I wrote this poem for my friend Ann, who always took the time to listen to me and help me through my problems when nobody else would.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Thank you for always being there,
To listen and understand me.
I appreciate all you did for me,
And all you still do.

Thank you for making me feel whole again,
For putting my pieces back together.
I appreciate you putting my life back together,
You saved my life.

You may not understand,
Why I do what I do.
But you never criticized,
You just helped my through.

I knew I could come to you when I was down,
'cause I knew you'd always be there
to pick me back up
and say everything will be ok.
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  • Florence
    so nice
  • nora
    nice poem. easy to understand. the writer use a simple words but its so sweet
    It is exactly how i feel about my best friend Carol. Thank you it was perfect
  • Linley
    its a poem that i would give to my best frend
  • devv
    i really liked ur poem. it describes a lot of great friendships. im sending it 2 my best frnd.
  • kristi
    i really liked this poem cause it reminds me exactly of my best friend because she has always been there and all i did was let her down
  • shyanna
    love this poem its awsome!1
  • Samantha
    This is a great poem!
  • amanda
    this touched me because i relized i had some one like this peom is talking about, i never relized i said thank you to her when she needed it the most but she told it to me when i didnt even need it! this told me that she was my best friend!
  • Leroy
    I liked it. It has feeling.
  • Lisa
    This is a wonderful poem L llikes how it talks about listening to your friend nobody has never listened to me but thankyou you for letting me have the oppertunity to read it thankyou
  • Jada
    This is a really good poem because it's true and many people can relate to it just like I did! I really like this poem because it can show a person that you are grateful for them and that you really do care!
  • Jasmine
    This poem is touching in so many ways, i love it
  • darveyea
    i like this poem alot it is very sweet and nice. it remind me of my bestfriend and thing we been through alot so keep writing these wonderful poem
  • Rose
    I loved your poem. It is as if you wrote it about me and my friend. You are really gifted with words. God Bless
    this is a very nice poem!u knoe how to rite poems!
  • jamie
    i love your poem.
  • Serena
    Hey Becky. I love this poem! I want to email this poem to my friend! We are no longer friends because of some decisions I had made, but I still want to tell and show this girl how much I care about her, and how much I appreciate the things she's done for me!
  • debby
    love it
  • Gloria
    That poem is vary sweet and thoughtful.
  • Chanel
    i think that this poem is an awesome poem. i think this because this symbolizes my friendship with MY best friend and this really touched me. I ALMOST cried. i really hope we are friends for life!
  • Angel
    this is the best poem i have ever heard . cause it says the truth and it makes me feel like my friend is always gonna be my true friend in life cause she does all of that for me! it is the BEST poem ever
  • sharon
    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Out Standing, You really touched me deep in my heart. Write On Sister !
  • Myesha
    that's a good poem it rounds everything up into a few words
  • Nina
    " your poem is very heart warming"
  • govind
    it was really very good
  • johanna
    I liked this poem much because the time i read this it has touched my heart. And it has tell me the true meaning of BEST FRIENDS.
  • kiran
    i am searching any poem through which i can express my feelings towards my best frnd . and i got really exact peom as if its made 4 me.
  • herbert
    it is really nice. it is the thing that i want to say to my friend.
  • Michelle
    I was really touched by this poem I liked it so much I printed it out and gave a copy to my best friend
  • Surbhi
    this was such a nice poem dat if i would hv a friend like ur friend so i would really send him/her yhis poem
  • Jessica
    That poem is so nice???? and hmmmm thats all I wanted to say :)
  • Danielle
    I liked your poem. It remind's me of one of my friend's. Kool poem
  • Livia
    I love this poem! I can really relate to it cause my friends are always there to help me through stuff, and you can tell thats what the author was feeling! Peace Livia
  • heather
    good job
  • Trineice
    OMG i really like tis poem i'm going to put it on my wall next to me and my bestfriend it's really good dont stop writing.
  • Kristy
    wow how sad very well writen
  • viji
    I liked this poem cse it's relli beautiful and sweet.
  • mui
    i love its
  • dharmendra
    very nice and heart touching.
    Your poem was such a light of my heart. I have a special guy that no matter what or how I would feel, he was always there for me. There would never be no questions asked. He would just sit and listen to me and this poem as I was reading it it reminded me of how sweet this guy is just to sit and listen to me. Thanks now I really know how to tell him just how wonderful he is in my life. Debby
  • nancy
    this poem touched me because it reminded me of a special friend that i have who is always there to listen to me. thank-you for writing it. nancy
  • Nancy
    I really liked this poem. I could relate with it.
  • Cara
    This poem really touched me it brought tears to my eyes i used to have a friend like that but we don't talk anymore
  • Noel
    Listen is a grate poem its made me think alot about friendship i'm in i was almost ready to give up but reading your poem has made me keep going
  • Tricia
    This poem talk about exactly everything that my bestfriend does for me,not only in my sad times but as well as my good times. She is extraordinary and I love her deeply. I can't imagine anyone else being my bestfriend. Special thanks to the poet,this is everything my bestfriend does for me you put it into a poem thank you so much
  • becky
    Well this ppoem brings a smile to my face a tear to my eye but in a way it ren=minds me of me you sed what i feel right now xxx Becky Warren
  • u
    Hi, Your poem is realy very good & also touch my mind & heart. I thing that you have realy a good friend. May god bless you & your friend Bye & Take care
  • Lorrin
    i think this poem is rly cute it matches well to my best friend matt! i luv him heaps hehe xx luv always lorrin. -xOx-
  • Anne Pauline
    this poem is very beautiful! I want it to share to my friends and friend toi be! i hope the writter of this poem tittled "listen" make more beautiful poems! i vote it cause i have many friends and i appriciate it what they done to me! thanks!
  • Diego
    It is really a beautiful poem. I thank to the author and the group who work for this web.
  • Mel
    I LOVE THIS POEM! about 5 months ago i was at work and another girl who works there thought i looked sad, i was but i told her i wasnt but she kept asking me and i finally i opened up to her and still to this day i dont think i have spent more than 3 days not talking to her. i dont know how i coped when i didnt talk to her. she quit work a while ago but still we catch up and she helped me get my life back on track, she understood what i was going through, she didnt make me feel like a loser for thinking what i waas thinking. she helped me through and i just want 2 say this poem is EXCATLY what i want to say to her!
  • mano
    i relly liked ur poem u can write more poems like this
  • pokey
    this poem reminds me of me because the same thing happened to me and i had a friend who helped me through and listened to every thing that was goin on you are aussumn so please keep writing poems for me to read.
  • brooke
    I luv this poem. it reminds me sooooo much of my friends and i. it put a smile on my face when i read this. i read it when i was feeling down about a friendship of mine. thanks for writing such a poem that i could relate to. your poem is goin to change alot of pples minds about things!
  • Monique
    Becky, i loved your poem, it realy touched my heart. not many poems do this to me but the way you described your friend and the way she helped you was fantastic! i hope u dont mind if i send it to a friend who is just like your Anne
  • Geraldine
    wow this reminds me of my bestfriend! she is just like what this poem said!
  • Syeda fareeha
    i love this poem!
  • deb
    you said what i feel i dont get my change to talk or listin to eather
  • rain
    i loved this poem because of ow creative it was. the poem realy showed more than just words but feelings, the feeling of friendship
  • Jasmine
    This is a realy nice poem. I send this poem to my friend and she said she loved it. My mom and dad thinks it is a nice poem.
  • charlene
    Beautiful poem. It fits three Friends wo helped me stay alive. My heartfelt thanks, and I thank God for giving you this talent.
  • Paddy
    What a lovely poem. Unconditional love is rare. You are so lucky
    I loved this poem s much that i had to send to my friends h are so close to me God bless the one wh wrote it
  • Azra
    I loved this poem and I have sent it to my best frind.
  • Angel
    This poem was truly beautiful! You show oyu friend how much you appreciate her/him. You are truly talented!5 STARS
  • Gayani
    I like this poem
  • natasha
    it was a good one me and my friend love it so much it is in my book so i can look at it when i'm older i what to write books
  • jenny
    good work
  • Rhianna
    This poem really speaks true. I could relate to it personally. It is beautiful.
  • Kelsey
    i like this poem its sounds just like me and my friend Morgn she helps me through hard times, shes always there for me. I REALLY like this
  • vishnu
    this poem is nice and i luv this poem a lot. i have the friends who always listen 2 me. nice poem &poet
  • chelsea
    friendship is a very special thing to me. a friend described in this poem is hard to find. lucky for me i have two
  • Micaia
  • Julie
    I love this Poem. I can relate to it so much!
  • Isobelle
    This poem is just great! I can use it to decorate my FRiendship day card! =), Isobelle
  • laua
    awesome poem . so true
  • Stephanie
    i loved this poem, i can relate to this poem so much. my friend alyssa was always there for me. although she moved i still see her from time to time. but i miss her os much. she helped me through everything. so great poem, Stephanie
  • jessica
    this is a really great poem, im glad that you no how to express you feelings against your friends because that way you can prove to them that you care as much as they care for you!
  • emily
    I loved it it's so true I give it Five stars
  • Raesheania
    That poem make me think of all or just a few of my friends and think think and think about what i try to do to help them
  • samantha
    this was so sweet i sent it to my friend and she loved it
  • Sheila
    ther is the best one that i have readed and it so true
  • Leanna
    I thought that that was a very good poem cause people need other people to listen and help them back up when they fall we all need a friend and we also need people to understand were we are coming from again I thought that it was beautiful
  • lauren
    i loved the poem it was very true about alot of my friends but especially about my brother.
  • Chandrè
    Thank you very much for such a wonderfull poem, the words could not have been said better. Everything of the best for the future! You got talent use it!
  • stephanie
    this is especially true i have about 20 friend and about 6 out of the 20- are true good friends and stand ready when i cry at there door steps or through e-mail.
  • Jodi
    I really liked this poem. It reminded me of an old friend of mine who passed about 3 years ago or so. This poem is a great thing and it really helped me feel his presence because that is how he was with me many years ago. He was an inspiration in my life and this poem brought back the memories of him and how he touched my life each and everyday. Conitnue to write as i encourage all to do. I also write poetry and have reciaved comments on mine as well. Good luck and thanks for sharing your beautiful tallent with us as i was able to relate to your work. Thanks agan.
  • stacy
    i really liked this poeam, after i red it i sent it to my friend, sometimes ots nice to thank your friends
  • Aaliyah
    I really like this poem because it reminds me of all the things that people do for me.
  • Lourdes
    This is a beautiful poem. It reminds me so much of how I relate to my friends
  • ephy
    your poems touches me very much remind me the importance of our friends in our lives.
  • Amanda
    this poem really touched me and i love it because i have a friend actually two friends that really touch my heart and help me through tough times in my life and i know they will always be there for me so this poem really touched my heart thank you sincerly amanda
  • hke
    i loved this poem it has touched my heart. i had friends like that once but i dont know what happened we just went our own seperate ways i and miss her so much i just wish we can be friends again . well i loved your poem bye
  • michaela
    this relates to my very best and myself always there for each other no matter what.
  • Keith
    The poem speaks to me, tells me all the things I can not find the words to say. Nor have I the one to say it to. So it stays safe within me till the right person is with me.
  • kelly
    i love this poem, it sort of reminds me of one of my best mates we use to be reall really close but because i had so many problems and i got really stressed out i used to take all my anger out on her and now we are just mates and i am ok with that but she was like a sister to me she would to anything for me, and i just wasnt there for here and i just spoiled the best chance i had with her and io really regret it and she was is a great person and she reall ycared for me and i cared for her. she helped me through the most devistating parts of my life and i wouldnt have got through it withour her! SO THANK-YOU MIA WITCHER AND THANK YOU BECKY FOR MAKING ME REALISE HOW I NEED TO REACT IN THE FUTURE.
    it is the poem of a friendship which reflect the depth of relationship of friends. it is about the true friendwhich understand his/her freind when nobody support him/her
  • ashley
    i guess 2 say that i really love your poem it bring out alot of good things about the past
  • maribess
    Hmmm. i like the poem so much. cause it does describe me and my bestfriend. she's always their through thick and thin for me. she always listen and never criticize as others do. Becky your poem is very great!
  • sarah
    i thought this poem was really great! it was heart felt and loving. i really enjoyed it!
  • Clarissa
    I think that poem was very simple and straight to the point. So keep doing your think girl. Good job.
  • Maddie
    I thought that this poem was extremly moving because it talks about not only what friends do. , but what they are meant to do!
  • Atiya
    I have liked the poem very much. Holds very true with friends that I have!
  • Courtney
    i luved this poem cuz i recently cut my wrists and my friend helped me through it and this is exactly how i feel about her and i just wanna say thanks to her for helping me through it
  • jessica
    i like this opoem it reminds me of my friends ashley and cynthia!
  • deepna
    it was thouing!
  • Mayne
    this poem right here just brighten up my day
  • sandra
    i love that poem
  • lorina
    i really like the poem it sure touched my heart when i read it. Sometimes i dont listen to my friends when theytalk to me becasue i feel it's not important what there saying, but if a best friend dies you relize just how special thay actually are
  • Kayla
    this is a great poem i loved it
  • jessie
    this is a wonderful poem. i went on the internet looking for a poem that i needed for a school project which included a found poem, as soon as i read the first stanza, i new i had found the one i wanted to use. jessie
  • Amanda
    it was a really great poem. it tells your feeling
  • Danna
    hey really like this poem it honest it real and it is not a poem of pride keep up the good work it really touch my heart and needed to read something truth
  • chrissy
    this is a wonderful poem it touched me it really did its great!
  • Priyesh
    simply gr8888
  • Annita
    This pome tell how a people feeling when someone have hurt them. At saying you can still love someone deep down an your heart in tell them how you fell
  • laura
    hey i dont know who wrote this poem but i touched me and we need more likes this in the world
  • farah
    i like ur poem bcz it describes the meanings of real friendship i really like it.
  • Serina
    this pome was so good it brought tears to my eyes may god bless keep up the good work.
  • kayti
    this poem touched me because i am going through something with a friend and i just want her to know i love her and we will always be friends
  • mare
  • beatiz
    wow i loved your pome it is so ture!
  • N
    have a dear friend, who i love deeply. this poem tells him exactly how i feel about him helping me through the toughest times of my life. thanks to poet
  • lisa
    hey I love the poem it was really beautiful. I do the same for all my friends, but it was really great.
  • jacky
    i love diz poem
  • Manshika
    This peom is just wonderful. N definately very true! Love it. :)
  • leeZha
    thiz is such a wonderful poem. its reminds me to all my best friends.
  • Jamie
    i liked that poem i have friends like that and there always there to listen to me talk about my problems and i love friends like that and i have to say i have the greatest friend i could ever ask for. so i can feel this poem and its a great one
  • Cassie
    I love to read the your poems. Espeacially this one. It reminds me of how much friendship really means to me.
  • Gabriela
    This poem really touched me on my friends jenny birthday i wrote this for her and i bet shell burst into tears. Thank You.
  • asminda
    the poem was very cool. it was very touching. as soon as i finished reading it it reminded me of my relationship with my best friend. u know how she always listens to me. ! =)
  • Sally
    Fantastic sums up friendship excelently
    good job like your poem!
  • Debbie
    I was touched by this as my husband passed away Sept 5, 2005 and it has been really hard this year. He was a volunteer firefighter and the firemen have been such great friends to me this poem just describes them to a tee. Thank you and God Bless
  • Tai
    Wow this poem is really good, I like it.
  • nicole
    it's great it touchs me becasue that happen to me I need to understand that stop and listen thank you for showing me!
  • tashia
    i love this poem soo much, it made me cry. i would love to make poems like that.
  • Alyesia
    Thanks so much for writing this poem! my friend was mad at me and then i sent her this poem we wer even closer friends! thanks so much! luv ya!
  • Kate
    I was really touched by your poem, I have some close friends and you inspired me to write my own poems to show them how much they mean to me. I think your really talented and I hope you keep writing. I vote this 5/5.
  • sophia
    i voted for this poem because it describes how i feel for my best friend in these beautiful words.
  • sundar
    Not a poem It is just fact of life I have encountered the same situation To appreciate the author I am a small kid but I don't know what to tell and how to respond Thanx for the www.netpoets.com for bringing us the sapphire.
  • Brittany
    i think that this wwas a very good poem
  • Amanda
    I love this Poem it reminds me of my best friend!
  • kristy
    it is a nice poem it is my friend to a tee.
  • Andrea
    This is a very good poem i was almost in tears when i read it keep up the gid work x x x x
  • Tierra
    this poem is very lovely and it gives great detail on how someone feels at some point. It also gives someone a good feeling.
  • Derrian
    This is a very good poem you shold show this to more people they would like to hear about this poem called listening Then maybe they will learn how to listen.
  • heather
    your poem was great it reminds me of my friend
  • kimberly
    This is a great poem keep up the good work !:)
  • autumn
    wow. i think that this poem is really great and that it will touch a lot of people as friends. keep up the good work and may god bless you!
  • angela
    that was a great poem. U should become a poet!
  • Marissa
    Hey, I really like that poems. It touched me alot. thats awsome!' Marissa
  • prema
    its very touching i missed my close freinds after reading it
  • Priscilla
    i like the poem a lot i might send it to my friend
  • jack
    Its a moveing poem witch touched me in a way witch you will never know
  • sara
    this pome i like becaues it is a pome we all can realtat to
  • Danielle
    It was a really good poem
  • daydreamer
    beautiful poem! loved it.
  • Emily
    This poem makes me think about my role model. i love her and she makes me feel like i am something. befor i knew her i felt like i was just a young girl with now hope for my life. god blessed be with her and i want to thank god!
  • Tabetha
    i loved this poem it describes me and my best friend Charity!
  • christina
    i really liked this one
  • jesmine
    beautiful just beautiful
  • Jenny
    I love this poem it kind talk about me and the friends i have now they listen to me and help me through my problems can u tell me how u got ur poems on this website cause i may want to write some too.
  • stephanie
    this pome has touched me because i have a friend like that
  • Cade
    great poem about friends!
  • Amanda
    i really was touched by this poem because i have a friend that i turn to after i cut my wrist. she doesn't criticize she just holds me in her arms saying eveything will be alright
  • tRaCy aNn
    i love it
  • clarissa
    this is awesome because thats how i was
  • Megan
    That poem is really great,but I wish that my ex-best friend would understand. Thank You for thinking this poem
  • Jacob
    Had a friend that did the same thing for me and i did the same for her in return now thats wat a friendship is very cool poem becky
  • kate
    i recently lost one of my best friends. this poem reminded me of her and all that she did form me in the few short years that i new her. i wish i could have sent her this when she was still with us. it is a beautiful poem, which the lucky ones of us can relate to. kate xxxx
  • rachel
    This is a great poem it reminds me of one of my friends who i love dearly!
  • Brittany
    This poem is awesome it really touched me and it made me think about my friend and how truly lucky i am to have her in my life and she has alwayz helped me and listens to me!
  • Jennifer
    I loved your poem it remembers me of a very close friend who is always there for me no matter what
  • Ashley
    i really love this poem, its just like how i feel about my best friend who is always there for me when i am down, what ever is up she will help me through and i love for that. All of your poems are truely great and alot i can relate to. thank you.
  • Ana-Marie
    this poem really touched my heart because i was always there for my husband when we were just friends. And he was also always there for me. i really like this poem.
  • immer
    great work
  • Aviva
    THIS WAS AMAZING POEM! it PERFECTLY described a friendship that i have!
  • renalyn
    Great! it inspires me a lot. it rily came from the heart.
  • Denise
    This poem touched my heart and will be sending it to my best friend, as this tells her exactly how i feel. Thank you Becky
  • erica
    good poem
  • syamsina
    there is a deep feeling in my heart bout this poem. it;s reflect to my life however and i feel to be a good friend,you have to be a good listener too, a friend who is a good listener is your eternal friend and will be with you no matter what happen.
  • lizette
    I like ur poem alot i can relate to dat poem because i always have friends dere when im down and dat's like sayin thanks i give u two thumbs up!
  • Deshae
    This poem touched my heart so deeply. Every word, of every line. Thanks for writing it.
  • Britney
    Ok. let me think i like ur poem so much. it made me cry. it just made me think of all the times i had with my best friend and i am sad cuz i am like not with her all the time. she is so funny, caring, I love her like my sister.
  • child3222
    very touching
  • Laura
    this was a great peom and i believe it touched me in a way that me and my best would understand
  • brittany
  • tina
    wow. i reallie like this poem. i would like to give this to a frend of mine. a frend who told me straight out tat i was never her frend until the day she saw me in tears becuss of love. tat day was the say she looked at me like a frend
  • Cate
    I Love it Its Great! you have a Real Talent !
  • C
  • tiffany
    this poem is so totally true when you actually stop to think about what it is saying you will understand that when someone is talking to you you need to actually LISTEN because if you dont one day you wil regret it (i have had the experience)
  • Amy
    I cried when I read this poem. I printed it and gave it to my niese at my wedding. As she is 17 and my bridemaid.
  • Aldina
    i like the poem cause it says to depend on ur friendz and ur friends to depend on u
  • Tasha
    This is how I feel about one person in my life thank you soooooo much.
  • hayley
    i think this poem is excellent it has alot of words init what mean alot of things. well done!
  • Rebecca
    Becky your peom was asome it almost mad me cry im voting for u cause you are the best writer i have read from the others!
  • Michelle
    This Poem is Great! it says a lot and explains the way Kara is to me!
  • christina
    this poem is totally true and perfect
  • Nasus
    i reali liked this poem. its just like how my 2 other friends are. they're the best!
    I like this poem because ive been going through a bad patch with my friends and today and throughout this argument a boy called Ricky helped me stuck up for me and he lisented to me
  • thelma
    I personally think is was an nice way to tell her friend that she appreciates all that she has done for her.
  • priscila
  • John
    I love this poem! The first time I read this, I almost cried! Keep up the good work and keep writing good poems!
  • jackielyn
    your poem is very nice, and you really owe your friend. just continue being that and ull surely have friends or bestfriends. just go gurl
  • Cynthia
    This poem made me cry because that's the way I fill about my friends too.
  • sadia
    Your poem is the voice of my heart thats why it attracts me alot. Keep writing, best of luck
  • Doris
    This poem discribes the friendship and love between a good friend of mine. Thank you!
  • jessica
    ur poem touched my heart. it makes me think of my best friend veronica, she's always there for me, and when i'm lost, confused, lonely, down, scared etc. she's always by my side. girl ur doin' a good job on writing poetry. keep up the good work
  • kristi
    "Listen" is a great poem because it describes the way a real friend is. that poem really opened my heart, it made me realize that i don't need a friend to act like that, I can be a friend without needing a friend because there are people that really needs us. Thank you for your poem.
  • fathmath
    this poem just describes very clearly about me and my best friend. i felt good reading this, cause may be i wont be able to express my feelings for her this way. well still these words wont be enough to describe the friendship neither would all the poems here together can do it. but still this is also a few words among them. thank u for this friend
  • Bridget
    I love this poem it makes some much sense in so many ways.
  • Caitlin
    Becky, this is an amazing poem, it is very true, I have been in some hard times lately and this poem is everythiing my friend has done for me. You have some real talent!
  • Britt
    this poem is excellent it tells you what friends well good friends anyway do for you so if you have a good friend do this for them its a great poem i loved it and its also very nice to thank your friends and let the world know.
  • ying
  • sarah
    this poem discribes what my friend BENE is to me she's awsome!
  • Rohan
    I Like "Listen" very much coz you know this is very much related to my real life. something happend in my life due to which i was totally down then one nice friend came in my life and she is Meghna and now my Life Partner. but she remains my FRIEND forever. Thank you Meghna. and thnaks for such a Heart Touching Poem.
  • tarun
    i think that this is something that one of us is looking for and if everybody in this world gets one of the friends like the ones that have been talked about in this poem, i think if two friends read this they will not have a quarrel throughout their lives it is amazing
  • Kayla
    I thought this was a very good poem because I have a friend Brandi who has really helped me out like it says.
  • Betty
    I really have to say this poem is really good and i will send this poem to a good friend that i have hurt a lot and still wants to be my friend and this really shows me how much his friendship means to me.
  • down
    I like your poem because it really lifts me up everytime I read it. Hope I have been helpful to you. The no-named commentator, comments again.
  • Eddie
    I just wished my parents could just listen to me, but they are always there for us.
  • mel
    I feel this poem is amazing. I have a friend Flory who I have only known a short time but already she has done everything for me. She is always there to listen and even took me into her home when I was having troubles at home. She helped me so much, she saved my life so much that I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her. I love her so much and this poem will let her know that. This poem touched me the first time I read it and I hope that everyone will get the chance to read this as well. I would say this is the best poem I have ever read. Thank you for writting it.
  • sarah
  • ashley
    thanks for writting this peom it explains alot of how i feel about one of my "friends"
  • Becky
    Id just like too say this poem is lovely it reminds me of my Friends Kevin and How sweet it is,i can always talk too him Thank you Kev
  • Gina
    i like this poem alot cuz that is how i am with all my friend and this gose out to all my friend later
  • Shentieghn
    true!true!true!you had solve every pieces of my life.Something between me and my friend that she couldn't understand.Thank you.
  • Glenys
    This poem is so true! If it wasen't for my friend Kayleigh.
  • Teena
    Someone very special said almost those exact words to me not long ago , this is a very good Poem , it brought tears to my eyes .
  • diya
    This was a really heart touching & a very wonderful poem.
  • Vanessa
    This poem really touched me and it reminded me of my friend Ashley who has always been there to comfort me and help me through the hard times that I have experienced
  • Karen
    I have a friend who has been very supportive and I wanted to let him know how I felt, and "Listen" couldn't have said it any better. Thank you for your words. Looking forward to more.
  • yari
    This poem is everything my bestfriend jerry is to me because he listens to me always.
  • Shannon
    This is an awesome poem it reminds me of all the great friends that i have..friends are something everyone should be happy to have.
  • marie
    i realll y like your poem!it has a great meaninh to it and i was verry touched!keep up the good work
  • sameen
    i really liked your poem because it reminded me of my friend sara and how she use to help me and tell me not to worrie and not to give up and encourage me that everything will be okay. even i wrote a poem that i want you to hear. friendshp is trustworthy not a fake lie friendship are yhe meemores you remember till you die.
  • kiddo
    so true....
  • Stephanie
    This poem totally reached out to me in a very good way. It touched my heart, and I will never forget it. Thank you Becky, for writing this marvelous poem.
  • Jennifer
    Thank you for writing such a good poem. This poem means alot to me and my best~friend he alwayz listens!Thanks once again!
  • josh
    This poem is great. i have only 4 people in my life that have took the time to get to know me.
  • Jasmin
    This is a very nice poem it has just the right words in it, not 2 much and not 2 little. Keep up the good work!
  • grant
    u have a great talent for saying how people feel about there friends and it's great that someone like u is writing poetry about it so yeah keep writing
  • Ashley
    hello, i just totally love this poem. i'm sending this poem to two of my closest friends that's helped me through some tough times. keep up the good work.
  • Brandy
    I really liked this poem because it reminds me of my best friend who is always there for me.
  • Lesa
    Great, well written very sweet. And it reflets someting I have just been through. WELL DONE!
  • jaime
    it so i nice poem and i am the kind of person who does the listening so i understand the poem.
  • Yan
    Hi Becky! I like this poem of yours very much..It suits my best friend totally! Thanks a lot!
  • charlie
    very good
  • Krystal
    i think this poem is very touching and would get your other friends attention and it would also give your friend some happiness through her/his day
  • Patrick
    This is a very good poem.
  • brandon
    this poem is tremendously awsome!!! this poem is exactly the way i feel about my best friend
  • Brittany
    Yeah this is a great poem~there are only a few people who really take the time and listen to all my problems and help me out alot~and i'm really thankful for them-its different when your are there for some people but when they're done they go on and forget about you-but thats life so i guess you have to go find out who your real friends are!~
  • Annie
    hi this poems is good it is true i hope all the best for u write more poems i would love to read them bye best wishes 4 Ă¼
  • Debs
    Wow Becky, that's great! I'm absolutely speechless. Such simple words, yet they have a power unattainable by any other way. Thanks.
  • Kojo
    Wow! this poem is really something. The moment I read the poem I felt the poem was meant for me. its really a lovely poem. Keep the good work up and have a happy valentine.
  • Rachel
    i love your poem it's just the way i feel for my friend ashley!
  • carol
    This poem is so true in most lives
  • Lakima
    i was really feeling you

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