This poem is about someone that has loved another person, even though it was wrong in the eyes of society. She has done what she thought she must, even though it caused her great heartache in the end. And after all is done and said, she still loves this man.

Just trying to get past this moment, and understand all of it a little better.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

What Do They Know
I face the world with a smile, no one knows what is hid inside.
They see only happiness, they cant see the tears I've cried.
When I am alone I hurt, because here I do it well.
In front of all the watchful eyes my heaven turns to hell.
The judge and jury awaits me, everyone has a say.
In a life that hangs suspended for yet another day.
Who are they to judge if what I have done is right or wrong?
In the end I gave him up, but inside still sing his song.
I don't know how to find the strength I thought I had.
If only I could play tough it wouldn't be so bad.
They say that life goes on and someday I'll smile again.
But, how do they know my pain without being where I've been?
I've traveled so far from home, and can't find my way back.
Somewhere along the way I must have jumped the track.
I saw him just today and his smile is still the same.
He looked at me so sweetly, but never spoke my name.
I wonder if he remembers me, It hasn't been that long.
He may have forgotten me, but I still sing his song.

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  • Jasmine
    this poem is really touching it makes you think
  • damien
    I have read many poems on this site and others alike and i find this one to be expecially good because of the raw emotion behind it. you can tell that it came from the heart. in my opinion the best poetry is written in times of extreme emotion,good or bad. anyone can put words on a page but emotion makes it special.
  • Samuel
    This poem happened to my life. I know what you feel. It really hurts. So Great!
  • rinesha
    very nice one. keep it up
  • maya
    i just want to say that this poem is wonderful,,,, i have experienced the same exact thing,,, everyone sees me soo happyyy but deep inside im so sad,,,, i had to leave him for some reasons but i love him so hard i cant forget,,, im always singing his song!
  • Ken
    I think ur poem is beutiful
  • Jessica
    This poem seems so true to me -- my ex who I have not spoken to in 3 years yet I still remember everything like it was yesterday! wonderful poem!
  • cynthia
    this poem is so great it says what i cant. thanks
  • louna
    Very very wonderful poem. This is reality. This is what really exist. It is not only about love or problems or why do u leave me. It's reality and I was searching for such a poem. I give ten to ten. perfect.
  • starlight
    i have no words for it but what can say is it the deepiest poem i ever read and it relates to real life events
  • Rosa
    Wow, this poem really took my breath away. I feel just like that right now. It was uplifting regardless of the pain going on inside. Sometimes pain is the only thing that gets you going, and the more you try to forget.
  • meghan
    That is the truth good words and meanings
  • Claudia
    I really love this poem. Is like exactly what i've been through in my live. Is really pretty!
  • Serene
    I read this and my eyes closed. I held my breath and before I knew it I was thinking of the one man I will never forget. and then the tears I try not to shed poured freely. Thank you
  • Miss UAE
    A WONDERFUL POEM. I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV IT :D I CANT STOP READING IT OVER N OVER AGAIN. it's exactly wat's happenin 2 me. this poem will not b erased from my mind. thnkx alot. keep it up.
  • Fern
    i think this poem is beautifully written, it has spoken for itself the feelings one feels , keep it up =]
  • Marie
    i ve also been what this poems says the people thought i am happy though am not thank you tina for saying that am not alone i like your poem but can you right another one with the same theme?
  • Binot
    yeah, "the ever watchful and judging eye of society", i too has experienced that. they don't care about the couple's feelings
  • tess
    this poem was so real nothing but love but i could relate so i'd say it's deep in thought and always true of soul
  • tonya
  • Anna
    Your poem is so well written! I loved it. it hits the point. i guess i like it so much because its how i feel to. but your soo good. keep writing!
  • mallory
    i read this poem and loved its meaning because ive been through that and its really hard for me because noone was there for me and noone knew what i was going through
  • Summer
    what a touching poem! i can relate very well to it. thank you for such a wonderful piece of art! :)
  • larry
    works both way sadly.
  • cherrelle
    i love dat poem it reminds me of so many realtionship dat i have been through
  • Sam
    Itz so good. If u write more just send on my id. i like ur poem. it seems as
  • Monya
    Wow. this is one poem I read that directly relates to what I've experienced once. You got it directly on the point. You wrote it well. Thank you. : )
  • Michelle
    This is beautiful, and says it all. I undertand your pain all too well! How can my life be like heaven, if my heart feel's like it is in hell?? I am grateful for your peom, on this very sad day. for I to, "gave him up!"
  • Fatos
    Hi there. Just like to say that the poeme its fantastico!
  • audrey
    hi i loved this one, its sounds like it was written for me, im inlove with a man i didnt want to be, but its happened and i can control it, he is in the royal navy, we had a little tiff, and i dont know if he will ever get intouch again, time will tell.
  • doug
    wow do u no what u have here. i wright poetry. i print out ones i like but i have neaver made any comments on them. this one stoped me in my tracks. i will half to wright a pome on this theam
  • Izzy
    i know exactly how you feel i'm going through that right now. sucks, doesnt it? ay least you share your feelings, unlike me, I just go around pretending i hate the guy. NE wayz. I absoluetly loved your poem!
  • David
    This is a great poem. Excellent work.
  • Donna
    i love this one. it's awesome,and i can remember feeling like this some 2 years ago. it's funny(or not so funny)how you never forget a feeling like being rejected,but sometimes you lie to yourself and start to believe you're perfectly fine(then you remember):/
  • Chelsey
    I feel your pain in this poem. Trust me Im in the same boat.
  • Icysis
    This poem is absolutely beautiful, because it came from the heart and from something in which you felt and thats what inspired you. this is the best poem I have read by far.
  • Victoria
  • marlana
    this poem is nice it's just the one i was look for this is also the best one on the page .
  • Kristie Marie
    this is whta ive been looking for. it explains my life. i have dated this guy for two years and all the sudden he didnt love me any more i wasnt worth loving but i still cry every night for 3 months and it still hurts. he looks at me but he hasnt said a word since that day. i still love him so much but he doesnt remeber me or that once we loved one another together! this poem is like a 100 in my book!
  • joey
    this is a great poem. it may seem like i dont really understand but i do. the same thing happend to me . i tried to hold on, but it just made my life horrible. just move on and your life will be okay, just like me
  • Victor Winston
    I keep coming back to this.
  • Victor Winston
    This really touched me. Thank you. Victor
  • Emmalee
    This is a true poem it has the feelings people do feel in life with the pressure and haters but never let the one you love go it hurts to bad to think that was your true love and you just let him go because of the people around you.
  • Hannah
    I really like this poem. I have just gone through this exact thing and it helped me realize i am not alone. I dont know if the situations were the same but they seem as if they are. I wish that no one will ever have to feel the pain as when you stand in court, trying to stand up for the one that has helped you the most.
  • KIM
  • mary
    This poem seems like it was wrote just for me I've just recently broke up with my boyfriend because he was playing me with three other girls but I love him with all my heart yet he dont love me the same I know in my heart that he do love me but i just cant be with him cause I also know that he wont do right so i had to let him go but "I still sing his song" in side me.
  • Love
    hey there! i love it love it love it! i hate how people are always telling me just to get over it and move on, but how can they say that if they dont know how it feels! well i love your poem! Awesome job! keep writting!
  • maisie
    i really like the poem. why? b'coz i can relate myself to the who wrote it. its just that we went at the same situation.
  • juana
    It's a very nice poem
  • samantha
    I loved this poem! I understand how it feels to hide behind a mask and then wanting to cry as soon as i'm alone,
  • latonya
    that was a great poem i really enjoy reading it he has a great mind in i feel that she or he thinks alot about this world and things around it
  • Mata
  • Epiphany
    Can I ask you why society found it wrong to be dating him? I am wondering because I had an amazing relationship with someone who I was in love with and "society" in its own corrupt way tore us apart! Can I hear your story?
  • diwata
    nice, thanks!
  • Dani
    So Similar am I. It has been 8 months and I still have not forgotten. Love this one! Thank You!
  • artencia
    Hey I really like your poem it's sweet
  • Hannah
    THis poem is sooo amazing i gave it ten stars cus it reminded me of everything xx
  • Mariel
    This poem really touched my heart. I just broke up with my boyfriend for similar reasons. and as much as people tell me i did the right thing, i dont think I'll ever know.
  • Jessica
    It really touched me I love how it ryhmes and then it still makes since it is very good
  • Luz
    I really liked your poem. it explains exactly how i have been feeling for the past months.
  • bernadette
    really lovley words it meant alot to me
  • Sherry
    Oh, my goodness! I really felt touched by your poem. I just went through the same thing with this guy and trust me what you have writen has nailed the point. Please write more!
  • sheree
    yea your right no one can judge u. i love ur poem i tried of the world judgeing people cuz there lezbians or gay there humans
  • Joanne
    I can fully understand the pain that involes a break-up like this. I am going through it right now. I love this man and he loves me but at this point in time we are not healthy for each other and we know it and so does everyone around us.
  • kimberly
    i thought ur poem was well written with ur emotions drug inside as well. it probably touched me so much because im in the same postion right now and i can relate to it
  • Alexis
    this is also a cool one to hear. this reminded me about my bestfriends boyfriend troubles. she likes it as well!
  • eiyah
    it's certainly great! it knocks down my sanity thinking about my (recent) lost relationship. two thunmbs up. you made me Think moreover. God Bless!
  • Lindsey
    This is the most amazing touching poem i have ever read. Thank you so much.
  • daniel
    I am not a girl, but this is a really good poem. It it the best one I have heard in a really long time, because it relates to me and my ex. We were together for 18 months. No-one really wanted us together, but when does it matter what everybody else thinks. As long as two people care for each other that deeply, they should try and make it work. I broke it off with her and would do almost anything to have her back in my arms. I am 4 years older than her, but I loved her with every bit of my heart.
  • Stefani
    I absolutely loved this poem. it touched me in so many ways. it is a sunject everybody has is or will feel in their life and it really lets you know that you are not the only feeling heartbroken. i cant say that so many poems or song lyrics or anything touches my heart very easily but this most definetly does. it brought tears to my eyes and i love the way it is written. and the person that wrote this poem is extremely talented and i hope they continue to write such beautiful poetry.
  • Renea
    This poem really hit home for me,i just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years because my family got to me so bad,but we promised to get back together when im 18,but this poem is so great it made me cry keep up the good work Honey!
  • jesse
    i love this poem. it reminds me of the girl i lost and how everyone thinks its no big deal. she was my everything. i want to thank you for finding the right words and writing them so now not only do you help me but you help other people who are at a loss of words thank you
  • Emotional
    That's how I feel and I love this poem so much! Thank you for sharing it! ^_^
  • LaSharia
    This poem really touches me because i understand the emotion put into it . I give this poem a 10 meaning great!
  • stasia
    excellent,made me cry,love it.
  • brooke
    you cant help who you love. love is like a book you can't judge it by it cover. i love your poem. it reminds me of someone im very close with. no one wanted to see me and him together but we wouldn't let them stop us their all use to it now.
  • brittany
    i love this poem! you did a great job and i can relate to what your saying. keep up the good work!
  • emma
    this poem was very appropriate for a very hurting heart
  • ashley
    that last bit. about 'I saw him today' or something like that. god, I went through that on friday. It really got me. Really, what do people know about how you feel? Let it out! Admit to being hurt. thats what I'm learning to do. Show the world, and tell them to shut it! Cry if you want. Its how you feel, no one should ever be made to feel ashamed of how they feel.
  • shelia
    This poem is "OutStanding" If you were in a relationship or had to give up a child or a pet it hits you right in the heart.
  • kent
    Very nice, it touched me. I'm going through that right now. hard to accept but hey, keep up the good work! You have talent I don't have.
  • tess
    i love this poem. i can relate o so well.
  • stefany
    4 the brokenheart's club
  • Nicole
    This poem is good, specially today. I'm 18 and was dating someone younger. He was 15. His dad (his guardian) was the one who got us together. We had to decide to call it quits because 1) distance and 2) Too many people looked down on it right now. When they dropped me off at my house and he told me bye I wanted to cry so hard, but I had the best time in my life with him. Age really don't matter to a point.
  • johana
    this poem is so SAD but at the same time it nice it vErY GoOd!
  • Sam
    I love this peom because what you have written is what I feel and go through
  • Toni
    This poem was GREAT! It sounded alot like my situation.
  • keegan
    Wow i really like that poem, it made me remember of my ex boyfriend that i broke up with thinking i was strong, and i realized i was wrong. I miss him so much he would play his guitar for me and i miss that your poem helped me feel not alone. thank you stranger.
  • simsim
    I wish I can express such feelings in a well-written poetry. Lost love's spark remains poiling in broken hearts accross the years, hoping that someday some deserving one can lite it up again. A very heart-touching poem.
  • teresa
    i love it sooooooooooooooooo much, its the best one ive read!
  • Brenda C.
    This touched me because I went through the same thing. This was written in a manner that was so easy to identify with. When love is gone it doesn't mean it stops. When you love another you wnat to talk about it even when you shouldn't, because when it doesn't work people do just as this poem describes. LOVED IT!
  • Diana
    This poem is GREAT! I am the one going through the break-up of my daughter and her boyfriend. It hurts me the most than it does her. I do not know, I guess everything goes haywire when you are the Mom! Great poem!
  • kaaveryputhra
    This poem has reli touched my heart as it depicts how I am feeling now. I am being pressured to break up with the guy whom I love so much bcoz I am afraid its against my conservative family background. Its reli sad. But I am leaving it to God,if he is reli my meant for me, I dun think anything will stand in between us. Love is the greatest strength ever. Even if I have to break up with him sumday, I'll love this guy till my last breath since he lives in my heart
  • Brittany
    This poem made my day! me and my bf were over as of today! and this really got to me! guess what that meanss hehe ITS AMAZINGGG everything that was sad in this poem was like how i felt. almost like it was there for me yaknow! XOXOXOXO
  • Patrice
    I love this poem I wish I had wrote it first. I also write poetry so keep up the good work. I can tell u write from your heart and its hard to find true poets. I write about experiances and what I have been through. All I have to say is keep it up.
  • Elissa
    wow. this poem left me crying. i loved it. it tells exactly how i feel! now i know that i'm not the only one that feels that way. i love it. an it give it major props!
  • christina
    mann i'm really feelin the words in this poem. keep doing what ur doing cause ur doing it well!
  • SAbrina
    I absolutely loved this poem! I feel I can relate to it, it has meaning behind it and as I read this poem I seen so much more between the lines.
  • kate
    I absolutely loved this poem, it really touched me. It was if the poet was speaking my words and feeling my feelings.
  • Daisy
    You have touched the feeling that is in someones heart that has just lost the person that made them find thier way.
  • hannah
    hEy! thAt wAs OnE greAt pOem! i wiSh i cAn mAkE OnE likE dAt!,, Oh, hEy,, cAn i pOst thiS On my blOg? AS my fAvOritE pOem? hEy,, U'll mAkE A gOod pOet!
  • rea
  • Jeannie
    The words in this poem are so real to my life at present. Being Judged by people who haven't taken the time to know me and causing such pain between me and me partner until such time we have had to part.
  • peter
    i usually hate poems becuase they r 2 hard to understand but i had an english project and i read a poem and i chosed urs and later i couldn't stop reading over and over becuase a person like me who never read poems before just found out that the poems can really change my ability to think so i just wanna say thanks for teaching me a great lesson
  • Libby
    hey this poem is tha best one ive read this just said all mah emotions this peom is tha best muh luh libby
  • evita
    Excellent. It hits all the righ emotions. You inspire me!
  • rosa
    i really loved your poem. Since I can relate to it, it thouched my heart.
  • Dawn
    I give this poem 10 stars This is how i feel right now. Thanks i needed to cry i read it alot and touched my heart deeply
  • lenna
    i have been so hurt in love and that describes it. he left for someone else. that is so well-written. its extravagant
  • ashley
    I really connected with this poem because I've been down this road many times before and felt this way.
  • Trixie
    wow. it's like you wrote that straight from my heart. i gave him up for reasons he'll never understand and to this day i regret it with everything i am. Just wow i love this poem
  • Ofelya
    Life is very difficult, but you should be positive.
  • Lac ey
    this is a wonderful poem. i know at least four of my friends that this poem applies to. including me. thank you for this little gift. i'll share your work with them. they'll like it as much as me.
  • Stephanie
  • julio
    I liked it! I feel the same way.
  • Ruby
    I have know a few, and have been there too!
  • Bree
    when i read this i wanted to cry because i feel exactly the same way. It's like you wrote my feeling down.
  • Brittany
    This poem was so great! I really liked it! It made me cry! I can relate to it so much, all my friends and whoever else said the same kinds of things to me! But it still hurts me as bad as it did when he did that to me. I just want him to want me so bad!
  • ursula
    this poem touched home I couldn't have done it better myself. Like it was written for me!
  • Michelle
    I really love this poem. This poem hit me straight in the heart, because im going through that now, no one likes my boyfriend and people judge me every single day so yeah. I really love this poem!
  • Amanda
    I love this poem. I feel like I'm going through the same feelings right now.
  • nissa
    its beautifull. n painfull like a reality .
  • monika
    Your poem was great! It really touch me and gave me a sense of comfort. I apprieciate you writing this.
  • jose
    All I have to said is that this poems is VERY VERY, VERY , VERY GOOOOOOOOOOD.
  • Cassie
    Your poem was really good. I am a dedicated writer, and it really touched me. You write just as I do. Your very right the world judges alot of people, without knowing them.
  • Janice
    This is a great poem. I think you were speaking from my heart. Nine years ago I fell in love with someone my parents didn't like. They kept us apart. After all these years, a husband, and two wonderful kids, I'm still in love with him. I think of him and what could have been every day. I've read this poem over and over, and I cry every time. Keep up the good work.
  • myesha
    i love this poem it reminds me of my situation now and i can really relate and all i can say to Tima is that u didn't write for me but i still wanna say is thanx for writing this for me i think u may have just save my life
  • Amber
    I voted for this peom because it touched me more than you could ever know. I have gone through the same situation, and for me to see that poem. Wow. I have never read such a peom that grabs at you. This amazing. You are a true artist. When I say that I mean you use life as your paintbrush and then take that to create a masterpiece! Keep writing always!
  • Aigner
    amazing. truly amazing how you can look into my soul and put it on paper. thank you for saying what i am to afriad to say.
  • Alicia
    i have written a poem just like that saying how felt inside. that was an amazing poem and i just want you to know i am in the same situation and and i know how you feel!
  • Lisandra
    This peom actually touched me because is true what she said who are the to judge if they dont feel the pain that she does. I let someone go becuase everyone was telling me that he wasn't worth my time and till this day i think about him every night so I can relate some what to what she wrote.
  • mimi
    *sob*. that was a really, REALLY great poem. tears were falling from my eyes when i first read it coz i can totally relate to what the poem is implying. i "found" the poem the day my heart was "broken". and in a way the poem helped me. it said the things i wanted to say. i jst want to say thanks. cause in a way it has helped me cope with the situation.
  • krystal
    it was wounderful! i loved it! i felt like that. i still do. i know how u feel, i thought i was the only one. but i guess im wrong. u have a real tallent! share it!
  • brittney
    This is awesome. I mean when you read it you can feel the wasy she felt. That is exactly what poetry should be.
  • Kendra
    I think this poem is great, it says what I feel but can not say. So thank you for speaking my thoughts.
  • gou
    i loved this poem so much. it just relates to my love. and how i've lost him and yet yearn for him. i'm really glad i found this poem, it helps me alot. [[my broken heart]]
  • lana
    This is a cute poem, and it's very touching!
  • Tierra
    I could relate to this poem in so many ways i can't say how many but i want u to know that u are really creative!
  • jennifer
    i really like this poem because it talks about how love can be tricky at the end of a relationship and people think that if two days pass they think your over them but they don't really know how you feel
  • lizbeth
    i luv ur peom its all so tru it actually left me cryin. I feel the same way right know
  • Roxie
    I was feeling the same way tonite,I write poems that deal with feelings and real life. I loved it!
  • Shay
    i think i can really relate to your poem because i had this feeling before i felt like this about some one. well yeah keep up the good thoughts your poems are touching.
  • farrah
    this peom made me think of allot of things it broght memories and it made me cry one of the things it made me think was why didn't i ever write somthing like that cause i love to write poems it is one thing that makes me get away cause i don't do it for thr fam and i don't do it for the money but it was a great peom
  • Jen
    I would vote this as the best damn poem I have ever heard. It totally relates (kinda) to my sinking soul.
  • Maria
    This poem was really good, I was able to relate to this poem and I want to let you know that your not the only one that has gone throgh alot in life.
  • Megan
    OMG, this poem is AMAZING! I am only 14 but when i was 13 i read this poem and it really helped me, i felt like i was the only one that was going through something like this, society can be a pain in the butt, but we have to deal with it, even if we love the person unconditionaly, it doesnt matter what color,shape or size, we dont choose who we love, ive had to learn just to trust in god to get me though this, even when you think its impossible to move on, and you may never stop loving that person, but some things we have no control over.
  • Jenny
    This was a beautiful poem that really touched me to my heart. It represents how my life is right at this moment.
  • kera
    i liked this poem because everything it has to say i'm going throught with my boyfriend hes in come now for nine months andseven day and after months of takind care of him i finlly left my family always told me i was to young
  • tierney
    this poem is great. it's almost like every word is exactly how i feel right now and it left me crying. no one knows pain like this unless you've gone through it and i'm glad you wrote this poem so now i don't feel so alone.
  • Melissa
    This poem touched me a lot. I have gone through the same things in my life that are in this poems and it helps to know someone else has too. Yet i am only 13 I know how it feels to want someone so bad and not be able to have them. I know what it feels like when all your friends are made at you for something that they know nothing about. This poem helps me understand that. This poem is awesome and has helped me get through bad times.
  • nikki
    omg. that poem was so good that touched me and i feel you bout what your talkin bout! that was a hot poem keep up the good work i dedicate that to my ex everything about it reminds me of him.
  • Toya
    this is a really good poem. It really touched me.
  • Kayleigh
    This poem reminds me of me and how i feel about a man that tore me to pieces and i gave up my whole social life for him. After i lost him, I lost alot more.
  • moe
    wowwwwww. awesoem. just plain awesomeeeeeeeeeee. nice work girl niceeeee work.
  • jess
    i think this poem was very good it made me realize wat i've gone thro and i kno how she feels and its good to write and to get out wat u feel in such a way that expresses your self truthfully
  • faith
    This is really nice. tradition has really changed a lot of things in my country and has killed a lot of real love. welldone
  • Tierra
    I love this poem it touched me in so many ways that I almost cried all I can say is keepin comin!
  • christine
    i think this poem is really good
  • Tammi
    I can relate to this poem, that is something that I am feeling now. Well said!
  • kay
    This is a fantastic poem, i know how that feels
  • Tara
    This poem is hella breathe taking. This is what i'm going threw and now i lost everyone. this is the best poem on this site besides greatly missed.
  • Michelle
    I truely loved this poem. I have felt like this for such a long time. Good job.
    this is overall a great poem. i can relate to it very well. the discriptions are insightful. good job
  • summer
    That was a really great poem. It almost made me cry cuz it sounded so much like how i feel. Thanks for kinda helpin me relize how i feel. :]
  • Monica
    This poem is exactly what I am going thru. I too have a forbidden love that is splitting at the seams because everyone else is tearing us apart.
  • sparkle
    That was a great poem. I wish I could express my feelings like that, in writing. Touchy.
  • niki
    this poem was so good i even cried a little, i couldnt find words to describe this. the only words i could think of where, oh my god.
  • Kristy
    I thought the poem was great, I really understood it. I guess because I've been there. good job
  • nicey
    This is a real good poem i touch my heart.
  • leah
    This poem relates to me so much right now. It speaks to me and i can feel their pain. Love is one of the greatest gifts however when spoiled can be life's greatest pain. This poem epresses that very well. Thank you writer for writing something that in my own time of heartbreak i can relate to.
  • Danielle
    I love this, so very true! Touching.
  • Tierra
    I think the poem is straight. I like it and i hope you continue doing what you doing I have much love for ya!
  • XaraSven
    I really like the way you wrote this poem. It really touches my heart and when i read this poem, i felt exactly what u wrote. I'm having da same situation as well. * still singing his song even tho he had forgotten * i love this phrase. Keep up good work!
  • Jess
    OMG I LOVED UR POEM! I know, I know. everyone says that. but I truly can relate to it. you write very beautifully. so dont quit!
  • Steph
    wow. that was beautiful.
  • Shelia
    This poem bought tears to my eyes because it hit me so close to home it has been 3 months since my fiance and I broke it off and this poem made me remember the good times we shared and last night I did see him and he didn't speak my name what an eery thought. really enjoyed it!
  • Cassie
    no words can express how this poem effected me, it's my life in a poem, thank you.
  • Shobha
    I cried like hell going over this poem. It relates so well with my life and my feelings. Justwhen I thot i was losing grip on my life, I met this person thru chat and we became very close. In fact we fell in love with each other, in spite of the fact that he is only half my age. Nothing seemed to matter to him or me ,for we were both so happy with each other. This world will only blame me,but like the poet says who r they to judge me?Is loving a person such a great sin?Now I see he is trying to move away from me. (maybe he has realised he is making a mistake). He has a full life ahead of him and I should not try to tie him down. I love him too much for that. So,let him be free and like in the poem"I will still sing his song. " This is a great piece of work. Keep it up!
  • WilliaDean
    All I want to say is I loved this poem. I think I can identify to it.
  • dalilah
    i really loved this poem it reminded me of someone
  • T
    WOW . this poem says so much about what has went on in my life . married involved with a single man and I let him go cuz I listened to what ppl said . I cry silent tears and put on a happy face ready to hit the road running . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
  • kim
    This poem is facinateing, and I vote through and through for it, I too feel the pain
  • Mary
    I liked it very much
  • Kimberly
  • rich
    This was a great poem. It really touched me.
  • Yaned
    I really like your poem,cause it is true what u say
  • Brian
    All I can say is that I haven't forgotten her either. The songs we shared and the love we had will never be replaced without her. Beautiful yet sad thoughts went through my head when I read this poem. Always thinking of her.
  • Jay
    I just wanted to let you know that your poem was TITE! I can strongly relate to this poem, I wasn't only once upon in this position but I was scared. . .
  • Shashi
    AMAZING POEM. awesome choice of words.
  • tima
    i can really relate to this poem my respect to the author . its always nicer to feel the message behind the words . keep flowin at it. your doin great
  • Angela
    I really like this poem
  • lacey
    this rocks it would be even better put to music
  • Stephanie
  • Shaba
    I smile alot and many said that it's the best feature in me. But they don't know my deep sorrows within me. Maybe the poet who wrote this poem knows. Maybe she went through the same ordeal as i did
  • EiKo
    This poem was so. sad. It reminded me so much about wats going on with meeh and mah babie. It's sad to noe that your babie you love tells someone else they love her. that's wat happened to meeh i put on a smile jus to hide the pain. but my heart aches everytime i think about it.
  • MiSS
  • Bre
    This is one of the greatest poems i have read in a while. this is like me its weird. And you knew how to put it into the right words. GOOD JOB!
  • lama
  • S
    Beautiful and so true to what I'm going through, although I haven't let him go yet, the "world" is hoping I will
  • Mari
    I loved your poem!
  • K
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the last line of the poem. I recently ended a relationship and I still sing her song, and wonder if she sings mine. She looks the same but has moved on. Thanks for the insite.
  • Kay
    This poem has made me feel like that i am not the only one who feels like that. I really like how the poem puts that society cant accept her feelings. I just got out of a relationship like this one.
  • Bunny
    AWEEEEEEEESOME. poem. it Hits the heart. ! N u know Y ? . Only 'cause it's pure emotions in the form of words. (: The heart is a crazy organ. n no matter how much u try n use ur head. there somethin inside that hurts. always ! gOOd Poem (: take care.
  • Shoni
    Now that was a good one . I know a good poem when I read one because I write them myself and this one here was the bomb!
  • Tokie
    I experienced this very situation back in December and nobody understands your hurt and love for that special someone. Thanks for reading my heart!
  • Monet
    the feelings were so real and the fighting (or that was) for her love was evident. i have also been in such a relationship. and yes its true, no one really knows except YOU.
  • melis
    the best poem i've read all year
  • Rafia
    A very good reflection of unspoken words, really appreciable!
  • Kevon
    This poem has touch me in some many ways, I just can't explain it! My ex-girlfriend broke up about a year now but, I find out that: I know what love is and I know what love is not! When I had a year ago, That Was LOVE! Thank YOU!
  • Jessica
    I know exactly how this person feels, I was in love with a guy 6 yrs older than me
  • jen
    this poem is very very good when i read it,it brought tears to my eyes because I thought about my ex it fit so well with how i feel!
  • ashlee
    this poem expressed only a portion of what i feel. but the way you were able to say it was pin point. i cant be with my one true love because of society. his parents think that i am too young and my friends and family think he isnt good enough. but what are we to do?. it is impossible to go behind there backs. but knowing that someone else feels the same pain and helplesness as i is close to comforting.
  • deann
    Your poem was really nice and sad but also sweet.
  • Amanda
    I thought this poem was very very good. IT reminded me how I felt when my Ex-boyfriend dumped me. This poem made me feel the way I use to feel. That was a hard job to do too. I think that this poem was wonderful.
  • Neva
    I love your poem when I read that it put in mind of a boy I once new GREAT POEM!
  • Jaime
    YoU'rE pOeM rEaLlY tOuChEd Me. I hAvE tO lEt SoMeBoDy Go. He JuSt DoEsN't UnDeRsTaNd ThAt I cAn'T lIvE wItHoUt HiM. tHaNk YoU fOr ThE cLeAr ViSiOn.
  • Allison
    ur poem is beautiful. i love it, thx
  • chris
    i really loved this peom , it made me think about a guy i was had over heals with and i broke it off and i didn't relize how much he meant and then it was to late to do anything he found someone else
  • gina
  • Alona
    i know the feeling because i've been there..
  • Cheryl
    This poem touched me deeply. I have let go of someone I love very much and I know the pain.
  • darcy
    it was a sweet poem..
  • Erin
    I loved your poem! I know were your coming from with this poem, thats why i like it so much!
  • Nicole
    I have never had someone express the entire thoughts that I was feeling..being accepted in a different kind of society is hard..and then when it ends up in heartache it's even more difficult.. I feel for you..and thanks for this lovely poem!
  • Ashley
    wow, that poem just gave me the chills. I can feel what you are writing by the way you wrote the words. Amazing.
  • ceya_boo
    This poem really express my deepest feeling I have for someone this is a nice piece of work keep writing
  • Danielle
    Very touching poem. Wonderful to know other people are gonna love a certain someone forever.
  • Kathleen
    Tima this was the essence of beauty. Never put that pen down, you have much in store for yourself and your wonderful talent :)
  • brad
    This is a great poem, tearjerker, nice job!
  • Kaylee
    I am torn between to men,and this poem gave me something to think about. Thanks for opening my eyes.
  • Leo
    I know how this hurts... my woman is under the same pressure. We have broken up, gotten back, broken up, gotten back, and are almost breaking up again because of them... I know how this hurts :(
  • Christina
    I didn't think it was possible to describe how I felt in such words. You wrote exactly what I was feeling inside. Why is society so judgemental? Why can't you love who you love without being judged? Everyday I have to wear my smile with tears running inside and I am glad to see you too staying strong.
  • Stacy
    Your poem hit me in so many ways. It is so frustrating listening to people tell you, you'll get over it soon enough, not knowing what you have been through and how you feel. No one will know until there in your shoes, and your poem really expresses that.
  • Kim
    I loved this poem it reminds me of me and my ex but it was only my mom who didn't approve and till this day he is still in my heart Very well written
  • Lekresha
    This poem I can really relate to because my first love my not know but I still have feelings for him and he sees me every now and then but don't speak. I really love this poem keep up the good work. BY the way I had to print this poem!
  • Thuy
    I LOVE THIS POEM!! it's so touching on how the person feels inside. I've been through EXACTLY what this poems says.
  • Eddie
    I truely know how you feel. I am going through it now. IT IS HELL. But i think if i love her so much i set her free then if she comes back to me she will not leave me again. But if she doesnt then it was not meant to be. It helps me to think that way. Just makes it easier to go day by day thinking that way. Good job.
  • Kris
    i was looking for a poem . and urs had everything i was looking for so i just wanted to say i love ur work and i know just how u feel
  • Lyn
    I just love this poem. It is so eery how the poem portrays so much of what I feel and so similar to my situation. Thank you fow writing the poem
  • Joe
    Thank you so much tima. I had to give my girlfriend up recently. Love lost but not destroying A slow dull ache has enveloped me and I know what it is to see her and not be in her arms as I want to be. Thank you so much for a poem I can relate to.
  • Kate
    OMG!i LOVE that poem!lol
  • Daniel
    I thought that this poem was self explanatory. I thought it was pure bueaty
  • Uncertainty
    Tima You will smile again. I can relate to your poem because I gave someone up that I loved a lot because I cared to much about what other people would think and right now tears still fall from my eyes when I think of what could have been. This may be something that haunts you for the rest of your life because his face stll haunts me. Remember it's ok to cry because tears cleanse the soul
  • sam
    hey this poem is soooo true..amazin how well it put together. if i were crazy i would say u read my mind!
  • tricia
    This poem really hit home. It's great to read something so true. Thanks
  • sunshine
    this poem is my life exactly! people need to mind their own business and let me love!
  • Teresa
    I have finally found a poems that says in words exactly how I feel.
  • Scarlett
    Ohhh is a poem that touched my soul. I can sympathise with this person so well; I am going through this as well
  • liz
    enjoyed it.=0)
  • aradhana
    I loved your poem so much!
  • Tin
    i understand the really is hard to love someone..especially, when people judge you for loving that particular person...
  • Meaghan
    This was an absolutly amazing poem! We can all feel some of this pain a truly shared experience i loved it!
  • berna
    I love the poetry! It really reflects what I feel right now.
  • Chelsey
    Some of the poems on this web page were alright.....and some were ok; but this one was SOOO good. omigosh, i loved it!!! I love poems that rhyme, and that have a deep meaning and message to them. It is SO good!!!
  • stacie
    Wow, that hit me like a thousand needles. I'm in a really hurting situation right now, and all i think of is the life that i lived to fast, and the hurtingness that is catching up to me.I really loved this poem for it meant so much.
  • paul
    everyday isearch for a new poem to fullfill my lyrical desire and everyday is usually a dissapointment; except for today. i love your poem alot. thanks for making my day. -archangel
  • jamie
    great poem i know how you feel
  • Mandy
    I just loved this poem. It mad me cry, thinking of a lost love.
  • Nicole
    I really liked your poem. I'v been reading poetry on the internet all morning long and this poem is the best one yet! Do you have any more poems to share with me?
  • Rosie
    i really enjoyed this poem
  • Marwa
    i read your poem n its just GREAT and i think a person shouldnt care at all for what others think of him or his doings let him do whatever makes him feel better or what he thinks is right
  • Barbra
    Brilliant poem! Best ive read! Words like that are exactly what i am feeling apart from the moving away from home bit! brilliant!
  • sarah
    i really enjoyed this poem i barely ever read poems b/c they hardly are ever good but i believed that your poem meant alot! it had really touched my heart!
  • Alyssa
    I think that this poem is beautifully written and I commend the author for being able to write her feelings down because I think the hardest emotion to go through is hearbreak.
  • Brittany
    this poem made me cry. it brouht back the memory i try everyday to forget but i can never do and it just is such a great poem.
  • Vanessa
    I really enjoyed your writing, I feel I understand your feelings and experiencd your heartache
  • daina
    I loved it its so much like me

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