This poem is a question that is often asked when you fall in love with a friend. Will they still be there for you?

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Can We Still Be Friends?
I was cold and hurting
lost out in the night
wandering and searching
for heaven's light

I saw the night sky clearing
when you spread your rainbow wings
But little did I know
what joy you would bring

From that moment on
a friendship did start
you kissed away my tears
and sheltered my heart

I bless the day God
sent him from above
But then I grew fearful
for I had fallen in love

I told you this feeling
and what did you say?
You said you liked our friendship
and that's how it would stay

I cried for a friendship I thought I lost
But then felt your warm, gentle hand
You then whispered in my ear
that by my side you'll forever stand

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  • kay
    very touching,simple but deep .
  • AJ
    it made me think of someone as i read it. it tuched me in a way i will never forget
  • sonya
    this poem was a very good poem. i love it.
  • Carolina
    I love this poem its really great because it like im telling a guy this that i once liked and we lost our true friendship for love like this and we were still friends and will always be till the end! love this poem
  • Amber
    This how I feel a lot of times with friendship. This really touched me!
  • Va
    I loved this poem, it's inspiring and reminds me of a past relationship.
  • Tara
    this was an amazing poem and it touched me like my b'friend would never.
  • amanda
    i love this poem
  • aaliyah
    i love this poem
  • Nancy
    I really love that poem because I can actually relate to this poem. It fits me perfectly thats why it just got to me. Very nice poem awesome job!
  • Corinne
    I felt this hit home as i am in such a relationship.
  • quincy
    i thouht it was awsome and loveble it made me wanna grab a friend and hug him
  • kristina
    this reminds me of a friend i havent told him and i think our friendship will die but now that i read this i might as well tell him
  • Alysha
    i think this poem is very good because you can just give it to a frined and they know that you are friends for life and then they can keep it for life i am voting for this 'coz its so kool i love it i have to go now bye bye Alysha xoxoxoxo
  • Kane
    i loved it because i like a girl and its exactly what happened pretty much
  • Steve
    Some relief,some sadness Poignant! It must of hurt more than a little, this love for her friend
  • judy
    i love it iz good for my friends and my love boy . i like it so much
  • Noriel
    It is very nice,I love it. because its about friendship.
  • elizabeth
    This poem is so sweet. I love it. Great job.
  • jude
    this is a beautiful poem
  • gun
    really really touching poem. i loved the poem
  • Leila
    I loved this poem it reminded me of my life and also from when I fell in love. But not only that, the way your poem ended was true for me and some guy but later after 2 months he realized that he had made a mistake and went back with me! so everything turn out well and now I think that he's going to propose to me even though we're only 16! So anyway i would vote your poem: 15/10 so thats like 150% out of 100%!
  • Minz
    I have the same situation! I've had a friend for 6 years. Everyone says we like each other. Maybe it's true. I think it is. But I just want to be friends.
  • reana
    i love this poem from 1-10 i give this poem a high score 10
  • shardae
    i like itttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  • Chaquitta
    This poem is so real. I have felt this way.
  • Brittainy
    Wow your poem was sooo good it kinda reminds me of alot of stuff
  • Brittany
    it touched me because some of my friends has connected to me and ebded up being my boyfriends.
  • June
    this poem really touched me in the heart. tears start falling down when I read this poem. it is so touching.
  • Kay
    ~~~i wish every guy was like that but there not when you tell your best friend how you really fill then they dont say antthing back it makes you fill so stupid and you fell like that friend ship is gone~~~i give that a 100 1-100
  • chelsey
    i like the poem cause it is similar to most people relationships out here now and it is true cause some people want more than that
  • katie
    This is a very emotional poem, and I know how that works, I fallen in love with two of my very close friends. One from 3 years, and the other from 4 years.
  • sharica
    i like that poem alot it really touch me in my heart
  • chas
    this poems made me cry. it was very beautiful!
  • Annissha
    thiz waz a good az poem! i hope u keep writing cuz i enjoyed reading it
    your poem was very very sweet and it remind me of a time in my life i am really diging your poem hope u win keep the job up shorty
  • heather
    dear katheleen sheppard i'am one of you'r biggest fans and when i read this poem i was touched because i just reciently fell in love and i don't think that i can ever let him go! but yeah i whrute poems to i've been whriting sience i was 5 years old right now i'am only 13 but everyone thinks that i should be a famous poetry whriter
  • Jasmine
    "Yes". This poem is good and And it is also cute.
  • Criston
    This is very good :)
  • angel
    this is how i feel about this guy that i know.
  • az
    love da poem hey can u sed it to ma email address.
  • rebecca
    it reminded me of the time i met my first love and we only started out as friends , it also reminded me of all the times he was there for me when i needed him and the deep feeling of love i have for him .
  • Emma
    i love this poem . this sounds like what i went though. This poems means alot to me because the words that you worte. you worte words that speak of tureth.
  • megan
    I like this poem a lot.
  • Rosca
    I'm kind of confused and scred that it might happen' to me.
  • Aida
    i've been in this situation before. n it's really hard when he said he can't accept me more than a friend. according to him. friends will always remain as a friend. but. he always knows how to make me smile n always brighten my day! i'm confused wiv my own feeling n sometimes can't understand with the situation. therefore. this poem really potray me!
  • Samantha
    For on a scale 1-10, it's a 10. Amazing!
  • Ebenezer
    A well written poem. Keep it up
  • dereka
    i really loved it.
  • jessica
    this is a 9
  • dody
    youre poem are verwe good. ilove poems too can you send me some
  • Alexsandra
    LOVE IT!
  • Linda
    This poem is very touching as i lost a friend who commited sucide and im so angry with him but now i can feel him near. thanks.
  • heather
    i love this poem because i have a friend to but she kind of mad at me and idont if she still wants to be my friend so now i could just give her this poem and see if she still want to bee my friend
  • Dorna
  • Shay
    This is one of the best poems i have ever read
  • Alicia
    I loved it so much I cried
  • dona
    i lile this poem, it reminds me of those persons whom i know. those people whom denied their feelings for each other coz they want to preserve their friendships and yet ruin others life becoz they interfere others life and become hindrance to others happiness. they must admit that friendships always ends in 4 letter words and that is "love" but if your bestfriend doesn't return the same love you feel for him you must let him to find his happiness.
  • Ciera
    I Love this poems it is very touching!
  • ana
    this is a very good poem i love it
  • nancy beatriz
    that is so cute is beter 2 b friends than have a bad relationship
  • francis
    it reminded me of my friendship with one of my guy friends.
  • david
    I will like for you to send me more of these wonderful poems
  • Ian
  • Kethees
    I like all pomes, its good. please send many more poems (love & Friend)
  • mimi
    i really like this poem. it is really touching
  • mariah
    this reminded me of a relationship i once had. pritty cool. i liked it.
  • jen
    this is a really good poem it reminds us even good friends can become in love
  • kera
    i cant believe how like my life this poem sounds i mean i had a friend that i fell in love with but they just wanted to be friends and it hurt but i got over it and now we still hang out and we are both with other people so it all worked out!
  • justin
    i am 18 and this poem reminds me of a friendship i had with a 15 year old this summer. everyone was against US but we knew it was right b/c it felt soooo right. if i could do it again i would. over and over again. thank you
  • steph
    i loved this poem it was really good. it reminded me of a freind wanting to be more then just friends but the either didnt want the same. but nobody really understands what people mean to them untill you have lost them. so in that case your willing to just be friends! then tp risk the chance of nothing.
  • oujaea
    i realy like this peom casue it relt to me
  • cheyenne
    I thought your poem was very good. one of my friends is in that kinda problem right now.
  • monique
    this poem touched my heart have You ever had a friend that you loved so much? and then they went away and you could never see them again?
  • shaneka
    your poem touched me so much because i have the same feeling thet you felt. and sometime i just feel like somebody that you grow up with for along time all ya'll can be is friends because if ya'll go out or something i wouldn't want to lose my friend over some mess like that. but thank you so much because that poem helped me so much.
  • retard
    this poem tells you to treasure your friendship
  • lynette
    i really like this poem. who ever wrote it did a really good job on it.
  • Nancy
    this is a very good poem
  • maria
    omg i love this poem it refelcts what hapen to a friend of mine
  • Shaina
    This was a very very good poem and i really loved it. It reminded me of my situation with my friend, and to know that someone else is or has been in the same situation makes me feel alot better!
  • Leza
    This poem hit home for me. I had a sitution just like this happen to me.
    i luv it and could u send me one . thanks get back to me on it
  • Maria
    I liked it tons! because it reminded me of my best friend chris! i especially liked the ending where the guy whispered that in her ear.
  • sara
    omg! this poem totally touched me cause it just reminds me how my lyfe is going rite now! cuz their is this boy who has muh heart, but he just wants to be friends!. at least for now i hope!
  • Laura
    This poems says just everything you want it to say to someone who is just a friend, or to even let someone know that a friendship is great.
  • tristan
    dude i kno how u feel. i had that problem wit one of my best friends. it sucked. cuz we fall in love n then he left me. but we rnt gnna get into that. its good. i like it a lot
  • laloquita
    i think that this poem fits to alot of us that has in one point felt like this. good job author
  • tiffany
    u poem was great. and keep it up!
  • Jackie
    This poem was very good. I think you have great poetry skills and should keep it up. It was great
  • RALH
    It toched my heart
  • Nukey-
    I love this poem. The same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago.
  • raven
    i liked because it remind me of some one i use to like but he always wanted to be friends because he diddn't want our friend ship to end over no relationship and i think that this poem was one of the best poems i done read and i think the person who wrote it done a really good job it have tears coming in my eyes it so sweet
  • shakera
    love the peom
  • Jimena
    This was great i have read alot of poems and none of them make you feel the emotion.
  • shaan
    this was a real good peom !you are so talented
  • martha
    this was a cool poem it realy touched me
  • stephanie
    this is a great poem because this is exactly wat i went throo and its so nice and almost dramatisc.
  • Beatrice
    I am in this situation right now, so this poem really touched me!
  • benna
    that poem really touched my heart really it did it reminded me when I was going out with this boy name Reginald and I will always think of this poem about me and him
  • monique
    i really liked this poem! it reminds me of one of my guy friends and i am scared to lose him. if i ever do i dont know what i would do.
  • Jessica
    That was soooo. sweet makes me want to cry congradulations on that poem reall y it was really good.
  • marcedes
    All i can say is that i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! this poem im gonna dedicate this poem to my best friend and have her to check this web sight out.
  • Nikki
    I think this is a ever nice poem. It makes me think about my best friend that just die. I really like it and I think you should keep up the good work.
  • eyvonne
    this poem describes me and one of my friends we tell each other that we love each other but do we really me it heaven only knows
  • Eric
    The poem is amazing . it really touched me
  • Kimberly
    i love this poem because ut reminded me what i had gone through with this one boy that im still friends with to this day.
  • pramod
    very good
  • Kathryn
    It touched me.
  • carleen
    it is very honest & sweet
  • Jade
    i love this poem it touches me an dit is very powerful!
  • Ginger
    The guy that I liked doesnt really know if he wants us to have a friendship and he likes me, I just want him to be mine and he isnt sure if that is what he wants.
  • tiffany
    it was great
  • brandie
    although i cant relate to this it is very toching kudos kudos
  • Pilar
    i love this poem
  • Kylie
    Wow. I really like this poem. Because it totally describes the situation im in right now. My best friend is the most important person in the world to me! And i've told him how i felt, and he feels the same. But we really don't want to risk messing up wut we have. But he's always still there for me!
  • kRiSpY
    yeah this poem is pretty kewl i have been threw dis and yeah i really know what it means!
  • gabby
    this is the best poem ever
  • Brittany
    I love the way they put the effort in to thier writing I hope they will understand.
  • tamil
    it just enters the eye and touches the heart
  • Alice
    It's really good and it really touched me
  • Christine
    This poem touched me because I once to had a friendship so close till my husband parted and found his high school love and I only wish he would had stayed by my side forever
  • Theresa
    it's so beautiful
  • Ana
    I thought this was a very touching poem. I felt like not just some ordinary person was speaking this I felt like some person was expressing his true feelings in a poem and not just to him self but to the whole world.
  • Amanda
    I like this poem. It makes people realize that thay aint tha only person that likez a friend nd it makez them realize that thay can tell their friend how thay feel bout them.
  • obdulia
  • pamela
    I really relate to this poem. things are geting better for me me and my friend are still close so yea thats good i guess. I really liked that poem!
  • Judy
    Hey i reeally like your poem. Keep up the good work.
  • Pam
    i l-o-v-e it!
  • blanca
    i can relate to this poem is really lovely
  • karen
    i think this was the nicest love peom ive ever read and that this peom my friend will love it
  • Antonia
    This poem is fantastic, it's great. i love it
  • alexandra
    it;s really a beautiful poem
  • aung
    i think this poem can express all my true feeling. it is very beautiful words in used. thanks
  • Katie
    This poem touched my heart in so many ways. My best friend is the love of my life, he may not see it, or he may see it clear as daylight. But it hurts because we will never be together but atleast i know we will forever main the best of friends
  • Yolonda
    I loved it. The author really knows how to connect with her readers. I'd like to read more from her.
  • John
    I like this poem sooo much, it describes about my love to a girl and she doesn't even know my feelings for her
  • play
    i thought this poem was really good but inda sad. but i think sad poems r mayb better dan happy ones der kinda deep i guess anyways i loved it so keep it up kathleen! xxx
  • Jakell
    i love the poem i would give it five stars
  • Cassie
    Wow that was very good it touched my heart with all the emotion and i wish u luck with that friendship i know its hard! ~cass~
  • marianna
    i reli liked this poem because it touched me from inside. in peoples lives for example mine i find this poem related to me, were i asked a person if he liked me still and asked can we still be friends!:)
  • Tracie
    That poem was so nice
  • in
    omg howwwww sweeeettttttt this soooo describes da waii i feel
  • Kookie
    This was very touching and true. I felt your words in my heart. Keep up the great work.
  • Kay
    I really loved this poem because I have a friend that has been real close all my life but I did fall in love with him and I cherish every moment we spend together so this poem is something that touched
  • kelly
    this poem reminds me of some1 i no it is very touchingpleasekeep on following ur heart.
  • mayte
    Thsi one is exellent I love it everything about it . )
  • suresh
    the poem is really good and touched my heart suresh regards
  • Da Kine
    I can Relate
  • Irene
  • maria
    this is a very nice poem
  • Gwen
    this is a very good poem and i personally like it. so i 100% vote for yoour poem
  • Cody
    I really liked it. Keep up the good work!
  • India
    This is a beautiful poem. One of which I can relate, and I'm sure many others can relate to as well.
  • Levante
    Hello this poem is so true and touching! it really explains how our luv as teens goes! if u could update me on your poems
  • b
    I thought it said what I am looking for
    The poem really touched me deeply for it reflects the type of life that we are living in these days.
  • amanda
    i really love this peom because you can just imagin the pain that this person was goin threw and how much she liked her friend but sometimes you just need a friend instead of a lover.
  • ariana
    This poem was so deep alot of people can relate to it like me you fall in love with some one that does not feel the same about you I really like this poem
  • abe
    this poem is sad but i just lost my girlfriend after 2 years and we are fighting to be friend
  • Jacqueline
    i liked yhe poem it touched me so much cause this poem relates to me alot and that why i also printed it out so that my friends can read and injoy thanks again Kathleen Sheppard.
  • Sierra
    This is 1 of the best love/friendship poemes I've ever read Love always Sierra
  • amanda
    wow i like this poem because it reminds me of me the same thing is happpining now.
  • ashley
    your poem touched my heart for i know what it feels like to like a friend but they only wont a friendship it hurts at first but then will get easy
  • Taylor
    You Poem touched me so much it reminded of one of my friendship. I am 12 and your thinking what do you know about poetry but yet i do and your one of them
  • Tiaunia
    i loved this poem
  • Kim
    I am going through something very similiar - this really touched me
  • Katy
    hello im katy this poem was so moving this explains exactly what i am going through at the minute thankyou
  • Ashleigh
    this poem is excellent it reminds me of a similar thing i done. the author is brilliant with this poem and should maybe write some randoms. 8/10 4 that 1 i think! xax
  • Samantha
    This powem is verry beliveble beacuse we all fall for friends and if they are true friends they will allways be there no madder what. Samantha
  • Jessica
    that poem was so good!it kinda discribed my situation. thats why i liked it!
  • Teresa
    This poem really hit home
  • mandy
    this poem was very good i could relate to it
  • monisha
    i luv this poem it is so sweet
  • meghan
    I am like in love with this poem now because it is excatly what i feel for my kinda ex best guyfriend cameron. we had some moments and now he acts like he never did anything and i dont know what to do cuz im in love but he acts like he isnt when other people are around but when were alone its different. what do i do
  • ANA
  • amber
    omg it really touched muh heart cuz its real n true
  • Natlee
    this poem did touch me coz she is just letting him knw all her feelings 4 him. It is a every good poem. And it really did touch me. I like where he said he will always by her. dat was sweet.
  • Gina
    beautiful, it touched me very much.
  • L
    this poem was great keep doing what u do okay
  • lacey
    i wish this were always true but like friends love comes and gos and someone ends up broken hearted. but this is an awsome poem it made me think of one of my exs that still holds my heart today
  • ashley
    this poem is awsome i have never read anything like it.
  • monica
    this poem was so cute and it really helps kids my age learn about friend ship but i vote for your poem.
  • mika
    #1 vote
  • marissa
    I loved it! It was beautiful
  • Aubrey
    I like this poem because I can relate to it. I just wish that our friendship had ended like yours did. With my luck over half of my friends wouldn't talk to me and after he broke up with me he told me he loved me and I couldnt take him back. It was the hardest thing I could turn down, so be happy with what you have. And dont take it for granid. For then it will be gone.
  • kaitlyn
    i love this poem that i read it touched me because i just asked a guy out and no he never talks to me!
  • britt
    this is very god?????
  • Whitney
    i love this peom!Its very inspiring and makes a tingle come to my heart!It reminds me if someone i once knew.
  • tiffany
    good poem
  • holly
    This is a really good poem. i like it alot! its super fantastic!hope you keep writting
  • q
    This was a good poem. But I dont think i could relate, my best friend is a girl! LOL
  • Nancy
    I loved That poem cause its excactly how im feeling right now.
  • Kira
    i really liked this poem i dont know why i just reallly like it it touched me coz i just had a big fight
  • Allie
    i liked this poem alot because i have once fallen in love with one of my best friends
  • Arleene
    i really loved the poem it was very touching. i like it cause i can relate to it. keep writing more poems i want to read more.
  • Jessica
    i liked this poem becasue it is really describing on what i am going through now. i like my best friend. he is all i want but i cant have. ya know what i mean. this poem really helped. I LOVED IT!
    i like tis one. kudo's
  • nell
    i really liked it for i did send it to my one and only true love but still we are together and your poem got us ther thanx
  • Rachael
    Wow that's soo true ! i've been there before and it isn't fun im sorry you had to go thrue that .
  • Kayla
    I liked the poem alot I know of a friend that went through that and it really did hurt to leave him but still it's better 2 be friends instead of later breaking up and being enemies and losing that love in b/t.
  • hannah jane
    i enjoyed reading this poem i thought it was brilliant as it explains whatys happened to me in the passed and now i can send this to someone i tjhik this person should win a gift or money for this! all the best
  • chiku
    heyy i loved ur poem. it's very nicee. it really touched me and im happy for u that u r fdz w/ him. in my case i told the guy how i felt and he didnt say anythin to me for a while and then he just brought this other grl on my face and i found out tht they started goin out. but its all good i mean never expected anythin anyway but still im mad at him for some reason. i wanna be friends again the way we were b4 but i dont think thats ever gonna happenn
  • Kristy
    I loved the poem. It was so heartfelt, it really touched me.
  • vivian
    I really like this poem because is is filled with words that give a strong feeling
  • Rosabel
    this poem was excellent i loved. Was so sweet. Congratulation.
  • kaylea
    i like this poem because it describes a time when i fell in love with my best boy mate iv didnt get with him because our friendship was too precious too lose and now i am glad that we didnt go into a relationship because it would have ruined wat we already had and that would destroy me so great work
  • tara
    i like yo poem it was sweet ans nice it made me feel good and remember wheni was in love sincerly tarra
  • Sarah
    This was so good it made me cry! Thankyou!
  • lashawnder
    man u just don't know how much u touch me . thank u for that
  • megan
    thats exactly how i felt with one of my friends.
  • jazmine
    i liked it because the same thing justed happend to me and a friends
  • jessica
    dis is a very special poem it has alot of meaning to it your a great writer keep up the good work
  • Lois
    I loved this poem because it reminds me of a friend that I wanted to keep by myside. It's a well done poem. Keep it up!
  • whitney
    this is the cutest poem ever i love it it is so awesome
  • jeanne
    oh my gosh i loved your poem. i almost teared because it was like what i went going through. i fell in love with my best friend but he had a girlfriend who was one of my good friends. but later as the months grew i found out that he knew i liked him. i cried and then felt uncomftrable around him but he hugged me and told me he would always be my best friend no matter what happened but he then moved
    i thought this poem was great
  • Valerie
    I think this is a real popem from the heart that almost everyone can relate to at least once in their life.
  • tiffany
    i love your poems. i wish i could meet you b/c you know alot about what i try to say to my ex. love yur poems keep writing them. !
  • Lakeysha
    I loved it!
  • Kara
    wow, this poem really touched me, I have a friend that I got kinda really close to but then I started getting scared that I was falling in love with him and well. I was, and I did, and this peom seemed like it was written right out of me, Im in love with a friend that doesn't love me back, well not like that at least, so this peom almost made me cry when I read it
  • Marlena
    I love this poem. and it really touched me in so many ways! Not only in emotional but also personal! You are talented; keep up the great work!
  • Jessica
    hey this poem is really good. it reminds me of all the times i've had with all my friends. well keep up the good work. much luv. =)
  • Brooke
    This poem inspires me to be bold with my feelings. Let's me know that I can express myself and hope for more, yet all at the same time not be afraid of losing my best friend.
  • Ja'Taisha
    i love this poem. i read this poem 2 my boyfriend and it bought us back together.
  • Debbie
    I thought this was a great poem. My judgement might be a little clouded though,becuase I'm going through the same thing. It still is sweet though.
  • rebecca
    i think that this is a good poem b/c it tells u about when people lost there friends over fights,boyfriends,and really stupid things so i really do love this poem.
  • Nicole
    This poem really touched me in ways unspeakable. As of right now, i'n in this same perdicament. This was truly a good poem! You go girl!
  • marchella
    that was very pretty
  • rebecca
    I think this peam has honisty and hurt at the same time but in the end comfort for you know he will always be there for you.
  • hanan
    i rall y lke this poem because its touchable i read the first line and it made me want to read more and more
  • Anabel
    I think its a great poem
  • Dawn
    This poem says EXACTLY what I'm afraid of is going to happen if I reveil my true feelings for my best friend. It is an AWESOME poem with true feeling. A+++
  • karen
    i really like this poem it erminds me of my bestfriend on the other country
  • Carel
    When I read this poem for the first time it touched my heart so deeply because I have fallen in love with a friend and I am so scared I MIGHT LOSE HER! Thank you for the most beautiful poem Best regards, Carel
  • Jonry- Jong
    its a nice poem.
  • alessandra
    hey this poem was so beautiful i loved every word of it.
  • niki
    i like this 1 because i have a crush on a boy who is my friend but he belongs 2 other and i belong 2 another 2. my bf loves me lots 2 i loves him lots 2. but my homeboy is sometimes on my mind 2. i guess i should justlove my bf and keep him!but, thankz 4 writing or typing suh a COOL peom!well, LATER!
  • kia
    that was a nice poem i liked that and i say that you are a good writer and you sould keep it up.
  • conty_2712
    excellent. you will get all those you want. Because your heart is very very clear closed to her. All the best
  • shantal
    This is real good. and that something that I am feeling right now. Any one at this point can relate to this poem some time or an another.
  • Erika
    Your poem is awsome it explains alot baout how you feel
  • Michelle
    I believe that this is a poem for me to my friend Chris because he likes me but i just don't want to mess up our friendship so this is why i love your poem.
  • Tierra
    I really like your poem and i understand ehere you are coming from. Long as you keep on writing i will keep on reading.
  • courtney
    WoW, you did inoutsinding job
  • carmen
    This poem is so sweet!I love it. It sounded like a fairy tail!
  • emily
    hey there girl, this poem is really good you should keep up the good work and if you really did write this you should start a poem book!
  • akaisha
  • naruemon
    i like this because it makes me feel good.
  • elizabeth
    this is a very good poem. I love it. Good job and keep writing dont let nothing stop you. That was a really good poem.
  • chris
    very good really like it
  • robert
    tht poem is 1 of the best poems ive heard. it makes me think of my ex when she told me she wanted 2 be just friends is painfull but still a very good poem.
  • Sheresa
    I can relate in many ways
  • haley
    i love that poem! Keep writng you are really good!i can relate
  • Leslie
    I liked this poem because it's something that i could relate to when a guy told me what the poem said.
  • rebeka
    i love this poem it reminded me of 1 of my gay exs so yeah i wont menchane any names
  • toni
    i think that this was one of the most heart felt poems i have read in a long time. it was short byt very deep. this touched my heart because ths happened to me very recently. it was beautiful, kathleen. you have potential. keep writting. 10 out of 10
  • Kimberly
    Because this happened to me and I am so so so so in love with amazing guy and he is only suppose to be my friend but he's commited to some else.
  • Amandine
    This is a perfect example of my ex and I. I made the mistake of falling in love with him. We shared one night and it felt so weird afterwards. i sent him this poem and we are now like brother and sister. Thank you. Amandine
  • Jasmine
    hey i really like your poem i have a few of my own i love to write about all sorts of things but mostly love very good job on the poem keep writing your very good at it
  • martha
    this poem is such a great poem!
  • Brianna
    Wow! i love your poem the main reason is because it has happened to me and it took me a long time to get it over with and for u to put it all in words exactly like i felt well thats really awesome so continue writing because your really good at it
  • Sacha
    It was great
  • Shery
    I like your poem.
  • Evelyn
    Wow ! Totally a poem written straight from the heart. This poem has a resolution in it to a question the author was seeking and also the person that she described in it was honest with her and didn't end their relationship because of the way she revealed her feelings to him. I have to admit he was very nice to do that beacause some other people in similar situations wouldn't have the guts to do it like he did! Keep up the good writing and good luck.
  • Long
    I very good. I like it very much.
  • Shanay
    This poem was really sweet and it can be touching to those who can relate to it. (Like me!)
  • Shannon
    I really liked this poem. It reminds me of what I have been through with a dear friend of mine. Through it all, our friendship becomes stronger and I am trully blessed to have hm in my life.
  • Sara
    Hey, katy. if this you go to cadets, then i think i know you. but even if this isnt or is you, the poem is beautiful. I felt that way b4 but he wasnt as caring as the one you described. Lucky you. Well done and keep it up.
  • mercedes
    i loved that poem it was so nice and touching i all most cried it was beautful i hope that who ever wrote thst keeps wrighting
  • dennis
    i liked this poem because thats exactly what happen to me when i saw thisd poem made me cry
  • Carissa
    I found this poem and I dont think I could have found a better one to express how I feel about my bestfriend. He is one of the most important people in my life. I really do thank God for sending him my way, because I dont know how I would make it through life sometimes if it weren't for him. I care about him more than I have ever cared about any other guy. He is definately one in a million. I think this was an amazing poem, and your a great writer. keep it up. If you read this Jeremiah. I really do truely love you with all of my heart, and thanks for always being there for me, your my angel sent from above. Love ya, Carissa
  • Angel
    I love this poem so much! It reminds me of when I said I love you to my ex. But that is in the past. Just wanted to let you know you have talent!
  • amy
    This was a very close to home and beautiful poem. thanks for posting it for us all to read! -Amy
  • Gaby
    I think this is a great poem. I believe everyone in thier life time falls in love with there best friend and nothing is ever said. That is a mistake, you should let them know how you feel, cause chances are he\she feels the same.
  • adriana
    this is a good poem to read that we could enjoy.
  • Julia
    it are good
  • Sammie
    I love this poem and every1 who wrote a comment I know how u all feel! My best m8 liked me 4 aba a yr and i neva had feelings 4 im until the other week and last nite i told him that i liked him and he sed he still liked me so we r gettin 2geva!
  • Rachel
    this is a wonderful poem i write poems to but i don't get on this kind of stuff and let my poems out write back
  • marlene
    This poem is sweet kind and thoughtful!
  • ROSE
    This poem really touched me, and i realized that life is basically love that changes who we are. i really loved this poem, and so did my boyfriend.
  • J
    This poem touched me, I feel the same way about my best friend.
  • Crista
    this is a very good poem I rate it a 10
  • Delisha
    i thought this was quite nice. Good Job.
  • Kylee
    THis is a great poem! I really liked it. It reminds me of my friend. Him and I have been best friends for sometime and I havent told him yet how I feel because there is a problem with the fact that I like him. He has a girlfrined thats a jerk to him, but he doesnt relize it. I just liked this poem because its how some friends are and its true.
  • Vanessa
    i love this peoms that is what i like
  • Jessica
    That was an awesome poem. that really relates to me and one of my bests friends. in elem. school we were like brother and sister and then in middle school i started to like him in 9th grade me told me that we would aloways be best friends and that hurt me cuase i liked him soo much. i thought i loved him and then in collage he told me that he loves me to and now we are married with 5 kids. So u never know even if he says you should just be friends DO NOT give up hope. JeSsica
  • jessica
    I like this poem alot cause i actually got to go out with that good guy friend and it didnt end up to well we still have our friendship ( or just pieces of it)
  • Myesha
    I love this poem I think when you work this is gave you a since of relief and I enjoy it and I cna fully relate to this
  • Jessica
    i really liked your poem because it reminded me about me. but it was a fantastic poem keep up with the great work!
  • Jessie
    I LOVED you poem. I really did. its like me now. =) well keep up. i would like to read more poems by you. =)
  • Alisha
    i really love this poem it reminds me of a past friend
  • Katie
    I really liked this poem,Its so sweet. but atleast he/she is still your friend and in your life!
  • Angela
    Nice poem! It's so touching, it almost brought tears into my eyes :). keep it up.
  • Amanda
  • Brittany
    Awesome! This is poetry!
  • Jessica
    this is a very sweet poem. i rate you a 9 out of 10
  • kara
    It was a great poem 2 read n i could read it over n over again and i think that is a very special poem 2 read 2 a friend that u really really like that has been a great friend 2 you !
  • maria
    i really liked the poem,it toched my heart cause everything it say's is how i felt and i had feel in love with my best friend and he said he would never be able to be with me cause our friendship was to much for us to mess it up.
  • karen
    i just love d way it wrote.
  • Christine
    I really loved this poem because it touched me in many ways. I was going through the same thing and I was just really excited reading my same exact thoughts in a poem form. Thank you Kathleen Sheppard for this extrrodinary poem. I love your work and keep doing what your doing. YOU ROCK!
  • Tracy
    this poem said excatly what i am feelin
  • jazmin
    I can so totally understand you. i have a friend and at first thats all i wanted to be, friends. but then i wanted more and i asked him if he thought if i was waisting my time liking him and he said yes and that broke my heart but we are better friends then ever now but deep down inside i wish we were more.
  • Melissa
    this poem is amazing! it is so touching, and would give ANY girl including me, the courage to talk to a guy about how they feel, and they could use your exact words to explain how they feel, no matter what. this poem could speak for anyone. Awesome job, and i hope to see more from you extremely soon! Love: Melissa~*~
  • kate
    this peom is like the best!
  • Erica
    I liked this poem because the same thing happened to me whe ni had a friend i loved to hang out with and i started to fall in love with him so i asked him out and i told him that i REALLY liked him but he said he likes our friendship better because if we went out and we broke up it would just hurt to much and we wouldnt be friends any more. i give you a 10.
  • heidi
    thast sounds like me and this kid!
  • Briana
    its a really good poem dont stop writting ~Briana~ with love
  • Kookai
    This poem ROCKS! I love this poem! :) I hope my enemies would be my frends! nyway. keep rockin! LOVING IT!
  • rachel
    i feel this poem has really touched me and i really love it. thats what my best guy friend said to me and maybe someday it might be more. you are an inspiration.
  • Rowan
    I love your poems!
  • Lydia
    Your poem was really nice and inspiring. Gave me hope, answer and inspiration on how to ask my friend the big question. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  • melinda
    I think that your poem was great! It really touched me I loved it!
  • John
    It. was so. beautiful. It moved me so much, it was just beautiful. If you ever read this, thank you so much for writing it, and I pray that things have, or will, work out for you.
  • Alyssa
    I love your poem. I liked it because it reminded me of how I felt around my best friend. That's why I like your poem.
  • Samantha
    I like your poem because I was going through the same thing that that person was going through!
  • Patricia
    This poem is great! It explains exactly what i am going through right now with one of my best friends. We have been friends for years and he doesnt wanna start a relationship because he is scared we will ruin the friendship. Thanks so much for writing this.
  • Lecie
    This one is very pretty.
  • Courtney
    This poem really touched my heart. It touched my heart because sometimes when I become friends with someone I start to fall in love with them. I really like this poem.
  • Dux
    This one very good, it touch my heart alot. very nice
  • Kim
    This poem sound alot like me, I'm in love with a friend, and he told me it's best for us to stay friends than to be together and let something bad come between our friendship.
  • Jessica
    WOW! this is great poem, i really like it because it completley relates to how im feeling right now. I asked my bestfriend out and they told me they didnt want to hurt our friendship and then i thought things would be wierd because i did that but things only got better. =] I came on here looking for a poem that describes how i feel. I definitley found it and its only the second one ive read!
  • Louis
    The poem could have been written for me
  • Monya
    This is the perfect poem for what i am going through right now with a dear friend of mine. i love him so much but he doesnt feel the same way but he reassured me that he would always be there for me and i just wanted you(the writer of this poem) that i love your poem. Thankyou for sharing it with others.
  • Lorena
    i liked this poem because it reminded me of the moment i talked to my best friend about my feelings for him
  • Taylor
    This is a excellent poem, it shows emotion, drama and love i hope this poem does very well!
  • Emma
    i love this poem! It brought tears to my eyes. probably cuz it happened to me.
  • Kristi
    i loved the poem. it really touched me because i just went through that. well actually i am going through that right now. i told my best friend i liked him and now you made me think that maybe he will still be there for me. it was a great poem.
  • Crystal
    This poem was awesome i can relate to it in so many ways awesome job!
  • bhushan
    I am a man. I am finding myself in exactly the same situation described in the poem when my friendship with a woman turned to love.
  • Luis
    How romantcI give it a ranking of being the highest 10
  • vanessa
    About the poem "Can We Still Be Friends?" I absolutely LOVED it! It was something that had happened to me a while back, and when I read this poem, I was like," Wow!This is exactly what happened!" Well, I just want to say,. THIS POEM ROCKS!
  • nany
    i liked this poem because my dauter was fighting with her bestfriend /crush and it helped her a lot so thanks 2 whoever wrote this it was great
  • Shanti
    I think this peom is very good. I really like it.
  • KT
    I LOVED this poem. It is soooooo beautiful. It reminds me of my ex. We are apart for about 2 months now. This poem really touched my heart. Keep going. You are GREAT!
  • Marlene
    Your poem was great. It really got to me.
  • Nicole
    This poems reminds of what i have done. I dated someone that I was really good friends nad now we are not freinds at all.
  • phindile
    it is a very good poem,practical and relevent!
  • Carli
    I absolutely loved your poem. I read it once and began to cry. It fits what I am going though in my personal life to a tee. Continue the great work. You truly have a gift from God
  • Leigh
    oh my god! i tried to run from my love for a guy. my old boyfriend. and i must not have run fast enough cuz it only got stronger but by then i had already lost him to letters of lies. now i feel horrible cuz i no longer have him. as mine. and i think i should show im this poem. thank you so much for writing it!
  • jazmine
    good job
  • jasmne
    i think is a very good poem because i'am going through something very similar to the poem i have a friend and it's like he's the same way about our friendship so i think it is a very good poem.
  • Brianna
    i really liked this poem because right now i'm really good friends with my boyfriends cousin and before i got back with my boyfriend i told his cousin that i liked him and he said he'd rather just be friends
  • rani
    its really superb reflectin my luv for my friend. excellent work.
  • Scottq
    Very nice poem and yes sometimes friendship is to valuable to lose. With that said however the strength of a relationship is friendship.
  • Amy
    I realy liked your poem because I was in the same situction and I still am. I am not in love with him I just wanted to be friend's he tought I had a crush on him so he just acted like I was not even there. I wanted to cry so much because I know our friendship has came to an end. I only love him as a friend but no more than that. Keep writing your poems they are very, very good.
  • LadyLove
    This poem was very true to the heart. It describes what every persom goes through at least once in their life. I'm going through it myself. Well, actually I am in love with one of my friends, but I don't think he knows it and probably thinks of me as just a friend, but who know. But anyways, once again, wonderful and true to the heart. Keep writing!
  • Jessica
    OMG i loved this poem! It said exactly how ive been feeling the past few days. I got 2 no this guy really well and i enjoyed talking to him and i felt like he was feeling the same way i was. and then 2 nights ago he said he liked our friendship the way it was. i thought my heart would break and i guessed he would never talk 2 me again but he got online he started talkin 2 me and hes been talking. i dont no whether 2 feel happy or sad cause friends with benefits is prolly all were ever gonna b:(
  • Keisha
    I love this poem, I thought it reminded me of me. Because I actually told a friend that I had falling in love with them and they said that our friendship was to much to lose.
  • jennifer
    i realy realy liked ur poem when i read it, it reminded me about myself.
  • Shavon
  • Jai
    I just really liked the poem .
  • monica
    i'm voting on this poem because it really did touch me i like it a lot it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend who is now my boyfriend and i sent him one of the other poems telling him how i felt and how much i wanted him back now i'm loooking for poems for school and this is the one P. S i give this poem a scale from 1 through 10 and i give it a 10 great job on this poem
  • ambyr
    this poem is definately how i feel about my best guy friend! this really is a great poem! keep up the touching poems!
  • Erica
    I just love this poem don't have much to say but i like it.
  • crystal
    i thought this poem was good i mean its true what it says
  • Tosha
    I really liked this poem. Because i was in this situation once. But i was the one who said"lets just be friends". and now i think i made a BIG mistake. Because i dont think he even considers me as one of his friends. but it was my fault . cause i had him and let him slip right through my hands
  • claire
    God this poem expresses how im feelin at this minute it really hurts but aleast he will always be there by my side for life and thats better than nothin.
  • Amy
    This poem is so true
  • Kuulei
    This was a really inspiring piece. I could really relate to this poem, because i to once fell in love with a friend and it turned out he just wanted to be friends.
  • Tiffani
    The underlying emotion of the speaker of the poem can be felt through the words
  • sam
    the poem is good cause it really struck me. but can i ask the author. ? is it really possible for you to be friends with the friend you loved but rejected you only for the sake of your friendship??? cause thats the question that is still conquering my mind. i really feel bad. cause im willing to sacrifice all just for her to love me. and that stupid friendship is the cause for her not to love me
  • Mandy
    I liked this poem very much thankyou.
  • lakeisha
    amazing! i hope he will change his mind eventually. my friend did and weve been together for 15 months
  • Auhnett
    I loved the poem it was great;)
  • fiona
    This is a poem that I can relate to! I love it i'm gonna show all my friends
  • stacie
  • Jessica
    Awesome Poem
  • Sofie
    This poem is exactly how i feel about a guy i know and love
  • Pepper
    This poem ROCKS! Its all true.
  • Becca
    The poem is brilliant it reminds my of my best boy m8 who used to fancy me but i didnt feel t he same way i relise now im in love with him but scared to tell him incase i ruin the best friendship ever created!
  • Matt
    Hey! Thats a really good poem! I mean that sincerely. :) God gave you a gift so keep using it. :)
  • katie
    The poem was really good i loved!
  • Danielle
    this is a great poem
  • Heather
    I just wanted to let you know that I really liked this poem alot. It really hits home. I hope you keep writing poems like this or others.
  • Amanda
    I really loved this poem. im going through the same thing with one of my really close guy friends! we've fallen for eachother before n never did anything about it bc of our friendship. but he didnt knwo how much i liked him! i feel in luv with him when i first met him a year ago but didnt say anyhting bc he was going out with my bestfriend! but i luv the Poem its great writing!
  • Ashely
    this poems is really true is how i feel inside my heart for my friend guy. he knows who he is
  • Kyle
    I am sad to say that I have fallen in love with a friend and our friendship came to an end. But this poems has let me see thatlife can turn out right for some people and not others but good things do happen. I am truly happy for you and your friend.
  • Yvette
    I really liked the poem It really touched my heart because I been friends with a boy for a long time and I don't know how to tell him my true feelings about him if I tell him he will probly say he juat wants to be friends
  • Rakeya
    i like this poem because i have fell in love with my best freind but i was scared if we had broke up would we still be freinds and he said no matter what i will always be there for you.
  • Johan
    Kathleen. your poem reminds me of one of my love that i had. it's very alike. sometimes reminding it makes me sad,but wow. love is a "gift" from above. every single love is precious whatever the result is. thank's for your poem, i feel peace now
  • Vilma
    I think it is a good poem
  • susie
    hey well i loved the poem i can relate to it very well because i am in love with ,my best friend who is a guy and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and could ever happen to me and i justr thought it was so good that i just had to make a comment well it was really good and good luck with your love searching.
  • BaBy
    You're poem was amazing. I have felt this way before and you're poem really inspires me to wirte poems just like the one you did. Keep up the good work!
  • Jennifer
    ~*!* this poem reminds me of my Friend Brandon and I *!*~
  • Zaneta
    i really love this peice because it reminded me of a situation i had in my life.
  • jessica
    it is so sweet it reminded that of me and my friend a. j and we are still best friends
  • Ema
    Outstanding and amazing poem, really touches my heart deeply, it makes me cry. because this happen to me and my boyfriend, we simply breakoff just like that, our friendship lasted for 4 months, and now no news from him, no emails from him, no sweet calls from him and i am, seriously, miss him alot. i just wish he's reading this right now, hurt in silence.
  • Donna
    i really love this poem. A guy that i had been friends with and had fallen in love with just told me that he only wanted to be friends and it hurt me alot but by reading your poem it made me feel a whole lot better. Now i know that he'll always be with me were ever i go even if we aren't dating. Thanks for writting such a wonderful poem!
  • abby
    i loved you poem it was wonderful i think who ever said it was stupid would be stupid because this poem is wonderful
  • jessica
  • veronica
    it was great peoms
  • Ann
    this poem is awsome. I cryed when i read it just resently. I told my long lost friend how i really felt about him, I haven't heard from him since and i miss him dearly. It had been 17years since we talk and in one moment Iscrewed it all up by telling him i had loved him all these years. great poem
  • Chris
    This poem is just wonderful. I have a friend, whom I carelessly have developed feelings for. I let her know about it, but she just said that she didn't want to risk our friendship, she couldn't jepardize any of her friendships. That weekend she went out with one of our good friends. I wish to send her this poem, I hope it may work, if not, I thank you for sharing this with me anyway.
  • john
    I have had this same problem, i now wish i had said nothing.
  • Tenisha
    Really nice and sweet poem
  • Ryan
    Absolutly Beautiful. That is all I can say.
  • Stacy
    Wow. this poem is awesome! i can relate to it so well. I have been falling in love wiht this really awesome guy for 3 years now. And he has never given me a sign of liking me. while i suffer listening to him rant and rave about his new girlfriends. its just not there
  • Kristy
    i think this poems is really good
  • shyam
    i love it, i love it, i love it. its so amazingly perfect.
  • Mahes
    It's simply beautiful. I was really surprised, I was just browsing to find a poem to send to my best friend, who I have fallen in love with, even though I knew what he has to offer me was only friendship. The poem consists of every characteristic I find in him, and sort of the words he speak. I think our relationship is a live example for this beautiful poem.
  • Sarah
    I really liked your Poem it was great. keep up the good work.
  • Umer
    Hmm. well its very emotional and painfull poem i ever have read. i miss u my best friend and my 1st love. its true friendship often ends at love but love at friendship never. just hope might be she again come to my life as a friend like she was. thinking on the past finding mistakes all are the way of life. anyways its 100% true all that has written in this poem. all credit goes to author,
  • Me
    that is just what i just went though. i liked this guy but he did not like me the way i liked him.
  • Tay
    I really love this poem it really touched my heart when I read it and it reminds me of something that has happened to me before I used to really like this kid and everyone told me that he liked me and then when my friend asked him if he liked me and he came up to me and said i only like you as a friend and it really hurt me when he said that to me but i realized that sometimes friendship is better then love and sometimes you can ruin a friendship if you try to turn it into love
  • Janie
    I went through this once before and then i just did it again. when i saw this poem it said everything that i felt and i'm glad that i found it cause it helped me exspress my feelings to him!
  • laure
    I really liked your peom it really relates to me and my friend I am gonna remember this poem alot cuz its so touching and it makes me feel better since my friend and I arent really friends anymore she changed well thanx for wrighting that great poem
  • Erlin
    Kathleen, I just love all of your poems. Keep it up !
  • Kriz
    Girl, ur poem off da heezey!
  • britt
    i thought this poem was very good i loved it very much
  • brand
    now thats a true friend. who will stay there and won't let anything get in the way.
  • Celi
    I read the poem and I thought its pretty tight because I guess a lot of people including me can relate to this poem. yes, at first both of you meet, then you become friends and unexpectingly you fall in love with your friend, and it does hurt but you should also think that if both of you love eachother so much as friends then both of you must have some time for eachother to talk it over and come to an agreement that best fits both of your happines, TRUST ME even though you don't know me because I whent through this with a really special guy, Omar, and to this day we're still cool with eachother I mean he has his girlfriend and I have my boyfriend. This is why I like your poem and took some time to wright this to evcourage people to not only read this but to think it through a little too.
  • carmen
    i know how you feel if this really happend to you. cause this really hapend to me with my bestfriend but i know longer have him as a bestfriend.
  • ali
    This is a poem that i can relate to i think that this is a very nice piece of work
  • Rich
    beautifully put.
  • aNgeL
    aww. dis is such a nice poem. i hope my homiez will be as sweet as the one in ur poem. i hope u keep writin these beautiful poems. nice work
  • adam
    I've only just come netpoets for the first time, some of the poems are clearly emotional but this one is full of sincer emotion and will written well done
  • steff
    I just love this poem! I almost wanted to recite it to my friend. but I changed my mind as I didn't know what would he think! This is such a beautiful poem that I have fallen in love with it.
  • ronal
    all then word in the poem it remind me off alot of things
  • Kerry
    Hey darling! The poem- fascinating! I absolutely loved it. I have fallen for my best friend. He knows it becuz I cant keep anything from him. He's my world! He said just friends for now, but we fight a lot more then we used to. This poem was inspiring and my thoughts went straight to my love! Thanx bunches 4 writing this, I write poems but i cant share them becuz im too afraid people will laugh. I give you 110%! u deserve a standing ovation or something :)
  • jennifer
    i read your poem and i realized the same thing happened to me. I met this really nice guy and we went out for 4 months but the time came when he had to break up with me. I was heart broken thought i never could live again. He told me we would only just be friends. But deep down in my lonely heart i still truely loved him.
  • Lhea
    diz really touched meeh..diz happened to meeh in real life but to my situation when she found out how i felt for him everything just change nice poem..
  • Kwokster
    This is an excellent totally speaks my mind if all the "her"s change into "him"s 'cause i am a guy who did fall in love with my best friend and i don't know what to do now
  • ash
    i think that this poem is really good it reminded me of me and my friend
  • mhon
    hi kathleen! i can relate to the poem Can We Still Be Friends? i hope you'll send more poems! good luck and god bless you!
  • Mandy
    I thought that the poem she wrote was very touching.I have gone through so much pain in love,and reading her poem really helps.She did a very good job,it must of been hard to explaine the way she felt. It had so much expression in it about love.
  • Chasity
    i think this poem is really good it touched my heart it really inspires me it almost brung me to tears i liked it so much i just wanted u to know this is an awseome poe!
  • Sarah
    It was like a play-view of my life. Or it was like myself saying that since I really was feeling that but I could not express it. I liked it a lot.
  • Dillon
    Great! it's the perfact words and way to say them. Thank you!
  • jesstyne
    This pome is so up moving i was truely touched. It remind's me of my first love it's very comforting to actually find a pome that would signfiy one's frist love?
  • Staceymaree
    I really like this poem because in life there is something like this that is true. When you are close, close friends with a guy and when u do everything and anything with him u fall in Love. I really like your poem and its 100%.
  • jazmine
    nice work. beautiful relationship and a valued friendship
  • christelle
    this poem is SOO inspiring. its 100% true about wats going on in my life.. i really love this guy..who's my bestest bestest friend..and i told him that.and he said i only love you as a friend..i'm soo soo sad..and i can't believe that this poem is connecting with ME. am i supposed to be sad or happy??? i REALLY love him.just wished he'd realize that..and love me more than a friend!
  • Donnatella
    This poem is very sweet. Thanks.
  • trina
    gurl! i luved your poem! this has happened 2 soo many people. i cannot ever relate to poetry , but this one i can . well i dont want 2 waste your time , but id just like to tell u to keep it goin'
  • marie
    i like this poem because i kind of went threw this but instead he also filt the same way and things hapened that i can not take back and wich i could.
  • Vishal
    This poem is really very touchy and close to reality. Whenever we try to cross the line between friendship and love, either we succeed or come across the same type of feelings.
  • charlie
    this poem really gets the point accross through a woman's eyes,when they are fed that really cheesy line from a really gutless man "oh,i just wanna be friends" it's better by far if u just tell the truth!
  • Joker75
    Really nice poem, I was really touched by it since it is exactly the thing I'm going trough right now. I can totally relate to the comment of Slinky who states almost the same situation which I am in. In love with best (female) friend, told her about it, she doesn't feel the same about me, This poem at least gave me some strength to continue to TRY to stay with her solely as a friend, although this is very hard. But as some else's (very good) comment was: "sometimes true friendship is letting go of someone" or something like that.cheers!
  • summy
    This is so recognisable. I couldn't help crying when I read it. It's beautiful.
  • Veronica
    I luv this poem. It really decribes this relationship with a guy friend of mine! i just absoultuly love it!
  • katie
    wow! dis poem is great. i reali liked it. no! actuali, I LUV IT!:)
  • priscilla
    iii., just love your poem. it is very touching,and, that is so nice, so please write more poems
  • Hasz
    I had this kind of experience before.. It took me a while to get over him. I still love him.. and he is still my best friend.. Thanks to God
  • rohan
    its one of the nicest poems i have eva heard, it reminds me of my past experience with people that i liked.
  • Malaak
    i think this poem is brilliant it really touched my heart as i sent it to person that i loved but he said we can still be friends.
  • Arlene
    I think that the poem was really good. It actually helps you realize that just because you are friends with someone doesnt mean that you cant date them.
  • meghan
    this is a awsome poem.i would love to read more from you .
  • hunny
    i like the poem cuz i have the same feeling !
  • Jaimie
    I loved your poem!
  • Jenny
    This was a very passionate poem. It reminds me of my ex boyfriend. It was very pretty. I loved it
  • Jackie
    This was beautifully done..I enjoyed reading your poem, I think you had a really beautiful way of expressing something which I am unable to express..:)
  • lareccia
    i think this is a beautiful poem and it is very touching. out of a 1-10 scale i rate this poem a 10 turely.
  • Maya
    I really enjoyed your poem and look forward to reading more very soon!
  • Lone
    This poem touched me very deeply. I have experinced the feeling first hand as many do.I have fallen in love with my best friend.Even though we both know that we love each other more than friend it was never enough. Now she is gone, and I'm torn apart inside.This poem made most of the pain subside. I have given it to my friend(love) and to my suprise she wrote back to me and told me how she has felt for the time that we have know each other. Thank you very muck your poem has touched me more deeply than you'll ever know. Thank you. "Sometimes to trully show some one you love them, you have to let them go."
  • sal
    very good
  • Desiree
    I really liked this poem becAUSE I can really relate to it
  • alana
    I liked this peom it showed me how my friend stayed my friend after he was my boyfriend.
  • Carl
    Ya thang was tight shawty...
  • janice
    great great great
  • David
    That is a great poem. It reminds me of something I went through in the past. Great Job!
  • Valerie
  • terence
    its wonderfull
  • carolyn
    your poem was so meaningful to me..My best friend is in love with me, but it cannot be..i love another, but will always be there for him..i hope he will always be there for me because he means so much to me.
  • Dr.
    This is one of the greatest poem It desearved a top mark
  • Slinky
    :-) I love your poem, 'Can We Still Be Friends?' Just the other week i went through the same experiance, I was(still am hopefully) friends with this girl 'Sarah' she then started going out with one of my best friends, and everything was going well, between me and her and my friend and her, 9 months past and they were still going out, yet for some reason Mark(my friend) broke up his relationship, Sarah was hurt, after a couple of months past me and sarah started getting closer in the fact that we trusted each other with secrets more.. after a couple of weeks, you could say that i had fallen in love. I tried to hide it, yet when ever i wasn't with her i wanted to be with her, and when ever i was with her i didn't wantt o be with her because I couldn't stop thinking about what i felt. I told Mark, he was fine with it, and said that he understood what i felt as he had a nine month relationship with her. Yet he said i should try and forget about her. (he never told me exactly why he broke up with her) to this day he still can't stand her alot. At this point the only thing on my mind was my current situation. One day she invited me to have a friendly sleep over at her house with a couple of people. So i went along, and met her and Adam, and we talked, yet as it got further into the night, Sarah starts to get personal with Adam(intimate cuddling etc.) At this point i'm starting to feel uncomfortable, because she invited me yet they blatently want to be alone, and also for my personal reason. two or three days later i started talking to her about her relationships, she said that she couldnt get into another relationship for a while, at this point i brought adam up into the subject, yet she said that there isn't anything going on it's just the kind of relationship they have. (i still dont understand it but its their choice, maybe it's a security thing ???) at this point i'm totally confused about everything, Adam, my feelings for her, what to do. I think to myself that maybe its best that i keep my distance for a while, yet that just makes me think about it even more(this is all happening on a holiday, but not abroad, no college and no job, so theres nothing to keep my mind off of it) I decide to tell her,,,,, She took it well, and said that it was just a phase (????) Iasked her if it would affect our friendship, and she said she would think no different of me, yet i still feel slightly distant, but that might just be me ... ---------- anyway thats why i thought your poem was good, í could really relate to it.. Keep writing poems.... Slinky :-)
  • Audrey
    I loved your poem it was very insperasional.It will touch many people.
  • Fabian
    Thank you Kathleen! It helps me to find out what to do with my best friend. Since she travel to Canada (we do live in Argentina) there isn´t a single day which I don´t think of her. Thank you!
  • lisa
    This poem was perfect for thie guy i sent it to. I told him the felling and i thought our friendship was gone
  • Doe
    i really liked this poem because it was like what i had just been going through with one of my better guy friends
  • heather
    it was sad but very good
  • Quinsheryl
    You really did that right thereand I think to was dope.That express how I really feel toward my babyfather.I still gave that to you because he willtart to understand me.
  • Courtney
    I liked the poem alot.
  • Megan
    I really loved this poem! This is how this one guy and my life was!Hope you keep writng!
  • Chanel
    i said how i felt about a boy and he told me lets just be friends.

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