend.well its a very cute and "correlatable" poem indeed.
  • Rachel
    I really loved this poem, it's really sweet it's the kind of poem I would LOVE to give to my boyfriend
  • ramin
    i love it
  • Samiha
    well i wud like 2 say dat. dis poem is really fantastic.. N even toched ma heart alot.
  • JACK
  • Lindy
    Very few poems impress me or actually let me relate to them, but this one does. It's totally awesome and my boyfriend loved it, when I sent it to him!
  • Evita
    I think your poem was very sweet and deep.I like it very much.
  • christopher
  • Kavitha
    This poem touched my heart to the core and there's never a day when I don't read it! It expresses everything I feel about my best friend and more too.. I was never an expressive person.and this poem said it all! Thanx Melissa for doing such a great job!
  • Monali
    It was an excellent poem and very expressive.I just loved it.
  • tickles
    just absolutley great!
  • Stephanie
    this was a wonderful poem it really made me think bout my guy he is soo wonderful and perfect! keep writing these kind of poems!
  • SweetLuvinGirl
  • sophia
    this is so true! for me and you said it all sister thanx. These are feels that i have for this person and we started as friend too.
  • Unique
    A friend of mine sent me this poem, and for the first time I realized what he felt. Beautiful poem.
  • Holly
    That said everything that I have ever wanted to say. I just couldn't put it into my own words. Thank you sooo much!
  • ronnii
    this reminded me of my boyfriend, and it touched me real deep.
  • merv
  • jess
    very nice-- easy to understand-- it gives you a sence that everyone knows they feel but just dont know how to say it.
  • Monica
    This is a very touching poem, and it helps me to find the words that i need to tell my boyfriend. he is very special to me and this is just really a WONDERFUL poem!!! Wonderful work!! keep writing!!
  • Monica
    'I Love' is how I feel about someone special to me and I found away to tell him.
  • Susie
    This is the best one I have read!
  • Leah
    I absolutely need a copy of this poem. It is exactly what I feel for my boyfriend. Thank you so much Melissa.
  • Jessica
    I love your pome. That is how I feel about my boyfriend.
  • sal
    This poem really touches the heart.
  • Richardo
    it was very powerful it touch me. thank you for write the pome
  • Sam
    SO touching, I've just sent to a luv one.
  • liz
    so elequent,and simply put. love is not complicated. your words are exactly my thoughts...
  • Nadine
    This poem really hit home for me. You put into words exactly what I was feeling. Thank you for putting into words what other people only think.
  • big
    very very good plain simple sweet and touching even tho it's plain it has emotions and that where it counts i was reading it and it is touching
  • Kristy
    I love this poem because its a true thing thats going on in my life.
  • Kristyn
    This poem is like my own expression for how much I care about my boyfriend. He does so much for me, but I'm afraid of the 3 little words. This poem says it all for me!
  • Hayley
    It is a wonderful poem...keep up the ggod work
  • rio
    sweet poem, hits the right spot
  • Jasmine
    This poem is sweet yet honest. When you write a love poem it's hard to keep it realistic. From all the love poems I've read they all describe fanasties or the myth that love is all well. Thanks for a lovely poem. Continue with what you're doing.
  • Cassie
    i loved this poem. you captured in your words exactly the way i feel about my boyfriend. i almost cried because i felt like you got in my head and recorded what you saw. great job!
  • Luis
    great poem
  • Theresa
    This is a very beautiful poem and I know exactly what those feelings are like.
  • Jennifer
    This is the SWEETEST poem I have read in a long time. I would like to say thank you for sharing your poem with the world.
  • marchin
    brill poem if only people could love each other more would the world become a better place
  • sumit
  • christina
    hi i really lioke the poem that u wrote its very nice keep the good work.
  • clifford
    I like the facts that everything seems to be true in the poem and that Is the way I felt when I first met my love.
  • Tameka
    Great poem! It literally brought tears to my eyes!!
  • Beverly
    Beutiful poem ,I loved it
  • Frank
    I like this poem. It show many thoughts.
  • Justin
    THis poem touched me in a special wayt and fit my beloved and I so well... It truely is a masterpeice.
  • Natasha
    I just want to say that this poem is beatiful as I read this i felt the emotions
  • Heidi
    I thought it was a wonderful poem. I recieved it from someone and fits our relationship perfectly!
  • DoLpHiNpRiNcEz
    i absoluteli luv dis poem! aftur i read it i wuz jus totalli speechless! i had nuthin left 2 do except 2 of course send it 2 my bf whom i dedicate dis poem 2, alex, i luv u!
  • Melinda
    I like this poem because it is exactly how i feel about my boyfriend.
  • heather
    I liked this one too, but u dont find that kind of real love all the time.
  • simon
    reading this poem i felt i could have wrote it summed up my own feelings i have for a very special lady.
  • Megan
    OMG! this poem made me think of the guy i love and am in the same situation with!
  • Louise
    This is where I'm at right now!
  • LOLA
  • dawn
    this is a beautiful poem
  • khang
    this is one of the most beautiful love peom i have ever read!
  • Kelly
  • Lorna
    write some more girl! It's a good poems. I love it. Don't stop writing poems.
  • Sampo
    Very Good...
  • Alexandra
    I like this poem because this great poem keep it up ok bye
  • George
    My wife really loved this one. Thanks Melissa.
  • Pam
    this poem is the sweetest thing that i have ever read. it describes my friend and i so much that it is scary. i think this person is very talented and unique
  • Michelle
    This poem sums up my life right now with a friend who I am falling in love with. I am sending this to him because right now I couldn't say it any better without sounding stupid!
  • Lisa
    That is the most beautiful and moving poem I have ever read in my entire life - it explains my inner feelings about someone in every way I could not find possible to say
  • suzanne
    I sent this to a friend who has just recently become a lover,we are sorta at that ackward stage of not knowing what to do next..a little suprised at what has developed..thank you for your poem, it helped me say a few things that just wouldn't come forth.
  • Bob
    Your poem is the exact way I feel toward my Girlfriend
  • Nikki
  • kitty
    this perfectly expresses how i and a friend feel for each other. it is as if melissa could look deep into my heart and see these words. my friend also feels that this fits us perfectly.
  • Brandy
    Its very simalar to how I once felt for my soon-to-be husband. It brings a smile to my face.
  • Jeff
    Excellent poem
  • Neil
    You are absolutly correct when you say that everybody has felt this before. I feel it right now as I type this. Thank you.
  • Caro
    I loved your poem!
  • kitty
    this poem struck such a chord with me. i have recently entered into a more serious relationship with a friend, and all the words said exactly what i have been feeling.
  • Christina
    I loved your poem. It totally describes the way I feel about my girlfriend right now. She means the world to mean I fall in love with here again everything I see her.
  • Megan
    Your poem rocks I mean its so true in what you are saying.
  • Johnny
    Very beautiful poem.
  • Christine
    it was very nice, deep. had a strong sense of truth and i can relate
  • Martha
    This is a very beautiful poem. One of the best I had read in a while. It brought back my curiosity and interest in poetry. Keep up the good work.
  • Rachel
    This poem totally describes a love thats pure and in its early stage.
  • Jenny
    I am in a similiar situation, and this poem really meant a lot to me. I love you Eric.
  • Tim
    I must say that I truely loved this poem. The exact things could be said for the relationship I am in right now. It was well written and expresses Melissa's true feelings (I hope you don't mind me calling you Melissa though I don't know you) A beautiful poem, keep writing!!
  • Dan
    This is an excellent poem-it is very representative of my reationship with my girlfriend
  • Jessica
    This poem is very nice and appealing to the male human species
  • Zoe
    It was a great poem!!!!!
  • insomniac90
    Very well written! LOVELY POEM!
  • Pat
    really neat
  • Laura
    It was great It just what Im looking for to tell my boyfriend how I feel about him.
  • Nick
    this poem is amazing, that is exactly how I am feeling right now.
  • lindsey
    This poem made me cry it rimindes me so much of me and my boyfriend.
  • Adrian
    Melissa, thanks for writing this poem. evrytime I read it , it chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes. It reminds that I still love my wife as I did when we wed 17 years ago.
  • Jennifer
    I loved your poem so much that i sent it to my boyfriend.The poem is just like what is going thru my head when I am with my boyfriend.Keep up the good work
  • joey
    I was reading this poem off yours and me and my g/fjust broke up and I sent this poem to her and we got back to gethere. Thanks
  • Brian
    i'm not very good with poems but this one said everything i thought for my girlfriend thanks its a great poem
    Your poem is great! It kind of describes a relationship that I'm in right know.
  • mark
    It was the most beautiful poem i've ever read.
  • Humberto
    this is a beautiful poem and very helpful , it helped me get my girlfriend that I have now
  • Stan
    When a poem has a universal appeal it can be understood and integrated into the life of many readers. Others will give this message to someone they love.

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