On Halloween I met someone who changed my life. We started dating about two weeks after we met and things went well for almost two months. Then I was convinced by another friend (a guy friend) to break it off with him.

I did and that same day we talked for almost 7 hours about everything and how stupid I was. Today, we are such good friends that I treasure that more than a petty 8th grader "puppy love."

I know it will always be possible for me to have feelings stronger than friendship for him and maybe some day those will come back. But for now I am happy with him as my best friend.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship

The Wrong Way
The wrong way, no one ever does this,
We're the best of friends but at one time longed to kiss,

We have done things in opposite array,
But for us maybe God intended it this way.

I ended it all with following words from a friend,
From a pretend friend, who wanted my world to end.

You were my world, each breathe I took, everything I dreamed,
A friendship shouldn't come from this, but amazingly through the dark it beamed.

Maybe my mistake was some sign,
That you were meant to just be a great friend of mine.

I am feeling happy that we are still so close,
Even though we don't shared what I wanted most.

For now I understand what I have gained from all this,
A special friend, someone who for not one moment do I want to miss.
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  • Luisa
    i think this poem is amazing because they spresed their feeling very well . when i finished reading this poem i realized i was crying =]
  • samya
    this really suits to adoloscents and since it had that essence to proove anyone the meaning of friendship i loved this poem very much and thus wants to read it contiuouslywithout stooping. it really touched my heart this also shows the clear herat of the author- rain dreamer thus i wish poet & poem all the best & hope that inn future also i will be able to read such poems
  • Kaylee
    I really loved this poem it is really great and want to see more poems like this one. Kaylee
  • Candy
    hi,well the poem is totally awesome. iS it real?i just love the way two people who were in love or thought so turned out to be best friends. It almost seems impossible. i totally give this one a BIG UP
  • Tia
    I was really touched by this poem. It explained how I was feeling about a situation that I am experiencing right now in my life. I wish that I could just read this to that person.
  • maryam
    i love this poem. great poem. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • megan
    This poem mayed me think about wat I have done and I think i have done the samething this poem is talking about like how they kissed. I love all my friends but I like 1 much then the others.
  • valery
  • john
    I think that was very nice an emotion we all have felt in our youth
  • claire
    i really like this poem because it relates to me. its touching and it shows a great poem doesn't have to rhyme. whoever wrote this needs to become a famous author. wow. i write poetry as well, but this is just great . keep up the good work.
  • Nina
    "This is the coolest i've everheard"
  • Kayla
    I think this is a really great poem and that a lot of people make wrong decisions and chioces that they all need to fix. so I think you should keep up with the great poems. Kayla
  • Gaby
    I really think this poem is touching, I can really relate to the meaning of this.
  • michaela
    this was a very heart warming poem i loved it
  • adrian
    that is exactly what I feel about a friend of mine. thank you for writing something so beautiful, that other people can not understand but the person reading it. I loved it and so will the others that might read it in the future.
  • jalesa
    i think this poem is very good it made me cry because it reminds me of me and my boyfriend!
  • Gabriela
    this is a good poem i think this poem touched me. It made me think about all the things i went through in 6th grade. It was a hard time but now i'm ok. This boy named Kenyon is getting on my nerves. He keep on starring at me!
  • Amanda
    I like this poem because I am also in this situation I have liked this guy named Alex for a long time and when i finally went out with him for only two days I listened to one of my friends. I really regret listening to her cause I know want him back and he thinks it would be best if we be friends for now because he likes my best friend and he wants the old me back. Thank you for this poem it really matches me and him. I love it.
  • stacey
    WOW 10 out of 10 m8, u don a well brill job on this poem , i write poems myself and i gotta say u hit a spot hay, well done
  • Darrellynn
    I love this poem it was meant for me all the way i love your thoughts.
  • Kesi
    I loved your poem it was so inspiring to me. Love,Kesi
  • Jessica
    you are indeed very talented. your poem really touched me because i to have been in that situation,as a matter of fact I'm sort of in that situation right now.
  • Renee
    I really liked this poem because i can really relate to it. It reminds me of me and my friend Phillip.
  • SBC
    I would like to vote for this poem, because recently, i had been going out with this guy, and my friend told me to break up with him, so i did, and now we are very close frieds.
  • Samantha
    omg i love this poem! relates to my life exactly but it was girl who told me to end the relationship with a guy. amzing poem, i love it!
  • l
    i belive that is what is true in most cases. Bravo
  • Ginger
    I liked this poem, cause right now there is this guy and I reall like him and want to date him. The thing is so much stands in our way of being together. So were not sure if we just want to be friends or so much more.
  • Jenny
    This poem really touched me.
  • Octavia
    This poem really touch me. And I know we have been best friends for every since third grade in we always will be bestest friends know madder what anyone say or do know one will come between us we'll always stay together know madder what people say I said or you said we will always stay together don't never believe what they say. We will never get mad at each other for something stupid or if someone said that I want to fight you don't believe them I'll never want to fight you. P. S your best friend Octavia
  • Marquise
    OMG i absolutely love this poem because it reminds me of me and my best guy friend in the world bradley. omg this is really scary cuz like ya but then again its really really cute i love it! much love xoxox me
  • Lyndsay
    your poem was really good i like it alot . I just broke up with myu bf because of something just lik ethis but my best friend was a girl and she wanted to date him so i couldnt date him but he said no and she was mad at me so yeah same story didfrent ending . Its really good keep up da good work b Lyndsay michigan age 16
  • Izzy
    thank you so much! this poem describes what i am and have been feeling inside for a long time but have never quite been able to say it. i have passed this on to the friend of mine that i have feelings for and. we are now going out b/c he felt the same. we have been best friends for about 3 years now and i'm glad that ur poem has changed that b/c i was scared that i was soon going to lose him to another girl. thank you alot!
  • barbara
    awww i like it i wish i met someone special on halloween speaking of halloween its october 9,2006 and halloweens coming up soon i wish i meet someone like that well got to go because im in school right now and i cant be on here right now so got to go love always barbara
    i like this peom caus e it is true what it says. i just love ut
  • victoria
    ur poem was awesome it kept me thinking about alot of things that have happened to me. how we le other people destroy the most precious thing we have. how we let other people influence our life. well g2g
  • Chelsea
    I really liked your poem , you really have talent when you write to make it relate to all who has been in this type of situation
  • Ashley
    this was so cute and I belive that this pome can help alot of people with bad friendsships
  • maddi
    absolutely beautiful! i sent it to my friends and they all love it. its a poem that says exactly what i want to say to one of my closest "guy" friends, and now i see that im not the only one in this world who has problems like that. i will remember this poem for ever!
  • Jacqueline
    I love this
  • james
    i love this poem raindancer you have got the poem sounding just right i went thru a stage like this and this has really summed it up for me no matter how many ways i tried to write a poem about my experience i couldnt get the words right its probs because i was crying :( but i just thought to let you know i give this poem 100 out of 10
  • Latrice
    wow this is so cute i love it
  • Cassandra
    I really loved the poem, it expressed the author's feelings very well and described how she was a fool in love.
  • laura
    it gets a 5/5 because it is really well written
  • Claire
    i think your poem was really good. i feel the same way
  • natasha
    wow. what more do i have to say. it was just one of the best and i loved it.
  • Siobhan
    I love this poem because it has the exact feelings i have for someone
  • Hanah
    It was a goood poem that had alot of feelig. it rolled well. keep writting1
  • shell
    it is extremly strange!
  • alissa
    this is a very good poem that everybody can relate to. its very touching, im glad that u and that person r friends, just remember that u can make ur own decisions u dont need anybody to help u with that. but yea. that was a very good poem! nice job(:
  • lacey
    friends are the best thing a person can have even if your in love with them
  • Jessica
    This poem is really truly wonderful and it has guided me on my thinking. Thank you for this.
  • ashley
    i think that this poem was really good for a best friend you have and it is for a special acashion and you want to give them something special. that is why it is a special poem. i loved the poem.
  • Shaie
    i love this poem it reminds me of me and my friends
  • nisha
    this was a very good poem i feel every words you weas saying something like this happed to me too
  • cookie
  • Shona
    I can relate to this poem soo much i really like my best friend but i dont know how to tell him. Some people have told me that he likes me too but i dont know. ????
  • Sandrine
    I love this poem because it's the exact same way that I once felt about one of my friends.
  • Ciara
    I love this peom. I can relate to this alot. That made me think about who my friends really is,and how I feel about this friendship. THANK YOU!
  • Sarah
    This is so true! I will always remember it! Thankyou!
    this poem was very good hope you cotinue to write more
  • samantha
    beautiful! i almost cried!
  • simone
    I love it
  • LSR
    it was nice and it touched me in playful ways and made me really happy
  • nichole
    gee my name is sha thats what poeple call me and i want to say that your poem brought tears to my eyes and you go girl keep up the work and always be you a true to yourself holla
  • cayla
    this poem kinda reminds me of me and my ex.
  • bryce
    HEY! well thanks for letting me read this! it is exactly how it was with me and now my best friend! we loved eachother for about 2 years and some. but then all of a sudden she says she doesnt anymore. and it broke my heart but now we are the best of friends! and i dont want that to ever go away. but yet i still love her for more than a friend! thanks again!
  • Jeanette
    This poem reminded me of my best friend and I.
  • krystal
    its funny cuz i went and am going through the same thing over all i love ur poem and makes me really think a bout what to do about my situation!
  • Kristina
    You poem really touched me. I'm going through something similar right now and it is nice to know that there are people out there who understand what it is like. Thanks! =)
  • Rebecca
    this poem really touched me i also went through this my self and we are really close now :):):):):):):):)!
  • kayla
    this is a great poem
  • kristina
  • Tony
    loved this poem, describes some of the things going on in my life.
  • sylena
    I like it, because I can relate to it. I know what the author means. And I also liek to write poetry! GREAT JOB!
  • Allison
    i really liked this poem it really reminded of me and one of my friends it is really good and i loved it!
  • andrea
  • robert
    i really like this. this is like something i would give to my best freind. her and me arnt as close no more and it is like we are splitting up.
  • Sofia
    i love this poem it makes me feel very good,i really love it!
  • Baby V
    I luved ur poem! It sounded like sumthin that happened between me and a friend. so I can really relate. Which I thank u 4 cuz u say the words I can't find!
  • rita
    i love this poem kinda reminds me of wat someone did to me
  • sanja
    i love this poem because it riminds me of a friend i have that i love more then a friend. So well done gerat poem
  • kelc
    thsi poem is so realistic it toched me in so many ways it hard to belive that someone actually wrote that.
  • brittany
    the poem was pretty good. not bad! -brittany
  • brittny
    this poem really relates to me and what i did by listening to a stupid friend but i think this poem is really good and the writer has good qualities.
  • gg
    I almost cried. Ilove and understand and love it so much.
  • Terrence
    It's a great poem I understand most of it, I can relate it to my life. Keep working hard!
  • Qwantina
    I really like this poem because I come from what you wrote
  • seres
    well its really good
  • alice
    gotta love it this has guided me through mi time of stife and a rough patch in my life cant wait to hear more of your inspiring words
  • Kate
    I can relate to this poem soo much. i really like my best friend but i cant find away to tell them. i hope u have more poems on this
  • almadelia
    this poem really touched me it made think of my own friends each change of life i got.
  • kelsey
    DUUUUUUUUDE* like this was incredibly vivascious! Yeah man you are exxxxxcelent!
  • jenna
    this is a really good poem. i loved it and i can relate to it in more ways than one. thanx for posting it
  • Robin
    OMG i have felt the same way, u really did a good job on this poem! I loved it!
  • anuradha
    it is the work of a person who really felt those divine feelings of friendship. i am lucky to come accross such a magnificient work. keep writing
  • shanel
    that poem was cute and i can relate to it. i give you a 100%
  • rosie
    This poem is everything i would want 2 say 2 my best friend wayne! thx i sent it him nd he feels 100% the same, it means sooooooooo much 2 me thatg some1 has gone threw the same Loads'a'luv nd respect ROSIE DANII ELLEN xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Cristyna
    I loved ur poem i went through the same thing
  • Tabatha
    This was a great poem. I have had many great friends. They are all so speacial to me in every way. ; One summer day I lost my really closet friend. This poem made me think of a presous friend that I have lost.
  • mellissa
    I love this poem because i can relate 2 it because my best friend who is a guy asked me out and three months later we broke up because we were just to close to each other as friends. Were still best friends just that dating ur best frined may not alwayz turn out as the best relationship than a guy who is not ur best friend.
  • Arianne
    I liked your poem
  • HAHA
    It is so . goos that i am speechless
  • Renee
  • courtney
    i fell what u r saying and i loved the poem u will get through it keep writing it was great!
  • amanda
    this is a great poem and i love it!
  • kellie
    i liked your poem it was good. ***
  • Tina
    This poem really touched me. I really explains what happened between a good friend and me. We never dated, but it was best that way. Thanks for writing this, and keep up the good work!
  • andrea
    that poem was a very sweet poem and it touched me and i know how you feel.
  • Angel
    your poem was cool. i could definitley relate. i hope to see more of your stuff.
  • Trixie
    i completely agree with you'r poem it's great. i have a friend (ex) rite now that we're tryin to figure out how to make this work. We both really care about the other and after we broke up it got really confusing. I'm just finally starting to realize with how much i love him maybe friends is all we're ready for
  • Stephanie
    I don`t know why I like this poem I just do !
  • Tootles
    This poem toched me because the same thing happened to me only it was my freshman year.
  • kristy
    this was the best poem i have ever read off this site
  • Rachel
    I Love this Poem. I can relate to it in so many ways. I have this guy friend that We've dated 5 or 6 times now. And each time it only last a couple of months. Well, its been almost a year since the last time we dated and we've become best friends. I Love him so much. I still belive that in the end we are going to be meant for each other. but, We have a better relationship has "just" friends. We still talk on the phone and hang out and all. We first "went out" when we were 11 years old. We are now 16, and are best of friends. I love him (Aaron) more than anything.
  • aj
    nice one. hits me
  • airel
    this poem really touched me in so many ways. i love this poem very much.
  • crystal
    hey there ,that poem touched me deep down inside because i love my best firend but we have shared those long kisses etc but when all the kissing and close touch ends we are just firends?
  • nessa
    that was a good poem i enjoyed reading it
  • Ashley
    It was the perfect story about me and me ex. Now we are really good friends!
  • adriana
    i really relate with this poem just that in my case i did loose my friend. :( he went from my best friend to my boyfriend to a kinda distant friend to the guy who i love and that now hates me.
  • Tinkerbell
    That is true especially to me, and it really toched me!
  • Amiyah
    Experiencing the same thing.
  • Frances
    Your poem was very lovelley , This same thing happen too me.
  • Terrie
    This was a very good poem thinks foe sharing this to all of us.
  • Angellica
    I really likes this poem it is really coming from the situation me and my guy friend are going thru right now, but we are trying to work things out.
  • Victoria
    I love this site,but I just wanted to express how much this poem meant to me. As soon as I read it I sent it to a close friend of mine,Jon. At one time we were just like the poem described, but things came to an end. Now we're great close friends. THANK YOU, for running this site.
  • jessica
    this is a really good poem keep then coming and dont stop i have your poems all over my wall. buh bye
  • pauline
    i love this poem it reminds me of a good friend i have we started out as friends then we crossed that line and we stop talking for six year that one day we saw each other a agian and to make a long story stort he is now my husband and father of my two girls so same times it good to cross that line beween friends and lover. pauline
  • Christal
    I loved your poem especially because I could relate to it great job. I hope to see more of your poems.
  • Jay
    I feel you so much on this poem, because me and ex were the same way or should I say are the same way.
  • ambyr
    i loved this poem. lately i've been having some trouble with my best friend who is a guy! i really look at this poem and it helps me and my situation right now! i hope you have more poems on here so i can read them!
  • Ana
    i really like this poem it's really good
  • elisa
    i think this is a really good poem i just recently took it to the next level with my best friend now shes acting funny around me maybe i regret what i did but i always wanted to d it ill find out in time
  • Amanda
    that is an awsome poem
  • Bianca
    i loved this poem. It was very touching. you did a great job! i hope to see more of your poems. they are great!
  • Sarah
    Nice poem :)
  • Mercedes
    Yeah- I totally get your vibe man- it was all like- voices in my mind- totally dude- peace out
  • Barbara.
    I love the poem. it relatits to me is so many ways. it decribes how my relationship between me and this boy went. we went a little too far and everything broke loose. but now. we still have pain. Well at least i do. The pain i feel. is unknown. i am just glade that their is someone else out there that feels the same way
  • Detaya
    This was good to me I have a friend like this no i had a friend like this i just wanted to be friends so that person got mad and now we are no longer friends even though i would go back do anything to be her friend again. you are luckly you to still are friends
  • jessica
    I think this pome is butiful because I feel its pain
  • candi
    When i read it tears came to my eyes everything about it made me think of my ex boyfriend who is now my best friend.
  • Crystal
    I really do like this poem because it expresses my best friends relationship.
  • sally
    i loved this peom beacue i have a guy freind that i had kissed a long time ago and it ruined our freindship but know we are ok he goes out with my best freind now so you know the deal.
  • JaQuayla
    Man this poem is just so sweet i love eveything about it. i mean it relates to me in everyway. i thank you for writing this cuz now i can no that there is someone out there that has the same pain as me.
  • Sarah
    This is an awsome poem! I am going through the exact same thing that this poem describes!
  • Nessa
    I just want to say wow. This poem is absolutly amazing. I totally can relate, i have been totally in love wiht my best guy friend, for over 4 years. and i just know how it feels to start moving in the opposite direction of how you really want to go. this is amazing you have a lot of talent
  • Beth
    your poem was wonderful that was great i feel that you have a lot of talent i really hope you write more it was great
  • Kendal
    I love your poem. It reminds me of one of my friends.
  • angela
    i liked about how in the poem that they talked for over 7 hours and about how they were really in love.
  • Amy
    this poem is great! It describes the message I am trying to send a very special person. I don't want to hurt him.
  • Shayna
    This poem was great it is nice to know that someone is feeling the same way i am
  • connie
    hey, i just wanted to tell u i loved your poem i can really relate to it. well like i said love the peom
  • Alisa
    I really loved this poem. i can really relate to it. i juss got out of a relashinship juss like.
  • Ho
    This poem is really great! I find that i am going through the same thing and this is a poem i can sort of relate to. =)
  • Sarah
    great job!this poem has reminded me of A friend I had this year. We werent friends for 5 months because of a reason. but once i noticed what I lost I apoligized and talked to her about what I didnt like about what she was doing to me. but thats after I blew up on her. meening YELLING at her
  • K
    wicked poem. really made me think. sadly this thing happens all the time but there's nothing we can do bout it.
  • Ash
    i can relate to this poem. i went thru the same situation!
  • edlyz
    this is such a good poem!
  • katie
    i loved your poem it lets people know that a guy can be more than a boyfriend they can be your best friend its very sweet!
  • Shawn
    I loved the poem i have a guy friend that i cant have because someone told him something that wasent true
  • sarah
    I could really, really relate to this poem,a dn thats what drew me to it so much, I can see exactly what the writer was feeling, about how as much as she wanted it to be more then a friendship but took what she could.
  • Kelli
    The poem was a very good poem and i wish i could write like that.
  • Casey
    This is a really good poem and it's straight from the heart. i understand exactly how you feel.
  • c
    this poem is really nice. it made me feel about a friend of mine.
  • Jenna
    I like this poem. I can relate to it so well cause i'm going through this right now. A job well done to the author.
  • TJ
    Awesome poem! I can definately relate. In the fourth grade, this girl and I were going steady, but then we broke up. We are in the seventh grade now, and her and I are best friends. Thanks
  • katie
    i think this is an awsome poem that hits everyone who reeads it. Im so happy that you and this girl became the best of friends your very lucky because most break ups end bad. Good luke with your writing ad thanx 4 the poem that you gave us all.
  • Delana
    I really like this poem, it made me think of my friend that I go to school with and I want to thank the author for writing such and awesome, loving, and caring poem like that!
  • aishat
    i think this poem has alot to do with me so i like it
  • Jaime
    this was a great poem i have a friend who i want but who i cant have i can relate
  • T.J
    This poem is well written. It so happens that i'm in a situation like this at the moment. The poet's words dig deep into the readers soul. That's how i felt when i read it anyway!
  • John
    Good Poem
  • Rosie
    This is awesome!
  • Virginia
    I really liked this poem. GREAT!
  • Kayla
    I really liked this poem it shows that sometimes things are just meant to be as they are not anything else. Good job keep up the good work.
  • Dianna
    This is a really good poem!
  • Jackie
    I think this was a very well done poem, it so happens that it describes exactly how I feel at the moment and I'm sure that there are many others out there who have at one point felt this way about someone.
  • annie
  • Mark
    This poem was so deep, the situation this poem describes couldn't be put into any better words.
  • margaret
    great poem.. lotz of us gals can relate
  • cwicker
    i like it

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