Even normal day to day things become alien when you are lost inside yourself. The struggles to regain a sense of ourselves when we have long been part of another person is a test of our ability to navigate in a strange new world.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Terra Incognizant
You would think by now, I would know my way around,
I shouldn't miss you so badly, I should be on familiar ground.
How many more lonely years, must meander by,
until I learn the lesson, it does no good to cry.
What manner of iron will, must some people possess,
to be always looking forward, to never accept regress.
Perhaps if I was willing, to let someone take me by the hand,
they could show me a happy place, in this unfamiliar land.
Perhaps I'm only homesick, for all the joys that once were mine,
I must accept that they and you, belong to another place and time.
But I know that deep within my heart, there's a place where only you reside,
and when the pain of loneliness comes, it knows that is where I hide.
So if sometimes it seems to you, I'm clinging to the past,
it's mostly because I can't yet accept, that our love didn't last.
No matter how hard I try, I've yet to get over you,
for the part of me that's still alive, believes you love me too.
Maybe there will come a day, when that part will finally die,
and feeling strong with a heart reborn, a new love I will finally try.
And what a splendid day that will be, when I awaken to discover,
I'm happily learning a great new land, with a great new friend and lover.

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  • tammy
    I love this poem,very touching:)
  • monet
    MARVELOUS! it's ABSOLUTELY. MARVELOUS! i can't find the words. it's totally amazing! Bravo! wonderfull. keep up keepin'up;)
  • Jessica
    I loved this poem so much i posted it on myspace. Because of this poem the man of my dreams came back to me. THANK YOU! Ill be sure to mention it on my wedding day.
  • lonelyhere
    This poem really touched my heart. it even made me cry. It captured the real emotions that are going through my head. It's really, i mean REALLY hard to let go of something that has been a part of your existence. But i just wish that someday, i will have the courage to love again. To love someone much more than i loved him.
  • katrina
    fantastic poem! got to my heart!1
  • Schyler
    This is a well-written poem that flows well. It is exactly how I have felt for a couple months. My soulmate left me abruptly without a clear reason why, and my heart has been ripped in half. I feel depressed and I must constantly hide my true emotions from everyone. My mind is stuck in the past with all the great memories I have of us being so happy together. To this day I still love her endlessly and I don't know how to move on.
  • Julie
    You Made me cry. This is a fabulously sad and very exact poem. I truly know every word is ingrained deep inside of me. Im there feeling like I'm drowning and trying I'm to pull myself up for air.
  • lakeyda
  • Crystal
    This poem was so touching. I had a friend that i shared a very brief (2months) yet very passionate romance with and then he moved far away. He and I continued to talk and he would tell me he loved me every week. Then one day I called and another girl answered the phone. I have yet to get over him, though I try and try. We still talk occasionally but I don't know what happened and we don't talk about it. This poem said exactly how I feel.
  • Tony
    It's been about 15 years since I saw her last. This poem is like someone went into my heart and found how much I have missed her and put my feelings down on paper
  • Tiffany
    I loved this poem it was so inspiring espesially to just let go.
  • Ashlynn
    i really like this poem this is probably one of very few poems i can relate to on here. it put me in tears because it reminds me so much of my past i hope i hear more great things from you.
  • teagan
    this poem relates to me in everyway, i feel so alone my first love lost me my boyfriend and my best friend. even though i love them both i know i cannot live without the love of my life this poem helps me to realise that someday my feelings may change like everybody tells me i will get over iti dont think this will happen for a long time becasue he is perfect in everyway n ilove him.
  • lindsay
    This is how i feel! My fella of 2 yrs whom i was to marry left me. ! feel so broken and your peom touched me. Thank you for that, your words are beautiful.
  • love
    oh my goodness. this is awesome. ive been reading through most of these poems and ive been pretty dissapointed so far, but you really have talent. i almost started crying[if i had tears left] but i totally connected to this poem and its nice to know its not just me out there thats comepletely heartbroken :]. i'll be looking forward to see more of your work on here soon.
  • Nikki
    i liked this poem because its kinda what im going through now. i just got out of a relationship with the one that i love and we can't be together because of our familys. but it seems like i cant move on to any other guy that likes me because im in love with the one that i cant be with. its so hard to get over him but the relationship wasn't the best and i need to be strong and move on but its just like i cant.
  • teisha
    i am really likeing this poem and im feeling this 100 percent. the reason i like this poem because im in a situation like this and this poem got me memories.
  • Kathleen
    This poem means a lot to me. For one thing I just lost my one and only true love. I thought that we were going to be togeter forever. He was someone that had a very strong heart about things. I didn't think that we would ever separate. The effection that he showed me was unreal. There was that tingle that always lasted in me, every time I thought of him, everytime he got close to me. I had hoped it would last forever. But I guess not. Things in our relationship went wrong. I opened my mouth and told the truth but no one believed. It is hard to believe that we aren't going to be together anymore. Now it is time for me to try to leave him and it's hard. It's harder then you'll ever believe. He was my everything. I needed him in so many ways. And now it is gone. I hope, and I pray that it is not true. But deep down I know that it is over. I love him so, but I guess it is time to let go, even if I don't want to. I had a hard time reading this poem because I just broke up with my boyfriend. I loved him so much and still do. Oh well though. Time will pass and things might, but more then likely not, get better between the two of us. If it doesn't I'll put up with it. All I know is that I will never love anyone else as much as I loved him.
  • Jocelyne
    Wow, this poem was amazing! it truly touches you if you can relate to it. It's so beautiful and very inspiring.
  • Evelyn
    I love this poem. It explains everything i'm feeling about my ex-boyfriend. I hold him dear to my heart, he never did me wrong. I blame myself for letting him go but I tell myself everything happens for a reason.
  • Beckie
    Oh my goodness, this is me, this is how I feel. you spoke to me with these words. what a wonderful expression!
  • jose
  • Katy
    BEAUTIFUL! I could feel how much you put your heart and soul into that poem. It was greatly heartfelt.
  • Alicia
    This poem means a lot to me as I'v loved a guy for 4 years. I had my 1st kiss with him etc. But eventually he thought it fit that we go our seperate ways. and this poem is EXACTLY how i feel
  • Trynda
    I love this poem! It is awesome and I can really relate to it.
  • andrea
    i love your poem, thats how i feel:(
  • mona
    i love this poem so much! its ecactly what im going through right now. and how i feel. amazing job
  • Mason
    I've been on this unknown land for six years now. i'm still here. waiting. this poem really touches home.
  • un
    this touches me, in a way sad and painful, yet beautiful.
  • nicky
    This poem is so good. It reminds me a lot of my ex bf that i have been trying to get over for a couple years.
    I liked the way you expressed yourself, you were so honest about what you feel. It touched me cause it portrayed what I felt when I broke up with my friend. Good work.
  • Sara
    OH MY.
  • Sue
    Yes, that's exactly how I felt.
  • chris
    just amazing!i almost cried,because i felt the pain. amazing job. just amazing
  • keya
  • arianna
    Great poem. its nice to know someone feels the same way as me. its nice to kno im not alone. thanks for helping me even tho u didnt mean to.
  • lori
    this poem brought tears to my ends i've been there. i am there its like you were in my head and gave my pain a voice
  • amber
    THIS POEM IS REALLY GOOD! it was soooooo touchy and made me feel absoulatley great and beleive that i will love more then one persom even though that same person will stay in my heart! you are a great poet and i hope i see more poems written by you! you should use your talnt more often to express your feeling and maybe people will begin feeling the same way as you and will also start expressing their feelings! i love poetry especially ones like this and you and other people might be the reason for me liking it so much BYE
  • Rhodon
    NIce, Nice, Nice. I can relate an you kno you use almost the exact words i did wen i felt all was lost. Wen i finally decided to give it a next i found a great guy who shows me every thing i need to see.
  • Brandon
    I really loved this poem, it almost excactly describes what i'm going through.
  • Michelle
    This was an excellent poem. That poem has alot to do with what i'm going through right now. nice poem!
  • estrellita
    i really like this poem because im still tring to get over my last relationship.
  • renee
    Just wanted to say your poem was lovely, a beautiful poem filled with a lot of emotion. All the best for the future I hope you get your lover back.
  • Amber
    OMG this poem was so gr8. I can relate to it so well as im goin thru lyk the exactly same thing. I try 2 write it down but nuthin even comes close 2 this. It is so awsum. i reali luvd it keep writin!
  • carolann
    hi im carolann im 14 i just wanted to say that this poem really touched me deeply i was feeling sad and i just thought i would read some of these fantastic poems and this one particually touched me
  • Yolanda
    The piece was very well written. I could really almost feel the raw emmotions that must've been present at the time it was composed. The writer is a true talent.
  • michelle
    beautiful and very true
  • Donna
    loved your poem. it's me(how i used to be)all over!
  • Jennifer
    that poem is so pretty and so true sounded like you was writing how i feel and it made me cryit is so hard to get over someone you gave your heart to no matter how long it has been it still hurts you try to let it die and move on but there is always that spot they still are strange how that isand why you hurt can't let it go and let it die but it was how i feel thanks for having it on here for me to read Jenn.
  • Melissa
    This is so true to what I am going through right now.
  • Emily
    It was good. sad coment i know
  • Virginia
    I really loved reading your poem cuz when you lose someone you love so much, you do feel lost without them. And you do tend to go back to them for comfort. So yeah. this poem basically said everything I'm feelin right now. and it's nice to know that someone can understand what I feel when none of my friends can.
  • alicia
    This was an awesome poem! I was crying when I read it! Wow! I have never read anything like this. YOu should have a poetry book published. Alicia
  • Love
  • Kaylah
    This poem, touched me. It was very uniqley written. The thing I liked most about this poem was that this is the exact way I feel, trying to overcome my past and never wanting to move onto the future. I can't explain it exactly, you know some things can't be explained in words, but this poem was beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  • andrea
    awesome poem!
  • Vallini
    this poem has impacted me bcuz its been over a year & i still can't get over my ex who had played me for a fool. i broke it off with him but i was still in love with him then and still now. i can't open my heart to others yet but i hope one "splendid day" i will. just like the poem says!
  • megan
    all i can say is thank you for writing this. you put the thoughts that i could not but in to words in a wonderful poem. im glad im not the only one that feels for someone so stongly so long after they left, again thank you
  • Epiphany
    What happens when you don't want to let go? When everything hurts but you need to feel the pain because at least that is something? What happens when you are so in love with someone that inside you die willingly to protect themm and everything they already have? Why is it so wrong to feel or do these things? I loved your poem, but in it you stated in so many words that you would be willing to walk away at some point. I am not so willing. I have a love that burns only for one person and he loves me too but things have happened and everything has been torn apart!
  • Sasha
    This poem is sensational! my breakup was like that and i'm trying to move on. inspiration like your poem really helps with that. thanks for helping all of us who need to learn to love again move on!
  • Sarah
    Wow i love this poem. so true so sad and totally how i felt recently.
  • Kendra
    i really like this poem its great
  • Nanci
    It touched very deeply as I can totallyrelate to this poem. As I am there, as the poem explain. Its right on. Thank You!
  • dindo
    This poem reminds me of my lost love teresa, the relationship came out to be shaky when we once apart to each other. how i wish i could fall in love again and if that happens i want it with this same person
    This is the poem that I wish I wrote. I am going through the exact thing in my life and love this poem. I give this poem a 10.
  • robin
    i really liked your poem. my boyfriend and i broke up after 3 years and im havin a hard time gettin over him. this poem says what i feel.
  • ty
    this reminds me of my suposed to be b/f he hurt me really bad!
  • Susan
    This poem made me cry, I have been there before. It was like the poem was made for me. It was a great poem. The person who wrote this has some serious talent.
  • daveta
    This poem really touched my heart. It felt like something I wrote because every single word in it are feelings that I feel. I loved it!
  • esi
    i was so touched with this poem. i was actually still mending my borken heart and as i read this poem, i almost felt like crying. it was really not easy to forget someone you love with all your life.
  • mariel
    this poem was awesome. you are a great poet and believe me i am going through th same exact thing.
  • Lily
    I needed to know what to about this pain that lingers, moving into shadow, only to reemerge when a ray of memory reveals its hiding place. And, then, your poem crosses my path and I realize I am so homesick for the warmth of the good times. Now, I know. I'm homesick.
  • milytza
    this poem was great and the person who wrote it is a very excellent writer.
  • Porche
    I really enjoyed your poem because it touched me. It feels as if I've been living your life because I've been going through something similar, but I guess sometimes you have to wake up out of that fairytale life, and just move on.
  • Jenee'
    this poem kinda relates to me and i really liked it. cant't wait to read your other ones
  • Kim
    it was a heart warming inspring poem, i don't feel like the only one in this world that can't get over someone. he once called me his angle, and now i'm just a distant memory
  • monica
    What a lovely, lovely poem! Thank you. Monica
  • jeanette
    i really enjoyed reading this poem. it reminded me of my ex boyfriend who i still love a whole bunch. i hope one day that i can find someone who can make all my dreams come true and after reading this poem i know that some day it will happen.
  • Jemina
    I thought that this poem was very good. Keep up the great poetry writing
  • Akilah
    I loved dat poem. It was deep. It really touched me. I felt lik I culd relate 2 it.
    this was the perfect poem to send to my ex. it tells exactly how i have felt for the last 3 years. it is still how i feel.
  • kirsty
    This poem describes how i have felt for a very long time. why is it so difficult to truly make a heart let go?
  • sarah
    this poem is the best ever it is so true and very touching it made me cry as i can relate to it gr8 poem yay love sarah xoxox
  • chiqui
    one of the poems i've ever read!
  • Fregilia
    I really liked this poem. As of now, I found out that my boyfriend wants someone else and so I am having a hard time moving on. Its just nice to know I am not alone. great poem, I just hate you had to experience pain to write such a touching poem.
  • D
    I havn't been touched this much by a poem in a very, very long time. This is a great poem and one that I am living. It's a poem that any one who's ever lost the love of their life can relate to.
  • jacob
    It really touched me i loved it mainly because i know the feeling. Please continue to write poetry it may be something to look into.
  • dev i
    one of the best poems i have ever read
  • Paul
    Beautiful and rhythmic!
  • Nakeisha
    It was excellent. I can relate because sometimes things go so good in a relationship and then its all over. And sometimes you do not know what to do next. Life seems meaningless now that, that special someone is gone. Then one day you wake up and realize that you can go on and there is more to the world than just that mere inidividual. I can relate because I seem to constantly be falling in and out of love and do not know where to go next. Finally I cry and cry, realizing that I am still here and I'm still breathing. I have never ever felt so low as I felt when I was broken hearted and i felt like I was in a world of my own. This poem has my name written all over it.
  • Shawna
    Wow, that poem is amazing. I was looking for something to explain how I felt after breaking up with the love of my life, and this poem truly captured everything I was trying to express.
  • kay
    i write poems too and i would share them but i hate sharing how i feel,but i give the person who wrote this poem props. you got the guts to express!
  • al
    it just says so much in just the right way
  • alen
    oh my gosh. this poem was a touching one and know how you really feel. becuase i have a broken heart too. and i still see my true love but every time i try to talk to him it seems like a wall comes in front of me and i dont see him anymore . and now i feel so lonley but there is one thing i love him too much and i will always thnk about him. but iam still lonley without him by my side
  • Mandi
    This is a great poem. I can relate to it so much, it says exactly how i feel! thanks for writing such a fantastic piece of work!
  • Allena
    this was a great poem. This is exactly how I feel right now. I dumped my ex because I was scared of getting hurt even though I really loved him. This made me cry. Keep writing your awesome.
  • Mari
    i loved your poem, i couldnt have put it better myself. that is exactly how i am feeling, i wish i could say that i dont liove him anymore but i just can't. The love that i feel for this person is stronger than i am and your poem fits perfectly to how i am feeling because i believe he loves me TOO.
  • courtany
    dis is off tha chains im not sure if this really happend to you or not but i just went through the same exact thing with my boy friend and it sounds like something i would say
  • Jacqueline
    Hey thanks so much for wrighting this poem! It totally expresses what I feel and what I went through. The guy I thought I loved and that I thought loved me back was just playing me. At first he told me he loved me but then he told me we should just be friends because he thought he was going to get back with his ex. I was crushed completely, but what could I do, I guess I just have to wait until he loves me too. Even though we aren't even friends no more I will always remmember him as the guy that broke my heart, and as my one true love, that didn't feel the same way. *
  • jessica
    omg i so cried when i read this poem. you are a very talented writter and should keep on writing what you feel
  • Kandy
    This was perfect, I feel the same way about the love of my life. I haven't been with him for 12 years, but I just can't let go.
  • leticia
    This was a deep poem and so many can relate. It reminds me of my first love who I still think about and its been nine years. He left me without telling me why or saying bye. Crazy thing is I still want to know why. But really Thanx for sharing your work keep doin your thing =)
  • tamara
    I thought this poem spoke wonders to my heart! These words were written as if someone had read them upon the walls of my own heart! Thank you
  • Robert
    I thought this was an great poem, it reminded me of things in my life.
  • Jt
    true spoken word
  • Cindy
    What a great poem! It's really the exact words of how am i feeling for now. after struggling hard from a broken hurt. Thanks for the words, which really brighten my days.
  • jame
    i love it i crieds when i read iit!
  • Anirban
    Loved the poem. Wonder if the future brings a better romance or a part of oneself dies with a romance.
  • teresa
    i lOvEd this poem. it really touched me and it flows so well. its absolutly wonderful!
  • Jack
    I think that your poem was wonderful and very true.
  • keegan
    OH MY GOSH this poem is soo good it sent chills down my spine! It helped me! ive been in that situation and it helps me not feel so alone!
  • lisa
    this one really hit home. i just came out of a 3 year relationship that i can not let go of. I wonder if i will ever be able to go on and love again. excellent poem
  • amber
    i can really relate to this poem
  • anthony
    you saved my life tonight,thank you Prometheus.
  • Shenita
    I LOVED THIS POEM. It really touched me and I really love poem that rhymes so this is just perfect (to me) all the way around. Keep up the good work.
  • Peachez
    This Poem is a very good poem!
  • Leah
    I totally relate to your beautiful words.
  • Maria
    i love this poem because it sounds like that person is trying to foget her old love. it is kind-of sad.
  • tigger-sama
    this poem captued the feel of a lost love better than any poem that I have yet to read.
  • sara
    wow I'm speachless I feel just like this poem great job
  • lisa
    this poem is one of the reasons i look forward to reading poems. loved it
  • Danielle
    This poem is very touching. It explains exactly how I feel. My ex and I were nearing two years, and he called a break. even though we are best friends, I still find it hard for me to move on. Please continue to write and use your talent.
  • Jordan
    You See Im Only 11 And Really Like Someone And Thats the Exact way I Feel
  • samantha
    this is such a great pome I really love it I deffinetly hope if you ever make another pome that I get a chance to read it.
  • Joshua
    In a word. brilliant. 5 stars.
  • Lakkin
    I love this poem! It touched me its about wat im goin through right now.
  • jasmine
    i can really relate to this poem because the things i felt about a person and the things i thought would work out didn't and i did believe in a you and me but i have to move on
  • chilz
    dis s how im feeling ryt now. wid love comes hurt. wen hatred fizzles out and so the pleasures of loving haunts us. to get back and live for love
  • patty
    This poem is beautifully written the flow and rythm put it all together, not to mention the fact that is easy to identify with which is important in great poetry.
  • Jennifer
    I loved this poem I have been feeling so terrible because somthing like losing what I thought was love. I keep thinking of the past but have to move on this poem made me know one day I will move on and find new love. thanks you are a great writer it was like you know how I felt.
  • linzi
    oh my god tat poem is beautiful! it touched me so much coz i can relate to evrythin written in it so much! its gorgeous!
  • Jeremy
    I only wish i could find another love, your poem seems so hopeful in the end, "there is no medical cure for the broken heart. "
  • red
    that is the tale of my life. it still hurts so deep i haven't been able to cry in so long. i love that poem. i am so homesick. that poem is such a comfort. thank you for writing it.
  • norul
    i love this poem so much. it tells exactly what i'm feeling right now. =D
  • Montia
    This poem related to so many of my past relationships. I honestly think that this poem is the best one so far on this website.
  • Heather
    I love it hun. your such a beautiful person.
  • Ofelya
    Love is beautiful.
  • red
    This poem is very like me much now. This is how i feel at this very same day for the lat 2 months about my ex. Thank you so much
  • wanda
    this is such a touching poem, it sounds beautiful, and I can just feel the emotion of the poem. How many more lonely years, must meander by, until I learn the lesson, it does no good to cry? I still have many years to go.
  • faithline
    i love this poem cuz it describes how i feel.
  • nikki
    i have just gone through a really dramatic break up or at least it was for me anyway i will never get over this person and i feel as if i have let him down because i lied to him and i still love him but things will never be that same I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH this poem really depicts heart break and it makes me think
  • Tori
    Your poem is beyond wonderful. I can tell your are passionate and it comes from the heart.
  • Lttl Rinoa
    Prometheus, your poem touched me to the very last line. I've never yet seen a beautiful poet on this site up until I read this poem by you. I truly have sympathy for you and of course I've been where you have about these feelings. The most touching line of all that got to me was "No matter how hard I try, I've yet to get over you, for the part of me that's still alive, believes you love me too. " That one was so nicely done, I would like to applaud you on that one. Just keep up that great work and I hope to hear more poems from you.
  • p
    i love it feel it and be it! why don't they understand????
  • jenny
    i totally love this poem. and i can totally connect with it. keep up the great work!
  • ava
    i love the poem. it sriked me hard. moved me to tears. but gave me some hope.
  • tia
    Totally Awesome!
  • michelle
    is a great poem and is really realistic.
  • laily
    Hello I m from holland but I have to say you re peom is very beautifull. It had toucht my heart.
  • Viola
    it shows how it can hurt to move on but we must go on.
  • nicole
    i get on the computer and chech out poems sometimes when i'm in the modd. I usually just read them then go to another. I never bother to vote, but i really liked this poem. I sing in front of my family friends and church and i sing things that i write because i write poetry too, and turn it into a song. I have yet to come across a poem that i can sing and like it! I went over youts three times and sang it, i must admitt i'm impressed, keep up the good work and continue to write.
  • Amie
    This poem was extremely touching. VERY WELL WRITTEN!
  • Lily
    This poem describes just how I feel. I've broken up with my ex for over 2 years now but I still can't let go of him. Why is that?
  • Cynthia
    This was a wonderful poem which explained how i still feel even though its been about 6 years and i have a child with this person. I have never been able to find another. some people are meant not to be loved i guess. lost forever.
  • LISA
  • Alexis
    This is such a love felt poem i think it is soooooo good. it reminds me of a past boyfriend that i loved but i let him go. and i think he still loves me deep down so this poem bought back all those great yet sad memories. Good work keep it up
  • Halima
    It's a wonderful peom. I just don't know what else to say
  • angela
    WOW it truly took my breath away!
  • felicia
    This poem was really touching. It reminded me a lot of how i feel ith my ex- boyfriend (nacoma)
  • MAnilyn
    great poem and it's well written. i liked it. trying to get over someone is really hard.
  • Crystal
    That was a wonderful poem!
  • Theresa
    I give this poem most definally deservable 5 stars, It touched my heart ever so deeply, keep writing beautiful things and help others like me to remember how it feels.
  • Tiffany
    This was extremely touching. I was moving along with the poet remembering my lost love and revelling in how accurate a description it was. After 11 months i should be oebvr it right? THank you.
  • robyn
    i can really realte to this. i enjoyed it to the fullest and i think that you should write some more like this one. because it really touched me.
  • Lisa
    That was a very touching poem. It made me think about times passed. Keep writing because that was one of the best I've heard!
  • Megan
    I love this poem it hits so close to home because me and this guy had a very sudden and heart breaking break up and I still can't get over him even though its been almost 9 months!
  • Lisa
    This poem expressed exactly how i feel about someone who said they loved me then let me down by saying they were lying to me for the past week that they didnt even like me :(
  • Eric
    the first few lines of this poem really struck home and I would like to say that it is a wonderful poem. Its like you took my thoughts and feelings that no one ever knew about how i really felt and transcribed them into this BEAUTIFUL poem. MUCHAS GRACIAS
  • melissa
    i luv diz poem cuz it really touches mai heart! I really i wish i can write like dat but i just don't have da words well i luv it and keep it up!
    This said exactly the way I feel. I cried.
  • maria
    love it feel you
  • Tika
    WOW. your poem really spoke out to me and i had to read it twice! its great and i know how u feel because i am not ova my ex bf and i still love him so much keep on writting ur poem is great!
  • Cassey
    This is a beautiful poem. I have never seen anyone take actual feelings that I personally have felt and put them so clearly. This poem is excellent. Well Done
  • Meg
    yo. not bad. Very touching to a college student who left someone at home. Hoestly, good work
  • Dianalyn Rose
    Beautiful poem! it speaks of the truth how one's heart goes through after a break-up.
  • Shirley
    That is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. It really touched my heart.
  • s
    this poem reminds me so much f what i am feeling right now thank you for writing such a beautiful poem. :)
  • Laura
    The words were so beautifully chosen and heartfelt. Reading your poem I felt like you really believed what were you were saying and that it came from the heart. Feelings like that are hard to come by, and even harder to out into words, so I have a lot of admiration for you.
  • Janelle
    I love ur poem so much, i feel the same exact way
  • Jennifer
    The poem was so beautiful, and sums up the feelings I have right now for a man who I was once in love with. I too anticipate the day where I can move on with my life and not have to think about him. Thank you for writing the poem.
  • david
    this poem is my life. I love somebody who wants to break up
  • lei
    ur poem actually speaks what is in my heart and soul. it is truly perfect and i wish just as u said it time will come when i will finally find the OTHER one who will make me forget
  • simona
    i loved ut. made me cry , ripped my heart out coz simply was pieces of my heart 9in this poem) *blows u a kiss* ty. for sharin it
  • Snow
    OMG ur poem made me cry. I loved it to death.
  • Heather
    I really like this poem. It explains many loves that never seem to die. Prometheus by writing this poem you have let me know I am not the only one that has ever felt this way! Thank you!
  • Thuy
    This poem speaks my mind because I'm holding on to something that, I think, was never there and your poem helps me think that one day, I will learn to let go. Your poem is great! Luv it. Keep up the good work.
  • Melissa
    This poem touched me deep down!
  • charl
    this poem is really nice. it describes the way i am feeling now. i have recently split up with my boyfriend and was unsure of loving someone again. its great to know people go through the same things as me. i think your poem is very inspiring. x x
  • Kylee
    I love that poem. It so captured what I felt and still feel about my ex and wow. Keep up the good work.
  • Ammee
    This poet knows the heartbreak of loving someone that you may have lost. I know the feeling very well and this poem grabbed me by my heart strings and won't let go! Thank you for such wonderful words!
  • Ashlee
    omg. I love ur poem. it touched me in so many ways that was a wonderful poem i hope to read many more. thank you
  • Charlene
    This poem brought tears to my eyes. This exactly how I feel, my boyfriend and I just broke up and we are about to have a baby. It was beautiful! Keep on writing
  • nur
    hei. ur poem was soooo greattt! i really lurved it. keep it up! :)
  • Melissa
    This Poem touched me deeply. It sounds stupid, but my one and only true love, Michael, and I broke up over 3 yrs ago 1/06/00 to be exact. God, i've moved on in all aspects of my life- accept the part where he was apart of, my heart. I've dated many guys, but he is still that knight in shining armor and radiats so in my heart. I do tend to revert to 'that place', i could still cry b/c i can't beleive it once was and will never be me and my 'dorkface' again.
  • Claire
    beautiful. truly is.
  • dina
    this poem is so inspiring it is fresh and new it relates to whati am going through right now
  • Jeffrey
    Thanks for creating this poem. it hits me right at the mark, yet it gives me hope of someday finding a new love.
  • Dennis
    This poem says it all. I placed it over a background of a desert. My feelings are drained but this poem somehow has sparked a new release and serenity upon me.
  • ruby
    when i read ur poem it made me think of a guy that i was once with that i am still in love with. i just wish that i could get over him but its just not as easy that everybody thinks it is.
  • Sylvia
    Very beautiful Touched my inner most felings. Very wellwritten
  • Mari
    Recently having had my heart broken, this poem could not have said how I feel any better. It just made me cry thinking how true evrything it says is. Good job. hope you keep writing more beautiful poems:)
  • jessica
    i love your poem. i know exactly what you feel like, i just ended a six year relationship. i was nice to know that i'm not the only one that felt this way after a breakup.
  • kerry
    amazing. breathtaking. this author has such talent. i cant wait to read more.
  • laura
    Ditto to everything everybody else has said about this poem. And it's somewhat comforting to know we all feel it.
  • Kris
    Although I've been separated from my first love for 2 years now, sometimes it is still difficult for me to wake up and realize everything I once had, both the happiness and hardship, it is all gone. This poem was simply amazing, it expressed everything I feel more clearly than even I could. Thank you.
  • Laura
    This poem is so touching. I was moved by the authors words. It was as if I felt his pain. This is by far one of the most beautiful poems I've ever read.
  • lee
    my heart stopped when i read ur poem. Reminisce of the love that i, too lost. Inspiring and rewarding is what i called it. For your words had somewhat healed my broken heart.
  • misty
    This poem fits my life at this exact moment, we have not been together for 5 months and i still cetch myself thinking of him,when i am in pain. i think that there will always be a special place for a special someone. This poem meant a lot to me
  • Ryan
    you are the mannn! I recently lost a love, about three months ago, we haven't taked since, but i still can't let her go and this poem speaks my mind.
  • Ray
    Man , this one says all the thangs i didnt know i needed to hear. very nice
  • Chaz
    ou hit it right on. broke up w/ my only girlfriend ever over a year ago, and realize now that it was a mistake, but now she's going out w/ a friend of mine. thanks.
  • J
    This poem tells what i am going through now, My boyfriend Hector and I are sperated by countries, hes from mexico, im from canada. We are now a thing of the past, but i am clinging to it, because i loved that time so much. This is a great poem, the poet did a wonderful job!
  • Phil
    This poem is amazing . It touches all the philosophical terms of love , But with a new world twist. it feeling it `s emotions are out of this world . the way the writter talks about a love lost , and the hope of finding another , yet knowing that the love that he/she feels will never fade and the lonelines that hides with in rips at the memory of a lost love. My opinion from a scale 1- 10 this one scores a 20
  • jenny
    that poem was off the hook!
  • KariJ
    I loved this poem. I mean it was all I have went through all I am going through. It ment alot to me because finally someone had felt what I went through and was brave enough to write about it. Thank you so much whoever wrote this poem.
  • m
    This was a great poem. I really could relate to it. keep up the good work.
  • KIm
    Your Poem touched my heart,Recently Divorced myself. Hold your head high, learn to forgive, and then you'll be free.
  • Kim
    THIS poem reminds me of me. I lost my Husband 12 years ago and it hurts today just as much. The sixth of June, we would have been married 15 years, He was my Soulmate and sent to me, I know as a gift. I had an Angel with me for a while. Now he is my Guardian Angel.
  • kbt
    loved reading your poem. i too know what it is like not to move on. i'm encouraged that you are hopeful for the day that you will. i find it hard to imagine that it will ever be the same again. your poem speaks of the hope that it will be different, but nonetheless happy. here's to the bouyancy of hope.
  • Kevin
    Four years I have been searching for how to stop loving that one girl I let get away. This poem reminded me of my life as I know it. I feel for you and the agnoy you have suffered. I still am trapped in that spot where loneliness haunts me. Excellent poem.
  • jason
    i have to say this is the best poem ive ever read. becuase my love just left me a couple of days ago. im dying on the inside and dont know what to do but die of a broken heart
  • Patti
    It is all the feelings I still have for someone, that someone married, but still comes around.
  • mina
    WOW, what can i say. simply beautiful. I felt each letter go deep inside my heart and it sure did bring memories back. THANK YOU
  • angel
    Descibed something i had been feeling exactly. Gave me a feeling in my stomach, really touched me.
  • Monet
    It was so easy for me to relate to the poem. it touches on what one truly feels after a lost love-the hoping that still lingers that one day, the love will come back;and the acceptance that love takes time to heal; and the hoping that someday, letting go wil be reality.
  • rosie
    thie poems tell the truth about love
  • Win
    The pain is felt in every word
  • dianne
    i love your poem its so true, u rethink the past u remember the time when both of u loved and remember your lover holding your hand and saying such sweet things that made u melt but u forget that the love you thought would never really end in actual fact was not real. You remember the love and wonder why why did u stop and why are u not still hear by myside! its a great poem
  • n
    WONDERFUL! nothin else.
  • Laura
    that was a great poem i really liked it. Keep up the good work!
  • Sarah
    very touching, it can relate to audience. Very well written
  • Kat
    Yes. exactly. A thought projected on paper. Thank you.
  • nesha
    That which does not kill you can only make you stronger. Thank You
  • K-K
    thats soo sad! but its really awesome and beautiful i love poetry, reading and writing but i only do it whenever im lonely or upset!
  • Shata
    It seems like this is me to the fullest power. Why does love have to hurt so much and people use that against us. It hurts sooo bad
  • lee
    that poem reflected how i feel now, i lost someone i love 2 months ago and cannot think of anything else but her, we are still good friends maybe thats why i cant let go. thank you this poem has made me think alot and look forward 2 that day when i cant let go and move on with my life.
  • Cindy
    Really great poem, it says what i feel in my heart right now, i love the man i love with all my heart, maybe there is still hope.maybe not and only time will tell.
  • Stella
    This poem is a real good one. It seems as if you know how I'm feeling deep inside me.Keep up the good work and you will get somewhere in the life ahead.
  • melissa
    I've just found out that my first love my first everything, my husband of 2 years was cheating on me throughout. This poem says what I feel. How do I let go and start anew?
  • Joe
    The pain of love lot and the guilt of moving on is embedded in this hauting poem. I write my love that I am losing now, and see myself in these words.
  • P.H
    i was very moved by this poem. it made me realize that it is ok to still hold an old love in your heart. there is'nt a day that goes by that i don't feel the same way. i enjoyed reading this very much.
  • darcy
    i cant wait till i get over my ex.its been 5 yrs that Ryan and i have been apart. ive still not moved on. hes my bestfreind right now, and the only way that i would be able to get over him is to lose him as a friend..this poem really made me think about that day when ill wake up and be like " Ryan, Ryan who ?" i wish that day would come a lil faster and this poem really made me think about that one day that i hope will soon come.. thanks cuz i really needed to think about that day .
  • Darkblue
    I had a love ones she left me about 1 month ago I still miss her and yet I know she's not comming back and I want her back and this poem says what I feel now.
  • C-lover
    It's like you were inside my head. Everything I was feeling, but couldn't say. Lovely poetry!
  • Shawanna
    I thimk that you wrote a very wonderful poem and I really feel you. And it sort of helps when I think about the hurt that I'm going through
  • Zoe
    It is beautiful. All these lonely hearts, wandering around. When will they find each other? When will one find me?
  • Shelly
    I would just like to say I never thought ther was some out there other than me that felt like that
  • cheryle
    This poem touched a part of me that I thought I had buried forever, but brought back only the happy memories . Wonderful
  • prystine
    truly touching. saddened that my daily life is the epipheny of your poem. wonderful insight and truth thank you
  • brandy
    i love this poem. a am a major poem reader. i write some poems my self. but i have never read anything that reminded me so much of myself till i read this.
  • Jason
    I went looking for poems or some kind of help,to what i was feeling.And here in the first poem I read my heart thank you!
  • jazmine
    extreemly beautiful, honest and sincere poem. i loved it and felt it beneath my heart. it's painful what i read but beautiful at the same time. keep writting you are certainly talented for you have touched our hearts rapidly. thank you for sharing us this lovely poem.
  • Leslie
    I thought this poem was really great.It most deffinatly hit home with some of the sisuations i am cerently in myself.It deserves two thumbs up
  • Rosette
    This poem was very good, sad true and it really hit home. I write poetry so it feels good when I find someone else to express the way I've felt.
  • Luv
    i really love this poem because it reminds me of someone i used 2 love very much but we didn't make it. till this day, i still think of him n although i'm with someone else but i still can't forget him.sigh* =(
  • Monique
    Your poem was so touching and beautiful. I've been on the verge of tears all day and this put me over. I feel a tiny bit better just knowing that someone else feels the same way. Thank you for writing it.
  • Michael
    I really loved this poem. it really reminds me of the pain i suffered throughout my first real love and getting over her. It was close to making me cry.
  • Kristen
    i absolutely love this poem..it reminds me of my ex and i..it made me cry but i mean it is the most beautiful poem i have ever read..it has been like 8 months since we've broken up and he has moved on but i still can't seem too..maybe one day..
  • Jill
    This poem made me cry so bad. It's beautiful and I can relate to it perfectly.
  • Jackie
    This desribes my life completely.I love this poem.
  • Steve
    The memories that this brings back. Though we have both moved on, she will always be apart of me. I just hope, that I will always be apart of her. Thanks so much for helping me share these feelings with others alike.
  • Nicole
    it seems like we are never the only ones who go threw the same things pehapes at the same time. love hurts, sometimes in the good way. awesome lines, you go!
  • Cathy
    For me this poem said it all. I have been trying for over 2 years to forget the person I loved and still I can't, he remains forever in my heart and soul, even though he hurt me *mentally* so much. And I am still longing for the day when I can move on and love fully again. Sometimes like you I wonder if the day will ever come as it has already been so long, but I will not give up on love I keep telling myself it will find me again.if only I could say Goodbye to that one person.
  • cindy
    So very lovely and yet so sad
  • alejandro
    i have never been good about putting my feelings into words, but when i read this, i fealt like some one was looking into my soul!
  • caroline
  • Mary
    I LOVED this poem! It was great! It is like you took the feelings out of my heart and wrote them out. Thank you, I thought I was the only one who felt like that,now I know it is not true.
  • laura
    This poem has touched me in a way that not even my poetry does. Thank you for the beautiful experience of reading your poem
  • glenda
    Very poignant, and seems to be from the heart.
  • Imogen
    I couldn't believe how mush I felt the same way.i feel as though my mind was read, it is beautiful!
  • Redha
    Neat poem.
  • oggi
  • Lynn
    That was a great poem. Every word describes how I feel at this point in time. I give you two thumbs up!
  • Jim
    Unbelievable on how much a single poem can mean to one person. Never once have I understood myself so much.
  • Davlene
    WOW! this poem really hit me hard. Me and my guy r rocky right now and this poem helped me realize that if we do break it off, that i will get over it and move on with someone else. (i still even have feelings 4 my ex from 2 yrs ago)But it's good too know that there r others out there like me! THANK U!
  • Angel
    This is the only poem I commented on. It was an amazing alteration Of feelings portrayed.The things felt have never been expressed better.
  • toni
    This is a fantastic poem. I thought I was the only one to have lost the person I loved so much ! thank you.
  • vanessa
    I understand your pain, because I'm going through the same thing.Wonderfully, expressive poem.
  • Golden
    I really like your poem! I totally know where you're coming from! To beable to write something that people can relate to is talent! I hope that you continue to bless us with your works of art!
  • dave
    I just wanted to say that this poem helped me today . thanks
  • katharine
    this is the most beautiful poem that i have seen on this page
  • LoneStar
    Beautiful expression of your feelings. In so many ways as, I read, I can relate. Excellant!
  • Amanda
    This poem is really heart-felt. It really got to me.
  • Lisa
    Just how I feel.
  • Alex
    Great sentiments. Expresses what I feel beautifully. Great rhyme scheme. Great poem.
  • Michelle
    This poem was written with true talent and heart. I've never read anything with so much truth when it comes to heartbreak and learning to move on. You're very talented... Keep up the excelent writing.
  • Crystal
    I really do love this poem because I can really relate to it in soooo many ways! This poem really did touch me!
  • Laura
    I don't know what to say other than, it was beautiful.
  • desiree
    i love this poem because me and my boyfriend just had a break up and now he is going ot with my best friend so itdescribes us in some ways
  • linda
    this poem has truly touched me like i was living a dejavu of my own lostlove i have yet not forgotten still and its been 4 years now, however lifes greatest lesson is knowing you can go on and live knowing you truly loved though lost
  • David
    Very well written.
  • Vicki
    Me and my boyfriend recently broke up like a month ago and he is moving on and its just to hard for me to see myself w/ someone else right now so this poem is like what im feeling inside....it really touch me.
  • Paul
    This poem hit the mark of what I have been feeling for quite some time. Very touching, and I am thankful there are creative people who can express themselves. A talent I lack myself.
  • Candi
    Prometeus your poem is sooo awesome. I've never read such a poem that expresses so deeply the way I feel in my heart. Still...
  • Melissa
    I just resently left my daughter's father who I love with all my heart. Hoping that he wouldn't let us go that easily, and realize that changes needed to be made on his part.... but all for the good... A beatiful family. But it backfired in my face and he loves the single life better than us. Stupidly I still love him but it will his sorrow not mine. I lovewd you're poem, it really touched me.
  • Echo
    Your spirit is overwhelming. As i read your poetry, I feel like I know you and i can view your emotions as they seep out of every letter and spill onto the page. Ihope this wont be your last publication.
  • Maureen
    I fely likr this poem was comming straight from my life. I think it really made me think about things.. I to was apart of a relationship that suddenly ended over a year ago and im still trying to learn how to go back to MY life. Thanks for putting this one where i can read it... *Maureen*
  • Jacob
    Very good poem i can surely relate to "Terra Incognizant" ...great job on it
  • Yvonne
    Seems as if you looked inside my soul when you wrote this one....... Did you????
  • marlen
    i really like this poem it remind me of a lost love
  • Gina
    I LOVE this poem. I think I read it at least once a week. IT is so true how you never forget the true love.
  • berna
    The poem's so good! It really reflects my own life. And what makes it good is that the lines rhyme with each other.
  • david
    I thought that your poem was amazing. It almost made me want to cry, and I never cry. I feel your pain. I rally enjoyed reading your poem.
  • Donna
    I really like this one, it really gets to my heart. My daughter is going through some tough times right now and this poem is as if she was speaking these very words.
  • Bogie
    This poem made me really sad and cry and remember that I'm really not over my ex. She's married now and I still can't forget about her. Something is and possibly will always be with me and it's hard to explain why. It's comforting to know I'm not abnormal or alone in this.
  • abby
    I just want the author of this poem to know how much it helped me to know that someone else in this world was feeling the same way I was. Thank You.
  • lina
    your poemis sooooooo good it touch my heart god that was sooo good
  • Himchan
    This is a beautiful poem. Very touching...memories
  • gladys
    It is a very conspicuos yet beautiful and aesthethic poem. I loved it to the last verse.
  • Lety
    I thank you for writing this poem to help me realize that after this whole ordeal called love there is life!
  • Henry
  • Asia
    I'm 21 years old and I just got out of a 3 year relationship. He was my first love. This poem is beautiful, and it made me feel better that I'm not alone. Thankyou for sharing this.
  • Jenny
    I relate to this poem a lot because I am stuck in the past with this past love that didn't last and I'm trying to move on but it's so hard
  • Marc
    Truely insightful about putting things behind you and moving on yet still caring and straight from the heart.
  • michelle
    that was a great poem it totally says exactly how i feel about my ex. we've been apart 2 months and he is moving on and i cant.
  • Shsron
    This tugs at my heart. Sadly, hauntingly lovely.
  • sarah
    It reminds me of everything I went through.
  • Amy
    Ohmigosh, I love this poem so much. It brought notice to such reality in my life. Just recently a relationship I was in ended on very bad terms, but I still like the guy a lot and this poem just explains all of what I thought could never be put into words! This is the best poem I have ever read.
  • Erica
    This poem was great. I felt every word because it relates to what I feel now. I am an aspiring poet and I just want to say, well done!
  • Lis
    I have been touched so much by this poem cos its what i am going thru at present..
  • Brian
    That was a great poem! It explains clearly what I'm going through right now.
  • Jill
    This peom encaptures the way I feel over a bad break up. Thank you - it helped me greatly.
  • Lindy
    I can really relate to this one. Thank you for putting into words for me.
  • Vanessa
    I love the way you express the feelings. My feelings!!!
  • Juliana
    Very deep. I love this poem. I can definitely feel it.
  • Tallanvor
    This is a truly beautiful, beautiful poem. I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks back, and this poem brought it all back crashing down. I still cannot forget him -- his touch, his smile, his *love* -- but, as the poem goes, I will find the courage to love again one day. But, for now, that part of him still lives in me.
  • Cara
    Thanx 4 helping me find a poem to give to my ex-love (i can't write worth shit!) so you really helped!
  • Marjorie
    I will like to tell you that your poem was so nice. Its also true because i'm going trought it. Congratulations and keep writing
  • sally
    what a wonderful expression of true feelings..the only poem that caught my eye, my mind,my heart!
  • Heather
    Loved it. These words are powerful and perceptive of the authors' acceptance of her lost romance.

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