I wrote this about a dear friend whose life was stolen from her in the midst of her youth. Although grief is an emotion that we often feel we will never recover from, there is truth and a reason for everything. One day, our tears will wash away the sorrow, but time will never wash away our dear memories. For even death has no control over the boundaries of love.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

No More Tears To Cry
a year and a half
since that cold day in January
yet I still remember it like it was yesterday
(I guess to me it always will be )

rain poured down as if it desperately needed to rid itself of all moisture
as if the clouds felt that they had to ring out all the water that night

that very night
or else the world would come to a drastic end

to me that "end" seemed to come anyway

the streets were pools of water
cars spinning out of control
she never had a chance to grow up

she was merely fifteen

too young to experience life on her own
yet too old to have it spoon-fed to her

she wanted to be independent
a rebel
she wanted to say that she had done it without her parents ever knowing
but they found out

2:00 AM
knock on the door
"I'm sorry ma'am"
was the first words out of his mouth
"your daughter was killed tonight in a car accident"
the world came to a halting stop and yet the room still managed to
continue to spin

"you don't know what you are talking about"
"my baby . . . my baby, she's upstairs sleeping"

frantically she ran up the stairs
she was gone
no where to be found

its over

she was identified

it was really her

a best friend to so many . . . her life stolen away

I heard the next day

full of disbelief I acted as if I never heard the words

"lies . . . our school is so full of lies . . . its only a nasty rumor, you know how
that is"
was my reply to the news that soon became a reality to me shortly after

I saw her

lying . . . still
no movement
although I could have sworn that at any moment she was just going to rise
up out of the baby blue bed that she rested in and bring peace to a room
full of grief

it didn't even look like her

it wasn't her

too long I glared at her
questions running through my mind like a freight train at a speed to fast
to comprehend

"God, she was just a child. How could a life so young, be stolen so
quickly? "

no reply

I got infuriated with Him
she was a good kid
just made a few bad choices
I never thought they were severe enough to be punishable by death

the next day
as I witnessed the casket that held the breathless
body of my dear friend
be lowered into the earth

tears poured down my cheeks like rain out of heaven

it was so cold that day
I could feel the salty droplets dry hard on my

fifteen degrees

I wondered for so long about the life of my friend
I pondered this question so many times

why shall the innocent die, while the murderers run free?

how come she never got to fulfill the "perfect"
plan that we are all promised?

it has taken me this year and a half to understand the loss of my friend
it has taken me this long to realize that her
plan was played out

it is all summed up in this one word that often brings shutters to the
bones of so many


her death was a lesson to all that she left behind life is fragile
there is no way that we can control who lives and dies
all we can do is have faith that we will get through it

good and bad are obvious and sometimes not so obvious

right and wrong choices can determine life or death

so it's time for us to wake up
mourn no more
for time will heal our broken hearts

and one day
there will be no more tears to cry
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  • chrystill
    i love it. i got tears in my eyes
  • jennie
    i feel for you. my dad died and i am looking for a poem of my father passing, but i am not alone, i realize people do have the same emotions. i am glad you expressed yours, and i think i will be writing mine. good luck. the sun still shines as the moon still rises.
  • briana
    Your poem touched me in many ways it opened my eyes so i con see. After the death of my friend MaeJean Cummings 2 days ago i learned that we all dont need to take life forgranted. Thank You, Briana Hickman
  • hannah
    this was a very good poem as well there is so much emotion in it, it is really good i think you should become a regular poet it is very very good keep up the good work
  • Brittany
    um. wow! Im 15 and i got into a really bad car accident on the first of December. I ended up breaking my neck in three different places. we were messing around on a gravel road and rolled the car about 50 yards into a field. I was very lucky that night to have lived. I had to have had someone watching over me because i am still walking and am almost a normal kid again! I might end up not getting all my movement back though. But thank you this poem really made me happy that i am alive.
  • veronica
    man dis poem really touched me dis same excact thing happened to ma baby brother he was 16 in a car accident with his best friend they hit a tree. they both died. they had snuck out the house. it was in january too of 06 around hte same time!
  • Richard
    WOW That was sooooo beutefull i allmost cryed and the lesson was perfect just have fath god has a plan for all of us its not relly deth just reborn in to gods peresnts and out of this world of pane and suffering she's in a better place in gods house
  • liz
    As a new SIDS mom, it touched me.
  • mary
  • kiki
    omg, i love this poem this reminds me of what happended to me and my friend. thank you for the best poem of my life.
  • Tina
    it t0uch my heart when iie read on it . it simply jus describingg of h0w iim feeling right now . LOVED IT
  • Danielle
    I really liked that poem it touched me because just recently I knew two people that were hit by a train and they were 13 and 14 and this poem I can relate to.
  • Lisa
  • hdwheql
  • rebecca
    Ilove this poem my friend just pasted away on the weekend and i miss him so much i can not get over it every boby is in bits over it he was a very good friend you could ask him any thing and he would help you i just miss him so much and he is jut gone 3 days what am i going to do your poem is very good you no your friend is looking over you she is still with you and she is still your best friend
  • pilar ann
    your such a great friend
  • mary
    i liked this poem but theres one thing wrong, there will always be tears to cry, maybe not as much, but there will always be tears to come from your eyes
  • Sian
    When i lost someone i felt all the feelings described here this is a real heart toucher! well doen!
  • Jazmin
    My cousin passed away a year ago Her name BIANCA GONZALEZ she died the same way as your friend did in the poem
  • joel
    This poem is very unique as it uses the pain of death to teach a life long lesson. Very Good work.
  • sarah
    good job
  • deAnna
  • The Phantom
    Im siting with tears in my eys! It was soooooo beautifull I LOVED IT! Thax for that great read! The Phantom
  • sarah
    I'm so very sorry that you lost your friend that day. your poem touched my heart because I could feel the pain and sadness go through me. your poem has probably helped many get through pain and know in life you have choices and to be careful of the choices that you make bacause life is just to short and Im sorry your friend died the way that she did,but at least you know she is home now. I put a sincerist heart to you and other friends and family that lost her. At least you will have the comfort knowing she is watching and smiling at you because of this beautiful poem that you have made and expressed your feelings to other people of your friend. thank you for touching my heart and others. sincerely, sarah
  • Ashley
    that poem was very good it had me and my friend almost crying but it was so true also
  • Salind
    your poem was really touching because i lost a really good friend at the age of 12 he was killed in a car acsednt he died because his grandfather was drinking and driveing.
  • buffy
    I really like this poam. cause I just lost my man in dec. he was also to young to go but god took him. and it been 7 months and I syill pray that he will walk though our door. I dont know how to let him goI understand that god has a plan for all of us but I dont know how to let it be?
  • stormy
    hey i really like this poem and i know how you feel because i lost a real close friend about 3 years ago he was very dear to me and meant everything to me although he didnt die in a car wreak he took his own life and sometimes i wonder if i was such a good friend i would've been there for him but then i realize that i was a good friend and i did all i can do for him it took me 2 years and everyday to hear it from his mom that i was a good friend but you will never forget the pain and will never forget the good times.
  • m
    it really touched me
  • Nicey
    That has so far been the frist poem I have read that made me cry good work
  • Kellsie
    I loved this. My bestfriend died in a car accident a month ago. Its terrible. I read these sad poems over and over again about death trying to feel better. but i just miss her so much. i know exactly how you feel.
  • tiffany
    this was a really great poem. It made me cry.
  • Man-tli
    i know what your going through. my best friend died and he was only 15 it was in july of 2005. i blame myself for what he did. i know i shouldnt but i do. you really inspired me to not blame myself because we cant control who other people are.
  • Nicole
    This poem made me cry! Because I had lost one of my freinds i have known forever. His name was Matt Adamczyk he died the thursday before thanksgiving. I love you Matt! Nov 22,1987- Nov 17,2005. He had died in a car crash! The last word he said was "I love you all" It was hard for me to let him go!Its been 4 months since he had passed away! I miss him really bad we were close
  • samantha
    hello my name is samantha and this poem really touched me cause my brother died on november 19 only couple days before my b-day. his name was jonathan Blair you may have heard of him on the news he was the soldier that was killed in iraq, from the roadside bomb. your poem is exactly how i feel. i could never get my feelings like that down on paper like you did. you are a big inspiration just like jonathan is me. thank you so much for posting that so people like me can read that. i actually feel better now.
  • cami
    Oh my God thats like the best thing I have ever heard or read its sooooo. good!
  • abby
    it was touthing though i cried when i read it
  • Tiffany
    I think this is an excellent poem. I give it a 10/10.
  • stevie
    this poem is one of the best i have read, i really feel as i can relate to it as i lost one of my close friend in the same way. x
  • Kimberly
    this is a very touching story and i think you deserve a great vote. Its so descriptive and it makes me feel like i went through what you did.
  • Chihiro
    OH your poem moved my heart i almost cryed it was so sad. I know what your going throu i lost my friend in a car accident.
  • Brianna
    WOW! Thats all i have to say!
  • Crow
    This really spoke to me. I lost my girlfriend not to long ago in a car crash. She was also fifteen. After reading this poem I felt like it had happened all over again and I was experiencing it with you. Be strong.
  • Heather
    wow this gave me chilz! I liked this poem alot
  • Ashley
    This is an absolutly amazing poem. My 16 year old brother was killed in 1997 in a car accident in New Oxford penna. I was only 6 at the time, the police called my house asking for my parents, and i answered the phone, after going to get my mother, she came to the phone, and after she hung up, she bust into tears saying my sister and I were to lock the doors, and not let anyone in they would be back soon. It was not untill after my mother and father came back from the hospital. They sat my sister and me down, and said "girls your brother Mickey was in a car accident tonight, he didn't make he was killed. " then they both busted into tears, I couldn't believe it I was just dumbstruck I couldn't cry or anything. I may have only been 6 but I definatly understood that I would never see my big brother again. I miss him to this day, and even though I didn't cry then I cry now, I have dreams about his accident, and wake up crying so hard I can't even breath. I know what it is like to loose someone you love.
  • kayla
    i like your poem its long but it touched my heart with the words.
  • christina
    this poem really hit home b/c i lost my best friend/boyfriend in a fire last october and i couldfnt believe it i didnt want to i thought it was some rumor too. but then his sistr my best friend come to school and looked like crap so i finally believed it. i couldnt understand why he had to die he was only 16 and had everything going for him. i had just got back in contact with him after not seeing or talking to him in about 13 years when i was 3
  • vincent
    very touching.
  • ryan
    that was a sad but wondeful poem i just wonder if it was true
  • cierra
    the reason this poem made me cry was becaus ei lost my best friend around jauary she was only 15 2 and also got hit by a car she did make some bad choices but i thought they werent hat bad to be killed
  • tiara
    I love this poem because not too long ago I lost 4 of the most greatest guys in the world! I loved one and this jus helps me and many people who lost someone special to them get through the pain. How this poem says that she dies in a car accident. well my 4 great friends, Josh, Joey, Ian, and Dustin died the same way and I acted the same way!
  • Brittney
    from a poem like this i can relate i have written poems like this before about a friend named colt. i think this was a beautiful poem and if true am sorry for your loss.
  • Dana
    your poem was really good i liked it
  • Daniela
    This poem really touched me because someone i loved deeply was killed in a car accident 1 year ago next week. This person was only 25, 10 days before the accident.
  • Ashely
    I loved this poem,although it was sad,it was soo true. This has inspired me not to sneak out of the house or do things my momma would get mad at me bout,cuz i wouldn't want my momma to get a knock at the door by someone tellin her i'm dead and she think i'm up in my room. I wouldn't want to do that to her. I am so very sorry to what happened to your friend!I hope your poem inspire others as it did me.
  • yatavia
    i lost my mother a year ago and it was raining when th casket was lowered into the ground i was numb and couldnt feel a thimg i could barley stand, now and then i feel her presence and wish that she was here this poem helped me realize that people feel the same way that i do and i would love to chat with you sometimes about death and how long it take to realize it sincerely yatavia
  • ana
    that was really good pome long but very good
  • Jerrica
    the truth in it Life is fragile
  • Randi
    This poem is so moving it has a lot of emotion. I lost a friend a year ago and I was filled with so much emotion and so many questions. I really wish I could bring her back and I can't. You have to have faith to get through a tuff time. You have to know in your heart that they are in a better place smiling and watching down you. This poem is really moving and touched me a lot.
  • Peggy
    If only all teen could not only read this but understand that the "it only happend to others" is exately what others are saying too.
  • Chelsey
    So much of this poem is related to my situation. I just lost one of my best friends when we were in a car accident. There are so many similarities in the poem. She was only fifteen,and the accident happened just after 2:00 am, and when I saw her in the casket it didn't look like here. Not all of this poem was the same but the parts that were really touched me.
  • Elizabeth
    This poem is very touching it really had me crying. Please keep up the good work
  • Jillian
    This poem i used for a school project and brung my teacher and several other students to tears. This brung corage to me after i lost my best friend. it is great to see writers produce a quality of writing like this! This has brung hope to not only me but my friends who broke down into tears when i read this poem to them! Thanks alot! Jillian
  • cherrie
    Excellent poam, I never lost a 15 year old but I have lost a child and your poam is very touching. Thank you
  • cj
    oh my god that is such a good poem
  • DJ
    superb! what a nice poem. it really touched my heart.
  • Melissa
    I really liked this poem something very close to that happend to me about a year ago and it made me think that there are other people that have went through what i did and for the people that havent been through it, i hope it will make you think twice before doing anything like that. life is precious you only get one so dont be stupid, stay safe.
  • Teresa
    This touched me so. I have went through what you have only worse it was my 25 yr old brother killed in a car accident. His friend and him were driving home from a party Super Bowl Night Jan. 28,2001. HIs friend was drving to fast and they slammed into a light pole, my brother died instantly though his friend walked away with just a scratch. He tried to put my brother in the driver seat like he was driving. Till this day Im still not over it, and through time i will understand why he was taken so soon and he was planning to visit me that spring. So I hope you get through it as well as i do.
  • Randi
    This poem is really good! I lost a friend too. She was sixteen! Yes you do have to have Faith to help you get through and relize that she is in a better place looking down on you!
  • Tiffany
    I love it got to me
  • Renae
    Your poem was really touching. Losing someone in your life that is so close to you like she is so hard to get through. Sometimes the pain that is put upon you is too hard to handle and for some reason sometimes there really are no more tears to cry. Thanks, Renae :-)
  • Ciara
    when i read your poem, i almost began to cry, i loved it and please remember that you have to move on!
  • Cydney
    that touched me to tears~
  • Roger
    Right now, the tears come easily. You let us share your loss, but kept the pain to yourself. Thanks for sharing.
  • terri
  • KIah
    Pamela your poem made me just go WOW my brother was killed in a car accident nov 2004 and police came to my door and my parent opened it and they told us the news we reacted the same way and till this day my world still hasnt stoped spinning. and it will never be the same
  • Kaci
    This poem relly made me think fo the friends ive lost due to driving accidents. one being a very close friend died in the winter of 2000-2001 becuz her brother, had be speeding, and he went around a sharp corner while the road was snow covered and stil snowing. outta 5 ppl int he car only 1 lived. ill never forget her.
  • anonymous
    the way you wrote your poem made me realize that its true what you said one day there will be no more tears to cry i lost my friend to lucimia not long ago and i never thought i my tears would stop coming down
  • sharee
    very good helped a lot
  • jenny
    This poem has touched me, because every year since my seventh grade year a kid has passed away from a different class. i would like to extend my sympathy to the author. i know it's hard, i'm sorry for your loss.
  • Jasmine
    This poem was very touching and well spoken I have never gone through this myself but for the few moments it took to read I felt as if it was me going through it! Always embrace those who you love and who love you.
  • melissa
    i thought that your poem was excellent it touched me as i lost one of my best friends in a car accident last yr and she had only turned 18 and she had so much planed for her life and it was taking away from her.
  • Kelly
    Hello. How are you? I am very sorry about your friend. So many of my friends have been dying. Its like every day and my grandfather recently passed away. Death is so Hard. I hope you are alright. God Bless you. GoodBye
  • rita
    i was truly touched by that poem. it made me feel soo sorry for her and her loved ones. it was an extrodinary poem.
  • Amanda
    omg! the first time iI read this poem it was the most devistating poem ever:'( omg just last month (feburary) my bestfriends shannon's dads bestfreind dies. insept he over dosed on drugs and died he drove us everywere dances and everything. His name was Scott. he was the most nicest person ever wen he was in the ambulance on the way tOo the hospitol he died iI couldnt beleave it was true my bestfriend was devastated
  • samina
    this is wot exactly happend 2 my boyfriend 2am knock on the door wot do his family hear ur son died in a car accident it was den identified and it was him! i found out the following morning i was heart broken i didnt beleve it i fort dey were playing a stupid joke on me but wen i saw him lying der i had nutin left 2 say apart from burst in 2 tears!
  • mayra
    very sad i like it alot
  • Allison
    I really like your poem. This year I am a Senior in high school and it is my sad duty to write a poem for the yearbook to remember those we have lost. In the last three years of high school, my graduating class has suffered through at least eight deaths of fellow class members and past high school friends. reading your poem has helped give me ideas on what to write. Thank you
  • Randy
    excellent. very nice. i like how you set it up and how it flows. well done
  • allie
    this is a great, fantastic poem it was really hard to read be cause my eyes were full of tears. I called up my friend and read it to her, she wasnt really payin attention tho. o well. you did a great job writing this 1 good job and much luv, allie
  • Jeanette
    such a beautiful poem
  • Lorraine
    I thought you put alot of meaning into your poem.
  • Rute
    This is a very beutiful poem. and yet so sad. it made me want to cry.
  • jewelz
    your poem really moved me and it reminded me of when my best friend nick died in a horrable accident last may of 2004 i know what you are going through and i am really sorry your poem made me cry. i love it your are gifted keep writing love always your friend JeWeLz
  • Angel
    At first I didn't even want to vote for this poem because it was so sad. Even though this never has happened to me it makes me realize that life can be taken from us right under our noses. I'm sorry for the loss of your friens and I hope you'll never forget what great times yah'll had.
  • shirly
    it's so sad. my friend died in a car crash six days ago. i miss him a lot!
  • Katie
    This poem really touched me. I cant stop crying now, you've set me off now!
  • Chichirri
    Your poem was very moving, but the tears will forever come, in one fourm or another. For I also, have lost someone dear to me, just a year ago.
  • Danielle
    oh my god i loved this poem that much i nearly cried,this poem was so good and it really read out the details of how life is and how it can be taken away just like that.
  • Chandler
    This poem made me cry. it reminded me of a dear friend of mine, Deebs, he was 15 and he died last year in a car crash. his sister is one of my best friends and i will just never forget him
  • Jenn
    This has really deaply touched my heart! I cried half way through the poem! I lost a friend in March 2nd in a car crash. I have known him since I was a baby. This poem made me realize that you should never think that it was your fault for something that happened like God was balming you. That same year that my friend died I lost two other people and I felt like it was a punishment! Thank you for helping me realize that it wasnt my fault! this really touched my heart on so many ways!
  • ricki
    this peom really touched me. i was actually looking for a peom about my grandpa but i came across this one and it was to much like mine. My freind died when she was 12 she went out at night and crossed the streets and got hit by a car. She didnt get to live her life. It was very hard for me, losing my good freind. All she need was desipline and a lesson. Maybe shed still be alive if she had.
  • aisha
    i don't know how to say this but this poems was soo sad i almost cryed i. i. i can't say it
  • Gloria
    I sorry about your friend. This poem helps you some what understand what can to anyone at anytime. All we have is faith that we will fullfill our plan that we made about our own lives.
  • Danita
    This poem really touched me cause my friend was 14yr. old when she died on a 4 wheeler on the fourth of july only 8 days after her birthday. I remember the call at 2:00 in the morning from my best-friend telling me that that Ashleigh had died from a horrible 4 wheeler accident. I couldn't do anything, but lay there in bed and pray that they weren't talking about my best friend ashleigh. That mabey for some odd reason they had the wrong number. but i was wrong they had the right number and they were talking about my friend ashleigh. I was Five months pregant and i had talked to her only 3 days befor this horrible day. She told me she couldn't wait to see my baby girl she swore that it would be the most beautiful baby.
  • ashley
    That was a really great poem! good job!
  • Alisa
    I really liked your poem because my best friend was hit by a car when he was only 16. The driver was drunk and he never got to go on with his life. Our poem really touched my heart and it made me think that im not the only one that lost a close friend.
  • jackie
    this poem touched me very close to my heart as my beautiful 13 year old daughter was killed as she crossed over the highway on march 13th 2004. i would like to say thankyou for your beautiful poem.
  • Karlton
    I really think is the most saddest poems i've ever read. Tears run down my cheek because of this. I have lost a special friend name Jamie. Jamie was a special female friend to me. I think about it everyday. It haunts me to death. Please take a moment of silence to remember my friend Jamie.
  • tasha
    this poem /story touched me sooo much . am every so sorry about the loss or ur m8 xxx
  • tawanna
    that was a very touching poem just stay strong and remember she is watching you. just make her proud in everything you do.
  • Crystal
    This was the sadest poem I have ever heard I hope the friend finds peace
  • yolanda
    Hi my aunt died from a overdose 5 months ago and it hurts I still fill like she is still hear I never new that drugs would really thak someones life away but only god knows
  • Lamanda
    This poem really touched me, I just lost someone that was so close to me he was like a brother, and this poem brought back the memory. When I think about that January night around 11 when we found him. I just lay in my bed at night and wonder why him, my grades started dropping and I can't sleep at night anymore. I would lay in my bed and cry and ask why him. I even wrote a poem but I don't think I'm gonna submit it yet because it's something memorable from me to him. I just want to thank you for being so strong and being able to publish this because, I know exactly how you feel.
  • Heather
    i loved your peom cause today a freind of mine died and he was a good freind and your peom touched me
  • ashley
    this poem made me cry when i read it so i had to say something about it. I think it really describes what is going through your head and the emotions you feel. also I think everyone know what it feel like when you've run out of tears.
  • Ashley
    I loved your poem! It brought me to tears to read it. I couldn't imagine losing someone that young that was so close to me. I did loose my grandma a few months ago but that was cancer related. I would have to give you a 15 out of 10.
  • Chelsea
    It was a very good and life teaching poem and it really touched me.
  • shruti
    this is a really touching poem. i had tears in my eyes while i read it. i have never suffered any loss but this poem made me feel the loss of a friend as if it were my own.
  • griselda
    this poem means alot to me right now. i just lost a friend a couple of days ago. and its like a burden in my heart. it was so unexpected and we didnt even get to say goodbye or how much we really love her. i dont think anyone should wait for smth like this to happen to tell someone how u feel. peolpe, plz, dont take life for granted. u never know when ur life will end. live ur life to the fullest. and know she did. even though her life was cut short, she was only 16. we will miss you very much ksenia.
  • Kate
    I like this one the most cause it reminded me of my ex boy friend who died from a drunk drive,when he was goin to the skating rink to play his new stick for hockey he jut goty for christmas but he never had that chance. I miss him soo much i still cant believe hes still gone soo thats y i like this one.
  • jessica
    i really liked this poem because i had a friend or more like a sister pass away not even a year ago but it is so hard to think about her because her birthday is coming up in April and she isnt here to celibrate her 16th with us and it just isnt fare
  • alyssa
    Hey, your poem was amazing!I am sorry about the incident. Sometimes I want too take my life. Then I read something like this and it makes me realize. Realize how many people wanted to live. But they lost their lfe over an accident. It could happen to me. But why do it on a planned procedure? But you know your right it is a lesson. In a way its a lesson to me too. Thank you!peace and love! Dont ever shatter your faith,and i'll try not to shatter mine.
  • hailey
    this poem was very sad i liked it alot if u wrote this u r very tallented but what do i no i am only 14
  • jessica
    to who that had wrote the pome it was so pretty and stright from the heart i would give you 10 stars for that pome i am very sorry about your lose of your friend i understand what you are felling i am going trow the same my aunt was murder and it is very hard to dil with . keep up the great work i have never heard one that good thanks jessica
  • Vicky
    the poem is really nice and it really touched me.
  • Stephanie
    This poem really touched me. It is right in so many ways. It made me want to cry for the people that were there and touched my heart because a friend could be so right about death of another.
  • Donna
    Very well done it makes you feel like you are going through it too. Makes you appreciate life to the fullest yet saddens the heart. Excellent choice of words and well put
  • Nikki
    when i read this poem I had tears come to my eyes it really is touching. Im only 16 and it makes me realize what curves God really throws us. From what i read here I hope i can find more of your poems.
  • jess
    this story was so truth full and it was scery that she new how to right it down as it feels inside and how to make it feel like i am not the only one out ther to have lost a close mate and need to no why and have un unsered sums in my head and i want to say thanks
  • Heidi
    well all I can say is I cried,and I felt all of your thoughts and pain. I was there with you that day in january. (thats how much feeling was in that poem)
  • daniel
    i sliped within your mind for a moment, and your pain awakened me. your finger print is burned within my mind forever. thanks
  • Kirstin
    I rele liked this poem bcuz it relates to me. I have had many friends die and i dunno why i hated god for takein that away from me. But ur poem made me understand it's not his fault
  • Alyssa
    I like this poem so much because I lost a vey dear friend on October 6,2003. His birthday was the day after mine and this poem kind of reminds me of him because he was also very young (22) and I thought "This can't be happening"'he's too young to go just yet. " But it doesn't matter how old you are. When god is ready to take you he will.
  • Jessica
    The poem was very moving and it shows you that you should never take the life of a loved one forgranted.
  • Lynnette
    Amazing is all I have to say. In these past 2 years, I've lost 3 friends to car crashes. I just wanted to let u know that im sooo sorry for your loss. I wish u never had to know that pain, and your poem is beautiful.
  • sara
    Hi, i enjoy this poeam alot, i have had 3 of my friends die this yr alone, and 2 of them were from car wrecks, one was in the rain, and the other was by a train on the way to school, i will never forget my friends, and it is true it takes you a while to figure out why in the world they take your friends, noone was his enemy he was the nicest guy alive, but god wanted him there, so you have to live your life to the fullest and always care, cuz you never know who will die. , but anyways this poem is very touching
  • Pamela
    I am the author of "No More Tears to Cry" and i just wanted to thank you all so much for responding to my poem. it is so encouraging to know that there are people out there who appreciate and take the time to respond so something that means so much to me as a writer. i just wanted to let you all know that i do take the time to read your comments and i appreciate every single one of them. thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Sincerely, Pamela
  • Kara
    I love this poem. It reminds me of my friend that died. Its a really great poem. it was worth the time to read
  • Shyane
    Two words. beautiful and strong.
  • Lauralee
    that poem was deep. you can write what you feel. it's almost like you can feel what she was thinking.
  • Janette
    Reading this poem so many years after that very cold day. coldest we'd had here in a long time. brought all the memories back. Honey, I'm so proud of the gift God gave you to write down your feelings & express others at the same time. Keep on doing it; at times of sadness or times of joy. like the birth of a special baby, hint! I love you, darlin'. xoxo Mom
  • someone
    this is a great poem and seems so real to me. This year (2003) my friend was killed in a car accident she was driving she shouldn't have been but she was she was only fifteen the times in your poems are exact time that my friend was killed. I found out the next night while gettin a lift hme from a party. As long as you remember how your friend lived and not how they died
  • Florence
    Your poem, Is more than a poem it is you nothing more nothing less i doubt u will read this but you touched me u proberably hear this a lot. thank u for the inspiration and thanku for feeling able enough to share your emotions the way u have best of luck wit ur writtin
  • Cynthia
    Wow! This poem brought tears to my eyes. reminded me bout my friend who died. She was not 15 and not killed in a car accident but she was 17 and committed suicide. different yet the same feelings. Good JOb.
  • rene
    this poem is very sad but it is also very good i could of never mede it up all by my self thought u r just saying the story again that had happend in your life i am really sorry for your friend hope u r well adn very good
  • ninu
    it was a very beautiful poem and i think and feel that by reading after they should understand taht live each moment to the fullest u never know what the next moment has in store for u
  • keenan
    that was a very sad poem it sounds jus like how my bes friend died except it was a clear day i didnt even show up at her funeral cause i didnt want to c here lying there i wanted to remember her walking around and how she was alive it is jus to hard for me to c someone lying there not moving.
  • Anna
    I really like your poem. It reminds me of my friend who died at 16.
  • elisha
    this was more than just a great poem. you were obviously a great friend as well. i am sorry that you lost her and that you have to be without her. on of my best friends was killed in an automobile accident too, they never found the man that hit him, i always thought that he never got his justice. He recieved his justice the moment he entered heaven
  • Tami
    This poem actually made me cry. when reading it, you get caught up in the emotion. even though the people it's about may be strangers, the feelings it causes are indescribable.
  • Margaret
    I absolutely loved ur poem. it was excellent! You know it's very hard to go through that. May god bless you.
  • Karen
    Pamela, -i know how u feel. When i read ur poem, i began to cry b/c i lost my friend last year, she was only 15 too. Yesterday was her 16th b/day. And ur right, at the end, "No more Tears to Cry". i miss her still. But ur poem touched me. Thank u.
  • jen
    I thought this poem was great! I had a tear running down my face. It was a great poem!
  • Holly
    I started to cry when i read this poem. last sep. 21 (2001) my sis was killed in a car accident that i walked away from. i know how hard things can be and trust me there is still a big emptyness inside me that will never be filled
  • Andrew
    that was very deep and moving. It was like I was the one looking into the casket. it was as if i was looking through your eyes I am 14 years old myself so i can relate to what that person is feeling. I am a lover and writter of poetry my self and I know what it is like to think of somthing that deep and meeningful and forget it by the time I get ahold of pen and paper. keep on writting the world deserves so
  • BH
    This Poem Rulez! I came here to do my poetry project for English, and I didn't really like poems, but now I am very interested how words can give such a wonderful effect on the readers
  • Gynnypher
    Sept. 17 2002 i lost my best friend. i felt the same way i didnt believe it untill i saw him laying there in that wooden box! i wanted to jump in with him. its comforting to know there are other people that know how i feel!
    i really like your poem i had a homeboy who past away too. i love him alot and miss him.
  • Daire
    This poem was so beautiful. It reminded me of my first boyfriend when i was 15, and memories of how i felt came flooding back when i thought of the night he died in a car accident. Six years on, im 21 next week and i still cry for the boy i lost.
  • jessica
    Pamela, i just want to say that like. i mean the way you expressed yourself so well in the poem, with so much detail. it made me cry because it reminded of the loss of my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. then my friend dies the exact same way as in your poem. I hope you have a good life and hope you can get through it.
  • Jen
    Amazing poem. It really makes people think about the choices they make. You're right, Pamela. One day, when people realize that the choices they make determine life or death, the world will be void of tears. I loved this poem. God bless you.
  • amber
    This is a wonderful poem. In September 2002 I lost one of my good friends due to a car accident two days later another student from my school died in a car accident. my school was in shock we didnt think something like that could ever happen to us but it did. in that week we had 3 deaths from different car accidents.
  • Jesse
    Oh my god! this poem sums up exactly wot im feelin, So well written it brought a tear to my eye realising other people have felt my pain too.
  • Krist
    That was a great poem and has tought me a lesson. I do some stupid stuff sometimes and now I realize how big of an effect I can have on others. Thank you.
  • kelly
    i really like this poem b/c it hits so close to hoe. 1 month ago on eof my best friends was killed in a car accident and this poem describes everything i felt and everyone else felt. this poet has done a great job. i write myself and i dont think i could write something like this. i cryed the whole time i read this poem. you did a great job. and keep up the good work and i want you to know that poem has helped me alot about what i have been feeling
  • Vanes
    It is too often that we are judged and criticized on the pieces that mean the most to us. I judge you on the experience you have witnessed not the words that begin a process of healing for your heart. Anybody can write a few words on a piece of paper and be judged according to the format. I'd rather judge you and say I know that this is a masterpiece because it's a piece from one's soul. It was a pleasure for me to read. Altough I am sure it took everything you had to accomplish.
  • Betty
    This poem shows so many feelings and is full of compassion. It is well worded and no doubt straight from the heart of the writer.
    I really liked your poem. I lost a best friend about a year and a half ago that was young to. Im sorry about the death of your friend.
  • Lety
    It was fabulous I wish it would never happen to one of my friends because I really care for them even though I get mad at him every once in a while.
  • Chels
    I loved it, it made me cry. It reflects on how I feel right now. I lost my best friend Codi in a car accident about a month or two ago, and this poem is how i feel. Codi was only 15, she didnt deserve to die! R. I. P Codi, I love you!
  • Liz
    This is a very nice poem also a very sad poem I am so sorry 4 the lose of your friend!
  • Lori
    The Poem Really Moved Me BeCause I also had A 15 year old friend die. I relate to every thing you have said. Only my friends death was caused by a fire as she was trying to save her father who had multiple schlarosis and two feet away from life (the Door) They ied From too much inhailation of smoke and were burned to death It has will be two years this upcoming march 18 2002 and still to this day the pain doesnt fade away.
  • emily
    I stop by this site once in a while and usually don't get very touched by it. But this poem really made my heart ache. It has really catched the emotions of a loss. TERRIFIC!
  • nikki
    this poem is really good and so sad this is one of the best poems i have ever read
  • KARI
    it was a very good poem it reminded me of my brother and sisters caraccident but instead of killing the daughter it killed my brother insteaded
  • Ashley
    This is a great poem,and it scaires me how close to home it hits.A lot of friends are the same way and I have been so scarid something will happen to them.I also sorry about your friend.thanks for sharing the poem.
  • Chrissy
    Wow, This poem reallyhit home. My sister was killed in a car accident a week ago, she was my best friend. I wrote a poem thats called "It's never going to be okay, and it is posted in "open poetry 18" one of the PIP forums.I invite anyone who would like to, to go see it. Death is never an easy thing to deal with.and there isnt an easy way to learn about it. My sister Had a newborn baby (3 weeks old) and is newly married )1 year today) I greive with you, and there will never be no more tears to cry, because it just isnt fair!
  • shanta
    I don't what to say about this poem.
  • crissy
    i really loved this peom,it made me cry ,it also remind me how i felt when my best friend tom died,it took me awhile to undersand.
  • brittany
    i love this poem its soo true
  • Tara
    this poem really brings back memories for me since i had a very close friend of mine get killed in a car accident. it happened two years ago and to this day I still keep her close to my heart and sometimes find myself slipping in the memory of her name, face, voice, the way she danced and her beautiful voice. She had a voice of an angel R.I.P Andrea I love you..
  • Kim
    This poem was great! It really explains the sorrow you were going through. Well Written!
  • Sam
    Pamela, i liked this poem a hole lot. i have lost alot of friends sorda the same way they snuck out of their rooms to go with their friends to raves and just to go party. it is really crazy and i wish you the best of luck in the future
  • Danielle
    this is a very sad poem and i really understand it too.
  • jessica
    your poem was good that happen to some one i know. and i like your poem it has been the best one i read so far
  • melissa
    i think you did a good job on showing how much it hurts when yo lose a friend i was 16 when i lost my boyfriend. it is now 5 years later. i still hurt and as you said i see it as if it were just yesterday. i m glad you can move and beging to live again but how do you do it? it hurts so bad.
  • pamela
    your poem touched me in a way i never knew. i recently lost my dear cousin and great friend in the same way you lost your friend.i idolised him and there is no way in hell that i ever thought that this sort of thing could ever happen to my family. but it did and your poem made me realise that the bad things in life we can't predict or prevent, you just have to live each day as if it was your last because one day it will be. you don't know how much you have untill it is gone.
  • Tabitha
    The poem was wonderful. I lost my very best friend about 4 in a half years ago and it was the hardest thing to overcome.. I miss her very much and never understood why God had to take her so young..and why so violently? And even though I miss her and wish she was still here with us today I understand the lesson..so please..no matter what age you are always look both ways before crossing the street.. ur poem was great and has helped alot : )
  • larissa
    i really liked this poem, it reminded me of my bestfriends death a few years back
  • AJ
    to many of us no your pain, for you to write is healing in itself take care you will survive well written because it came from the heart
  • Josephine
    your poem was great here in our little community we too had a recent car accident that took the life of a 15 year old girl. thanks for writing it
  • MoRgAn
    this was great! i've had a lost of my best friend in this last month, and hopefully everyone that reads this might get a taste of what you and i are feeling as well as others in the world. and to not let friends drink and drive! Thanks!
  • stef
    This is the best poem ever! i just lost my best friend 3 and a half weeks ago ,the same way. Everything in this poem was like that night.
  • aleen
    this is every sad and it hit me hard my friend died in a car crash 4 months ago she was 14 goin on 15 her b day was 4/17/86 she was every young and this poem brought back all the memories and the hurt and the tears and i wish we could relive thoese dayz again and i would tell her how much he means to all of us and that we care about her but it is to late and our words were unspoken and she didnt get to do all the things that she wanted to do so jus remeber tomorrow may have to start with out them even though you dont want it to
  • Amanda
    WOW! This poem is very powerful with it's words! I think a lot of my friends, including myself, know how you feel, because we had three students in our high school die this year from a car accident. It opened up everyone's eyes. It made us realize that life is too short to be taking advantage of it! Tahnk you for touching so many hearts!
  • vanessa
    my niece died at 4 months old I understand the pain of losing a loved one to soon. Yourpoem really helped me to nderstand some thins that i had'nt ever undertstood before. Thank you Pam. :)
  • Krista
    This poem is so true. The words touched my heart. Everyday another life is take in a car wreck from a kid just wantin' to be a kid. The guilty remain on the streets. There are too many kids dyin' today for no good reason. We must stop the stupid choices that are made!
  • Krys
    I never knew what death was until very recently, my grandmother died. It's really scary, losing a loved one. Your poem was really very touching..
  • marie
    this is so much like a situation in my life. so it means alot to hear a nice poem like this
  • Mayra
    This poem was one of the best. It tells a sad story well written.
  • Nicole
    That poem is so sad
  • Kambria
    This is a great poem. It reminds me so much of my cousin that I recently lost to a car accicents.
  • Tricia
    I also had a friend who died in a car crash.Your poem touched my heart.xxx
  • lil
    this was a really great poem
  • Tater
    I really liked this poem. We are doing a report on poems in English and i chose death on my topic so i was looking at these. This is one of the best that i have seen.
  • Sara
    This poem make you think of all of your true friends.
  • Urszula
    This poem moved me. As reading it even though my friend passed away slightly diffently. Reading your words made me remember every thing like it happened yesterday. I still have the cold chill running up and down my back. If i could only express myself the way you have.
    THANK YOU!!!
  • M
    oh my gosh!! so sad...it made me cry!!
  • Denise
    I just want to let you know I know just how you feel I to had lost my child of 8 yrs in jan 99 from a car wreck. Its the hardest thing I have ever went through. I say what did i do wrong in this world for him to take my baby from me.
  • Dave
    Excellent poem, I lost a cousin to suicide, and even though they died differently, the afterthought is still the same. Thank you for writting this.
  • stacey
    very interesting poem. sorry about the loss of your friend. your poem was beautiful, it touched my heart.
  • Diana
    This poem brought a lot of truth to me for when I lost my step son ( we were so close ) I felt the same as a lot that was said in this poem. Thanks!
  • Stacy
    the poem was wonderful but very sad. it had a lot of heart and soul in it i could see. its my fave! great work!
  • Brenda
    I hope to never have to encounter this with my daughter.
  • christy
    I lost my best friend in march of this year. I could guess that he felt that he failed, for his goal in life was to make everyone's day brighter and when he left us we were very sad and our day gloomy. He was a almost perfect countryboy and pround to be a redneck. "Shorty" was killed in a car wreck from over correcting a mistake and went through a fence. My days aren't as long now that i know he is still with me, but i can't stress it enought to people that life is to perecious to live for the next moment. Living for the vary minute is what it is all about. Thank you for sharing your peom with me.
  • angela
    Oh my. I don't know what to say. That is so sad. I really liked it. You did a great job of writing that.
  • Ashley
    I totally love this poem. It's exactly what happened to one of my best friends about 2 months ago that died in a car accident. It has really helped me understand better about the death of him. My friends and I did understand though that this was a lesson in disguise. We just couldnt understand why him. It was a terrible tragedy all too much like this one. Thanx for this poem. It means more to me than anything!
  • Danielle
    this poem reminds me of when my grandma died. thanks for the great poem. I brigs back memories.
  • J.C.
    This is a very sad and touching poem, and i hope that people will express their feelings in a poem or song, instead of violence, after a loved one passes away.
  • Tiffani
    This is the sadest and sweetest poem I've ever heard. I'm truely sorry 4 the loss but u have taught us all a very good "Lesson" in life. Luv ya lots!
  • Kristy
    I realy liked this poem. After I read it I started to cry.
  • Nevada
    I thought this poem was a great poem. I ran in to an incident like this only it was my boyfriend , so i know what it feels like to loose a loved one , he was killed in a car accident and i felt for him for months after his death , this poem helped me realize that the only way to deal with the pain is to let nature take its course , the ones who love you that are around you will help you.
  • Taama
    the year 2000 was bad for me.i lost a close friend in Feb. to an auto accident, my Dad in March to surgery, and my nephew in law in June to a motercycle accident. Needless to say, your poem really hit home with me. I also e-mailed it to the family members of the friend that died and to my niece. Maybe it will help to know that they are not alone. Somehow no matter who you know of that has been through something like this you always feel alone. Thank you for sharing your memories with the world.
  • Candy
    Your pome makes me think of my cuz,she past on just last week. She was only 16 with a little babyboy. He is 3mths old and hes not going to know who is mom was. I did not know her, wish I did. I know she was a good girl and mom. She had so much love in her life.
  • Amanda
    Your poem was so good. It brought tears to my eyes as i thought about all of the "lessons" that i have been taught. I want to thank you for helping me understand.
  • Dawna
  • linda
    this is a cool poem after i read it i started to cry

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